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  1. I know this is still a preliminary idea but experience tells us that when a Minister open his/her mouth, the chance of it happening is probably 90+ % From a participant pov, it really should not make a difference whether the race is held in Jun or Dec. But traditionally, the Singapore marathon has been held in Dec to signal the end of a running season for most recreational runners. The shift to Jun will take some adjusting but I suppose life will goes on. I'm not really sure how shifting from Dec to Jun will help mitigate some of the issues that surfaced last year. If you need to close the roads, then there will be jam regardless of whether you held it in Jun or Dec. Of course, this will more than likely sound the death knell for SDM unless it does the smart thing and shift to the end of the year.
  2. SOURCE: Athletics: Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon could move from year-end to June date from 2021 PUBLISHED JAN 16, 2020, 5:26 PM SGT Low Lin Fhoong Assistant Sports Editor SINGAPORE - The Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM) could move from its traditional December date to June from next year. Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Grace Fu told The Straits Times on Thursday (Jan 16) that this is being "talked about" and would be discussed with race organisers to see how it would fit in with the World Marathon Majors (WMM) series. While the minister did not elaborate on the rationale for the possible date change, she said: "If we can establish that in the calendar, and if the other corporates, hotels and agencies are used to a certain timing, we can work towards de-conflicting better." Last year's SCSM from Nov 30 to Dec 1 saw the flag-off times of the 42.195km marathon, 21.2km half-marathon and Ekiden relay shifted from their usual pre-dawn starts to 6pm on Nov 30 to boost its chances of being listed among the World Marathon Majors. But this drew flak from the public after an unprecedented convergence of three other events resulted in some motorists being stuck in traffic snarls for over two hours. Couples holding wedding banquets in town also ran into issues as guests and vendors were unable to make it to the functions on time. Speaking on the sidelines of the MCCY year-in-review 2019 media conference, Ms Fu said that "we really empathise with the people who have been inconvenienced" and that it was the first time that they were "doing it on such a scale in this location at such a time". Stressing that it would be a "great opportunity" for Singapore to be part of the WMM, she pointed to the city's hosting of the Formula One Singapore Grand Prix and how organisers took a few years to get the kinks ironed out. "What I can commit to Singaporeans is that all the agencies and the organisers and ourselves, we are treating this event very seriously," she added. "We're looking at all the feedback closely, and we will do our utmost best to do better in the next series." Responding to queries from ST, Geoff Meyer, managing director of Ironman Asia, which organises the SCSM, said: "The Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon is the leading mass participation run and only IAAF Gold Label race in South-east Asia. In the last 18 years, the marathon has grown significantly, and we continue to take strides towards our goal of becoming an Abbott World Marathon Major, joining the likes of prestigious marathons around the world. "We continue to look for ways to enhance the marathon across several aspects, and focus on the event festivities as well as programmes and initiatives that promote the running culture and community engagement in Singapore." A spokesman for Sport Singapore said that they “are carefully studying the different options”, adding that “we value all feedback and will work with our partners and stakeholders to build the SCSM into an event that Singapore can be proud of”. Soh Rui Yong, who won the Local Men's marathon title, said: "I think that June is possibly the worst time to hold the Singapore Marathon given that May and June are usually the hottest months of the year. This will heighten the risk of heat injuries. "But I guess we can try one year and see what happens; maybe it's not as bad as I foresee it being!" Gerald Gan, an adjunct lecturer in leisure and events management at the Singapore Institute of Management, said that “there is no good time” to hold the marathon unless it moves away from the city centre, stressing that better planning of logistics, timing and the route would help. He added: “Unfortunately, there is no win-win. Someone has to compromise ultimately... it is about mitigating the amount of exposure in terms of all of these inconveniences to the public.” In her review, Ms Fu also pointed to the progress made in sport over the past year. More Singaporeans were engaged through its eight Active Health Labs and Active Health programmes and over 60,000 participants had signed up with the ActiveSG academies and clubs as of December 2019. There were more opportunities for persons with disabilities to play sports, with the opening of two inclusive gyms at Ang Mo Kio Community Centre and Jurong Lake Gardens, among other initiatives. Sport Singapore's $3 million fund in 2019 to provide extended campaign support for athletes competing in major Games (2019-2020) also reaped rewards last year as Team Singapore returned from the Philippines SEA Games with its second-best away performance of 53 gold, 46 silver and 68 bronze medals. Of the 659 athletes who competed, 366 or 56 per cent were debutants and they contributed to nearly 40 per cent of the gold medals, said Ms Fu. However, Singapore Athletics came under fire at the SEA Games post-mortem after a dismal outing and reports of discord within the squad. The under-22 footballers also made headlines when nearly half the squad broke curfew during the tournament, before bowing out at the group stage. While 2019 was a successful year for Singapore sport, Ms Fu admitted that "there's so much more that we can do before we can really call ourselves a sporting country". "But I would like to see that we have made progress and I think the direction is the right one," she added. "There's still some significant headroom for us to strive so we don't see this as an endpoint. It's definitely a work in progress and we'd like to see more Singaporeans supporting sports, believe in the values of sports, and participate actively in sports."
