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  1. Uncle - Aunty make one for you that I intend to do on the 6th Dec: 26 miles in 24 -26 hours. If 24 hours - do 3 miles for the first hour and then one mile an hour thereafter. - For each mile you must plant a tree or a shrub of some sort to highlight the importance of vegetation in our world for our lungs and to negate the effects of pollution - During each mile - you can litter pick to clean the mile. - Thereafter - repair something, repurpose something, renew something.... ya know Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Repurpose Hope more of you will join me for this sp
  2. Hey Thanks @RaijinFJ - really excellent really busy. Just making sure the virtual events round the world have my input LOL..... so have been talking to the organisers and added my 2 cents to how the virtualisations can be made better. Looking forward to see how the AR will work for SCSM. At the same time as working am trying to circumvent the potential destruction of the Clementi Forest in Singapore to have greater consideration (https://mothership.sg/2020/10/clementi-forest/) Understand about the towns in the forest but destroying an entire forest to "create" a forest will mean the death of
  3. Hey Uncle thank you - Have moved the century to 2022 Yeah keep your virtual runs clean and green
  4. The best thing about virtual SCSM will prove that people can byo Reduce waste generation and of course my avatar would have to have a tyre
  5. We will be running against each other with a VR set whilst running on a tread mill:
  6. Agree @kohpapa that wearable technology + AI will help to train and encourage people to get fit Virtual races - yeah - it's hard.
  7. Love the idea of the gamification of SCSM. My imagination would like to see that once have completed our run, we can choose an avatar that can be added with the other runners and can watch oneself overtaking or being beaten by others..... need to be careful which avatar we choose:
  8. Uncle @kohpapa - have already been doing much virtual The clean green message is still there and will always be there. Am a volunteer for our natural world and will do what can only hope more of you will join me in the call to integrate better with our natural world. Hope, Peace and Love
  9. Yes can run an ultra with a mask on in very cold climates. Have to so you don’t burn yr face. It also helps warm up the air you breath
  10. But the observations about Covid so far is that it is more likely to be caught indoors than outdoors due to the viral load being higher indoors
  11. Just looked at the Vanguard Marathon photos. Seems it was a pretty small turn out and although social distancing seems to have been observed frequently, it was not all the time: https://www.facebook.com/pg/www.vanguardway.org.uk/photos/?tab=album&album_id=769970539690798&ref=page_internal
  12. I am trying to be sensible and am staying away from all of them..... just sticking to completing virtual events and plogging
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