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  1. Thanks @Kohpapa - unable to say if things are instated until I actually see it on the registration
  2. Perhaps shoe discussions should be in the Shoe category of the forum: http://www.sgrunners.com/forum/index.php?/forum/132-shoes/
  3. Have already put this in their heads when met with the team after in December. Have a meeting with them in mid-February and will push this harder and if I succeed, you will see this within registration
  4. I do like that Income Eco highlights some aspects but really wish they would do far more. Whilst the stats might sound impressive - the truth is there is a lack of transparency down the line. There is very little demand for PET bottles and would be interested with whom they are selling the bottles to as we export our plastic abroad and that currently sits at 4% with the majority of that coming from Industrial plastic waste. Talked to a couple of the resellers and they would not take the plastic bottles from SCSM as they said it will be incinerated and we would therefore have to pay them to take them!!! I even said I would take off the labels and caps to give them a pure product (different plastics to the bottles). They still refused to take the bottles. The Waste Management companies we have worked with at both Sundown and SCSM both said the plastic bottles were not worth it!!! We did manage to repurpose about 4,500 plastic caps in 2019. In 2018 we did manage to find 2 companies to take about 10,000 plastic bottles to use in art! As for the paper cups - have noted they have a waxy lining which could be plastic or a petroleum based wax lining. If they are "recycled" they will be exported to most likely Malaysia as China wants the waste paper to be 99.5% pure paper! Hence there is still a carbon pollution element. Really want the Eco side to be much more. But have given up with them as had deaf ears.
  5. There is a saying: But in this case for SCSM, you can't please all of the people all of the time. The govt agencies and SCSM will just need to make sure there is plenty of notification about the event on social media, newspapers, TV and radio + STB and LTA need ensure it is on their calendar and other relevant calendars. At least most people will know about it even if they're not happy about it.
  6. Lady Ice


    Agree - so will try to push for a meeting for February and hopefully before they send out opening registration.
  7. Lady Ice


    We are seeing if this can also be done at scsm
  8. Lady Ice

    Ultra Runs!

    ... though think I would swap swim to kayak
  9. Lady Ice

    Ultra Runs!

    How about run along East Coast to Changi Point, swim to Ubin and then run around Ubin, swim back to mainland. Awesome
  10. Lady Ice


    Thank you. We (as Green Nudge) have been working on their sustainability so Glad to hear you like the idea of the shirt waiver
  11. Lady Ice


    Haha - in 2010 I was a wanna bee cyclist. How life has changed from 9 years ago
  12. Lady Ice


    Cycling is great cross training as it trains muscles in your leg that you don' use for running and keeps you fit. I cycled for a month to a marathon event in Geneva and beat my PB by 15 minutes! I felt really strong. Also using your bicycle more means a win for the environment, a win for your fitness and a win for your pocket as you save money from having to use your car or public transportation and sometimes saves you time. Additionally it is easy to integrate into your routine. Just need cycling paths to improve in Singapore and would be grateful for your help in writing to LTA to improve the cycling commute. Here is my blog post to explain what is wrong with the cycle paths: https://tyrelady.wordpress.com/2020/01/01/get-on-your-bike-for-the-new-decade/
  13. Lady Ice

    Ultra Runs!

    @trailblazer - totally agree. Once good technique has been understood, one can run in any shoe as well as extend the miles on those same shoes
  14. Lady Ice

    Ultra Runs!

    What's your favourite Ultra so far?
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