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  1. I did not know about the online fund raising effort from SRY and personally I do not like how he phrased his online appeal. "If you would like to support my push for justice ...etc " Pls lah. This is a civil case. What is he talking about? He is the one being sued for defamation by Ashley. He is not the aggrieved party. What 'justice' is he talking about? A defence against a defamation suit is all well and good and he is entitled to it as accorded by the law. But to call that defence a 'push for justice' is stretching it a bit. He sounds like one of those conspiracy nuts who think the whole world is out to get him, that he need to be silenced etc etc. Unfortunately, as much as all of us want an end to all these, the conclusion of this case is probably just the beginning. Don't forget that SRY has filed a counter-suit against Ashley. And then the suit against the SA is still outstanding. I think we need to prepare lots more for the coming months.
  2. IMO there is no winner in this trial. If Ashley succeeds, then SRY will need to cough up some monetary compensation. Both Ashley and SA will feels vindicated. If Ashley fails, SRY will be vindicated but then an aspersion is cast no only on Ashley and his integrity and account of the event, but the administrative integrity of SA and SNOC will also be called into question. Liew's witness - the runner from Cambodia Kuniaki Takizaki probably makes the most compelling case for Ashley since he was one of the competitors. Of cos, his claims that it was 'totally impossible' to catch up with Ashley if he was running is quite impactful. The other witness watching from the sideline is less so. So SRY will need to call his own set of witness who were also competing during the race.
  3. Website: HERE Facebook: HERE Sign Up: HERE Race Fees and Entitlement [Comment] Another converted virtual race. This race also requires the problematic MOVE by LIV3LY app. So those who are keen to sign up should probably read up all the issues with the app.
  4. Some people are just in denial. Many other behave as if they are invulnerable to the virus. That's why it's impossible countries like US, Brazil or India to control the infections. Even here where we have a lot of KS people (all the different KS variants), there will always be people or companies who choose not to behave in a social responsible manner. It can't be help. It's just the nature of the beast (pun intended!)
  5. I don't think mass participation sports even is classified as MICE.
  6. Update on Race Pack Collection for this year goodies. I think many people forgot that those who signed up will still get the goodies for this year!
  7. Defamation trial: Marathoner Ashley Liew says allegations by Soh Rui Yong was ‘out of the blue and unprovoked’ The whole case centers on whether Ashley indeed slowed down when his competitor made a mistake. In a previous post, I suggested that the official timing mat installed during the route would probably settle this easily. However, it dawns on me that semi-professional runners like Ashley will definitely has his own GPS watch during the race. So if Ashley was indeed telling the truth about slowing down, simply disclosing his running data during the race will prove conclusively one way or another. The fact that Ashley has not done so is suspicious. The fact that SRY's lawyer never ask for the data is even more so. Even if the lawyers are ignorant, surely SRY is not.
  8. All valid points. It's not the cost or the distance. The biggest impediment is that I just do not like to run with my handphone. It's not something that I do and isn't something that I planned on doing. It does not means that I will never do it. If the trilogy medal was a much better design, then I might.
  9. I have the first medal. I won't be joining. And I won't be putting up my medal for sale either. Everyone is of course free to choose what they want to do with the race medals. Personally, I would never sell any of my race medals. That race medal is a result of my sweat and effort. No money can buy that. If it was an extra medal that I happened to pick up at the race site (and I have picked up a few!) then I would have been happy to give it away to those who want to complete the set. And no, I do not have an extra 1st ST Run medal! (I do have an extra 2019 SCSM HM though. Must have pick it up!) I understand the appeal of an amalgamated medal set but personally, the design for the ST Trilogy is kind of blend and generic. If it was a better set design, I would probably just grit it and join the 175km VR for the complete set.
  10. Facebook Page: HERE Website: HERE Registration: HERE *The loyal runner’s rate applies to any past participant of The Straits Times Run. *OCBC cardholders will enjoy 10% off normal rates. *$0.50 from each registration fee received will be donated to The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund. *Any distance recorded outside of the stipulated race period will not be considered. *Distances on treadmills will not be recorded as the Move by Live3ly app uses GPS to track distances. Runner’s Entitlements One limited-edition New Balance “NB Dry” finisher’s tee worth S$49. For 17.5km participants: One limited-edition finisher’s medal (2nd part of the trilogy series). For 175km participants: Two limited-edition finisher’s medals (2nd and 3rd part of the trilogy series). One e-certificate. 25% off regular-priced New Balance products* 2 weeks’ free subscription to www.straitstimes.com* Other attractive goodies from our sponsors Finisher Tee Medal Trilogy [COMMENT] I don't suppose anyone is surprised with this news. Perhaps what was surprising to me was that they are proceeding with it. A bit unfortunate as the medal for the 2020 is supposed to be part of the trilogy of medal. Also it was supposed to be part of Straits Times 175 anniversary celebration. And to complete the medal trilogy, you need to run the 175km category.
  11. Wah bro beast, your threshold quite low. Coloured medal enough to tempt you for virtual run. The Performance Series is also going virtual and even the stellar set of quality ELM medals is not enough to tempt me to sign up. Of cos, my aversion to virtual run is limited only be the fact that I do not have a GPS watch and do not like to run with my handphone.
  12. Real Run has been YACVR-ed (Yet Another Converted Virtual Race) *sarcastic mode on* Pay $13.90 to run a distance of 5K, 15K or 24K and gets a reusable mask! What a bargain! *sarcastic mode off* Honestly, why would anyone bother with this? I think it's possible to get a box of masks for that amount nowadays.
  13. Lovely! Let's continue to do our parts and reports any spam when we come across them. I'm sure the boss is doing his best to deal with it. But you do bring up a valid point though. Are they no other moderators beside the boss still active in this forum?
  14. I agree with your sentiment 100%. In fact, I doubt there will be any races this year. And possibly for the 1H2021. So in my estimation, Pink Apple is overly optimistic in re-scheduling 2XU Comression Run 2021. I don't think it will happen. I think you are the one who should be showing love to the boss. If you see spams, do you part and report the post. Frankly, I have no idea why anyone would want to spam this site though. There are thousands more active forum sites out there.
  15. Well, I guess you can't really complain with what Pink Apple is doing. Refund or no refund. We know that refund is probably untenable as a lot of the registration fee would have been used to pay for a lot of the race logistics. Hence, they probably decide that since all the stuffs are already produced, let's just give it away. Those who have the 'empty' feel can opt not to collect the race entitlements. Personally I understand where you are coming off. I'm not sure if I need another singlet And I probably wouldn't want a finisher tee and medal for a race that I have not run. (I remember I did the same for the cancelled YRPR in 2015 because of the haze). I wouldn't mind the Hip Pack though but I think I will get the training shoe bag which I have no need for. So yeah. I probably won't bother with collecting the race entitlements either.
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