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  1. Race result out >> http://www.digitalracesolutions.com.sg/cgi-bin/common/results/pccwg2017/search.pl
  2. Looks like there will be more shuttle bus pick up points this yr compared to last yr. Hopefully, this will encourage more to sign up! Check out the list of pick up locations this yr.
  3. Can confirm Marina Run 2014 does have e-cert.
  4. Yup. That's my conclusion too but I think you are probably right too. So either you dun pay income tax (in which case tax deductible is irrelevant) or if you do, the $30 or $35 doesn't really amount to much deduction from the taxable income (even if you factor in the 2.5x) but every bit helps I guess. The way I look at it. It's a win-win-win for me. I donate to a great cause, got all the race goodies and am able to claim deductible. What's not to love about this race!
  5. I think I crack the code why this race is held on a weekday. PCCW Global is the holding company for HKT (Hong Kong Telcom), roughly the HK equivalent of Singel. This race is always held in the same week as CommunicAsia - a premier ICT conference. CommuicAsia 2017: 23 - 25 May. PCCW Globar Charity Run 2017: 24 May CommuicAsia 2016: 31 May - 3 Jun. PCCW Global Charity Run 2016: 1 Jun CommuicAsia 2015: 2- 5 Jun. PCCW Global Charity Run 2015: 3 Jun CommuicAsia 2014: 17 - 20 Jun. PCCW Global Charity Run 2014: 18 Jun So this race seems intended to leverage on the CommuicAsia delegates who may be attending the conference. Indeed, JK interviewed a few runners at the starting pen who were delegates attending the conference. If my suspicion is true, it's still a strange decision cos I dun think the no of delegates running the race was significant. There may be other reasons but the above observation is indisputable.
  6. Yeah. But that was not a race medal. So I dun count that. Else if I want to count all coloured ELM medals, the list would probably be extensively considering they do a lot of military and state medals and the like.
  7. OMG! YACR!! Hopefully, NSMan still get the 2XU singlet.
  8. Nice write-up, Pris. I wish you had included and emphasis the tax exemption part in your article. I had included this in my comment on the first post and frankly, I am surprised that it was not a bigger enticement for people to sign up. Either a lot of runners here are not (or no longer) paying income tax, or many still dun understand what I mean by 'tax exemption'
  9. Race medal for Leg 01. Frankly quite underwhelming.
  10. Check out this article from Run Singapore. https://www.runmagazine.asia/yummy-tummy-at-the-meiji-run/ A completely dishonest piece of writing. Highlighting the positives while ignoring all the things that were wrong with the race. Did the writer (not even identified) run the race? Did he/she queue up for the finisher items with the crowd of runners after the race? Probably not. Absolutely no journalistic integrity whatsoever. I dun care if you are the 'Official Running Magazine' for the race. Your first obligation is to your readers to report factually and accurately without bias. You should not be beholden to the race by glossing over their organisational inadequacies. I always thought Run Singapore was an OK magazine. My opinion of the magazine has changed completely. Lucky I am not a subscriber. If I was I would cancel my subscription immediately.
  11. Not Pink Apple's finest hours. I mean the crowd is small relative to other races but still no excuse just to have a single counter to distribute the finisher medal and tees. Thankfully the queue area was relatively shady and it really wasn't too long (about 5 mins or so). But it was a trivial issue that can be solved easily by having another (or 2) table to distribute the tees. Just have one for the XS/S, another for M/L/XL. That would speed things up greatly. The finisher medal is an absolute rarity - COLOURED ELM Medal. If I'm not mistaken, I think this is only the 2nd one I've across (1st one was the Mizuno Ediken) Feast yr eyes on this beauty!
  12. 2017 2nd ELM Medal Race: PCCW Global Charity Run RARE! Coloured ELM Medal!
  13. Actually, Pink Apple FB did share the race FB post on 15 May. Think we missed that clue. In any case, the race has been updated at Pink Apple website.
  14. Why would I exaggerate on something like this? I consider myself lucky enough to get a box (there's a limited supply after all) Many other need to collect in trash bag! Some used the clear plastic bag that was used at the baggage deposit counters. I should have taken the photos of those using trash bags. LIke I said, the ridiculousness of it is just surreal. Here's someone using the clear plastic bag
  15. Race route out! AR should be very familiar with the route but I think it will be a couple of hundred metre short of 10K.