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  1. Those thinking of signing up for this race, I come across an e-shop run by RUN magazine that is also selling race slots at a slight discount. This race is one of those where you can enjoy a 5% discount. It's not much but it's better than nothing and every bit helps. Grab your savings here >> https://www.runmagazine.asia/shop/sia-charity-race/ Do note that if you are buying from RUN e-shop, you would be sent a promo code to register at the registration site (run by 1-Xcess)
  2. You still not convinced that it will be the same route as Runners League Leg 01? Only time will tell. I doubt very much there will be any so-called multi-terrain for this run. If you noticed, they make no mention of this in their publicity material so far. The emphasis so far has been 'which team are you on?'
  3. Race Entry Pack Collection Venue: Marina Square Central Atrium Date: Fri - Sun, 4 - 6 Aug 2017 Time: 11am - 8pm Expected peak hours are from Fri 5pm - 8pm, Sat 12pm - 2pm | 5pm – 8pm
  4. Race result out >> https://www.straitstimesrun.com/race-info/race-results/
  5. I think it has always been HomeTeamNS who has been oganising the race in the past. It just that they contract the race logistics to event management company like XE. Same with races like Run350 (now Eco Run), Race Against Cancer, CSC Run by the Bay and probably even SAFRA Bay Run and AHM. The respective organisation (eg Young NTUC, Spore Army, SCS, Civil Service Club) will form an organising committee to manage the race but sub-contract the race logistics to an event management company like Pink Apple, HiVelocity, Esprimo etc.
  6. 2017 3rd ELM Medal Race: ST Run in the City
  7. The medal picture posted by AR is for those taking part in the NS50 Team Run. The top medal is for those joining the AHM, 10K and 5K. The last medal is for those taking part in the Families for Life 800m Challenge. You really need to read Pris's blog in more details next time.
  8. The Straits Times Reported this morning that the Best Sports Event of the Year (Local) last year were Great Eastern Women's Run 2016, Osim Sundown Marathon 2016, Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2016. SOURCE: Singapore Sports Awards: Schooling's coach Eddie Reese named Coach of the Year, swimmer also up for Sportsman crown Of the 3, I only joined SCMS last yr. Personally, I wouldn't say it was the best race I joined last yr. What do the rest of you think? Are the 3 mentioned by ST worthy of the title 'Best Sports Event'?
  9. 26 Aug is a super hot date! There are 3 other races happening on the same day: Runners League Leg 02, Puma Night Run and GreenRace Forest Marathon 2017. Plus one Aquathlon event.
  10. OMG! Finally after all these yrs! Shuttle Bus services FTW!! More details >> http://www.safra.sg/participate/singapore-bay-run/getting-there.aspx
  11. Bro Bookie first mentioned it in a post here. I wrote to the HomeTeamNS for confirmation and they confirmed that they have engaged Adventurers Singapore and X-Change Events for logistics support and online registration portal. The route planning, road marshall, baggage system and the runner's experience are all handled by HomeTeamNS and its committee members. Regardless of HomeTeamNS assurance, I had decided not to sign up. Partly because the race location and route is not as compelling as Sentosa.
  12. It's not a limitation. It's just a suggestion. If you want to collect your 50K bib on the first day, they are not going to turn you away and ask you to come back on the 3rd day. If you running 10K, you can pick up your bib on Thur or Fri if Wed is no good for you.
  13. Really?? I won't hold my breadth. If there are lessons to be learnt, it would have been from Meiji Run. They did not learn any and made the same mistakes (plus a whole bunch of new one) at Runners League Leg 01. So with at least 2 races under their belt this yr plus a dictionary worth of lessons to learn, you expect a better showing for their next race - Dreamworks Day Run. Again, no lessons learnt and new mistakes made.It's growing into an encyclopaedia now! So like I say - Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. How many times do we have to give them the benefit of the doubt?
  14. Beast, those who signed for the 5K Fun Walk, the bib does not come with a timing chip. The 5K Run is only opened for a team of 4. Hence you will get a timing if you signed up for this.
  15. I would say chances are very high. In 2015 and 2016, when Pink Apple was the event organiser, the medals were ELM. But then again, even for last yr Newton Challenge, the medal was not ELM medal but 'ELM-like'. For the avoidance of doubt, pls note that medals without the 'ELM' stamp are not considered ELM medals even though they may be 'ELM-like'. So there is a chance it may be the case of this yr Race Against Cancer.