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  1. I think a lot of people seems to have a misconception of what a vaccine is. A vaccine is not a panacea that will magically immune you from catching the disease. And whether it reduces the transmissibility if you have the virus is still largely unknown. A vaccine teaches you body to produce the anti-bodies to fight the virus if you catch it. So that you have a better chance of fighting the virus if you get it. So while more people getting vaccinated means less people will get sick, it does not means that all the safe distancing measures, the contact tracing etc can just stop. A
  2. I have a few comments about the surveys. #1 I do not see why it is necessary to ask for the name of the respondent. It should be optional. #2 When you are crafting a survey, it is better to ask for a scaled response to your questions (usually 1 -5 or 1 - 6). Crafting your surveys like an examination is a definite put-off. No one want to answer so many open-ended questions in a survey. It is cumbersome and it actually makes digesting the results a nightmare. If you are asking so many open-ended questions, how are you even going to quantify the results? #3 I did not join but would
  3. It's unlikely that he wrote it on his own. It's mostly the works of his lawyers. And if I'm not mistaken, affidavit are usually not single-spaced paragraphs (the way a book or a news article is typically written). So it's probably not a long as it sounds.
  4. Can someone please tell me what is in the entitlements that required you to pay $12 to ship to you locally? Isn't it just a tee-shirt and medal? Then it should be a small parcel. Shipping through Singpost would be max $6. I think the tracked package at $3 is probably do-able. And given the probably volume that need to be shipped, there should have been an economics of scale and volume discount. So still don't understand why it need to cost $12.
  5. The drama continues. Marathoner Soh Rui Yong alleges judge hearing fellow athlete’s libel suit against him is biased, should step aside Dr Ashley Liew has sued Soh Rui Yong for defamation after they both competed in the marathon at the SEA Games in 2015 Dr Liew won sportsmanship prizes for his actions in the race, but Mr Soh has publicly disputed the actions After eight days of hearings, Mr Soh alleges District Judge Lee Li Choon has displayed bias towards Dr Liew The ‘crux of the dispute’ is the two runners' pace, but the judge had refused expert advice and e
  6. No worries. I never view your comments in that way.
  7. I think this is not the first time I am saying this but it is probably worth repeating. I am not adverse to joining virtual races. In fact, there are a couple of virtual races that are issuing quality ELM medals at acceptable registration fee, My issues with virtual races is that you usually need a running app (operating on your hp) or a GPS-enabled watch to record your runs for uploads later. I do not like to run with my handphone and I do not owe a GPS-enabled watch. And those are the only reasons why I have never join virtual races before. Frankly, I not even 100% certain if
  8. Website: HERE Registration: HERE Entitlement Event apparel Finisher medals 18.88 KM FINISHER MEDAL 88.88 KM FINISHER MEDAL Other entitlements [COMMENT] I knew this was coming but I was hoping that the yearly Lunar Run (organised by TSCSC) would not be converted to a virtual run. I guess I have not choice but to sign up for my first virtual race if I want to continue with the Zodiac Medal series. Frankly, it's super value for money and there are no messy MOVE apps to use with this one (unlike ST Virtual Run). Actually, I believe I can
  9. Coach Tan Swee Tiong, also known as Lexxus Tan, is the founder of popular running club F1 Runners. He had cheated club members to feed his gambling addiction. He has returned $5,940, but admitted to spending the vast majority of the more than $100,000 he received on gambling. ST PHOTO: KELVIN CHNG A running coach duped nearly 40 people of more than $100,000, selling them false tour packages for overseas marathon trips or non-existent Garmin watches. Tan Swee Tiong, 48, also known as Lexxus Tan, is the founder of popular running club F1 Runners and had cheated club members to feed his
  10. I think the govt is more concerned about MICE events rather than mass running events. I don't think the priority of holding a mass running event like SCSM is very high on their list right now. So I wouldn't say that the possibility is very low. I would say it is zero.
  11. And it's all conjecture of cos but surely having to face a defamation suit from an ex-team mate and potential disciplinary proceeding from the same association that is supposed to be supporting you, cannot be conducive for an amateur runner.
  12. Very nice to read the resolution between SA and SRY. Maybe I am reading too much into it, but I can't help but feel that Malik's departure from SA was not entirely voluntary.
  13. It's obvious is Liv3ly is being pressured by Straits Times to get their act together. I doubt they would have offered a workaround screenshot upload otherwise. This makes me wonder why there wasn't any issue with the Star Wars Virtual Run and POSB Run for Kids Virtual Run. Or was the number so small that it was a non-issue? Or some other reasons?
  14. This was used for the London Marathon. TBH, I can't imagine running with that around my neck. But that's just me. And I also don't understand why it has to be hung around the neck. Could it not be wore on the wrist like a watch or something? Or clip to your running belt or waist band? But it's an idea. And hopefully, the tech will improve in future. The dystopian version of it will be a fitted collar that send an electric shock if you failed to observe safe distancing.
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