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  1. Here is an update (of sort) of whether SCSM 2020 will proceed. Full Article: https://www.straitstimes.com/sport/coronavirus-status-of-standard-chartered-singapore-marathon-will-be-determined-by-safe My feel? If they have not decide by now, the probability of it going ahead is rather slim. The logistics required for this race necessitate a longer lead time than other races. So I doubt they can decide at the last minute to proceed. (Unless it's a scaled-down 'elite only' race)
  2. Looks like the race is off (unsurprisingly) And being converted to virtual race (also unsurprisingly!)
  3. Another event die die don't want to cancel. Just like 2XU and Safari Zoo Run. Mass running event is unlikely until Phase 3. And who knows when that will be?
  4. I find it hard as it is to just walk around with a mask on. The thought of running with a mask absolutely horrifies me. Not to mention the constant fogging up of the glasses when you wear a mask. None of the so-called remedies to prevent fogging works. The best is to practice breathing out and blowing air downwards. Nowadays, I took out my glass when not needed if I'm wearing a mask.
  5. The best thing I read about all these hand-clapping, song singing to show appreciation for the frontliners is NSFW. So I will try my best to keep it out of sight unless you really want to read it. But of cos, having tease it now, of cos you will want to read it! =========================== Highlight below to read ========================== These activities are basically masturbation; it feels good for the person doing it and does absolutely nothing for the people they're thinking of. =========================== Highlight above to read ========================== SOURCE: r/Singapore - Am I the only one who finds this “cheering” cringey?
  6. Many events skipped a year or two and then quietly retired. eg. Pocari Sweat Run, Energizer Night Run, Jurong Lake Run, Newton Challenge. Hopefully, AHM don't follow in their footstep.
  7. No AHM this year. As expected. I expect F1 and SCSM to be causalities as well.
  8. It's time for another episode of The Amazing COVID-19 Barchart Race. I'm dropping Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia and have added India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Those are the 3 countries with the highest number of cases in Asia (excluding China and the Middle Eastern countries) I decided to have a little fun and added some additional elements to the video. Pls don't take it too seriously. I know the pandemic is deadly serious and no laughing matter. It's a race that really no country want to win (as far as the no of infection cases goes). Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the video. And here is another video that I put together for the Top 10 Countries with COVID-19 Deaths. It's crazy that China is not even in the Top 10. And I think they have not been for at least a month now.
  9. Not at all. Even if the race has to be cancelled and no refund is offered, my confidence in Pink Apple will largely remain intact. But that is on the basis of how they have organised races in the past. I mean, moving forward, if they start screwing things up, then it will be a different consideration.
  10. Die die.. dun wanna cancelled. Frankly, I am a little flabbergasted by Pink Apple's optimism. Given the current trajectory of the pandemic, even when CB measures are eased, I doubt that any large scale events would be allowed until a vaccine is widely available or if the virus just goes away like SARS did. Neither of those looks likely to happen this year. Frankly, I doubt cancelling outright would be any cheaper than postponing the event. Maybe they don't want to go down the route that EPIC-ESR did (no refund and convert to virtual event) and may not be in a financial position to offer a refund like SDM and Income Eco Run.
  11. A bit OT but Uncle, there is an official link for the Queen song You are the Champion. So pls dun divert views to your own channel. Especially since the song is a 'fundrasier' clip.
  12. It's the end of the month so I have made an update to the Bar Chart race. I have removed SEA countries that have reported low number of COVID-19 cases like Vietnam, Brunei, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. In their place, I have included countries in our region with comparable cases like Australia, Japan and South Korea. I also received feedback that the music I used in the last video was a little edgy. And so I though what can be more appropriate for a Bar Chart Race than Vangelis' Chariots of Fire from the classic running movie. Enjoy the race!
  13. Who knows? Even the world's infection disease experts have no idea. Maybe there is no such thing as herd immunity with COVID-19. Now that is a scary thought!
  14. Much ink has been spilled and much more will be spilled on how the respective countries handle the COVID-19 pandemic. Comparison between how the different countries dealt with the pandemic is inevitable. Unfortunately, as with many things in life, politics inevitably reared its ugly head. WHO did us no favour in the early days of the pandemic by singling us out for our 'Gold standard' in the way we handled it. And so now that we are getting an explosion of cases, suddenly everyone is asking the question 'Where did we go wrong?'. And of cos, the trash TV of a fellow Asian Tiger cannot resist poking fun at us now. Just yesterday, I read a fascinating article on how the different countries are handling the pandemic and the fascinating concept of the use of The Hammer (aka lockdown measures and the like) and Dancing (aka dealing with the pandemic). According to the article, Singapore and Japan are 'dancing but going through an outbreak now' while Hong Kong and Taiwan are "Dancing without suffering an outbreak' It also has one of the most detailed comparison of how SK, Taiwan and Singapore handled contact tracing. It makes for fascinating reading. And it's probably one of the most well-balanced article I have read on this topic. In particular, the article called out on our so-called world class contact tracing which the WHO has praised in mid-Feb for our effort to find every case, follow up with contacts and stop transmission. I'm not sure of the veracity of the above assertion but it is definitely true that as far as contact tracing goes, we do lag behind what SK was doing. As compliant as most of us are, I think most would balk at the idea of the kind of information that was made public in SK. Here is the full article for those who want to read it: Coronavirus: Learning How to Dance
  15. I wouldn't so sure about that if I were you. I think the govt is probably comfortable that the situation at the FW dorm is largely contained and/or isolated. Moreover, most cases are mild and probably don't require critical care in the hospital. The biggest worry and what lead to the extension is the number of unlinked cases that has stubbornly remain high. Like PM said, the numbers suggests that there may be hidden clusters still currently not traced and isolated. This is the big worry as if not properly tracked, then the potential for another huge explosion in the number of infection will inevitable lead to the next step.
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