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  1. Have been forcing myself to do stretches and for a bit more incentive have been trying different sessions on YouTube.
  2. Nice one Uncle. Just to add. For my first Sg marathon, I used the Runner's World plan: https://www.runnersworld.com/uk/training/marathon/a776459/marathon-training-plans/ For first timers, might like to do the sub-5 hour training plan: https://www.runnersworld.com/uk/training/marathon/a776634/16-week-free-marathon-training-plan-sub-5-00/ If you think you are faster than that, then choose one of the other plans. You should all be able to start your plan from week 5 or 6 at this point. Throw in some pilates / yoga. Stretching is something runners are really lazy about doing
  3. Hadn't known the definition. Thanks. Have found the sugar is great for those who will actually run fast. Otherwise eating too many gels overloads the liver for slow runners who are, though might feel tired, are not exerting enough to burn the sugar efficiently and seem to get a type of diabetic neuropathy. Find there tends to be confusion between salt (electrolyte) & sugar requirements. For the humidity I use electrolytes in my drink all the way, drinking it every 7-10 minutes (I bring my own bottle). Use a gel for the last 3K to run to the finish
  4. Tailwind and can purchase in bulk; Zero tablets - very light to carry
  5. Does anyone know why gel manufacturers tell you to take a gel every 15 mins - 30 mins? Think it is because it causes the sugar high and the theory is to delay the mental crash..... however with folk who are slow - have seen them bonking on taking the gels at the "prescribed" time. Just completed a marathon in 30 degs C. A number of people were throwing up, dehydrated and had lack of salt. Some had gels that were in their words "no longer working". Gave one my only salt packet, forced him to sip the drink. After a mile he recovered and was able to run the rest of the 9 miles left. It had settled his stomach and his light head. Certainly think the electrolytes are cleaner than gels as salt replacement in SG is more important than on boarding loads of toxic sugar into the system especially in the heat. Sugar is good for the blast at the end
  6. Hate those chemical gels. Have successfully used oral electrolytes which is waaay cheaper than the gels. Have used Repalyte - got from Watson - at the time was 5 satchets for less than $2. Also have made my own when I can be bothered with honey and salt.
  7. Think 2018 was the first time the 2 day format was used? Sometimes companies make a loss with products to gain the market. But as you say until we see the financial documents, this is all speculation
  8. Planning something for SCSM so will come sooner
  9. Think your calc is off 12.5K participant at ave $60 for FM. Then it goes down from there. Dun remember how much the 1/2 marathon + 10K + 5K were. @Beast I once came across figures for road closures, water barriers and police presence for a short part of road - it's high. Additionally @stalky79remember this has changed from a one day format to a 2 day format which means longer road closures. Rent of venue for longer, hire of equipment and resources. The event organisers can only raise the price slowly over years. Of course presume the end game will be to make a profit otherwise this is just bad business. Presume once they convert to WMM and give the event more prestige will see prices be double at some point...... but they still have a lot of work to do in many areas and IM are working hard to improve all fronts. I can only see them having to outlay more in order to get to WMM I'd love to see a local hand food buffet at the end & have a downloadable certificate if I want a souvenir. Last year a runner gave me lots of t-shirts she had accumulated otherwise she was gonna bin them! Have managed to give them all away!
  10. Last year the company made a loss: Road closures, water barriers, police, first aid, entertainment (they did have entertainment last year), the expertise they brought in last year really made a big difference for runners wave; last year there were many more splash zones than I can remember; excellent coverage of water points by volunteers; more volunteer training to engage them in cheering runners on; and so much more + normal inflation on cost of setting up expo / event village etc. Price is still pretty cheap compared to many other places As for t-shirts. I have soooo many from events, would love to see a zero waste category where we only collect the bib and get a time. As for the medal would prefer a seed medal to plant a tree What do people do with all the medals and t-shirts you receive from events?
  11. Wonder if we can get everyone to put things in the bin at SCSM...
  12. I heard at Tokyo, not only do the runners have to put their rubbish in the bin, they also have to put it in the right bin. Is this true?
  13. Welcome to Sgrunners to you both
  14. Actually you might want to change how you're running if you find running on a concrete path or tarmac is slippery in dry conditions. Or are you jogging up and down hills or rocky faces?
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