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  1. 10 hours ago, okw said:

    Energy gels do help if consumed appropriately. Few other things need to be in place during the race too. Hydration, pace strategy etc.

    Hate those chemical gels.

    Have successfully used oral electrolytes which is waaay cheaper than the gels. Have used Repalyte - got from Watson - at the time was 5 satchets for less than $2. Also have made my own when I can be bothered with honey and salt.

  2. On 8/21/2019 at 2:43 AM, beast said:

    FM average should be much higher than $60.... I don't remember they were that cheap even for loyalty rates. 

    The money collected from registration fees for all participants should be around $1.5 to 2 million. Plus there's also money/ sponsorship in kind from sponsors as well.

    The 2 day format has been around for quite some time so I doubt that Ironman will continue using that format if it is making loss that way. They can simply just switch back to a 1 day format. Not only that but they had extended it to 3 days this year even (still not sure why they want to hold the Kids Dash on a separate day this year).  I know costs are high, but I am still very unconvinced that the event has been loss making till I see financial documents like what RAC disclosed.

    Think 2018 was the first time the 2 day format was used? Sometimes companies make a loss with products to gain the market. But as you say until we see the financial documents, this is all speculation :)

  3. 8 hours ago, stalky79 said:

    loss? from organising SCSM? cannot be

    come on, 40k participant with average of $60 registration fees that is almost $2.4m

    road closures would have taken quite a bit off their profit 

    Think your calc is off 12.5K participant at ave $60 for FM. Then it goes down from there. Dun remember how much the 1/2 marathon + 10K + 5K were. 

    @Beast I once came across figures for road closures, water barriers and police presence for a short part of road - it's high. Additionally @stalky79remember this has changed from a one day format to a 2 day format which means longer road closures.  Rent of venue for longer, hire of equipment and resources. The event organisers can only raise the price slowly over years. Of course presume the end game will be to make a profit otherwise this is just bad business. Presume once they convert to WMM and give the event more prestige will see prices be double at some point...... but they still have a lot of work to do in many areas and IM are working hard to improve all fronts.  I can only see them having to outlay more in order to get to WMM

    I'd love to see a local hand food buffet at the end & have a downloadable certificate if I want a souvenir.  Last year a runner gave me lots of t-shirts she had accumulated otherwise she was gonna bin them! Have managed to give them all away! 

  4. On 8/2/2019 at 10:39 AM, stalky79 said:

    Wah piang the “new” route looks 99% like last year one... lol... how they justify the price increment ?

    apparel also not under armour any more 

    Last year the company made a loss: Road closures, water barriers, police, first aid, entertainment (they did have entertainment last year), the expertise they brought in last year really made a big difference for runners wave; last year there were many more splash zones than I can remember; excellent coverage of water points by volunteers; more volunteer training to engage them in cheering runners on; and so much more + normal inflation on cost of setting up expo / event village etc. Price is still pretty cheap compared to many other places

    As for t-shirts. I have soooo many from events, would love to see a zero waste category where we only collect the bib and get a time. As for the medal would prefer a seed medal to plant a tree :)  What do people do with all the medals and t-shirts you receive from events?

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  5. On 3/11/2019 at 1:45 PM, AutumnRunner said:

    congrats Derrick... getting pb in such a crowded race is not easy....


    hmn…. I ran other Japan marathons, saw some bins which stated different rubbish as of our recycled bins... unsure if everyone follows...

    Wonder if we can get everyone to put things in the bin at SCSM...

  6. 18 hours ago, trailblazer said:

    @Lady Ice Agree with you and going a little off topic here.

    I was reading this news article on Singapore's possible future increasing heat and humidity  https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/cnainsider/singapore-hot-weather-urban-heat-effect-temperature-humidity-11115384

    So it is a collective effort from organisations and individuals to be environmentally conscious. Safari Zoo run is taking baby steps here.

    Yes - just to off topic one more time.... with one hand there is talk about climate change but on the other the gahment look the other way in pursuit to develop more land. (ref: https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/environment/ecologists-dispute-hdbs-finding-that-tengah-forests-were-mostly-of-low). So am glad the Safari Run and others are finally finding the guts to create a BYOB environment for runners. Hope they do it successfully....otherwise they should check in with Green Nudge (the company am helping to green up events) as we have already managed to successfully implement cupless events with a positive impact on PBs :)

    Burning plastic generates CO2 and although our incinerators are within the WHO limits, still produces small amounts of toxic gas. Photo-degrading plastic generates methane and ethylene -  2 green house gases that are 10 times worst than CO2. Climate scientist have given us 12 years to sort it out. Am hoping outdoor athletes like runners can raise their game and gain environmental PBs.

    We all need to breathe and @trailblazer's article is very relevant to all here.



  7. 9 hours ago, lonewolf said:

    I understand the appeal of a BYOB race. You save cost and appeal to environmentally minded people. 

    And while throwing in a water bottle is a good counter move, I think it's moronic to give a water bottle not designed for running.

    Maybe for those doing a leisurely walk its OK but definitely not for those running.

