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  1. The shorter answer may be there are many IAAF races but only 7 WMM (at the moment). So its a combination of scarcity and prestige. And one more thing. STPB no more P liao. STPB was established in 1964. Nowadays it just STB (since 1997!)
  2. I agree. This reminds me of the cartoon about the man and the mule. Here's the SCSM 2019 edition!
  3. More criticisms - taken from the TODAY’s Facebook page or sent to Voices (TODAY forum page) ‘Selfish’ and ‘ridiculous’: Response from Singapore Marathon organisers on traffic gridlock draws ire I know my opinions may be biased but I find it a little ironical when the comments posted are just as 'selfish and ridiculous' eg. "Suggest Lim Chu Kang or Pulau Ubin", "this boils down to chest-thumping and prestige, without caring for the inconvenience it causes non-participating Singaporeans", "The right thing would be to never hold it again",
  4. The date for next year has already been fixed on 5-6 Dec (Sat and Sun). So its 101% an evening race again! Not sure if shifting it to the first week of Dec will make a difference or not in term of traffic. Likely no.
  5. According to this report, SCSM is 3rd World's Worst Marathon in the world. I'm not sure what uncontrollable factors like average temperature and rainfall has to do with the overall quality of the marathon but it is not really surprising that all the races highlighted were held in hot, humid countries around the equator or in the Middle East. Of course, running in these hot and humid race will not be comfortable or pleasant and that will have a bearing on the quality of the races. So on that basis, it is accurate because those of us who have run a FM in Spore (or any of the countries above) will know it is not pleasant. [Update] The above report is based on the ranking by Sole. For those interested, the Sole report can be found here. It includes the ranking for the World's Best Marathon and many other fascinating ranking like fastest marathon, cleanest air, safest. The methodology of the ranking is also included. It's a fascinating read.
  6. Registration has opened! 1st post updated with fee, entitlements, pen etc I guess to address the issue of over-crowding, Pink Apple finally has decided to introduce a pen system for next year race. And those registering for Pen A (2h 10m and below) need to submit proof of their timing. And those found to not qualify will be bump down to the next Pen. So not like SCSM where you can just self-declare your timing without proof. Pen A and B are also restricted to 2,500 runners in 1 wave so the number will be more manageable. Wave allocation for Pen C (2 waves) and Pen D (3 waves) are on 1st come 1st serve basis. Also finally, there is going to be an e-cert for next year making the HM a Trinity Run. @activerun will be pleased! So with the above changes, will those who has skipped/planning to skip reconsider your decision?
  7. Yeah. I tend to agree with you. After reassessing the expected flight time, I probably won't have sufficient rest even for the 10K. And the 10K is not really that cheap either. So I'm just going to have an awesome time in Taipei and forget about the streak. Thanks for sharing your opinion! Hey, maybe if I do successfully go through with it, I may share what event it was that I attended when the time comes around.
  8. Alamak! How stupid of me! Congrats for snagging the 50c race slot!
  9. Well, like I said, it's not running related so it's definitely not going overseas for another running event or anything like that. And it's still very tentative as only the date for the event has been fixed on 03 Apr. But it is happening in Taipei which I have never been to before (but going to Taipei per se is not the dream). I can still fly back on 04 Apr and still take part of cos but it will not be ideal and likely the HM is definitely not tenable. So if I do that, it will probably be for the 10K but not sure if its worth it just to keep the streak alive. Anyway, nothing is cast in stone yet I still have time to think about it.
  10. Race registration has opened. Link, fee and entitlements updated in the first post. Income ran the promo for the 1st 50 sign ups to sign up for any race category at 50c, $50 for first 50 buddies and 50% off for first 5 mixed team. (Income is celebrating their 50th anniversary next year) Of cos the registration server promptly clashed and by the time I managed to get to the registration link at 1238, all slots were fully taken up. Anyone hear managed to snag the 50c race slot?
  11. 2014 was Pere Ocean. I think its call Boozt Isotonic. I can't comment on recent years. I know Herbalife is a sponsor but not sure if they provide the isotonic for this year race.
  12. Agree. No give chance. Once beaten twice shy. Even though I ran the HM in 2014 edition, this image of the purple isotonic drink (photo from your blog post!) still traumatised me to this day!!
  13. Not running related. So will not be sharing.
  14. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SundownMarathonSG/ Website: https://www.sundownmarathon.com/sg/ [COMMENT] I wasn't sure about posting this since I had stopped participating in SDM. But since no one has posted yet and I see people asking about it in SCSM thread, so I thought I would update this. The response is good. When I passed the booth (right at the end of the entire race expo) at ard 12+, the purple 2019 Merchndise Tee have been fully redeemed! 23 May is the eve of Hari Raya.
  15. 1st post updated with pricing from SCSM Race Expo. Those who registered onsite has 10x chance to win a pair of compression tights.
  16. Website: http://www.2xurun.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2XURUN/ Registration Link: https://reg5.digitalracesolutions.com.sg/cgi-bin/registration/2xu2020/prereg.cgi Runner's Entitlement Singlet Finisher Tee Finisher Medal E-Certificate Training Shoe Bag * (2XU Compression Run Training Shoe Bag (worth $22) for registrations before 31st Dec 2019, 2359hrs) Finisher Tee Race Entry Pack Collection DATE: 27th - 29th March 2020 TIME: 11am to 8pm (27th Mar) & 11am to 7pm (28th - 29th Mar) VENUE: Marina Square Level 2 Central Atrium, 6 Raffles Blvd, S039594 [COMMENT] Sadly I have to miss one of my streak races for next year. But hey, I will be doing something that I have been dreaming of doing for a long time so it's all good.
  17. 2019 8th ELM Medal Race: The Performance Series Road Race #4: Achieve Photo Credit: keltan.xxviii
  18. Website: https://incomeecorun.sg Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IncomeEcoRun/ Race Registration Link: https://ecorun.events-sign-up.com/cgi-bin/registration/2020/prereg.cgi Race Entitlements [COMMENT] $5 fee inflation over 2019 fee but still one of the cheapest HM on the race calendar especially for Income policyholder. One of my few remaining streak races so will definitely be signing up.
  19. Making the news for all the wrong reasons. Another X-Change event in the making? Any unfortunate sgrunners members here took part in the race? Sesame Street Run organiser draws flak from runners
  20. You are right about the air! It does smells funky! Nonetheless, I would highly recommend running it at least once, if you had not done so because it is really a unique place to have a run. In term of race location, I think it may even rival YRPR for uniqueness. The race fee is indeed expensive but if you consider that entry to Zoo and safari river park comes with the fee, then it's reasonable. But only if you have to intention to visit the zoo. Else if you are one of those who just run and go home after the race, then maybe it may not be really worth it.
  21. I am even slower than you and I was so surprised that there were still gel because usually gel runs out for slower runners than me. I like Hi 5 better than GU because of its more watery consistency makes it easier to swallow. But it's bit more troublesome to store if you have a smaller running pouch. Hmm.. everyone so busy talking about medal defects and gel, no one posted the result links (which has been out for a few days now). Results >> bit.ly/ORII19_RaceResults
  22. Finisher Tee was only for the Dog year. This year dun have finisher tee. Next year also no finisher tee. Yes! Next year is a new cycle. And I really want to try collecting all 12 pieces!
  23. Yeah. And actually, the distance 8.18km and not 8.88km. 8.88km was another race organised by Pink Apple one or two year back.
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