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  1. BTW here is about sneezing... though sneezing is not part of covid19, people who might have it and inadvertently sneeze can spread it
  2. Yes - and think we cab begin to redefine how we want the New World order to be Here is a WHO guideline about Personal Protection etc for infectious diseases: https://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/handle/10665/331498/WHO-2019-nCoV-IPCPPE_use-2020.2-eng.pdf
  3. The UK has a 2m distance. My tyre provides a 2m distance ;)...... but stay away from my tyre - no play play When going running, have been taking a 10m distance from people, don't want to be running into their viral breath Think Singapore will be learning from the Spanish Flu. From what have read, in 1918 Australia was very successful in controlling the Spanish Flu as they closed their borders, doing isolation, etc. In 1919 Australia got hit very badly when they got re-infected. It will be interesting what sg govt will implement along the timeline. The UK will try to get everyone infected over an extended period of time so that everyone eventually has immunity. Think they wanted to originally have a great big infection party (herd immunity), but with the potential that more than the old folk will die, they have changed their tactic and will go for a trickle which means discipline is required to keep the curve flat. So the UK is doing catch and currently trying to change the yellow curve to purple! Personally think Sg has got it right. So now watch which govts care for their people and watch those that care much more for the money of the very rich..... opps sorry the economy
  4. haha trust you @kohpapa to find pck with a new song
  5. @kohpapa - have a read of the spanish Flu. Seems history is repeating itself. These initial social distancing, lock downs, quarantines, etc are all practice for the next 2 deadlier waves.
  6. Can a chair make an interesting tool for training? Have a Chairocise challenge for you:
  7. @StarFinder - hope Singapore continues to keep its people safe and never goes along the same tag line as the Trump. Right now the USA wants to focus on the economy rather than the people. I pray that all world leaders turn their back on the US if they thinks it is okay to sacrifice their people for a capitalist economy. It won't just be the old that die. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/mar/25/donald-trump-coronavirus-response-richard-wolffe
  8. @RaijinFJ - yah I feel the same way about everything you have said. I will not be booking anything this year as believe mass events will continually be cancelled unless Singapore's population all become infected with covid19 and develop an immunity. Have put some thoughts down here: https://tyrelady.wordpress.com/2020/03/24/diary-entry-an-evolving-world/
  9. Ahh thanks @kohpapa @RaijinFJ am lucky I have a park with 25 hectares but am ensuring I have a 10 metre distance between anyone close to me. Will be also doing some of the online exercise classes
  10. Nah not a sad year for runners or anyone..... a time to be grateful for the freedom we had, a time to reflect on what we can do and how we can make our world a better place The longer this goes on, the more time our world has time to heal. If we go back too fast, it will be just like when we try to return back to running when we think the flu is gone. Mother Earth needs us to back off for awhile and let her heal
  11. So now @KohPapa you see people prefer directions rather than wishy washy advice. The UK people petitioned the government to enforce a lock down so that we do not follow Italy's death rate.... but we are now locking down at roughly the same time as Italy! As they say here - the horse has already bolted! New Zealand has done good, taking strict decisive action. Good that the Olympics has been postponed. Now how to stay fit and not fat
  12. Thank you @kohpapa. Thankfully have a lot of open space around me and can work from home. Will do some virtual marathons and start challenging you all
  13. Thank you @kohpapa family is in sg.... Me in UK and miss the proactive actions of the sg govt. Will stay here until this is over as don't want to infect anyone..... anyway at some point we all will have to develop an immunity to this or get a vaccine when it comes out in maybe 18 months. Am expecting if the SCSM does run it will mainly be locals + anyone who can prove they have had covid and are no longer a risk. So numbers will be down.
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