    Actually events around the world are going BYOB due to the safety aspect, amount of litter generated and a percentage escaping into the environment which is partly responsible for killing our wildlife and us (hormone disruptor, greenhouse gas generator, etc).

    Too bad about the bottle design. At least they got a good wide opening which is important. Perhaps someone can tell them they need to change the design for runners. Alternatively there are holders you can use...

    Remember to put your gel packets and their tabs into the bins provided so that the wildlife in the zoo can have enjoy clean water :)

    Enjoy the run


  8. @trailblazer can help.  He is a coach that uses a MAF / Pose framework

    Pose method has worked very well for me and kept injury at bay. MAF will enhance your endurance. Have created direct links to the different concepts. Oh and buy shoes only after you have spoken to @trailblazer as your thoughts, what the shop thinks and what you will actually find works will be different. Welcome to the running world :)

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  9. On 11/5/2018 at 2:29 AM, prisangel said:

    Oops, clash with London Marathon, which I got a ballot place for.

    Is it still considered as a streak if I register for this and get someone else run on my behalf with my bib? Haha!

    Congrats. Happy to help you with your plans if you need any :)

  10. @Kitmonster - welcome to the forum :)

    1. Have you looked online and read the reviews about trail shoes?

    2. Would you like some recommendations from the forumers? There are many who have a lot of experience.

    3. Are you new to running in the humidity?

    4. Do you have a specific type of shoe you have bought dependent upon a gait analysis?

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  11. 5 hours ago, AutumnRunner said:

    let's see how Singapore can really make it into WMM in the next few years.... Weather today is equally punishing so..... cannot imagine runners from all over the world come here to run in this HUMID country.... 

    There are a lot of positives for foreigners to come to Singapore - safe, clean country where public transport works, lots of shopping/food, sights to see for a couple of days.  They would do it as part of the challenge.

    I remember in New York, whilst passing a homeless bag lady, she pushed me, pointed her finger at me and said "Don't"! ...and then walked on. That was it??? When am in the US, at the back of mind is the freedom of guns and the increasing number of shoot outs so I did not respond.

    So certainly think the Singapore Marathon can be a WMM.

  12. Hey @kohpapa sorry have been MIA during this period. Thanks so much for your support and also highlighting where photos and videos are. Have used them in my own blog post now :)


    As for govt support, we are working on it.....found out they also want to see a clean run!!!!

    Now I really want a cold run. Wishing you all much running happiness in 2019. 

  13. Certainly agree that the MAF method is certainly great for building a strong base.

    Also been able to help folk with Pose Running to improve their performance. Was happy to teach a group and see their 5K times go down + 2 of them were able to run despite having achilles issues.

    Nutrition is still good to discuss for all ages and have found it affects performance. I do wonder as you age, more MCT fat is better than carbs.

  14. Thank you @kohpapa skimmed the linked post. Lots of information! And so now to discuss ;)

    Diabetes - to reverse type II is about losing weight: https://www.bbc.com/news/health-46363869

    A ketogenic diet is about eating medium chained fats which are supposed to be processed faster than the long chained variety. I don't know much but folk that I know who have taken on a ketogenic diet have certainly lost weight. Hence if diabetes type II is about losing weight, then perhaps this will advance the idea that a ketogenic diet can help reverse diabetes type II with the correct types of fats. Here is a US science paper on testing a ketogenic diet on diabetes and found it positively beneficial:


    Fat vs Carbohydrate in Endurance

    From my own personal experience, I would certainly say that it is better to avoid the chemical gels. And agree with your experience that they cause spikes. I have seen too many people hit the wall using gels every 20-30 minutes in ultra marathons. It is a ridiculous amount of sugar that the liver is unable to process and they are probably not burning well.

    The only time I truely have a sugar craving is when am working at high speed eg a hockey game. For runners who keep within their comfort zone I would argue that medium chained fats would be better for their endurance than carbs as well as be better for the body and mind.

    Most runners run way too slow to get the benefit and without testing would be they would be better off with a fat / protein bit of nutrition. 



    I had one during the marathon as someone gave it to me and thought to try it 4 miles from the end. I had a squish of it and my mouth wanted to throw it back out. I had to waste the rest of it. Dunno how folk are eating that vile stuff!!!

    My theory is that for most of us sugar has a negative effect and chemical gels would be best removed for a healthy body.


  15. Normally on marathons and ultras I use fat and protein as my nutrition. Find it lasts longer than the carbohydrates.

    What do you think about a ketogenic diet?

    I find that people eating low fat stuff does not do much for their body shape or the amount of fat and wondered if it is actually due to the amount of sugar. Lactose is the same in normal milk and low fat milk. Sugar converts to fat


  16. And the magic formula for a healthy happy ageing population is keeping fit: http://www.silverfit.org.uk/healthier-lifestyles/

    (research by a friend who is in her 70s and has completed 4 ironman events). The older you are the better your endurance.

    Though I do wonder about how ultras can affect memory as often these can mean sleepless continual motion. Having experienced memory loss in long events. Worst one was 135 miles and up for nearly 70 hours. Brain fried for nearly 3 months!

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