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  1. The one peculiar thing I noticed from this race was that a lot of the crew were PRC aunties and uncles. I'm not sure how that come to pass but they were manning the hydration points at the barrage and along the routes as marshals. It was obvious from their accent that they were PRC. I thought it was a wasted opportunity that Pink Apple din go all out and installed a Bat signal at the top of the barrage. That would have been an awesome site against the slightly hazy night sky. And now imagine the F1 helicopter picking up the Bat signal on the F1 coverage and broadcasting the Bat Signal over the Singapore Skyline all over the world. For one night, Singapore would have been Gotham!
  2. I think NEA was quite clear in its guidelines. There is no confusion. People confused themselves by referring to other index like AQI etc. Use the 24 hrs PSI for planning activities you planned to do later on. eg. have a picnic at the Barrage in the late morning or early afternoon. Use the 1hr PM2.5 reading for activities you planned to do now. That would include going for a run. Or brisk walk etc. SOURCE: https://www.haze.gov.sg/
  3. In the meanwhile, there was plenty of drama for this year's race which many probably miss. Or dun care anyway.
  4. For those wondering what @matey1982 is posting, here is the same post so you dun need to download the pdf. I
  5. Nice! Probably the only race on the race calendar this year to still use RunPix.
  6. Mystery of the personal engraving of medals solved! All medals are engraved before race day.
  7. I think you mean you cancelled your post and not that the race is cancelled right? You may want to edit your post to avoid confusion.
  8. Agree. And IM in its infinite wisdom or recklessness (depends on how you see it) is pushing HM participants to upgrade.
  9. The 24h PSI has been hovering between 85-90 (up to 5pm) but certain area of Singapore has already edged into the unhealthy range. So it may still impact the 24h reading tomorrow morning. Looks like touch-n-go as of now. I think its highly unlikely to go beyond 200 so at least the 5K would probably go ahead. It still possible for the 24H PSI to reach the unhealthy range. I will probably go ahead and join the 5K this time if the 10K get cancelled.
  10. Probably won't be too far off from what YRPR is implementing which closely follow NEA advisory guidelines. So <100, proceed >=100 and <=200, then 10K cancelled, 4K proceed. >200, event cancel
  11. Because base on the Haze Advisory for level in the Unhealthy Range (101-200), healthy persons should reduce prolonged or strenuous outdoor activities. A walk would satisfy that quantification. Of course, if you still feel it is harmful, then you should just avoid it totally. In 2015, when the 10K run was cancelled, I did not even bother to go down to join in the 6km (it was 6K back in 2015) run/walk.
  12. WT!! PSI >=100 is quite a low bar to clear. But I suppose no choice since this race is practically semi-govt organised so need to follow NEA guideline strictly. The 10K race was cancelled in 2015 becos of haze (though I rem that level was higher then). Let's hope history does not repeat itself.
  13. WTH! Why is the flag off for the 8K so late? Race guide >> HERE Official hydration: Good Mood + Ribena? Guess no isotonic for this race. Just realise that this race is happening during F1 weekend. So those planning to drive may want to think twice. Consult the race guide for driving instructions to barrage cos there are multiple roads closure. I think those running the 8K will hear the roar of the F1 cars as they ran towards Arts Science Museum. On 2nd thought, probably not. FP3 ends 7pm. Qualifying starts 9pm. So right smack in between the session.
  14. Still would need around 30 hours. 10 machines is improbable. 5 machines sound likely. Total 6 hours!
  15. Even at 2.5 mins mean the machine at do at most 24 medals per hour. If you have 1000 runners (not impossible with 3 categories) for the race and discount 20% of runners who would not engrave, that's still 800 medals to engrave or a total of 33.33 hours! Even if PA have 10 engraving machines onsite (which is highly unlikely) you will still need 3.33 hours!
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