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  1. Lady Ice

    3 Ten Run 4th Edition - 25 August 2018

    5km or 10km is just a warm up for the AHM ;)
  2. Website: https://www.3tenrun.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/3tenrun2018/ Registration: https://www.3tenrun.com/register Date: 25 August 2018 (Sat) Flag off Time: 1.5km = 5:30pm / 10km = 6pm / 5km = 6:30pm Venue: Orchid Country Club Race Pack Collection: 11-12th August 2018 Runners Entitlement: Race Routes:
  3. Lady Ice

    Cheltenham Challenge

    Cheltenham Challenge is a multi-terrain event with 3 categories: 5K, 10K and 21km http://www.cheltenhamchallenge.org.uk/ This year Cheltenham Challenge developed a cupless event with zero single use bottles used. There were some grumblings from "serious athletes" from "serious clubs". Whilst there would definitely be a big reduction in waste generated, what about an athlete's personal best time? Can they carry their bottle and PB? All I can say is that athletes that continue to suggest that carrying a bottle will affect their times need to reflect on their own mental obstacles because the times are talking.... And events that inisist on continuing with the old fashion waste generating methods need to push the caveman out.... https://tyrelady.wordpress.com/2018/06/21/cheltenham-challenge-boldy-going-where-non-ultra-running-events-are-scared-to-go/
  4. Lady Ice


    Welcome to sgunners. To help you get into fitness, try joining a running group. Or you can do a regular free 5K with a group of people every Saturday at 07:30 at Parkrun. See which one is your local here http://www.parkrun.sg/events/ And register at the one closest to you or that you want to make a regular. You will be sent a barcode to print and use. You can use this same barcode around the world to clock your run and get a history of the runs you have completed. http://www.parkrun.com/countries/ Happy running
  5. Lady Ice

    The Goodbye SGRunners forum page thread

    Oh wow - yah this is a shame it couldn't be sponsored by the Sports Council or something as it has encouraged many runners to get out there and be fit. Thank you to @thelonelyrunner for his support at run events for sgrunners and putting this together in the first place 🤗
  6. In case anyone is interested in how the Green Initiatives went at Sundown Marathon: https://tyrelady.wordpress.com/2018/05/28/sundown-marathon-on-the-road-to-zero-waste-70th-marathon/ Am dreaming of the day that I see no trash in any running events in Singapore :D Was interesting that everyone we got to sign & pledge to put their waste in the bin during the run supported penalising runners who simply dropped or tossed their trash outside of bins (we got approximately 1000 signatures from the night +the couple of hours at registration).
  7. oh yah David. Is there a David in the house?
  8. Sounds like what I've got now but this was before the event and the darn cough is in my chest now :(
  9. Thanks so much for the feedback. Yah we are trying to make it clear that the bin colours were significant as there is a respective meaning for them. Different countries have different meanings. Sg only uses Blue for recycling, Black and Green for general waste. As we were collecting banana skins and food waste for 2 different types of composting, we used yellow for banana skins and red for food, which am hoping to continue with similarly, though we are thinking to do further waste separation to make it easier for redistribution of stuff to the folk who want the stuff later. Do agree we need to make our signage simpler and clearer. We were trying to have fun with the signage. Have to agree with @beast - at the end of the day, we are responsible for our own safety. Many large races do not put your runners details on the back of the bib - certainly for Rome, SCSM, London, New York simply because of what Hivelocity experienced - long queues/delays in trying to find/print your personal bib. This part has to be kept simple. @prisangel thanks so much for the mention and great that the signage helped to remind you about putting your trash in the bin.
  10. Haha - thank you for putting your trash in the bin. Next time have to have a musical instrument so that I know its you In terms of keeping the route clean, do you think it was better, worst or the same this year?
  11. FM: Early morning weather forecast.....seems it will start off at 26 degs and temps will be increasing for a thunderstorm! Awesome!
  12. Think you'll find they can downgrade themselves and start in pen C.
  13. No one at the back of the run likes to have to run through runners trash. If you've ever had to run through cups and slipped, or had a gel packet stuck to the bottom of your shoe or experienced the sickening feel of squishing banana skins (like stepping on slugs) you know Grateful to everyone here who puts their trash in the bin so that it keeps the route safe & clean for all runners (including the back runners) + reduces the amount of trash that escapes into our environment. NB: we picked up 3.5kg of mainly gels along a 5km stretch after the SCSM cleaners had "cleaned" the ECP. Way too many running tossers tossing their garbage into drains, bushes, & grass. I know over 500 runners who would be grateful to everyone keeping hold of your rubbish until the next bin. Thank you to everyone who already does do that. :D
  14. I was there between 3:30pm - 6pm yesterday & managed to get over 500 signatures from runners wanting a clean run, supporting organisations to penalise runners who simply drop their gels, cups and banana skins on the floor. Registration was completed very efficiently. Race bag is pretty decent. Too many races give out junk that we (runners) dump anyway & look forward to races simply providing e-vouchers from now on. Would prefer every runner got a free massage at the end of the event :D FYI We saw loads of SCSM towels dumped in the bins!
  15. Cool so if something new means an improvement, then that should be taken as a positive. In Rome - they have the same system. Seemed pretty okay for 27,000. But perhaps that is the number of volunteers managing the numbers and then after the give away.