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  1. How To Achieve A Personal Best

    Hi All Wrote a blog post for those wanting to achieve a PB at the SCSM. https://tyrelady.wordpress.com/2017/11/16/achieving-your-personal-best/
  2. Income Eco Run 2018 - 29 Apr (Sun)

    Seems someone's monkeying around with the banana figures. So @lonewolf says there were 2733 for males, I added another 2267 runners to have 5000 runners, assuming there are normally more men than women runners. So having 2 bananas per 21km person will be close to 670kg - guess round it up to 700kg True they could have factored in water consumption for crew and volunteers (say 200) + 10km (say 10,000 with 3 check points + end point = each runner drinks about 2 litre per runner) + 5km (say 10,000 add 1 litre per runner) + 21km (say 5000 with 13 checkpoints + end point = each runner drinks about say a generous 5 litres) - could get close to 55,000 litres. Then have 5,000 litres spare to do another event (about 3000 bottles). Just doing some reasoning + maths practices
  3. SCSM Runners Need Your Help

    Print it or draw it on recycled paper, put it in a plastic sleeve such as the plastic bag that your t-shirt will come in and pin to the back of your shirt
  4. Agree - first 5km might feel congested, however they will be making you run in pens so you will have a different start time from someone who has said they are a 3:30 runner. Also noted that both the FM and 1/2 marathon will be starting at the same time. If they get this right, it should work as it does in London/New York marathon where there at about 35,000 for just the FM
  5. Can put in the plastic your race pack t-shirt will come in and then pin to bib
  6. The route looks a lot better and does not have both FM and 1/2 trying to cross Marina Barrage. So at least that part of the congestion is reduced. The rest is on wide enough roads. It is exciting to see. BTW - we are still looking for more runners to be "Running Sign Carriers" and to wear the following logo to help create a clean, safe and green event.
  7. SCSM Runners Need Your Help

    For those who will be our Running Sign Carriers we have redesigned the logo (choose which ever one you like)
  8. Warning to Running Tossers at SCSM 2017

    Thank you for thinking about this Can video runners as you go into the checkpoint and am sure we will catch tossers and angels we can take your film apart and look at the frames. Thus "Tossers Hall of Fame" and "Angels Hall of Fame" Remember to train yourself mentally by visualising how you feel at each 5km, how you are breathing, what nutrition you will have taken, and how the sun will be deflected by your preparation
  9. Warning to Running Tossers at SCSM 2017

    Confirmed - SCSM are sponsoring the armband for phone - so now no excuse.... ahahahaha!
  10. Warning to Running Tossers at SCSM 2017

    Unfortunately it really isn't a bin issue but more like an attitude issue that has been copied from runners before. Runners have told me over and over again - but it is cleaned up. For me that insinuates that they "paid" for it to be cleaned and are not concerned that other runners actually do trip over the trash. There was a 1/2 marathon event I recently took part in and there were frequent bins (like every 50m) - people still dumped their trash on the road, in the grass, in the bush You know it LOL
  11. Think all the elite marathon runners worked hard to get to where they are now. If any of us put in on average 100-160 miles per week, did cross training and core work out, think many can expect to do sub 3s. Would think 40-60 miles a week is about a 4-6 hour marathon time for the majority of us.
  12. SCSM Runners Need Your Help

    Need more SCSM runners doing 10km, 21km or 42km. Please be part of this initiative so we can keep the SCSM run safe and clean
  13. Warning to Running Tossers at SCSM 2017

    Unfortunately the attitude around the world is to drop the cups and gels on the floor. It won't matter how many bins there are. Generally runners outside of Taiwan and Japan feel it is their right to drop stuff on the floor becos they have paid for someone to clean up after them! Would you help wear the Bin It sign on your running shirt? There are so far 8 FM runners who will be doing so, but the more the better so we can encourage other participants to keep our streets clean and safe for other runners? Would like about 100 or more runners to wear the Bin It sign.....as part of their PB FYI: