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  1. lonewolf

    [Medal Hunters United] List of ELM Medal Races

    2019 2nd ELM Medal Race: The Performance Series Road Race #1: Emerge Image Credit: rickloh
  2. lonewolf

    The Straits Times Run 2019 - 29 Sep (Sun)

    Not indoor stadium bah. Should be inside the Sports Hub like the previousl years.
  3. lonewolf

    Compressport Forest Force 50 2019 - 05 May (Sun)

    The organiser has posted an explanation on the 15km race Even though I did not take part in any of their races, I like the response from race organiser. They owe up to the problem, find out the root cause, attempt to rectify the situation on-site. I tend to think most runners are forgiving folks. We tend to be quite chill about genuine mistakes. And most of us have participated in enough races to differentiate between race organisers who are incompetence, indifference and just made a mistake. IMHO, this seems like a mistake.
  4. lonewolf

    The Straits Times Run 2019 - 29 Sep (Sun)

    It was reported in the Sunday Times yesterday. And I included the Facebook post within the post but it's not showing up. Let me check what's wrong with the link. [[Update] The Facebook link seems to be ok now.
  5. lonewolf

    HomeTeamNS Real Run 2019 - 05 Oct (Sat)

    Update for you. Just announced. ST Run this yr 29 Sep. Swee boh?
  6. [Comment] Instead of the 3.5km fun run, SPH should have doubled down and gone for the 35K event instead!
  7. Wah. So fast results out liao >> http://bit.ly/2PRVm6U Must be from the fallout from 2XU Compression Run hoo-ha. Now race organiser quickly released race results. Scare kenna bad publicity. Then again, with current technology, this should be the norm right. Not like someone need to manually tabulate the result or something.
  8. lonewolf

    HomeTeamNS Real Run 2019 - 05 Oct (Sat)

    Tentatively will be Sep this yr. Their marketing arm already starting to sourcing for sponsorship and advertising. SOURCE: ST RUN 2019
  9. Race organiser is Epic-ESR, the organiser of Marina Run. So should be another template race. Since the template has been established, they will most likley just copy-and-paste everything from last year.
  10. I agree. West Coast Park is a nice place for a run if it's not your usual stomping ground of cos. However, the path is your typical park width so it's narrow and will be a nightmare for the faster runners. In fact, I think it's even narrower than most park so I'm not sure if its a good place for a big scale race. I ran in a neighbourhood race that has a smaller turnout and it was really quite bad. So can't imagine what TPS having a race there will be like.
  11. lonewolf

    Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2019 - 15 Sep (Sun)

    Yes. Agree that the shuttle service for this race does not cover all housing estates. This was the pick-up points for 2018. So like Hougang and Punggol are not covered. Neither is AMK or Toa Payoh. In this case, I guess the best solution would be to buy the ticket nearest to where you stay and Grab/cab to the pick up point.
  12. lonewolf

    2XU Compression Run 2019 - 07 Apr (Sun)

    Personally, I do not think that commercial running events like 2XU, Income Eco Run, Sundown Marathon etc need to do so. So of cos we are unlikely to see a similar report for the 2XU compression run. But certainly, all charity runs like TFR, RAC should publish these reports for transparency. eg. take TFR. They claim 100% of proceeds go to cancer research as it is a volunteer-organised with no budget for expenses. That's well and good but when there are money involved, surely an accounting needs to be done and it would be good if they can release a statement of account.
  13. lonewolf

    2XU Compression Run 2019 - 07 Apr (Sun)

    Yes corrected. Common mistake.
  14. lonewolf

    2XU Compression Run 2019 - 07 Apr (Sun)

    If you want an estimate of the cost involved in hosting a race and whether a race like 2XU can be profitable or not, take a look at Race Against Cancer audited statement of accounts. SOURCE: SINGTEL-SINGAPORE CANCER SOCIETY RACE AGAINST CANCER (RAC) AUDITED REPORT From the 2018 accounts, the registration fee collected was $247.805. Total expenditure was $274,073. So the registration fee alone did not cover the expenditure. Of cos with the generous donation from Singtel and other corporate sponsors, the race still turns a profit for Singapore Cancer Society (over 850K)Of interest is that Event Management makes up almost 76% of the total expenditure. Want to know what is included in the scope of the Event Management? Read the following RFP document for the 2017 race. rfp-rac-2017-event-management.pdf Granted that the scale of both events, the location and the logistics for both events are different but it does provide a good general idea of what has to be spent to host a mass running event. eg. you probably need to spend more on F1 pit building, more barriers needed, more Aetos personnel to help direct traffic, more volunteers etc
  15. lonewolf

    CSC Run by the Bay 2019 - 12 Oct (Sat)

    Consulting my trusty e-guide archive, I can confirm that indeed Ediken has been a feature for this race since 2016. No lah. The 12.8km (team of 4) is not new either. Neither is the distance of 12.8km (which was indeed new last year but not this year) Like I said, I expect this year race format to be a near clone of last year race and looks like I was right. The only new thing I can see is the addition of festival activities and the removal of the lucky draw!