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  1. hahaha @kohpapa Ahh but did @activerun encounter a car or not? It is very strange as you would normally see those people affected complain on SCSM FB page and not seen a thing.
  2. Thanks @Ender - am touching base with organiser for next year's continued initiative to keep the course litter free. The background of the photo doesn't make sense though. Which part of the route is that photo from? Here's my write up combined with your observations at the base camp village: https://tyrelady.wordpress.com/2018/12/15/singapore-marathon-bin-it-right/
  3. Also London and New York do not provide a singlet at registration. New York you have to buy everything and the event is already very expensive due to road closures and number of police out on the streets
  4. New York at end had no finishers t-shirt - only a medal + water + fruit + chocolate bar
  5. Depends on the WMM, The other 2 I have been to: London had some samples and mostly flyers giving discounts; New York was the same. The finishers t-shirt at London is always over sized and best used as a night shirt
  6. Thank you @kohpapa - may I use a couple of your photos for my blog post? Also can you share the photo of the car in the cool zone? I would like to send that to the organisers.
  7. Lady Ice

    Wearing the correct socks to prevent blisters

    It's the minus cold type - must wear shoes. I suffer from Raynauds on the feet then suffer for a long time until somehow heat enters the foot
  8. Lady Ice

    Wearing the correct socks to prevent blisters

    Am with bro @kohpapa The other thing I used to do was tape. But then I discovered running in sandals and I no longer get blisters except in cold weather when I have to revert back to shoes, then it is 5 fingers plus tape
  9. Thanks @activerun. I completed about 17km of dragging in total. Some parts were too crowded for me to drag safely especially when going round corners, or into hydration zones, or the route was too narrow and crowded. My concern is for the safety of the runners. So it became safer for me to carry the darn thing. At times there were people slower than me across the front of me, again it became safer to just carry the tyre to zig zag between. BTW my legs were so tired from the 3 days at the expo and volunteering the day before, decided am human after all 😛 So when the sun came out I decided it was okay to carry the tyre. Nothing to prove any more, this being #76 with a tyre Thank you bro @kohpapa for your feedback. We will keep campaigning towards a litter free event which I hope we will soon be able to see in more events. Am hoping we can put further initiatives across to the organisation to reduce the amount of rubbish generated. Hopefully you will see the Green Nudge guys at further events. BTW what did you all think of the sun glasses as a gift?
  10. Hey @kohpapa - were able to observe if there was a lot of litter on the ground when you were going through? I know it is late but here is my write up about the initiative at the REPC at the SCSM 2018: https://tyrelady.wordpress.com/2018/12/13/singapore-marathon-expo5-8-dec-2018-educating-runners-to-bin-it/ Once again thank you to everyone who supported this initiative to have a litter free event
  11. You'll need to practise more and bin it next time Hope you put your gel packets in the bin or back in your pocket!
  12. Thank you @prisangel & @AutumnRunner for binning it during the run. From my observations, think it was mostly the Pen A and Pen B runners who littered the place. They also did not hear the emcee make an announcement to put all rubbish in the bin. However it was a cleaner run in my experience from previous times and we will get there for an even cleaner safer run for all as we go from event to event to event
  13. Wasn't happy with Share Transport. I booked for both days as was volunteering for day 1 to get the separation of rubbish going. However needed to be at the event village by 4am so wanted to cancel my day 1 transport as it left at 5am to be at the event village by 6am. Share refused to allow me to cancel 2 days before the event day saying that I had bought a non-refundable ticket and instead provided me with a paper ticket to give to anyone on my behalf (which made no sense as have email). Does anyone know if it is non-refundable as am unable to find this on their site?
  14. The security have a list of items not allowed in their event. I guess a lighter could be used to light paper and cause a fire. The security has been tightened up. All volunteers had to have a security clearance pass to enter the event village (last year my group just went to Padang and did their thing) and on both days we were subjected to security checks on baggage. hahaha - I did scold a couple of people. On the highway people threw their crumpled cup or gel packets towards the rain water drain at the side of the road. If it rained, those would slip through the holes and the cleaners would never see it. One person threw their cup right in front of me into the drain - and told him that is for run off rain water that will enter the river or sea and it is not a bin! And I had a $%^#$$%^# gel packet stuck under my sandals along ECP area so I grumbled loudly However there was more consciousness amongst the runners. Several 3-4 hour runners showed me they were still holding onto their rubbish between check points and saw most 5-7 hour runners putting their rubbish in the bins. Thank you to everyone who did make that conscious effort and put things in the right bin back at the finishers event village. We (Green Nudge) collected about 800kg of banana waste from both days which will go to composting. On the first day (5-10K runners) we made a conscious effort to get you to separate your bottles from your cans as the plastic bottles went to a centre to be repurposed for art and play with children. BTW a Japanese runner told me that in their event they must separate their rubbish at the hydration points itself - such as cups in one bin and banana skins in another. That would be really awesome as we can use all the banana skins rather than this being burned at the incinerators.
  15. Thanks so much Arvin for your support Folk we have a booth which is next to the exit. Be great if you stop by and pledge to hold onto your rubbish until you see a bin during the run. Thanks everyone. See more of you today :)
  16. Lady Ice

    OSIM Sundown Marathon - 1 June 2019

    so you saying events are too cheap?
  17. Lady Ice

    OSIM Sundown Marathon - 1 June 2019

    Yah me thought so too. Wonder what happened?
  18. @prisangel - you'll still beat me Please can everyone here put their rubbish in the bin to keep the course safe and clear for all runners as well as so stuff like gel packets are picked up. Too often we are finding them in drains, grass, in the sand hanging around after the cleaners have been through. Fast runners never see the rubbish that the slower runners have to face and have to cautiously try to not fall over cups and banana peels, or have a gel packet stuck to the bottom of their shoe. Please hang onto your rubbish until you've seen a bin. There are lots of bins and the worst will be that you have to hold onto your rubbish for 10 minutes until you see another bin. You are all awesome to give this consideration
  19. Nice-Cannes Marathon - great event and have pledged to go cupless and single-use free as have the support of the runners Many UK small events of a couple of thousand are going cupless and heading towards single-use free events Singapore Marathon is coming and all we are asking is for the runners to bin all their trash in the bin + we have asked the organiser to get the manufacturer to send t-shirts, medals etc without excess packaging.
  20. There might be more supporters (as well as complainers) when the event is held in the late afternoon/evening next year
  21. Super excited to read that 23 cities have signed up to go zero waste which also means reduce or ban single-use and non-recyclable plastics and other materials. https://www.mrw.co.uk/latest/london-signs-zero-waste-pledge/10034647.article Currently working with Nice marathon forming a 3 year plan to go cupless. So if you want to do this event and want a cup, better do it soon