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  1. Hugs @kohpapa - hope to see you out there..... you'll hear me calling everyone to BYOB and Bin your litter during the run or hold it yah!
  2. Agree thank you Uncle @kohpapa And see ya back here when you done with SA
  3. Really enjoyed running with you all even though we are apart @kohpapa @beast @AutumnRunner @starfinder Now to focus on completing the 10K and 21K for SCSM and then will do my own 24 hour marathon for the full marathon
  4. Thank you. Think it is easier to run in the cold than the hot.... now try to catch you
  5. Excellent run all. @AutumnRunner - fantastic performance @kohpapa - when's our next relay
  6. Love the suspense. RunFastest 4 will be great what ever he does. We will be happy that he is able to run for sgRunnersUnited
  7. Cats were chasing. Next time zombies chasing for the next relay Double up next
  8. Haha - only on Sunday was sotong.....now the cat has come.... Wah Uncle your shoes so atas. Can buy 135 plates of chicken rice.
  9. Yah Lor already ready come on sgrunners United. No matter tight legs, no matter no sleep, and the weather is only bad when we are not dressed for it. Ready captain @kohpapa
  10. Yes - I only have mornings free at the moment. So if I start my run on Thursday morning at 11am in UK = 7pm Thursday evening in Singapore. I will try to get up earlier and then just run like the Bukit Timah tigers are after me
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