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  1. High five gels were given towards to 20 plus KM . It was in a box and placed in 1 corner of a table, you could have missed it because it was hard to spot if you are those grab and go type runner
  2. Hi Ocping Sorry, would you explain to me or private email me the reason you feel is too politicized? Dun worry. I wish to know all the runners or even public feel (if anyone here can really vet for my sincere). I certainly take the issue into all discussion and will revert back to everyone. This is a Community Event, organized by People's Association. There should not have be any political links or intent in my event. We really organize the event based on the well-thought for the community. Hoping to create a great sporting environment for everyone. Nevertheless, I only sincerely hope that you can reconsider the event, give us a chance to prove that it not politicized. However, I still respect your decision. Thank you Regards Joseph Organizing Chairman North East Compressport Run 2015 Vice Chairman for Punggol North Community Sports Club i agreed, running events regardless organized by who, is still a running event for runners. i dun really care who is the organizer, i do care about medical coverage just in case of medical emergency, transportation to the event site and the race experience
  3. Use the money for running this run to treat your wife to a nice meal. It will be the best decision you will ever make in your life. wah, very tough choice, i cannot give up both my run and wife... maybe i go run then bring her for a nice nice meal follow by some R21 action on bed later the night.... LOL
  4. why have to race on Valentine's day ? my wife sure makes alot of noise one....
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