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  1. The singlet and Tee design is out and updated in the first post. The medal design is also out. And it look awesome!! Especially if they keep one side of the medal free from design element. Like the real batarang. Sweet!
  2. Agree. The mask and the cape are probably the same cheapo crap that was given out in 2015's Justice League Run and 2016's Batman v Superman Run. I'm guessing all the premium items like those you mentioned will be available for sale at the RPC
  3. Typical Pink Apple gaffe. Registration info says 8km Competitive. FAQ says this "Qn: Will I get event timing? Ans: This is non-competitive; no timing will be given." So which is which? Another cut-n-paste job from another fun run without QC?
  4. Finisher Medal Design out. Hopefully another ELM medal for my medal collection.
  5. Those who have signed up for this race. Pls note that paid shuttle bus service to race site is available for booking now. Purchase link >> https://www.sharetransport.sg/Buspools#/app/routes/event-section Interesting. Pink Apple is finally working with Sharetransport Hopefully this will mean that more of Pink Apple races will partner with Sharetransport to provide paid shuttle services. Race Pack Collection Date: 29th & 30th June 2019 Time: 11am to 7pm Venue: Running Lab @ Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard #02-26, S039594
  6. Alamak. Now then say I decided not to sign initially because it was a BYOB race. But I would probably still join if I know it was an ELM medal race. I know still not too late to sign up but I already made other plans for that day. Here's a clearer view of the front and back of the medals. I dun understand why you need to post a video of the medals (unless it has some moveable elements) when a static picture is so much better!
  7. It's probably part of series of runs being held all over the world to celebrate Batman's 80th Anniversary. So far, I can only find one other race in LA on the same date. >> https://dcbatmanrun.com/ So maybe more races will be announced later. I think it's probably a 5K race. Start Marina Barrage, either run towards MBS then U-turn or towards GBTB East then U-turn. Probably the latter route. Probably a fun race so dun expects timing or prize. The last Batman v Superman run in 2016 was $50. So hopefully it stays around the same price but won't be surprised if it goes up to $55 or $60. I would guess only DC/Batman fanboys/fangirls and those who deep pocket would join.
  8. In celebration of Batman’s 80th anniversary, Batman is making his way with his Batmobile to our garden city! Fans will receive exclusive Batman-themed entitlements and indulge in an enjoyable night race with the evergreen hero. Long Live The Bat! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Batman-Run-Singapore-2185589141557075/ Website: http://www.batmanrun.com.sg/ Registration: https://register.pinkapple.com.sg/cgi-bin/registration/batman2019/prereg.cgi [COMMENT] Talked about a crowded Sept. This race is smacked in the middle between YRPR and ST Run. A Pink Apple event!
  9. I think if you finished a 50K or 100K, then the Finisher Tee design better be 'LOUD' However, when it becomes a walking advertisement for the sponsor, then I think it becomes a slap in the face for those who complete the distance. Let's do something about it. Ahh.. much better!
  10. The separation is for walkers/runners and cyclist/PMD users. Nothing confusing about that right? But of cos, only about 50% of PCN users adhere to the demarcation.
  11. All of us here are different individuals here with all unique personalities, interest and motivations. Regardless of the reasons, I do not think we should belittle them just because you find it 'funny'. I can assure you that these 'funny' people who want better quality medals and finisher tee are just as passionate about running and joining races as you apparently are. Your motivations may be less 'funny' and that's commendable on your part. Surely to suggest that we go Carousel to purchase finisher tee or medals is the worst insult you can make to all of us here.
  12. It was an inadvertent mistake on my part. I have correct my original post. In any case, I dun think we should kid about things like this.
  13. I thot SDM was the brainchild of the founder of HiV? So I dun think they 'took over' from some other organiser right? But I could be wrong becos I only joined SDM 3 times. 2 HM and 1FM. My main reason for stopping this race is well documented in this forum. I still rem my SDM FM with fond memories even though I just managed to avoid the sweeper bus and completed just before the cut off time of 8hrs. Sure I may have been one of the last to cross the line but I dun feel like it was not a 'win' for me. I agree with kpp that those who run a FM deserved a quality ELM medal for their efforts. Something which SCSM (or SCMS) and SDM used to give. I only ran 3 FM but I'm glad all my FM medals are ELM medals.
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