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  1. I think those who want to run better continue to do so when they can. CB is just another word for lockdown. The problem is the govt is so adverse to the word that it try to be creative with its term. Just like we call it 'Safe Distancing' instead of 'Social Distancing' but everyone knows it mean the same thing. Given the current trajectory, I would not be surprised if very soon, you would not even be allowed to go out for exercise or a walk. (Just like over the causeway)
  2. You wouldn't like it so much if I post some of the borderline NSFW memes that is circulating like wildfires since the term was coined. The term has just being a goldmine for sites who specialise in the humourous and satirical contents. I mean there is one floating around using what Min Chan CS said in parliament and warning that if the current circuit breaker measure does not work, then it could be extended. And what would it be call? Complete Circuit Breaker.
  3. What we paid was not a deposit but the full registration fee. I do not think the legislation applies to mass running events. But of course, I could be wrong. IMHO, I think the 'old radio' issue of 'refund-or-no-refund' should be put to rest. If the race is cancelled and the organiser offered a refund, then good. I considered that a goodwill and will definitely considered them favourable in future. If they are not in a position to do so, then the least I expect from them is a simple explanation why they could not do so. If they do, then again, I will take it in good faith and considered them favourable. Race organier who refuse to entertain refund (as they are entitled to do so) and just throw the R&R at us, that's fine too. But I will remember. And I will definitely avoid their events in future. Provided they survive the pandemic of cos.
  4. Yes. I had also written it off. Not just for running but probably for any large scale events like F1, Tennis, Football, Basketball etc.. I agree that in the immediate aftermath, the situation with regards to mass running events is cloudy at best and possibly grim at worst. As I mentioned, mass runs are discretionary expenses. It is something that we will spend money on only after all our basic needs are satisfied. And during the post-pandemic economic recovery phase, discretionary spending will be greatly reduced. Companies and sponsors will also operate on the same wavelengths. Companies struggling with economic survival probably can't be bother with corporate sponsorship when their bottom line is hit badly and they are facing an existential threat. And what about the event organises? How many of them will still be around to organise mass running events? Some will probably survive but there will surely be casualties. Maybe even races with a long history will need to re-calibrate once the dust settled. The world post-COVID-19 is probably going to be quite different to what we have experience over the last decade.
  5. I am less optimistic. I say all large scale organised events for the next 6 to 9 months will probably not be held. All these events (sporting or otherwise) being pushed to the '2nd half' are probably making the same assumption about COVID-19 that is probably going to be wide off the mark. The expectation that like SARS it will just died off, or with the onset of the summer, the virus will be less contiguous etc. Increasingly, if any meaningful comparison is to be made, it is the Spanish Flu which lasted from January 1918 to December 1920 (a full 3 years!) Perhaps, with our current level of medical technology, we can develop a vaccine faster but looking at the outbreak numbers, expecting things to be back to normal by the 2nd half of the year is unrealistic. The economic impact of the virus will also probably last for several years. Race participation is a discretionary expense. In the immediate aftermath, even if races are organised, many may not join if the race fee is what it has been for the last 3 to 4 years. It's hard to justify paying $50 for a 10K race or $80 for a HM when you have other concerns.
  6. A good article on cancellation of races. 6 Things Race Directors Wish Runners Understood About Canceled Events Most of the things are not really new but there are a few interesting titbits especially with regards to options offered by race directors for cancelled races (other than refunds of cos). These are some options that our local race organisers can consider for their cancelled races. And perhaps the best quote of all '`…and yet, at the end of the day, it’s just a race.' So for those who are KPKB about races being cancelled, maybe a little prospective will not hurt.
  7. Uncle, your link got extra ')' leh. Dun extra can or not? This is the proper link to the post by SRY >> Letter of Demand Issued to SAA For Breach of Personal Data Protection Act
  8. 2XU Compression Run has been postponed to the 2nd half of the year.
  9. Even the last bastion of 'small scale' race has thrown in the towel!
  10. Latest Update: 24 Mar 2020 I admire Pink Apple perseverance but maybe they should just take the financial hit and cancelled the race outright.
  11. The IOC is a joke. If you ask me, the money politics of the modern Olympics has sadly move so far away from its sporting ideal that I COVID-19 will eventually sound the death knell for the Olympics movement. Think about it, we spend billions every 4 years for a few fleeting 2 weeks of headline-grabbing, glory-hoarding and hero-worshipping. I understand the economics of the modern Olympics but when you see what happen to the host cities post-Olympics and those expensively-built gleaming multi-million dollars sporting venues, you have to stop and ask yourself whether it was worth it.
  12. With the new directive from MOH, there's no way for the event to proceed on 31 May. SOURCE: All events, gatherings with 250 participants or more must be suspended to reduce further COVID-19 spread: MOH What will Pink Apple do now? I think they have no choice now but to postpone the event again. Anyway this event was also postponed when LKY passed away in 2015.
  13. So much for the new date All events, gatherings with 250 participants or more must be suspended to reduce further COVID-19 spread: MOH
  14. Uncle, typo leh! I think your monkeys typed 'CS' instead of 'D'
  15. New date. But I think possibly overly optimistic.
  16. Update for the postpone Forest Force 50 Overly optimistic. I think there is a high probability that the situation won't stabilise by Jun.
  17. Thank you for the update. Can you also update the Marina Run thread which has also been postponed (with no firm date at the moment)
  18. If there is any race with a shot of continuing, it would be this one. With it's flexible run-own-time-own-target approach, there is very unlikely for a big mass of runners at the same time. And even if there is, it can be easily managed. So while I am not running this race, I am rooting for it to proceed as planned. We need some good news amidst all these doom and gloom.
  19. The race has been postponed.
  20. In the first place, most races in Singapore does not even charge this so-called admin fee. And this is not me dissing them but in this age of PayNOW, iFast, PayLah etc why does it takes a super inefficient 3 weeks to process a refund? It may be a function of the credit card payment infrastructure and if that is really the case, then its really arcane.
  21. Is anyone really surprised? Damn steady though. Dun even need to 'apply for refund' >> Your entry fees will be automatically refunded to you via the same mode of payment used at sign-up. I think all the other race organisers see this sure damn upset: "Wah liao ehh.. spoil market!"
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