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  1. In celebration of Batman’s 80th anniversary, Batman is making his way with his Batmobile to our garden city! Fans will receive exclusive Batman-themed entitlements and indulge in an enjoyable night race with the evergreen hero. Long Live The Bat! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Batman-Run-Singapore-2185589141557075/ [COMMENT] Talked about a crowded Sept. This race is smacked in the middle between YRPR and ST Run. A Pink Apple event!
  2. lonewolf

    Batman Run Singapore - 21 Sep 2019 (Sat)

    It's probably part of series of runs being held all over the world to celebrate Batman's 80th Anniversary. So far, I can only find one other race in LA on the same date. >> https://dcbatmanrun.com/ So maybe more races will be announced later. I think it's probably a 5K race. Start Marina Barrage, either run towards MBS then U-turn or towards GBTB East then U-turn. Probably the latter route. Probably a fun race so dun expects timing or prize. The last Batman v Superman run in 2016 was $50. So hopefully it stays around the same price but won't be surprised if it goes up to $55 or $60. I would guess only DC/Batman fanboys/fangirls and those who deep pocket would join.
  3. Website: https://singaporemarathon.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SGmarathon/ Registration : http://bit.ly/2W7wAWw Flag off timing Sat 30 Nov 6pm - Marathon, Half & Ekiden Fri 29 Nov 7pm - Kids Dash Sun 1 Dec 6.30am & 8.30am - 10km & 5km Registration Fee Participant Benefits Full Marathon Half Marathon/10km/ 5km Race Entry Pack Collection Details Date 27th to 30th November 2019 Time 10:00 am to 9:00 pm (Wednesday, 27th November) 11:00 am to 8:30 pm (Thursday – Friday, 28th – 29th November) 9:00 am to 12:00pm (Saturday, 30th November) Venue Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre (1 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018971) [COMMENT] OMG! $10 inflation across the board. $75 for an HM is really expensive and that's super early bird. Hesitate or procrastinate and the fee will rise to $85/$100/$110 The fee is really testing my resolve to continue my SCSM streak. I have already decided to give up my CSC Run by the Bay streak becos of the high registration fee (which by the way cost $65 and was the fee charged for last year SCSM HM)
  4. Website: https://www.straitstimesrun.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheStraitsTimesRun/ Registration: https://www.gevme.com/strun2019 *The loyal runner's rate applies to any past participants from The Straits Times Run in 2013 - 2018. *OCBC cardholders or participants from OCBC Cycle 2019 will enjoy 15% off normal rates (includes the early bird). *$1 from each registration fee received will be donated to The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund. *Existing ST subscribers who signs up for ST Run 2019 will receive an exclusive ST premium. Runner’s Entitlements Each runner will get One limited-edition New Balance “NB DRY” Male running vest or Female running tee worth $49. One limited-edition New Balance “NB DRY” finisher’s tee worth $49. One limited-edition finisher’s medal. One-time 25% discount for regular-priced New Balance products. Terms and conditions apply. Other goodies from sponsors. [Comment] Instead of the 3.5km fun run, SPH should have doubled down and gone for the 35K event instead! (24 May) Interesting. The loyalty rate this year for the 18.45km is $10 cheaper than the loyalty rate last year!
  5. I think if you finished a 50K or 100K, then the Finisher Tee design better be 'LOUD' However, when it becomes a walking advertisement for the sponsor, then I think it becomes a slap in the face for those who complete the distance. Let's do something about it. Ahh.. much better!
  6. lonewolf

    STGR - Uglow Marathon 15th June 2019

    The separation is for walkers/runners and cyclist/PMD users. Nothing confusing about that right? But of cos, only about 50% of PCN users adhere to the demarcation.
  7. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yellowribbonproj/ Website: https://www.yellowribbonprisonrun.sg/ Registration Link: https://endurancecui.active.com/event-reg/select-race?e=62614551 Date: 15 September 2019, Sunday Time: 6am - 1pm Flag off for 10km: 7.15am Flag off for other categories: 7.45am Start Point: SAF Field, Farnborough Road (Near Changi Village) End Point: Changi Prison Complex Registration Fee Runner's Entitlement Puma T-Shirt Puma Shoe Bag Spray Mist Water Bottle Race Bib Finisher Medal Coaster RACE ENTRY PACK COLLECTION Date: 31 August and 1 September 2019 Venue: Suntec City
  8. lonewolf

    OSIM Sundown Marathon - 1 June 2019

    All of us here are different individuals here with all unique personalities, interest and motivations. Regardless of the reasons, I do not think we should belittle them just because you find it 'funny'. I can assure you that these 'funny' people who want better quality medals and finisher tee are just as passionate about running and joining races as you apparently are. Your motivations may be less 'funny' and that's commendable on your part. Surely to suggest that we go Carousel to purchase finisher tee or medals is the worst insult you can make to all of us here.
  9. lonewolf

    OSIM Sundown Marathon - 1 June 2019

    It was an inadvertent mistake on my part. I have correct my original post. In any case, I dun think we should kid about things like this.
  10. lonewolf

    Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2019 - 15 Sep (Sun)

