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  1. lonewolf

    Oxfitt Run 7th July 2019

    Not much of precedence. Last yr was the 1st edition and it was an evening run. Some Pink Apple organied run do have shuttle buses eg. 2XU, Newton Run but many other also dun have eg. Race Against Cancer.
  2. lonewolf

    Oxfitt Run 7th July 2019

    Pink Apple damn jialat leh. From too big to too small I agree that the size is a bit small. I guess those with big tummy (like me) either choose the biggest size and hope it fits or maybe choose a size to give/sell to someone else or just dun sign up for this race. One thing good about Pink Apple race. You can sign up male category and opt to receive the female tights.
  3. lonewolf

    Income Eco Run 2019 - 28 Apr (Sun)

    Race Pack Collection Details Date 13 April 2019, Saturday - 14 April 2019, Sunday Venue F1 Pit Building 1 Republic Boulevard, #02-03, Singapore 038975 Time 10am to 7pm daily
  4. lonewolf

    Oxfitt Run 7th July 2019

    Inches for singlet. CM for shorts. 28" length for L singlet is the normal size leh. Most of my singlet from Brooks, NB, Mizuno etc all also L same length.
  5. lonewolf

    2XU Compression Run 2019 - 07 Apr (Sun)

    Roughly 2 weeks to race day and no word still on Shuttle bus services. Could it be that there will be no paid shuttle bus services this year? Many people are asking on FB but so far radio silence from Pink Apple. Given the expected crowd size from previous years, I cannot imagine if everyone tries to make their way to race site via private transport, Grab or taxi. The roads leading to F1 pit building will be badly jam. [Update] Just as I posted the above, I went to the site and realise that shuttle bus ticket is now available! Info on the main site >> http://www.2xucompressionrun.com.sg/index.html Purchase them here >> https://regonline.activeglobal.com/Register/Checkin.aspx?EventID=2560667
  6. lonewolf

    Oxfitt Run 7th July 2019

    Should be cm bah. Dun make sense to be inches but better to write in and confirm with them. Now let's just see if they bother to reply. Pink Apple customer service is getting worse. Most queries on FB goes unanswered. If you are lucky, you will get a reply if you email them. They used to be quite responsive. Maybe their success is getting a bit to their head. The thing with Pink Apple is that they are very fond of just using an existing template for all their race site info. This is the first time (I think) they are offering shorts as race entitlement so no one bothers to QC when they put up the info. I dun understand why they dun just list 2 sizing tables. One for the singlet (in inches as per template) and another for the shorts.
  7. lonewolf

    Oxfitt Run 7th July 2019

    Route out liao meh?
  8. lonewolf

    Oxfitt Run 7th July 2019

    @mover I take it that you are making a comment and not a quote. Becos I certainly did not say the things about providing water points that you 'quote' me on. Though it probably goes without saying that a BYOB race does not mean BYOW too. Even trail races will also have designated water points to fill up your hydration bottle/packs.
  9. lonewolf

    Oxfitt Run 7th July 2019

    *sigh* Another BYOB race. Looks like next time all Pink Apple races will be BYOB. The fee looks really reasonable considering the race entitlements but the BYOB is really a turn-off. Nmind. Still got time to think it over.
  10. lonewolf

    Meiji Run 2019 - 29 Jun (Sat)

    Very interesting. The runner's entitlement has been updated to include the Meji Hamper now. What’s included? 1) 50g Hello Panda Chocolate x1 2) 50g Hello Panda Strawberry x1 3) 50g Hello Panda Coconut x1 4) 50g Yan Yan Chocolate x1 5) 44g Premium Yan Yan Mixed Berries and Cheese x1 6) 44g Premium Yan Yan Tiramisu x1 7) 104g Plain Crackers with Oat 8 ) 450ml Fresh Meiji Milk 9) 160ml Less Sugar Paigen 10) 140ml Wildberry Yoghurt Drink 11) 135g Strawberry Yoghurt 12) 450ml Caffe Latte
  11. lonewolf

    Oxfitt Run 7th July 2019

    Bro you ran short last yr izzit? There was only 1 race category last yr - 15K. Hopefully Pink Apple will remain the race organiser. The race calender this yr very sparse. So likely to join.
  12. lonewolf

    2XU Compression Run 2019 - 07 Apr (Sun)

    Race Pack Collection Details: Date: 29 - 31 March 2019 Time: 11am to 8pm (29 March 2019) & 11am to 7pm (30-31 March 2019) Venue: Marina Square Level 2 Central Atrium, 6 Raffles Blvd, S039594
  13. lonewolf

    Income Eco Run 2019 - 28 Apr (Sun)

    No lah. I think u dun join this run enough. This race also has Brooks, Newton, CompressSports and Mizuno as apparel sponsor. But you are correct because the cutting of the above are more or less the same (not like UA or 2XU) so I concur with your observation.
  14. lonewolf

    Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2019 - 15 Sep (Sun)

    Too late. Already created a thread weeks ago. Will request mod to merge the thread to avoid confusion.
  15. lonewolf

    [Medal Hunters United] List of ELM Medal Races

    2019 1st ELM Medal Race: Safari Zoo Run [Placeholder for pictures]