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  1. Don't be a sucky runner. Put all your gel packets into a bin in any event! They are disgusting for any volunteer to have to clean up


  2. Will be reducing waste at the Singapore Marathon and trying to get the event to be:

    - a cleaner event with less litter on the ground during the run so that all can enjoy the course and also so that litter is disposed of correctly. In the past participants have also thrown litter near drains, in drains which goes into our water.

    - a greener event and will be encouraging participants to go low carbon. We will be at the expo helping participants what that means + would like to invite you for suggestions on what the organisers can do to go futher.

  3. Found 4 marathons that will accept me between 24th March - 6th April. Have entered all of them :-)

  4. Reduce your consumption, Reuse with freecycle, Repair white goods/clothes. Recycle only when there is no other choice

  5. Wishing you all season's greetings from me and the tyres: http://tyregirl.com/1/post/2011/12/seasons-greetings.html

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