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  1. Lady Ice

    Hey all! Subbu here

    Welcome to Sgrunners to you both
  2. Lady Ice

    Looking for shoes with good grip!!

    Actually you might want to change how you're running if you find running on a concrete path or tarmac is slippery in dry conditions. Or are you jogging up and down hills or rocky faces?
  3. Lady Ice

    Where to buy trail shoes

    No worries. Are you asking the same question as the OP?
  4. Lady Ice

    Hi Folks! Vincent here

    G'day Vinc. Hope you enjoy the forum :)
  5. Lady Ice

    Safari Zoo Run 2019 - 24 Feb (Sun)

    Yes - just to off topic one more time.... with one hand there is talk about climate change but on the other the gahment look the other way in pursuit to develop more land. (ref: https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/environment/ecologists-dispute-hdbs-finding-that-tengah-forests-were-mostly-of-low). So am glad the Safari Run and others are finally finding the guts to create a BYOB environment for runners. Hope they do it successfully....otherwise they should check in with Green Nudge (the company am helping to green up events) as we have already managed to successfully implement cupless events with a positive impact on PBs :) Burning plastic generates CO2 and although our incinerators are within the WHO limits, still produces small amounts of toxic gas. Photo-degrading plastic generates methane and ethylene - 2 green house gases that are 10 times worst than CO2. Climate scientist have given us 12 years to sort it out. Am hoping outdoor athletes like runners can raise their game and gain environmental PBs. We all need to breathe and @trailblazer's article is very relevant to all here.
  6. Lady Ice

    Safari Zoo Run 2019 - 24 Feb (Sun)

    Actually events around the world are going BYOB due to the safety aspect, amount of litter generated and a percentage escaping into the environment which is partly responsible for killing our wildlife and us (hormone disruptor, greenhouse gas generator, etc). Too bad about the bottle design. At least they got a good wide opening which is important. Perhaps someone can tell them they need to change the design for runners. Alternatively there are holders you can use... Remember to put your gel packets and their tabs into the bins provided so that the wildlife in the zoo can have enjoy clean water Enjoy the run
  7. Lady Ice

    Where should I start? A Running Coach?

    @trailblazer can help. He is a coach that uses a MAF / Pose framework Pose method has worked very well for me and kept injury at bay. MAF will enhance your endurance. Have created direct links to the different concepts. Oh and buy shoes only after you have spoken to @trailblazer as your thoughts, what the shop thinks and what you will actually find works will be different. Welcome to the running world
  8. Lady Ice

    Income Eco Run 2019 - 28 Apr (Sun)

    Feel free to email me :)
  9. Lady Ice

    Income Eco Run 2019 - 28 Apr (Sun)

    Congrats. Happy to help you with your plans if you need any
  10. Am starting to book events and have noticed there are more small European events that are going cupless (less than 2000) + other actions to reduce single use plastic + offering reusable cups for a fee
  11. Lady Ice

    Where to buy trail shoes

    @Kitmonster - welcome to the forum 1. Have you looked online and read the reviews about trail shoes? 2. Would you like some recommendations from the forumers? There are many who have a lot of experience. 3. Are you new to running in the humidity? 4. Do you have a specific type of shoe you have bought dependent upon a gait analysis?
  12. There are a lot of positives for foreigners to come to Singapore - safe, clean country where public transport works, lots of shopping/food, sights to see for a couple of days. They would do it as part of the challenge. I remember in New York, whilst passing a homeless bag lady, she pushed me, pointed her finger at me and said "Don't"! ...and then walked on. That was it??? When am in the US, at the back of mind is the freedom of guns and the increasing number of shoot outs so I did not respond. So certainly think the Singapore Marathon can be a WMM.
  13. Hey @kohpapa sorry have been MIA during this period. Thanks so much for your support and also highlighting where photos and videos are. Have used them in my own blog post now https://tyrelady.wordpress.com/2018/12/29/76-singapore-marathon-an-account-of-the-marathon/ As for govt support, we are working on it.....found out they also want to see a clean run!!!! Now I really want a cold run. Wishing you all much running happiness in 2019.
  14. Lady Ice

    Article: How to Keep Running Better After 40 Years Old

    So can ya summarise what would be your top 10 tips to help folk to run better from 40 onwards (to keep focused with the OP's subject)? p.s. I have known different folk who have hit PBs up until they were 50.
  15. Lady Ice

    Article: How to Keep Running Better After 40 Years Old

    Certainly agree that the MAF method is certainly great for building a strong base. Also been able to help folk with Pose Running to improve their performance. Was happy to teach a group and see their 5K times go down + 2 of them were able to run despite having achilles issues. Nutrition is still good to discuss for all ages and have found it affects performance. I do wonder as you age, more MCT fat is better than carbs.