  3. This 1st Lunar Race was in 2017 (Rooster Year). To add on to @ZZIZZ post, here's the medal for that year. For those who have signed up for the race, gentle reminder that RPC is this weekend. Details of Race Pack Collection Date : 18th & 19th January 2020 Time : 10am to 4pm Venue : Our Tampines Hub, Function Room 1, Level 3 (nearest to Lift Lobby F), 1 Tampines Walk, Singapore 528523 Please bring along your confirmation slip or IC for collection of the race pack.
  4. I dun think we have many men marathoners that can meet the women's qualifying mark of 2:29:30!
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    Ultra Runs!

    Surely if anyone is deserving of the title 'legendary', it has to be no one but yourself. Of cos I cannot assist administratively, I am just another member in this forum.
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    Ultra Runs!

    I know this forum is the most visited but this topic is not the correct forum for this. This should be posted at Running sub-forum instead.
  7. As a part of the running community, I also wish that things can be settled amicably. But SRY is fighting so many battles on so many fronts that I think it takes a lot of personal conviction and strength of character to persevere through it all. For that, he has my admiration. His omission from SEA games selection is obviously 'pay back' on the part of SA which is shameful. I mean, while he was no angel, it's not as if he has committed serious offences like taking drugs or cheat or any other illegal acts or offences. Yes. He has some argument about his prize money with the SA, he cuts holes in the sponsored shirt, he promote his personal sponsors etc. Every one of these seems like a minor infringement to me and could have easily be 'forgiven'. Instead the SA took these as excuse to exclude him on the basis of 'code of conduct'. Of cos, SRY makes it easy for the SA to do that so he has to take responsibility for that as well. The 'Ashley' case is a strange one. SRY's comments push both the SA and Ashley into a corner and they have no choice but to defend a (possibly) 'indefensible' position. I suspect that this case will eventually be settled out of court with neither side admitting liability and we will never know truth of the matter.
  8. I dun think he belongs to any running club. I think Asics is just one of his sponsors.
  9. If SRY does indeed goes on to be a running coach in future, it would be terribly ironic if he ends up coaching athletes from our neighbouring countries to train their marathon / long distance runners. Actually, 'ironic' is not the correct word. It would be a National Tragedy. Of cos, that day has not come and I am just projecting on an event that may or may not happens. But if it does, can you really blame SRY if it happens?
  10. Personally I disagree with you. I actually feels that giving finisher shirt to HM actually kinda cheapens the FM finisher shirt. This also applies for HM races that also gives finisher tee for the shorter distance like 10K. I'm not suggesting that HM finisher do not deserve it. But I believe that the Finisher shirt should be reserved for the longest distance for the race. In the case of SDM, its the FM and it should be the only race distance to give the finisher tee. Those who want a HM finisher shirt can always participated in other races with HM distance like 2XU, Eco Run, AHM etc. And I'm speaking as a participant of SDM HM and SCSM HM. I was perfectly fine with not receiving a Finisher shirt for those races.
  11. A long but well-written TODAY article on the business of organising marathons. Interesting to note that SCSM race attendance this year (51,000) was higher than 5 of the 6 WMMs 2019 attendance (Boston, Tokyo, London, Berlin and Chicago) The Big Read: Business of marathons — to hit the jackpot, organisers must first win public support
  12. Then it's an easy solution. No Flash Sale. No Run. Especially if it's for a race that you are sitting on the fence.
  13. Anyone who has participated in races from 2013-2015 will probably have more than a few training shoe bag lying around. I think I got easily half a dozen. But races dun seems to be giving out shoe bags as often nowadays. So it will be good incentives for those who want one but for people like me, maybe not so.
