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  1. Lunar DOG Run 2018 - 25th Feb 2018

    This is not the first time I had joined a race organised by Tampines Central CSC. But in many ways, this is probably the worse I had attended. Not that it's very badly organised but given the breadth of experience Tampines Central CSC has in organising races, you expect them to put on a better show and take care of some very basic things. #1 Very poor pre-race communications. Near zero participant interaction at event Facebook page. #2 No event guide. No race program. #3 No cup at hydration points. 500ml water bottle handed out to runners needing a drink. #4 No baggage deposit service. #1 peeves me the most. For goodness sake, if you want to maintain a public FB page, pls have someone to respond to questions and queries and interact with participants. If not, why even bother? A lot of questions left on the FB page were just left unanswered and many who signed up were clueless about basic things like race pack collection details, flag off time, race route etc. Race Pack Collection details were posted 1 day before the actual collection. Race routes were only posted on 23 Feb. #2 is not a show stopper but you expect basic things like race route, water points details, flag off times to be available with the race pack. I am sure many of those who signed up does not even know that there was a lucky draw (even though it was printed on the poster). MC did a good job in reminding everyone about it though. #3 Again basic stuff. I had seen other races when this is done when hydration runs out for the slower runners and a lot of runners just chunked the whole bottle away after taking just a few mouthful. Very wasteful! Thankfully, this did not happen. Probably because the number is small and the runners who joined this race are more considerate and gracious. I took a bottle at the first water point and run with the bottle for almost the entire race. It's not the most fun thing to do. I mean if I want to run with a water bottle, I would have brought along my hydration belt. I do not think it's unreasonable to expect races to provide runners with cups at hydration points (BYOB races exception of cos). The more I think about it, I think the decision to give a whole bottle to runners was probably deliberate in an effort to reduce littering on the race route. In that aspect, it works because I think I only see one bottle of water being discarded carelessly. And of cos, no cups used at hydration points means no cup litters to worry about. If my suspicion is correct, then perhaps the CSC can think about sourcing for smaller bottles of water instead (250ml bottle). It's easier to run with a smaller bottle and there is probably less wastage. #4 is a major inconvenience especially as this is one of the items those who signed up for races would consider as 'basic service'. Of cos, it is the race organiser's prerogative not to provide such a basic service as long as it is made clear to potential participants before they signed up for the race. I only found out about this 3 days before the race and I had to adjust my plan. I cannot imagine what would have happened if I had turned up for the race with my usual backpack. I would have to run with it for the whole race! I wondered how many people were caught off guard by the 'no baggage deposit' service. Probably quite a few from my observations. The above are areas for improvement for the next race - Coney Island National Day Run. I hope Melvin (Vice-Chariman of Tampines Central CSC?) can take note. Overall, it's a decent race experience because of the relatively small number of runners and the always enthusiastic volunteers. For a group of part-timers (?), they definitely do a better job than XE (then again, XE is a joke and kind of a low bar). Personally, I still think they do a better job than some so-called professional event organiser (no names but you probably can guess who I am referring to! )
  2. Star Wars Run 2018 - 5 May (Sat)

    Event Tee and Medal Design out. Quite disappointed with the medal design this yr. Probably in an attempt to save cost, a lot of the medal's elements have been standardised. Just a refresher. Here's what the medals look like for last yr race.
  3. OMG! Look what I spy with my little eye! ELM Coloured medals!! I admit that my interest in the race has suddenly increased! But while the designs for the singlets and finisher tee are nice, I'm still not sure if it's worth paying $53.10 for a 10K race even with coloured ELM medal throw in.
  4. On the Hills 2018

    Yup. Shouldn't be an issue. It's not the first time I have registered with Spacebib. And I never face any issue at the REPC. On the other hand, I had registered some races on their website and still face issues during REPC. Go figure!
  5. On the Hills 2018

