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  1. All I want is for the SCSM to become the most sustainable event in the world! And maybe the govt would support providing free MRT transport if you're a runner?
  2. @starfinder the world of virtual events means that the slow runner can now participate as a virtual runner
  3. I personally think Ironman raised the bar for the organisation of SCSM. Advance (who have bought Ironman) probably did not want to spend any more funds for the moment having bought Ironman for $730million US. Wanda has made a good profit on Ironman. Ironman's digital platform is also very good in comparison to other sites and at the moment it is FOC!
  4. SCSM was free for me cos I don't want the goody bag, medal or t-shirt. If it was my first running event, I would have paid the price as a momento. I agree with their charge as they have to post out something which is a cost they did not have to incur when it is an onsite event. Also some places will require tax is paid on the postage. What I disagree with is being forced to pay for the gifts and forced to accept it when I don't want it.
  5. Firstly welcome to the forum. I don't know of store staff actually knowing their stuff unless they coach..... and if you understand about running form etc, then you understand more than the staff What type of runner are you?
  6. Team sgRunnersUnited - how are we doing? Are we ready to run @beast @starfinder@kohpapa
  7. Some of these VR marathon events are really expensive - almost same price as at the event!
  8. Yah it is pretty bare. The relay is 10km each ..... and could be part of a longer distance. Looks like we have completed team 3. Could open up team 4 but will need 2 others. It is $5 a go. This is the event: https://raceroster.com/events/2021/36984/world-athletics-cross-country-championships-bathurst-21-global-challenge and the thread here is Let me know if you will sign up and know 2 more to join. Thanks so much
  9. 1st 10km = 1:05:48 2nd 10km - similar route but slightly higher elevation - 1:02:17 Accidentally did about 15km
  10. I believe there is a toilet block past Changi Bay towards Changi Point but most of the area is industry around that area. Maybe can knock on one of the doors and ask for water if desperate? BTW would you like to be a team member for a 40km relay? You have to run 10km anywhere you like
  11. Riding with me will be a 70+ lady and a 13 year old girl. So will need to go at the rate they go at. IN 2019 it took me about 16 days to cover 980 miles from UK to Trieste in Italy
  12. Weather alert for me. Sunday looks the best day to run...... let it snow let it snow....
  13. I intend to cycle 600 miles to Glasgow during October to get to COP26 https://ukcop26.org/uk-presidency/uk-climate-leadership/ and 600 miles back! This will be my fun
  14. I will be going through mud and a lot of water (so much rain). If am lucky the weather will get colder and will be frozen underneath, then can go faster
  15. One day @kohpapa you will run on snow. Maybe you will go to Finland to see Father Christmas and the North Pole.... and run in the Rovaniemi 150K in -20 to -30 degrees celcius. It is a beautiful event and then if you dare you will go to do Arrowhead 135 (135 miles). It is brutal from -30 to -50 degrees celcius. Maybe I will return one day as well
  16. So.... sgRunnersUnited = @beast @starfinder @kohpapa @Lady Ice sgRunners2021 = @kohpapa @wonderfulblevic @thelonelyrunner @Arvin Tunas The battle begins! @beast @starfinder @kohpapa let me know when you want to start the relay
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