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  1. Yah - it took me a long time to write as well!
  2. Hamburg marathon says they are going to run the event with 10,000 participants (one of the organisers delivered a talk about how they would run the event with social distancing and have written up info here https://tyrelady.wordpress.com/2020/06/09/dairy-entry-future-proofing-events-with-the-environment/ - it is a long blog post) They had some other information on their website about how they were going to start in blocks + wearing a mask only at the start and when going thru the finish, but all that information seems to have been removed now and recently been replaced with an announcement https://www.haspa-marathon-hamburg.de/
  3. This is really good news as don't want to download this either. Have enough apps to work through without having duplicate apps Thanks for sharing
  4. Hmm - that is a bit crap. Am a programmer and they could recreate a program to make the data compatible
  5. It has not been done since Ironman took over as organiser. If you did not meet the cut off, you dnf. Since 2018 there is a tail runner. If you cannot keep up with the tail runner you were removed from the course.
  6. Having attended some seminars with organisers and been working with some of them, have written about the impact of Covid 19 on run events and how organisers, participants, volunteers and spectators will all need to raise their game and become more responsible. Hope this post gives you some insight into the thinking: https://tyrelady.wordpress.com/2020/06/09/dairy-entry-future-proofing-events-with-the-environment/
  7. Totally agree that would be a waste. Let us know how Runkeeper respond. It's a new world and Asics needs to be on top of waste reduction. It's in their CSR for reduced carbon emissions!
  8. After 2017's fiasco, Ironman improved the course checks a lot and also harder to skip the loops.... although there were a couple of runners who decided to go under the ropes for the loop back at ECP in 2019. Expect those runners will get a DNF. Pre-Ironman - Used to see people skip loops - When the finish was at the Padang, there used to be a bus that would pick up runners just after Marine Barrage - about 5km from the finish who felt they wanted to give up. They would then be dropped 1km from the finish. Very tempting to take as it is about mid-day and sun would be beating down. I completed between 7-8 hours and remember there being people trying to tempt us into this bus. I know it dropped people off cos I saw them getting off towards the end to get their "entitlement". Am wondering what could be a reward? How about a digital medal that could be used to access other events?
  9. It seems to indicate you can use your GPS watch and then sync with your phone to upload into ASICS RunKeeper. Maybe @ZZIZZ can advise?
  10. If you want medals here is a VR Lots of challenges in June: https://app.runrocknrollvr.com/en/challenges
  11. Website here: https://goldcoastmarathon.com.au/virtual/
  12. There are many virtual running events now and this will be the new interim normal. Do list each event as separate events in the running events sections
  13. hahaha @RaijinFJ - have now just entered all 4 as well. Might as well take the tyre out for a run as well
  14. @ZZIZZ - you can run with your own nutrition and as you know sg has plenty of places with water coolers and bathrooms. Yes the water in the bathrooms is perfectly drinkable. Before the water coolers at MR, used to use the tap water and am still alive
  15. Thanks @ZZIZZ It is interesting. As Virtual Marathons will be the mainstay for the moment and to keep a customer base
  16. Actually once saw some of the singlets and t-shirts being sold in a small clothes shop in Clementi
  17. @kohpapa thank you for all the tips. @starfinder thank you for your consistency, you made me feel guilty when had began to miss some days! Both thank you for keeping me company
  18. Ahh yes sounds like we are talking about pastries Singapore Marathon 2013 Source: https://www.straitstimes.com/sport/mystery-marathon-winner-just-wanted-t-shirt-and-medal In fact had witnessed many people cutting out loops in previous SCSM editions. Much more difficult now with a timing mat on every loop
  19. Hmmm - maybe he is talking to us from the other side I mean have any of you seen him? Finally got to 50 pushups yahoo....... got to 100 leg lifts yesterday......only failed on my target of 150 situps
  20. Maybe the event will need to be longer for the same number or reduce the number of participants
  21. Or we have herd immunity. Do note there is no vaccine yet for SARS. Lots of “close” calls. In the mean time events will be evolving
  22. Yah sgrunners for 15 years... need another thread for that. covid 19 second wave has a high probability due to poor attitudes and a growing apathy in very wealthy nations. Unfortunately the USA, uk, Sweden have money to spend for travel and business....There will be countries that will readily accept tourist and business from these countries who I would consider as high risk. Once that happens the chain begins and others will be silently spreading this disease. Immunity systems are growing stronger in these countries are growing stronger with summer & more sunlight. Am predicting second wave in August / September as fall begins.
  23. We can give you kudos No worries @kohpapa - me too will exit as been spending way too much time on social media Seems like have been more like the doomsday person..... but it is certain we must all continue to respect social distancing, wear masks when in confined spaces (I know Sg is different) like public transport to protect others..... or we go for herd immunity. If you want to see what that is looking like, check out Brazil. It is very sad that Bolsonaro is happy to sacrifice the poor and the indigenous people who will have no immunity (there was one tribe that was badly affected with the common cold). The indigenous people have been helping to protect the rain forest and illegal logging has increased in these times. For Bolsonaro, this means the virus can remove a people that was "blocking progression" and further exploitation of the Amazon. His only concern is the economy https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/30/south-america-indigenous-groups-coronavirus-brazil-colombia FYI how a disease can affect a whole tribe: https://www.survivalinternational.org/articles/3132-tribal-people-health-interview-professor-stafford-lightman
  24. Have tried running with a mask a little, but found it impedes taking in air if doing a hard run. Have instead been giving people a 10 metre distance as well as running when there are fewer people outside (the dinner or lunch hour). Though do note we might have to get used to running with a mask. Have been attending some seminars with run organisers (NYC, Chicago, Berlin, Singapore, etc) around the world who are toying with the idea to ask people to wear a mask in their events.... I'll try to write a blog post to update every one of further thoughts. Interesting that runnersworld have picked that up as well (thanks for the link @RaijinFJ)
  25. Ahh the otters are adapting to urban life as humans have spread themselves out. Did you know they are still on the endangered species list as they were nearly wiped out and only re-emerged in about 1998. Perhaps the humans need to change the location of their koi ponds to keep them out of the hands of the otters..... One day we will learn to integrate with nature. Globally humans around the world have found it hard to stay in their home pond during lock down and keep trying to explore other ponds and eating other people's fishes
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