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  1. lonewolf

    ST Run 2018 - 23 Sep (Sun)

    The number is slightly down from last year but not by much. In the last 4 yrs, the numbers of male runners for the 18.45km are as follows: 2015: 5,332 2016: 2,749 2017: 2,950 2018: 2,641 So the numbers have been hovering between the 2,600 - 2,900 figure for the last 3 yrs but quite significantly down from 2015 figurs.
  2. lonewolf

    ST Run 2018 - 23 Sep (Sun)

    The presentation of the result is quite bad. Certainly can be better Those looking for your nett time will need to click on your name to get the detailed split and race time (ie net time) Your nett time ranking is also shown in the detailed page.
  3. lonewolf

    [Medal Hunters United] List of ELM Medal Races

    2018 9th ELM Medal Race: The Straits Times Run
  4. lonewolf

    ST Run 2018 - 23 Sep (Sun)

    WOW. U did a 'Pris' and managed to publish your blog way before she did No need to sleep ah? I see you are another victim of the 'Poor Signage Symptom' and made to walk that demoralising flight of stairs back to Baggage Deposit. You run so fast how come never kope the free breakfast? (Think its free curry pok or muffin) And I think you were just unlucky with your medal. Mine was fine.
  5. lonewolf

    ST Run 2018 - 23 Sep (Sun)

    Why need to climb the flight of steps back to the baggage area? There was another way out to the OCBC Arena that does not require climbing any stairs. All you need to do was to follow the sign (not very prominent again) and walked straight out (from the way you run into the stadium), make a right turn and OCBC arena is just right in front. I must say though that this race has the best baggage deposit area ever! No other race comes close. How often do you get to collect your bag in air-conditioned comfort and nice carpet to sit down on after you collect your bag? Of cos, nothing comes 'free'. Your price of admission for all those cool comforts is to run a gauntlet of the annoying and irritating salesperson and insurance agents when you exit (I know they are just doing their job but hey ... ) I agree that the signage around the starting pen area can be better. A lot of people were looking for toilets. I managed to find one at Kallang Wave mall which was relatively empty. This race has one of the longest walk to the start pen ever (I think 2nd only to SCSM) Din run fast enough to enjoy the breakfast. Anyone GPGT?
  6. lonewolf

    Home team ns real run - 21st oct 2018

    Yeah. Too bad I already committed to CSC Run by the Bay. And the 10K flag off is too early for me to attempt another evening-morning b2b. I admit, I did consider it for like a few minutes yesterday but decided that it was probably beyond my current abilities at this time. So no choice but to skip this one.
  7. lonewolf

    2XU Compression Run 2019 - 07 Apr (Sun)

    Haiz. You said it not me. I dun want to say it cos it seems as if I'm always hitting at him (in jest of cos). This is one of my streak races so I will probably continue running it. But I'm not sure if I will continue to join if the fee hits $70 (which it will in a year or two). Cross that bridge when it comes. Of cos another reason to join is for the potential ELM medal
  8. lonewolf

    ST Run 2018 - 23 Sep (Sun)

    No 2XU. But I think qoomart is there selling CompressSports stuffs.
  9. lonewolf

    2XU Compression Run 2019 - 07 Apr (Sun)

    Every year for this race, the 'no marathon' comment keep coming up. Like a broken record. Dun know why this keeps coming up when Pink Apple has more than on one occasion categorially stated that they have ZERO inclination to stage another FM. I agree that it's really early this year I remember registering for this race at the end of Dec last year. This year Early Bird ends in November. It's smart of Pink Apple to 'lock in' participation early. It does not hurt that they can also use the monies paid for the early race registration to assist in the cash flow (regardless of whether it's needed or not by Pink Apple) $2 inflation across the board
  10. lonewolf

    Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2018

    Hiak. Thanks for the refresher. I guess when the run is your streak runs that you have run for many editions, the different years tend to merge and feels a bit like groundhog day. You are right, it was 2015 that the 10K was canceled because of the haze. But you are wrong that 2013 that does have runpix. Here you go >> http://www.runpix.info/arace8/06/yrr13/dge.php Thanks for the info about the hardcopy cert. I guess they decide to mail to all participant this yr. It would probably be better to have an option to opt out to placate the environmentally conscious
  11. lonewolf

    Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2018

    Based on my personal expereience, I'm quite sure this is no the first time that a Kenya runner outrun the Nepalese Gurkha. YRPR was giving hard copy cert (in addition to e-cert) a few years back. Then they start charing $2 for it. But this year there was no option for hard copy cert. They are still giving out ecert this year. There was RunPix for 2013 but only for the 6K run. The 10K was cacelled because of the haze.
  12. Website: http://www.events-sign-up.com/50-hours-non-stop-run-2019 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/twcsc Register: https://www.digitalracesolutions.com.sg/cgi-bin/registration/50hrs2019/prereg.cgi Runners' Entitlements Bib Event tee shirt Water bottle Other items If sign up for 15 laps or up to 64.5 km , runners will receive 3 finisher medals ( 5,10,15 laps ) plus finisher tee for 15 laps For 20 laps , runners will receive 4 Finisher medals (5,10,15,20 laps) plus finisher tee for 20 laps only - no finisher tee for 15 laps For 10 laps up to 43 km, Only 2 finisher medals (5,10) with no finisher tee Finisher medal awarded to Completion of 5 laps , 10 laps , 15 laps and 20 laps Finisher tee awarded to 15 laps and 20 laps Category - only 1 finisher tee for the 15 laps and 20 laps Category This year Run is a “green” Run to support the environment by reducing waste - no paper cups will be provided at hydration points. Runners to bring their own water bottle to fill up water at the hydration point or use the water bottle in the race pack. [Comment] OMG! What is happening with all these race announcements for races to be held 6-7 months later? And not to be out-done by the big boys, TWCC CSC has not only announced the dates for their signature event but is taking registration. Incredible!
  13. lonewolf

    CSC Run by the Bay 2018 - 20 Oct (Sat)

    Just got a mail from the race organiser metasport with a gentle reminder of the forthcoming race pack collection next month and to bring the following: Identification (NRIC/passport) Entry confirmation email with the QR Code (Download here) A completed Par-Q form If you do not have the required documents you will not be able to collect the race kit. The first 2 is of cos normal but this is the first race I had joined that required us to fill in, sign and hand in the Par-Q form. Is this normal for races organised by metasports? Seems like a bit of an overkill and unnecessary considering that I'm sure we have consented to all sort of waivers when we sign up for the race. Those who had signed up for the race pls note the above when collecting your race pack. I'm sure many would overlook the Par-Q form. Hope they have some printed out on site.
  14. Website: http://www.2xucompressionrun.com.sg/index.html Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2XUCompressionRunSG/ Registration: https://reg5.digitalracesolutions.com.sg/cgi-bin/registration/2xu2019/prereg.cgi Date : 7 April 2019 (Sun) Time: 4:30AM Venue: F1 Pit Building Flag off Time: 0430 (21.1km) 0630 (10k) 0800 (5K) Cut-off Time: 4 hrs (21.1km) 2.5hrs (10K) 1.5hrs (5K) *Participants from 2014-2018. *Participants of any one edition of 2XU Compression Run Singapore from 2014-2018. Please ensure that the same NRIC / FIN / Passport Number is used as your past registration. Should you face any problems, please do not proceed with registration and email us for assistance. No refunds will be given for price difference from the loyalty rate. Runner's Entitlement 2XU Singlet 2XU Finisher T-Shirt for 21.1km Finisher Medal
  15. lonewolf

    POSB Run for Kids 2018 - 08 Sep (Sat)

    Hey @stalky79, result is out >> http://results.racetime.sg/cgi-bin/common/results/rfk2018/search.pl