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  1. We can give you kudos No worries @kohpapa - me too will exit as been spending way too much time on social media Seems like have been more like the doomsday person..... but it is certain we must all continue to respect social distancing, wear masks when in confined spaces (I know Sg is different) like public transport to protect others..... or we go for herd immunity. If you want to see what that is looking like, check out Brazil. It is very sad that Bolsonaro is happy to sacrifice the poor and the indigenous people who will have no immunity (there was one tribe that was badly affected with the common cold). The indigenous people have been helping to protect the rain forest and illegal logging has increased in these times. For Bolsonaro, this means the virus can remove a people that was "blocking progression" and further exploitation of the Amazon. His only concern is the economy https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/30/south-america-indigenous-groups-coronavirus-brazil-colombia FYI how a disease can affect a whole tribe: https://www.survivalinternational.org/articles/3132-tribal-people-health-interview-professor-stafford-lightman
  2. Have tried running with a mask a little, but found it impedes taking in air if doing a hard run. Have instead been giving people a 10 metre distance as well as running when there are fewer people outside (the dinner or lunch hour). Though do note we might have to get used to running with a mask. Have been attending some seminars with run organisers (NYC, Chicago, Berlin, Singapore, etc) around the world who are toying with the idea to ask people to wear a mask in their events.... I'll try to write a blog post to update every one of further thoughts. Interesting that runnersworld have picked that up as well (thanks for the link @RaijinFJ)
  3. Ahh the otters are adapting to urban life as humans have spread themselves out. Did you know they are still on the endangered species list as they were nearly wiped out and only re-emerged in about 1998. Perhaps the humans need to change the location of their koi ponds to keep them out of the hands of the otters..... One day we will learn to integrate with nature. Globally humans around the world have found it hard to stay in their home pond during lock down and keep trying to explore other ponds and eating other people's fishes
  4. ...Also monkeys & otters Come join us for the last week to do some core strength.....just treat the start of the week as your first day https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14-Vqrs_cr908O_4PpvAcHN2qDJNKkNygfHzg5S1kluI/edit#gid=1917303777 @kohpapa - Your targets for situps, push ups and leg raises - achievable in one week? I might get my target for pushups.... don't think I will get the other two..... come come see how
  5. hahaha yes I read.... Good evening to you
  6. Tried to go for a 10K run but was stopped by deer and then dogs chasing deer..... might have accidentally got in the way
  7. C'mon @KohPapa - ya know core strength is worth it @StarFinder has been amazing @RaijinFJ would be great to see you back
  8. Ahhh @kohpapa - could also do a 5km virtual challenge league. Am involved in one at the moment. Has been hard work trying to beat my 5k times. Must admit this non-run challenge has came me doing core work which am happy for @starfinder did a perimeter island cycle. Can do in one day So thank you to both @KohPapa and @StarFinder for continuing with me.
  9. Wow @kohpapa that is an exciting development. Hope it is more successful than the one that was on Palau Ubin. @starfinder last year Dec the rail corridor still had works. Tried to cycle along there and had to go out to the road as I tried to head north. Let us know how you get on.
  10. Thank you @kohpapa - grew up there and have many fond memories. Mandai still looks same
  11. Thank you @kohpapafor the great information. Incidentally - after CCB - Normal has changed. Best to use this time to reboot expectations & think how to include social distancing measures and greet people + more Even see bf/gf do behind screens Here is the video from WHO to prepare countries to start thinking about the long term: https://www.euronews.com/2020/05/14/coronavirus-world-health-organization-chief-warns-covid-19-may-never-go-away Essentially "This virus may never go away and we would have to learn to live with it" There is no vaccine for SARS for example despite continuous research being done. The Spanish Flu died out after 2 years and killing 50 million globally. So everyone rethink, reboot and stay safe
  12. @kohpapa - great videos..... will have to incorporate these into my training @WWWLimLim - come join in the challenge
  13. Aunty and uncle welcome you back @RaijinFJ We only have harmless banter between the 2 of us as verified by @starfinder (thanks bro & thank you for continuing on with the challenge - maybe can add 2 more on your total for situps and leg lifts?). Think you might have mixed us up with Runners World forum where people can put you down (I used to be on their forums and found runners there can be highly critical of others and very harsh). We know each other on the forum for a good number of years and Uncle is always helping folk even in marathons (has helped me when I was struggling in the last SCSM). Have pulled tyres in 84 ultras/marathons and help organisations (like Sundown, SCSM, Geneva Marathon, Nice, etc) reduce the waste they generate. So he was suggesting I help @starfinder (which am happy to do if you want to pull tyres).... just my weird sense of humour got in the way. So actually am well qualified to talk about trash But seriously - folk here are well meaning and do encourage each other. Sorry @kohpapa have been a bit slack at updating what have been doing. Thank you for reminding us all
  14. We all will be outside more Let’s go uncle
  15. Actually from where you started, you're doing well. Am trying to be comfortable with a level and once comfortable am trying to add one or 2 more depending on the exercise
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