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  1. Am happy to say that change is happening in all running events around the world. As some of you know, this has been my personal campaign since 2006. Some of you here think that going "green" is a backward step as it means an "inconvenience to you" + a reduction in "free stuff" (often stuff that we don't need) such as marathons turning to e-goody bags or going cupless so you have to BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) and/or Bring Your Own Bag. Hope to help you all understand why those changes are necessary so that you will be prepared for all event organisers to play their part. 1. Litter kills - it is estimated over 100,000 marine animals & 1 million birds are killed each year from litter 2. Single-use plastic is screwing our environments - instantly seen in our seas, but also in our landfills as well as the toxins that are released when we burn the stuff. We can't even recycle the stuff (most countries recycle plastic at 30%, Singapore is at 7%). Plastics are known to be hormone disruptors which is screwing with the reproductive systems of our marine life. 3. And if you still think your personal time is more important then perhaps you can try to realign your personal perceptions to the word "performance" to include the way you treat others and the environment which has a lasting impression for all societies and generations to come: Remember the priority of event organisers is to look after your safety by always ensuring you have enough hydration and looked after throughout the event Thank you to everyone who has read this post and has created change in their life to reduce the usage of single-use / disposable products like bottles/cups/cutlery etc Thank you when you hold onto your cup or empty gel pack and responsibly put it in the bin
  2. Hmm I thought with Singapore wanting to go green and since it is hosting the "climate change" talks this year, that in support of reducing carbon emissions, participants should use the bicycles dumped parked around the island. It would be a great warm down Alternatively if you are too fast before the public transportation opens, then slow down, draw out the run so that you can enjoy the night as well as get the best value for your money (get to stop at every check point), so that you can finish when the public transport starts. ...or put up a tent at the village and chill out with your fellow runners. Make a night of it .... I believe the concept of making it a "night run" was so that you could enjoy the peace, quiet & fresh air & to be able to reflect on your thoughts/concerns. So having the FM at 1am would truely allow you to enjoy the "quiet" - well as much as Sg can offer.
  3. Lady Ice

    Virgin Money London Marathon 2018

    Have fun and remember to BYOB so you can run through the check points. You will have perfect running weather. Londoners don't know what "hot" means!
  4. Lady Ice

    Virgin Money London Marathon 2018

    London is trialling compostable cups at 3 aid stations so that any cups that escape into the river/environment at least has a chance of breaking down. Too many #Tossers throwing stuff on the floor and into the nearby bushes/gardens/river Would like to see events follow what France doing to deter Tossers.
  5. Lady Ice

    Income Eco Run 2018 - 29 Apr (Sun)

    It is the way that all races will go Events in the US/Europe starting to provide e-goodie bags. The UN is asking all nations to look at reducing the amount of plastic packaging. Watch Blue Planet to see how damaging it all is. Litter kills.
  6. Lady Ice

    Virgin Money London Marathon 2018

    You trying to do all the WMM?
  7. Lady Ice

    Virgin Money London Marathon 2018

    You also doing VLM? Train driver buddies have warned me Getting to the expo might be a problem as it is the DLR. However the underground sounds like it will be okay. So you can get to Canning Town via the Jubilee line. You can walk from Canning Town to the Excel centre (@1miles)
  8. Lady Ice

    Virgin Money London Marathon 2018

    @gentle hope you really did keep your accommodation near the start line. There is a potential underground/train strike on Marathon Day!!! Here they like to hurt the economy to put across their point https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/dlr-strike-to-go-ahead-on-london-marathon-weekend-leaving-thousands-struggling-to-reach-the-start-a3806271.html
  9. Lady Ice

    Arrowhead 135

    Failure is so easy when the odds become stacked against you. What do you do to take back the victory? Here is my account for the final part of the terrain from 112 to 135 miles and having stayed awake for over 60 hours https://tyrelady.wordpress.com/2018/04/02/arrowhead-4-4-psychotic-battles/ This is an excellent event and I would definitely do it again!
  10. Lady Ice

    Arrowhead 135

    What is tiredness? A sleepy head? Illogical decisions? Memory loss? Apathy? Here is my account of the 40 miles of terrain from checkpoint 2 to checkpoint 3 for 32-50 hours of race time and over 53 hours of sleep deprivation. https://tyrelady.wordpress.com/2018/02/23/the-hare-the-tortoise-and-the-moon/
  11. Lady Ice

    Arrowhead 135

    Things could have been a lot worst if I had not experienced frostbite in 2014. Response and timing is key to ensure the self infliction does not result in a long uncertain period (about 10-12 weeks healing period) of whether you will keep a limb or not. This is part 2 of dealing with people and the deadly cold over 72 miles https://tyrelady.wordpress.com/2018/02/15/arrowhead-135-the-taming-of-the-dragon/
  12. Lady Ice

    Arrowhead 135

    If any of you masochist are looking for an adventure and a hard time in a harsh environment, here is the start of my write up for Arrowhead 135: https://tyrelady.wordpress.com/2018/02/07/arrowhead-135-the-preamble/ Some background: It is a 135 mile event that has to be completed within a 60 hour limit You can run, bike or ski. Temperatures can go down to -50 degs C as it did in 2014 and bit my fingers. It is held at the end of January as this typically has the worst weather, starting at International Falls. This is a town on the US/Canadian border . It is also known as killer frost falls but not to put off visitors, it is also known as the Icebox of the Nation. The route is along a snowmobile trail. The first 10 miles is straight and boring and then becomes more interesting when it turns onto the Arrowhead Trail. It is very reasonably priced compared to other snow and ice ultras at $200 USD. You are expected to carry all your own survival gear and there are only 3 checkpoints along the entire route. The right gear is important for your own safety. The official website is here: http://www.arrowheadultra.com/
  13. Use it like any search engine. Type the destination you want to go to and try to refine it. Here's what I see from doing a search at Tahan Rata - where the Century Pines Resort is. A lot of places and you can look at the reviews of the place to see what others say. If you can get a group together, worth renting a place for yourself So much better than staying in a hotel