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  1. @prisangel - you'll still beat me Please can everyone here put their rubbish in the bin to keep the course safe and clear for all runners as well as so stuff like gel packets are picked up. Too often we are finding them in drains, grass, in the sand hanging around after the cleaners have been through. Fast runners never see the rubbish that the slower runners have to face and have to cautiously try to not fall over cups and banana peels, or have a gel packet stuck to the bottom of their shoe. Please hang onto your rubbish until you've seen a bin. There are lots of bins and the worst will be that you have to hold onto your rubbish for 10 minutes until you see another bin. You are all awesome to give this consideration
  2. Nice-Cannes Marathon - great event and have pledged to go cupless and single-use free as have the support of the runners Many UK small events of a couple of thousand are going cupless and heading towards single-use free events Singapore Marathon is coming and all we are asking is for the runners to bin all their trash in the bin + we have asked the organiser to get the manufacturer to send t-shirts, medals etc without excess packaging.
  3. There might be more supporters (as well as complainers) when the event is held in the late afternoon/evening next year
  4. Super excited to read that 23 cities have signed up to go zero waste which also means reduce or ban single-use and non-recyclable plastics and other materials. https://www.mrw.co.uk/latest/london-signs-zero-waste-pledge/10034647.article Currently working with Nice marathon forming a 3 year plan to go cupless. So if you want to do this event and want a cup, better do it soon
  5. Dunno - 100km on trail vs 100km on road. Personally prefer trail or a mix up with more trail than road.
  6. Agree @wonderfulblevic @AdiZero - correct - everyone does express their views and their opinions of others opinions. Personally I could have expressed my disagreement to your opinion better - so apologies ?
  7. Agree - thank you @Ender - much more eloquently stated and as @okw says with such a low price would expect the focus to be on good crowd control, flag-off timeliness, sufficient on-route hydration and safety. Anything else would be a bonus, even the goodie bag would be a bonus. BYOR cup / bottle / hydration pack and enjoy the run amongst a group of people who want to also enjoy the run
  8. Bro - sounds like you B****ing for the sake of it. It is clearly stated as a no frills event with a low price however there will be clear support to ensure runners have hydration and some food. The organisers have run in events so they would be pretty blur if they screwed around with providing hydration. It's also in ECP. So there are regular bathrooms. There was once a story of an army guy who had his maid carry his bag for him.... :p
  9. But just like the choice between a vegetarian restaurant or meat serving restaurant, you have the freedom to choose what suits you. balls hurt hor? ?
  10. Lady Ice


    Welcome to sgunners. To help you get into fitness, try joining a running group. Or you can do a regular free 5K with a group of people every Saturday at 07:30 at Parkrun. See which one is your local here http://www.parkrun.sg/events/ And register at the one closest to you or that you want to make a regular. You will be sent a barcode to print and use. You can use this same barcode around the world to clock your run and get a history of the runs you have completed. http://www.parkrun.com/countries/ Happy running
  11. hahaha - yeah loads. Have completed about 20 ultras up to 135 miles and 49 marathons mostly in the UK.
  12. good luck to you. for those who really care about goody bags, found the Rome Marathon the best!
  13. The "WMMs" definitely have better crowd support but are held at friendlier times. How do you think the goody bag etc compared to SCSM.....this is for those who care about a goody bag...
  14. Am happy to say that change is happening in all running events around the world. As some of you know, this has been my personal campaign since 2006. Some of you here think that going "green" is a backward step as it means an "inconvenience to you" + a reduction in "free stuff" (often stuff that we don't need) such as marathons turning to e-goody bags or going cupless so you have to BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) and/or Bring Your Own Bag. Hope to help you all understand why those changes are necessary so that you will be prepared for all event organisers to play their part. 1. Litter kills - it is estimated over 100,000 marine animals & 1 million birds are killed each year from litter 2. Single-use plastic is screwing our environments - instantly seen in our seas, but also in our landfills as well as the toxins that are released when we burn the stuff. We can't even recycle the stuff (most countries recycle plastic at 30%, Singapore is at 7%). Plastics are known to be hormone disruptors which is screwing with the reproductive systems of our marine life. 3. And if you still think your personal time is more important then perhaps you can try to realign your personal perceptions to the word "performance" to include the way you treat others and the environment which has a lasting impression for all societies and generations to come: Remember the priority of event organisers is to look after your safety by always ensuring you have enough hydration and looked after throughout the event Thank you to everyone who has read this post and has created change in their life to reduce the usage of single-use / disposable products like bottles/cups/cutlery etc Thank you when you hold onto your cup or empty gel pack and responsibly put it in the bin
  15. Have fun and remember to BYOB so you can run through the check points. You will have perfect running weather. Londoners don't know what "hot" means!
  16. London is trialling compostable cups at 3 aid stations so that any cups that escape into the river/environment at least has a chance of breaking down. Too many #Tossers throwing stuff on the floor and into the nearby bushes/gardens/river Would like to see events follow what France doing to deter Tossers.
  17. You also doing VLM? Train driver buddies have warned me Getting to the expo might be a problem as it is the DLR. However the underground sounds like it will be okay. So you can get to Canning Town via the Jubilee line. You can walk from Canning Town to the Excel centre (@1miles)
  18. @gentle hope you really did keep your accommodation near the start line. There is a potential underground/train strike on Marathon Day!!! Here they like to hurt the economy to put across their point https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/dlr-strike-to-go-ahead-on-london-marathon-weekend-leaving-thousands-struggling-to-reach-the-start-a3806271.html
  19. alamak - sounds like will mostly go shopping.....and see Museums in London - Natural History is pretty good - British Museum - Loads of art museums.....
  20. Many trail events in other countries are going cupless for exactly the reason @beast indicates. Too many blur runners who throw rubbish into the long grass/forest areas. Plus they will DQ runners that are found littering. So excellent that any Sg events that are even partially on trail go cupless.
  21. One little lady can't do a lot but a whole bunch of Green Ambassadors can make a noise Also noted that the rules state: Lagi - can also report your fellow competitor for littering...after all it is a series and all should abide by the same rules. The challenge is on for all outdoor events to be clean and green.
  22. Yah - happy to help......FYI - if staying in London for a little while then think about purchasing an Oyster Card (it's like the SMRT card). It will provide a small discount on the cost of travel on trains/underground and buses within the London area (up to zone 6) Suggest you think about staying on for at least a week or 2 after the marathon. So many great places 1. Stratford Upon Avon (where LKY and wifey hung out) - Cambridge/Oxford 2. Stone henge / go on a King Arthur trail / want a bit more excitement go pot holing 3. Lake District / North Wales - Snowdon (go camp out) - Crib Goch is a fantastic knife edge ridge 4. Scotland - Edinburgh / Fort William / Glen Coe (look for the "lost valley") .....so many more places....
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