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  1. I sent them some suggestions about 3 years ago. They thanked me politely Dunno if they put in anything I suggested.
  2. Cool - I should be there every afternoon and then Saturday morning
  3. Will see if I can get Ironman to advertise it. Thanks so much
  4. Thank you @ZZIZZ. :) This year we will be in the SCSM marketing section of the expo. Also we will be collecting: - unwanted t-shirts and running shoes in good condition to give to the migrant workers via ItsRainingRainCoats Hoping we can get them joining free Parkruns on Saturday - unwanted running shoes in bad condition - Active SG will be using these to refurbish / make running tracks - unwanted medals - we will repurpose them if they are the pretend plastic type or get them sent to a metal collector if they are metal
  5. Thank you and appreciate you being part of a "Keep the route and environment clean route by binning everything responsibly". Come sign the pledge at the REPC
  6. Hope you will support her cause to reduce the amount of waste generated by all stakeholders
  7. @wonderfulblevic thank you so much. At the expo this year - can you sign my banner to support waste reduction. We will be doing a Low Carbon Zero Waste Would be great to see if we can also get SCSM to be a cupless event in the future
  8. Thanks Pris.... looks like I have to up my sustainability efforts to include the spectators
  9. Think I prefer the sprays over sponges - as folk become more concerned about hygiene. Anyway being an evening event - might not really need so much sponging. Have done the ultra evening events and never needed a sponge. I agree with you about having more food out on the course, or better food at the end. In the marathon events that have participated in Thailand & Malaysia - I love the buffet of local food at the end but yeah you're right the lack of road closures is something I feel irritated by. Think Sundown has been taken over by an overseas company so might be cost cutting!!!
  10. I do understand the perception about refilling more or taking more water on board and that there is a large percentage of folk focused on timing. But I am also aware that this could be a false perception that taking on board water will slow you down. You should be aware there will be fast local runners who will be aiming between 3:30 to 3:15 who will be taking their own water onboard to skip the water stations. They have found they have to slow down for water stations to pick up a cup, try to drink it and then regain momentum. Have one case study that I was involved in where the top 20 runners achieved better times than the last 5 years when the event first went cupless in 2018. I noted they had brought hydration bags / small bottles. As for tossing the cups and gel packets to the side, the cleaners will not be able to clean up the items. In 2017 we went along 5km of the SCSM course after the cleaners had gone through the course and picked up 4kg of runners' waste (gel packets, heat rub tubes, broken running shoe, cups) that was in the long grass, bushes, drains. Also there is this issue of climate change that affects everyone except the Americans (Trump is walking out on the Paris agreement) and the amount of waste generated has a direct contribution to the amount of carbon emissions. At the Nice marathon there were a number of Chinese, Hong Kong and Japanese people who agreed with going cupless and bought cups / bottles to support the event. These are habits that need to be formed, just like you wearing shoes.... With the same argument that water might load you down, could say that your shoes could be loading you down so why not go barefoot? Except the course is so dirty with runners' gel, cups and banana droppings
  11. Times are changing where we can no longer think it is okay to have as many cups and bottles as we like in events. Berlin trialed reusable cups London trialed giving 180 runners a belt to carry a bottle as well as one station had OOho seaweed water pods. Nice-Cannes marathon has trialed going cupless at some water points and received very positive feedback. Both Nice-Cannes and Geneva marathons will be going cupless next year. The cupless water stations were much nicer to run through for all runners. The volunteers found them much easier to man and could also help runners with encouragement. Once they both have successfully gone cupless many more will follow in the Europe. So get used to carrying your own cup / bottle / water back pack at events.
  12. GOING CUPLESS For all those slow runners (greater than the top 20 runners ) would suggest you bring your own bottle that you can refill along the route. This will mean you can drink when you need to drink and you can skip crowded water stops. For all those non-podium finishers, you might also like to practice BYOB as this will also give you practice for the European marathons that are starting to go cupless and you will be expected to BYO cup/bottle/hydration bag. Berlin marathon explored cupless and reusable cups Next year Geneva and Nice marathons are expected to go cupless. This has helped to improve the health and safety of the course as there are too many selfish runners who only think about themselves and litter either directly in front of other runners or toss their litter into / or near drains which escapes into our environment and becomes part of the water pollution. Too many runners have slipped on cups, bottles, tripped over banana skins and had gel packets stuck to the bottom of their shoe. My 7 hour time will receive the same medal as someone who has run 3:30 Please help to put your litter in the bin to keep the course safe for all. Thank you
  13. Will be reducing waste at the Singapore Marathon and trying to get the event to be:

