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  1. CSC Run by the Bay 2017 - 01 Oct (Sun)

    Race guide here >> http://www.cscrun.com/2017/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/CSC-Run-By-The-Bay-2017-Race-Guide.pdf Race Route >> http://www.cscrun.com/race-route/ 21K runners pls note: Runners who did not manage to reach East Coast Park Carpark B1 (16KM mark) by 8:30AM will be swept unto the sweeper bus at Carpark B1. Race collection was at least 3 times as long this yr. Last yr, the queue was short and fast moving. In and out in probably around 10mins or so. This yr the queue at ard 11+ was at least 50 deep and took more than 30mins. Also the race pack this yr was the worst for this race that I can remember for a long time. Probably the race ever IIRC. Interesting that things seem to get worse compared to Pink Apple last yr. Coincidence or actuality? You be the judge! Of cos, final evaluation will take place after race day.
  2. Newton Challenge 2017 - 29 Oct (Sun), Marina Barrage

    Race Entry Pack Collection Date: 21 Oct - 22 Oct 2017 Time: 11AM - 7PM Venue: Velocity at Novena Square ( 238 Thomson Rd, Singapore 307683 )
  3. Great Eastern Women's Run - 12th Nov 2017

    Huh?? It's been that way for many yrs since HiV stopped issuing ELM medals. The last ELM medal issued for this race was in 2013.
  4. Great Eastern Women's Run - 12th Nov 2017

    Damn! Lovely medal. A shame it's been downgraded from ELM medal.
  5. Register Now for Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2017!

    Those crossing the road was exiting the prison complex. They probably got swept up with the queue of people as they were trying to leave. The extreme left lane (separated by barriers) is for those exiting the prison complex. I thought both queues were for the shuttle bus. Anyway, the whole thing was quite messy. Hope the Secretariat will come in and take a look at all out comments and improve next yr. I think this was probably the most poorly organised Yellow Ribbon Prison Run of those I had attended.
  6. Register Now for Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2017!

    That can't be right. As far as I know, there was no paid shuttle bus service from race site. Could it be that people who are trying to make their way out of the complex inadvertently end up joining the bus queue? But I agree that the marshalling this yr was quite bad.
  7. Register Now for Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2017!

    I never have issues with the paid shuttle bus service and this yr was no exception. The bus arrived promptly and we were dropped off around 6.25am. More than enough time to prepare for the race start. But I read from the FB page that a lot of other runners were not so fortunate and were caught up in the expected traffic jam along Loyang Ave. I remembered that in previous years, the shuttle bus diverted via Carnwell rd and Netheravon Rd, so I dun know why they din use the same route this yr. Even those taking the bus from Expo were late for the race start. Some said they start at 8am for the 10k?? How is that possible? I think they probably joined the 5K flag off and run the 10K route? I had taken the shuttle bus back to expo once and had no issue. It was well organised and the bus arrived promptly. But it seems even that suffered a bit this yr from yaoxing's feedback. I was amused to read that some people suggested pushing the race back to 7.45am. Hello! It had always been 7.45am but a lot of people complained about the late start and hot weather and so the start time was pushed forward to 7.15am this yr. Now with a lot of people starting the race late, maybe they will push it back to 7.45am next yr again.
  8. Register Now for Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2017!

    Result and e-cert out >> http://results.racetime.sg/cgi-bin/common/results/yr2017/search.pl Runpix analysis also now available >> http://www.runpix.co/arace11/52/yrr17/rp.php
  9. Mizuno Wave Run 2017 - 26 Nov (Sun)

    The spacebib seems to suggest that the organiser is Base Camp Venture Pte Ltd. I made a search and wasn't able to find out much about the company other than that it's primary business is 'Wholesale Of Sporting Goods And Equipment (Including Bicycles And Healthcare Equipment)' and has its registered business address in Yishun. They also organised Salomon X-Trail Run 2016 and 2017. I suspect (but cannot confirm) that they are probably the event management arm of Worlds of Sports.
  10. Mizuno Wave Run 2017 - 26 Nov (Sun)

    The date for this race has been moved forward a month to 26 Nov - just a week before SCSM. The venue has been updated to Clark Quay Central. Interesting location. Dun think I ever started a race from there before. Price is reasonable and worth considering. Depends on the route. If route inside Fort Canning, then I will be very interested in joining. If its just around the city area, then maybe not. Sitting on the fence for now. Unless of cos another 50% off offer dropped at the last min.
  11. Register Now for Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2017!

    Runpix info will be available on Monday >> http://www.runpix.co/arace11/52/yrr17/rp.php
  12. Register Now for Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2017!

    I know which one you are talking about. It came from a rather 'famous' local runner right? It wasn't a complete plagiarism actually but for all intents and purpose, it was. But that was only on the FB rite? I dun rem seeing it on the route. Or was it displayed together with the distance marker? I do rem seeing Pris' quote though on one of the distance markers.
  13. CSC Run by the Bay 2017 - 01 Oct (Sun)

    Classic siege mentality! Stir things up by taking on management. Create a 'me-vs-them' situation and tells yourself that 'you will show them.' Which he did. But frankly, I think only he could have pulled it off
  14. Register Now for Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2017!

    The race logistics for this race has always been very good and this year was no exceptions except for the baggage deposit. I always call it 'baggage lottery'. If you are lucky, your bag end on a truck that is not so filled and the queue for your bag will be shorter. I had always been quite lucky in the past yr 'baggage lottery' for this race. But this yr my luck ran out and I ended up on the truck with the longest queue. The wait was nearly 30mins long and I suspect those who came later than me will have to queue longer. One queue jumper got told off and instead of accepting the criticism, challenged the one who called him out for a 'one-on-one'. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and nothing unpleasant happened but the crew really should have more sense than to entertain the queue jumper in the first place. The problem with the way they organise the baggage deposit is that there's always an unequal distribution of bags amongst the trucks. So you end up with one truck having significantly more bags than the other. This can easily be solved at the bag deposit point if someone controlled and distributed the bags amongst the trucks available. Eg. say there are 4 trucks for the 10K runners. Have someone to direct incoming runners to distribute evenly (or as evenly as possible) among the 4 trucks. But they always like to fill up one truck first before starting to fill the 2nd one and so on. I never understand the logic of doing things this way. If you have already committed 4 trucks for the bags, why not ultilise them fully in an efficient manner? I think they end up using only 2 trucks for the 10K runners. I see no queue for the other 2 lines. Followed by another extremely long queue for the 5k runners. The goodie bag for this race collected at the end of the race has always been quite decent. This yr goodie bag was pathetic. The quality of the finisher medal has to be one of the worst for the year. My medal has a lot of blemishes, the ribbon was sticking together and was threatening to peel off the coloured paint from the medal. One thing I like is the 'free for all' self-serve hydration points at the race end point. They just have huge ice buckets filled with isotonic drinks for the runners to help themselves. Lucozade must be desperate to break into local isotonic market. Very generous! Oh. One last thing. The van was there! And very long queue for the ice cream.
  15. Marina Run 2018 - 10 Feb (Sat)

    [Comment] The race that seems to go on and on every year despite lots of negative comments every year. And of cos who can forget about the yucky purple coloured isotonic drink. Photo courtesy of bro AR And the race is held one week before CNY 2018 (on 16 Feb)