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    Virgin Money London Marathon 2018

    You should be fine. The starting points are close enough (think they were about 1km-1 mile apart depending on route) It's all close enough and maybe you have jetlag so you will be awake at 5am anyway. Also TFL (Transport For London) normally give all competitors free travel as long as you show your race number. Think on one time there was a screw up with the overground transport but lucky I had booked into a hotel close to Greenwich. I have never done a drop bag, but have been a spectator/supporter for friends and that is a little bit of a nightmare so if possible get your friends to keep stuff for you after and as I said meet outside of the race village. You cannot move in there. Yep both times with my tyre As well as Taiwan. Had some of the green ambassador runners at SCSM take videos whilst out on the run and saw a Taiwanese runner deliberately divert to the bins so he could ensure his cup went into the bin. In the videos we see many runners try to toss their cups towards the bins and fail as well as drop their cups on the floor. I know our local runners can do better and be leaders of clean events
  2. No disrespect but I had 30 Green Ambassador volunteers under my wing. 5 of them went from 2am to 1pm (doing an impact assessment/green audit), 5 of them went from 3am to 12pm (runners than trash directors), 10 of them from 4am to 12pm - the rest did a community clean up after the cleaners had been through. None were paid except with banana skins if they wanted it. Had one child of 11 years old who wanted to be there to observe how adults behaved with regards to responsible rubbish disposal in a mass outdoor event and wanted to make a difference. I made all of them carry their own water and food...BYOR (Bring Your Own Reusable....Bring Your Own Rations). One of my crazy banana marshals - did an amazing job at collecting banana skins dropped between 18-19km As a participant, I carry my own water and food so if there are any issues (humans are prone to errors) then always have rations if need be. Having completed many overseas marathons, Singapore is not alone with "operational issues", you learn quickly to depend on yourself if you are going to participate or volunteer. The banana marshals stationed near check points had plenty of water as the checkpoints were throwing away unused water as the bottles had all been opened. My volunteers at the Padang had enough from what they carried. Interesting to note that runners threw their recyclable bottles and cans in the general trash rather than in the recycle bins! Why is that? Was the signage unclear?
  3. Lady Ice

    Virgin Money London Marathon 2018

    Really hope so. Public Hygiene Council thought the Padang area looked much cleaner than in previous years. So that was a nice feedback Now just need more runners to help me. BTW London Marathon is a big trash festival. Watch out for the mass of ankle twisting bottles on the floor at check points as well as people dropping bottles right in front of you......barbarians!
  4. Lady Ice

    Virgin Money London Marathon 2018

    Nah am not into doing all the WMM unless it is to create a sustainable change in the way they run their events London is flatter than Singapore, New York, Rome BUT there are a couple of undulations - one in Greenwich and the other when you go into an underground road tunnel into Canary Wharf and have to run up the other side. If you want a really flat course - go to Pisa marathon. Personally prefer undulations as it changes up the muscles that you use.
  5. Lady Ice

    Virgin Money London Marathon 2018

    @gentle let me know if you need any advice. Done it twice.
  6. Lady Ice

    Virgin Money London Marathon 2018

    hahaha - people complain about the t-shirt sizes at SCSM.......VLM - provide every finisher with a one sized cotton t-shirt, so big it is like a nighty. Anyhow there are loads of supporters and the race village is great. Route wise - well Tower Bridge and the end point are great.....the rest like Limehouse and Canary Wharf - yuck. Incidentally if you try to meet up at the end - meet up a mile away as you cannot move at the end and everything is really slow and crowded.
  7. Hey @AutumnRunner - I'd be interested to read as well
  8. Sad to see the organisation had so many logistic issues. However on a plus point happy the organisation did support our green initiatives and with one month to play with, managed to sum up 30 volunteers to look at the trashy issue of mass events and hope we had a positive impact. Think our banana mascot was well received And our Banana Marshals along the ECP apparently entertained some of the runners with song and antics
  9. Yes - the way forward is one that runners aren't forced to do yet......that is to BYOB - Bring Your Own Bottle. Some folk think this will use up time, however you will realise the small break you take....especially if you take over 3 hours, means that you take a small recovery at the check poinit and can have that bit more energy to stick back onto the run. Believe @RunningGuild now do cupless events - which is awesome that they believe runners can be responsible At the end of the day, these events are for our social pleasure (challenge whatever) and means we can think beyond a best time: https://tyrelady.wordpress.com/2017/11/16/achieving-your-personal-best/
  10. Use finisher's t-shirt at end? As a lady who still has no "issues" - I normally bring along with me on the run.....otherwise I will have issues!
  11. Two Banana Marshals at ECP - unfortunately got a little lost at the start so were at the ECP by about 6:45am. They had put out some boxes And initially there were 5 Trash Directors + One Banana Mascot and some of our Green Ambassador Runners joined after Estimated 350kg of banana skins was saved from landfill Awesome - thank you My deepest appreciation for your feedback Too many runners just didn't get it - check the cups dropped by the table
  12. Am wondering how many runners saw the notices to "Bin It" in your info leaflet, at the expo, along the route and the Green Ambassadors? Because the roads were a disgusting mess for other runners, other users and the environment. After a clean up of the ECP along the FM route AFTER the cleaners had been through, we found evidence of too many "sucky tossers" who sucked their gel and then tossed the tabs and packets into the grass/bushes. I really don't get why there are so many "running tossers" Hope that you all put your trash in the bins provided that were plentiful.
  13. If you are at the Padang. Please do visit the Green Ambassadors' base camp and make a pledge
  14. Look out for the lady Banana Marshal along the ECP - she wants your Banana Skins!
  15. Hmmm - wonder what happened there as the organisation is still the same organisation although taken over by Ironman...
  16. I always BYOB - always better to have independence rather than expectation. Enjoy the run. Green Ambassador runners reminding runners to keep the route clear and clean for everyone to enjoy. They also BYOB so no hydration issues
  17. Along the ECP did you give your banana skins to our banana marshals and save it from being pointlessly put into the landfill?
  18. Come and make a pledge at the Green Ambassadors' base camp in front of Salonas
  19. Pledge Tyre gate crashing SCSM
  20. Teach the kids to BYOB
  21. At the ECP along check points 18-19 or 26-27 there will be Banana Marshals who want your banana skins. And when you get to the Padang, there will be Trash Directors to help you find the right recycle bins for your empty bottle, cans and banana skins. They will also have a base camp for you to write your pledges to reduce your disposable trash at your next event Of course look for the inflatable bananas Hope you enjoy the day and just remember to Bin It along the way
  22. As event day approaches there will be Green Ambassadors to remind you to bin it to keep the course clear of rubbish for all participants
  23. At the end of run, can you all write a pledge to reduce trash in your next event. There will be Trash Directors in the Padang taking your pledges