    Lai Lai.. 10% lobang for this race. Important. You need to register at either Spacebib or RunMagazine shop and NOT the race website. Spacebib >> https://www.spacebib.com/events/view/on-the-hills-10k-2018-338 Run Magzine shop >> https://www.runmagazine.asia/product-category/races/ If you choose to register via run magazine, chances are you will need to register again at the race website. At least that was what I did the last thing I signed up a race via run magazine. So I would suggest just take the Spacebib offer and register directly at the Spacebib. Things to take note is that you apply the code 'SPACEBIB10' at the summary page. Important: You will need to scroll up to enter the code. If you press 'Place My Order' without entering the code, you will pay $45. (Sneaky!)
  6. Website: https://singaporemarathon.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SGmarathon/ [COMMENT] The annual 'I-have-a-lot-of-complaints-about-this-race-but-in-the-end-I-still-sign-up' race is scheduled for 8 and 9 Dec. Mark your calender! Who's in?
  7. Ah. OK. That makes sense. Glad to know that bro stalky has not time jump one week ahead!
  8. Are u living in an alternate timeline? And time jump a week ahead? 10 Mar is 3 weeks away. XE is busy promoting their RunFree and YOLORun to bother about this run. No sight no sound.
  9. Force of Nature Ultra 2018

    The race route GPX can be downloaded here>> http://www.forceofnatureultra.com/#routes This probably makes the route a bit clearer. So its 2 giant loop around Bukit Timah Nature Reserve-Madai Rd and then to MacRitchie Reservoir. Then again, it was in the route description (The route consists of 2 loops of 25km at the Central Catchment Nature Reserve and a final 13km run to MacRitchie Reservoir to conclude the race) if people bother to read.
  10. Force of Nature Ultra 2018

    Someone asked about it on their FB page and they had replied that baggage deposit service will be available. It's possible. Many races have different start and end points and still provides baggage deposit service eg. Yellow Ribbon Prison Run and SCSM just to name 2.
  11. Force of Nature Ultra 2018

    This race now has a proper website and FB page. The race routes are out and the flag off time has also been released. The same sponsors for both races now make me think that the race organiser may be the same as onthehill10K. All details updated in my post above >> http://www.sgrunners.com/forum/index.php?/topic/23066-force-of-nature-ultra-2018/&do=findComment&comment=532014 Also very interesting reply on their FB page "There wont be a TNF 100 edition this year.hence TNF has endorsed Force Of Nature Ultra as their main trail event for 2018:)" WOW!
  12. Marina Run 2018 - 10 Feb (Sat)

    Pris, maybe verbatin1969 was just a little star struck!
  13. Star Wars Run 2018 - 5 May (Sat)

    Gentle reminder: Last day for loyalty runners to register. Loyalty runners pls take note that Priority Rate is still applicable during the Early Bird Period, so you do not really need to rush to register. How do I know? Well, I was a little annoyed that Esprimo is rushing us to register when the design for the T-Shirt and medal is still not out. So I wrote to them asking them to allow those who sign up to switch sides (if they wish to do so) when the designs are finalised. Esprimo promptly replied that switching within the same registered category is possible but any upgrade or downgrade will incur an administrative fee. I think that's fair. Good to see Esprimo responding positively to customer's feedback!
  14. Force of Nature Ultra 2018

    Website: http://www.forceofnatureultra.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Force-Of-Nature-Ultra-1555642354471325/?ref=bookmarks Registration: https://racesreg.asia/forceofnatureultra/select_competition Reporting Time: [64 KM] 0630 AM (Cut off 12.5 Hours) [23 KM] 0700 AM (Cut off 6 Hours) [12 KM] 0730 AM (Cut off 4 Hours) Race Entitlements Event Tee Finisher's Medal Exclusive Discounts at TNF and Running Lab Natural Spring Water from New Zealand available at waterpoints Premium Food and Beverages at Checkpoints and Finishing Point More exclusive entitlements to be announced soon... Race Route http://www.forceofnatureultra.com/#routes 63k 23K 12K Race Pack Collection Details: Date 30th June & 1st July 2018 Time 11am to 7pm Venue The North Face Marina Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard #02-171/175 Singapore 039594 [COMMENT] Fees look reasonable but a lot of critical information still missing like flag-off time, whether there's bag deposit, hydration requirement, and more importantly the race orgaiser. If North Face is the main sponsor, then maybe Pink Apple is the organiser but the lack of a proper Facebook page and Website makes me think it may be the same organiser as Salomon X-Trail Run and Mizuno Wave Run. Both races also dun have proper FB and website and just used spacebib to host the race details.
  15. 2XU Compression Run 2018 - 8 Apr (Sun)

    Race Pack Collection Date: 23 - 25 Mar 2018 Time: 23 Mar (11am - 8pm), 24 & 25 (11am - 7pm) Venue: Marina Square Level 2 Central Atrium, 6 Raffles Blvd, S039594