  14. This is normal for Epic ESR. Nothing to be angry about. Just vote with your wallet next time and just dun join.
  15. The shorter answer may be there are many IAAF races but only 7 WMM (at the moment). So its a combination of scarcity and prestige. And one more thing. STPB no more P liao. STPB was established in 1964. Nowadays it just STB (since 1997!)
  16. I agree. This reminds me of the cartoon about the man and the mule. Here's the SCSM 2019 edition!
  17. More criticisms - taken from the TODAY’s Facebook page or sent to Voices (TODAY forum page) ‘Selfish’ and ‘ridiculous’: Response from Singapore Marathon organisers on traffic gridlock draws ire I know my opinions may be biased but I find it a little ironical when the comments posted are just as 'selfish and ridiculous' eg. "Suggest Lim Chu Kang or Pulau Ubin", "this boils down to chest-thumping and prestige, without caring for the inconvenience it causes non-participating Singaporeans", "The right thing would be to never hold it again",
  18. The date for next year has already been fixed on 5-6 Dec (Sat and Sun). So its 101% an evening race again! Not sure if shifting it to the first week of Dec will make a difference or not in term of traffic. Likely no.
  19. According to this report, SCSM is 3rd World's Worst Marathon in the world. I'm not sure what uncontrollable factors like average temperature and rainfall has to do with the overall quality of the marathon but it is not really surprising that all the races highlighted were held in hot, humid countries around the equator or in the Middle East. Of course, running in these hot and humid race will not be comfortable or pleasant and that will have a bearing on the quality of the races. So on that basis, it is accurate because those of us who have run a FM in Spore (or any of the countries above) will know it is not pleasant. [Update] The above report is based on the ranking by Sole. For those interested, the Sole report can be found here. It includes the ranking for the World's Best Marathon and many other fascinating ranking like fastest marathon, cleanest air, safest. The methodology of the ranking is also included. It's a fascinating read.
  20. Registration has opened! 1st post updated with fee, entitlements, pen etc I guess to address the issue of over-crowding, Pink Apple finally has decided to introduce a pen system for next year race. And those registering for Pen A (2h 10m and below) need to submit proof of their timing. And those found to not qualify will be bump down to the next Pen. So not like SCSM where you can just self-declare your timing without proof. Pen A and B are also restricted to 2,500 runners in 1 wave so the number will be more manageable. Wave allocation for Pen C (2 waves) and Pen D (3 waves) are on 1st come 1st serve basis. Also finally, there is going to be an e-cert for next year making the HM a Trinity Run. @activerun will be pleased! So with the above changes, will those who has skipped/planning to skip reconsider your decision?
  21. Yeah. I tend to agree with you. After reassessing the expected flight time, I probably won't have sufficient rest even for the 10K. And the 10K is not really that cheap either. So I'm just going to have an awesome time in Taipei and forget about the streak. Thanks for sharing your opinion! Hey, maybe if I do successfully go through with it, I may share what event it was that I attended when the time comes around.
  22. Alamak! How stupid of me! Congrats for snagging the 50c race slot!
  23. Well, like I said, it's not running related so it's definitely not going overseas for another running event or anything like that. And it's still very tentative as only the date for the event has been fixed on 03 Apr. But it is happening in Taipei which I have never been to before (but going to Taipei per se is not the dream). I can still fly back on 04 Apr and still take part of cos but it will not be ideal and likely the HM is definitely not tenable. So if I do that, it will probably be for the 10K but not sure if its worth it just to keep the streak alive. Anyway, nothing is cast in stone yet I still have time to think about it.
  24. Race registration has opened. Link, fee and entitlements updated in the first post. Income ran the promo for the 1st 50 sign ups to sign up for any race category at 50c, $50 for first 50 buddies and 50% off for first 5 mixed team. (Income is celebrating their 50th anniversary next year) Of cos the registration server promptly clashed and by the time I managed to get to the registration link at 1238, all slots were fully taken up. Anyone hear managed to snag the 50c race slot?
  25. 2014 was Pere Ocean. I think its call Boozt Isotonic. I can't comment on recent years. I know Herbalife is a sponsor but not sure if they provide the isotonic for this year race.
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