    - a cleaner event with less litter on the ground during the run so that all can enjoy the course and also so that litter is disposed of correctly. In the past participants have also thrown litter near drains, in drains which goes into our water.

    - a greener event and will be encouraging participants to go low carbon. We will be at the expo helping participants what that means + would like to invite you for suggestions on what the organisers can do to go futher.

  14. @Madmax - just enjoy the event. You have up to 7.5 hours. And if time it well, you can sleep over and then do the 5 or 10km in the morning as a recovery run. I am
  15. I thought SCSM last year was pretty well executed and they had entertainment on the course which was new. Also the volunteers were more lively. @Starfinder - Singapore is an expensive country to live in compared to elsewhere in the region - food, transport, housing, goods are all more expensive. So would expect events to be more expensive comparatively. Our neighbours can run cheaper due to the infrastructure and lower cost of living BUT also have also found that the roads are not always fully closed. I do like the food after though SCSM - at least I know the roads will be closed with health and safety enforced. Compared to the large European events - SCSM marathon is actually cheaper and in terms of overall well being, it is comparative.
  16. @sicklycat hadn’t realised the time had changed!!! @zzizz I run in anything that is comfortable. Maybe am able to do cos I changed my running technique many years ago to Pose.
  17. Great work @ZZIZZ - that's why I run in sandals. Never had a black toe nail in sandals @Starfinder as long as you finish within 6 hours
  18. This will be the first large mass event that will go partly cupless. 7 out of 15 hydration points will not supply cups and runners will be expected to BYOR cup/bottle/hydration device. There are 15-20,000 runners who will be participating. This is a transition stage for both Geneva and Nice-Cannes marathon to go completely cupless next year https://tyrelady.wordpress.com/2019/10/23/can-runners-do-better-than-a-pb/
  19. @lazyitachi at the Singapore Marathon expo this year (think it is from the 27th November) , we will be collecting t-shirts in good condition you want to give away, t-shirts in reasonable condition that can have a second life, medals you no longer want, old shoes. Not sure where we will be positioned.... am hoping we will be placed in the area after registration
  20. Have been forcing myself to do stretches and for a bit more incentive have been trying different sessions on YouTube.
  21. Nice one Uncle. Just to add. For my first Sg marathon, I used the Runner's World plan: https://www.runnersworld.com/uk/training/marathon/a776459/marathon-training-plans/ For first timers, might like to do the sub-5 hour training plan: https://www.runnersworld.com/uk/training/marathon/a776634/16-week-free-marathon-training-plan-sub-5-00/ If you think you are faster than that, then choose one of the other plans. You should all be able to start your plan from week 5 or 6 at this point. Throw in some pilates / yoga. Stretching is something runners are really lazy about doing
  22. Hadn't known the definition. Thanks. Have found the sugar is great for those who will actually run fast. Otherwise eating too many gels overloads the liver for slow runners who are, though might feel tired, are not exerting enough to burn the sugar efficiently and seem to get a type of diabetic neuropathy. Find there tends to be confusion between salt (electrolyte) & sugar requirements. For the humidity I use electrolytes in my drink all the way, drinking it every 7-10 minutes (I bring my own bottle). Use a gel for the last 3K to run to the finish
  23. Tailwind and can purchase in bulk; Zero tablets - very light to carry
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