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  1. Finally, gonna join back after 6 mths break... cya all tonight!
  2. Howz the rain in CBD rt now? It's raining quite heavily in West right now..
  3. I've been slacking for months now! Hope can grease the cogs tomorrow! *pray no rain*
  4. Nothing like hitting the MF slopes! Great being back with the group... cya all next week!
  5. hmmm... was thinking of starting CBD runs again after a 3 mth injury layoff... but Mt. Faber today might be a quite a challenge! oh well... bring it on!
  6. wow, good thing I checked the forum today. Am still injured so won't be running... but will surely drop by for the food! I'll get some sweet stuff - cake or muffins perhaps..
  7. It was a very rewarding makan session indeed! I think I've already gained back everything I spent during the marathon! Next up... Christmas potluck post run?
  8. 1) roonz - otah and 20 mr bean ice-cream cones from across the road. -- should be enough to feed 5 2) Charlotte - Bringing edible food. =p 3) LaserRunner - Bringing laser stomach and edible food - depends whether got time to bake - sherpherd's pie if not then is tao pao edible food. 4) 20) Chacha - Something sinful... so gonna be either home-made almond rochers or if no time, cake. 21) Tigger - Bring softdrink(no isotonic) 10 bottles....should be enough to feed 5.
  9. yalor... dun think it will stop raining by 7... can slack again today... haha, even the rain Gods want us to slack!
  10. Am gonna slack and do non-impact light training till SCM. Cya all for the potluck!!
  11. Wow, that is pretty good....tigger might be able to get a few regulars here to take part...if you still have spare slots available. Very likely that we should have a few slots left. All who are interested, please remember to drop me a note before 6 Nov, because I will be submitting the team list by end of the week. FYI, the participation fees per pax is $275 for corporate charity category, but $245 of this is covered by the company and participating staff are expected to pay $30 only. You can pass the cash on the event day itself. Me and Mahesh are joining! Hope we can have more CBD Runners! =)
  12. Good run and nice weather y'day, but I'm still feeling a little shaky in the knees since my Kilimanjaro Climb. Hope can be all okay by SCM time. Tigger, as usual, thanks for the drinks! CBD Runners, I'm organizing my company's participation in coming Vertical Marathon Corporate Category and we might have a few extra slots. The Corporate event starts at 10.50am on 22 Nov and ends with a complimentary buffet lunch at 12. In case you are interested to join, please drop me a message by Fri, 6 Nov. Cheers!
  13. Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro as part of a charity expedition. Y'all can read more about it here =) http://www.justgiving.com/himanshu_chaudhari Anyways, OT already... cya all tonight!
  14. Darn, always miss the important runs! :Rolling Eyes: No brownie points for you for missing runs !! Thats for sure. chacha...next time you can bring some brownies too haha, okay... next week will be my last run before my Africa expedition... will bring home-made nut chocolate for all!
  15. Darn, always miss the important runs! :Rolling Eyes:
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