    Medal design out. Nice
  11. lonewolf

    OSIM Sundown Marathon - 1 June 2019

    I thot SDM was the brainchild of the founder of HiV? So I dun think they 'took over' from some other organiser right? But I could be wrong becos I only joined SDM 3 times. 2 HM and 1FM. My main reason for stopping this race is well documented in this forum. I still rem my SDM FM with fond memories even though I just managed to avoid the sweeper bus and completed just before the cut off time of 8hrs. Sure I may have been one of the last to cross the line but I dun feel like it was not a 'win' for me. I agree with kpp that those who run a FM deserved a quality ELM medal for their efforts. Something which SCSM (or SCMS) and SDM used to give. I only ran 3 FM but I'm glad all my FM medals are ELM medals.
  12. lonewolf

    OSIM Sundown Marathon - 1 June 2019

    So overall Infinitius maiden FM organisation is a pass or fail? Seems like more negative than positive comments. Compared to HiV which is better?
  13. Website: http://www.compressportrun.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CompressportRunSG/ Categories: 5km/10km [Comments] Likely an evening run. No details on pricing at the moment but not likely to sign up anyway. There's a contest to win free ticket currently ongoing at the FB page. Those interested should check it out. You guys have 1 less person joining so your chance is already better!
  14. lonewolf

    Compressport Run 2019 - 6 July (Sat)

    At least they return the money (or maybe I shouldn't speak too soon! ) and they still throw in sports towel, drawstring bag and discount codes. At least they are trying to do damage control. I'm sure there are some bros here who signed up for the Runners League who has not got the race fee refunded.
  15. Website: https://www.hometeamns.sg/realrun/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HomeTeamNSREALRun/ Registration: https://connect.justrunlah.com/event/real-run-2019/ Date: 5 October 2019 Venue: Gardens by the Bay Race Category: 5km, 10km Registration Fee Runner's Entitlement: REAL® Run medal, Running Singlet, Race Pack, Race bib with timing system and Finisher Tee (10km only). The 3 medals for the VR+PR+RR will combine into one medal
  16. 7h 30 mins Infor here >> https://singaporemarathon.com/marathon/
  17. lonewolf

    Singapore Kindness Run 2019 - 3rd Aug (Sat)

    Why would a non-central location be ideal? Shouldn't a central location like Sports Hub be more ideal? OMG! I just realised that this race is on Sat and not Sun. For Sat, the first train is about 15 mins earlier than Sun so that will provide some buffer (not much) to reach the race site. Decathalon is having a 7K race the next day at its Stadium outlet. More info for those who may be interested https://www.decathlon.sg/module/decarace/decathlonRace>>
  18. lonewolf

    Singapore Kindness Run 2019 - 3rd Aug (Sat)

    Actually, you are not wrong but it will be extremely tight depending on where you stay and how long it will take for you to reach Stadium MRT. I think those staying Woodlands, Punggol, Boon Lay will find it challenging to reach there before 7am even if you take the first train. Also, you need to factor in any late opening on Sunday that may take place due to extended MRT engineering works. The schedule for Aug is not out yet, so you may be hit with that. In any case, this is not a 'die die must run one of my streak' race. So probably still won't sign up.
  19. lonewolf

    Singapore Kindness Run 2019 - 3rd Aug (Sat)

    Not for 2017 because I took a cab to the race site. One thing good is that the race is late enough that you can take the cab from 6am and avoid the midnight surcharge. I dun think there was shuttle bus for 2018 but I was not paying attention. The scale of the race is too small for the provision of shuttle bus. So 95% surely no shuttle bus for this year race as well. If there is, I will probably sign up.
  20. lonewolf

    Singapore Kindness Run 2019 - 3rd Aug (Sat)

    Only those who run last year considered 'loyal. If you join the race in 2017 (like me) but did not last year, then you are not considered loyal In any case, loyalty is a 2-way street. If the organiser does not want to recognise me as a loyal runner, then it's an easy decision for me not to sign up. Moreover, with a 7am flag off, you will also need to spend extra $$ to cab/grab to Sports Hub adding to the cost. So yes I did consider but not willing to spend the extra $5
  21. lonewolf

    OSIM Sundown Marathon - 1 June 2019

    I am a slow runner. When I ran my SDM FM, I really did finish around sunrise. I have an idea for SDM to spice things up. How about adopting a reverse grid system? In some motorsports, to spice things up, the fastest qualifiers are put at the back. So those who think they can finish the FM in 5 hrs, can start at 2am and finish ard 7am. Those who can finish is 4h can start at 3am etc. I know it's a wild idea and no one would probably adopt it but .. this is one way to spice things up.
  22. If you are talking about the different Pen, I dun recall having to provide any proof of race timing. So it was just self-declared. If they are really taking the steps to ask for proof, then this is really a step in the right direction. But of cos, I hope you guys realised that all these measures are just adding to the cost of running the whole show. Even if the task can be automated to some extent, someone will still need to verify the information in some form or another.
  23. lonewolf

    OSIM Sundown Marathon - 1 June 2019

    Sundown Marathon is a 'brand' and after spending all the money buying over the brand, F4U Pte Ltd (BTW this is one of the worst name you can name your company ) would be nutz to scrap it just because SCSM becomes an evening race. In any case, there is no overlap. SCSM starts 6pm. SDM starts close to midnight. I dun think the experience will be the same so I see no reasons why SDM cannot continue to attract participants.
  24. One more thing, the 10% discount for past participant has been removed this year. So double whammy. Fee increase and no discount. So factoring in the 8% active fee, HM fee for Super Early Bird is $81. That's nearly $18 what I paid last year or a whopping 28% increase.
  25. Flag off time, registration link, registration fee and race pack collection details updated on the 1st post. Details on runner's entitlements has not been released.