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  1. Yes can run an ultra with a mask on in very cold climates. Have to so you don’t burn yr face. It also helps warm up the air you breath
  2. But the observations about Covid so far is that it is more likely to be caught indoors than outdoors due to the viral load being higher indoors
  3. Just looked at the Vanguard Marathon photos. Seems it was a pretty small turn out and although social distancing seems to have been observed frequently, it was not all the time: https://www.facebook.com/pg/www.vanguardway.org.uk/photos/?tab=album&album_id=769970539690798&ref=page_internal
  4. I am trying to be sensible and am staying away from all of them..... just sticking to completing virtual events and plogging
  5. yes - in the UK the small events are happening. Would also expect the small events in Germany to be running as they were allowed to have up to 5000 participants as long as social distancing, masks and hygiene were observed/improved. Dunno about now as heard Germany's numbers have started to rise again.
  6. This is their Covid plan: https://www.1m2go.co.uk/covid-19/ My issue will be with the volunteers wearing gloves and handling stuff. They will be untrained, so will tend to forget if they have touched the bin, push their hair to the side, etc. Have already seen this happening when just volunteering for clean ups both in Sg and UK. The volunteers will be working at their station for up to 8 hours. So still see a lot of opportunities for cross contamination. The organisation had open cups last year so Can only see BYOB as being one of the safest options here and allow volunteers to fill your cup / bottle from a bottle whilst you hold on to your own cup / bottle. We will apply social distancing of 1 metre at all times, and will ensure there is no possibility of contamination through or exchanged items such as race numbers, medals, foods or liquids. Runners will be set off in waves of no more than 10 runners and at 1 minute intervals to ensure everyone remains socially distanced, or depending upon numbers, enough space will be provided so that the entire field can go at the same time, but with social distancing of 1m being observed. Participants will be required to have no flu like symptoms. If they have any symptoms of Coronavirus infection on the day, they must advise Race Directors and not participate. Suitable distance will be encouraged for all participants and supporters to gather before and after the race, in a socially distanced manner. Hand sanitiser stations will be available at a number of locations before and after the race. All marshals will wear masks/face coverings. All Registration to take place outdoor. Any queues will be socially distanced. Pinch-points and crowding will be controlled and avoided. If required, additional toilets will be provided. Race entry is ideally online, with minimal entries on the day. Those dispensing numbers or race packs will wear gloves. Runners pick up race numbers at arm’s length – there will no physical contact. Where possible runners must socially distance from each other at all times, and officials will carefully monitor on the day Runners must wear face coverings from the time that they arrive at the race venue until the start of the race, and after the race (from the finish line) until they leave the venue. Runners need to supply their own masks at their discretion. When passing another runner, they must use some discretion overtaking other runners, and take care to remain socially distanced. Runners must not block runners from passing (for example by running abreast) All water/feed stations, marshals will wear gloves and face coverings. At the finish, there will be an extended long finish funnel, and we will ensure all runners remain socially distanced. Medals will be posted some time after the event. Any other mementos will be given out by gloved and masked volunteers, with social distancing and no contact. Medical and first Aid will be on hand with Personal Protective Equipment to deal with any situations, in case of any incidents that may require treatment.
  7. The vanguard marathon by 1m2go will be going ahead this weekend. It is a small event. Going to be hot as well. Uk in the 30s at the mo
  8. There have been some ultras that have been taking place and smaller marathon events that are less than 100 taking place
  9. Just looked at their website. Looks like Govt has made them postpone until 2021. So no trial case.
  10. It will be a last minute decision as there is pressure. Being involved for the last 2 years one will realise that there are many stakeholders in SCSM and not just Ironman.
  11. Yeah - had attended some of the meetings. There was a lot that was said! Should have broken it up into 2 posts..... but work lah - no time to think any more. It will be interesting to see if he is able to pull it off cos the Hamburg organiser was super confident. However Germany is also super cautious so he is probably fighting against the govt regulations where only up to 5000 could do a run. For the number of road closures, stations etc, believe they would be out of pocket.
  12. Yah - it took me a long time to write as well!
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