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  1. Maybe..... though my gym is outdoors with trees to climb / do chin ups / do all sorts of abs, logs to do arm dips / jumps,..... Doing 12 meter indoor loops inside a house is impressive for 2 months!!!
  2. Maybe Lady Ice recommend that with $3000 for 5 years maybe consider joining a gym https://blog.seedly.sg/cheap-gym-membership-singapore/ Typically this will get you 250 months of usage and sometimes you might not even bother to go to gym and run outside or do core strength training..... Merry Christmas all
  3. @beast am trying to set up the AR run myself and it is requiring tooo much effort. failed
  4. Hmm a TyreLady Run But no tyre round the neck....Alamak Also @AutumnRunner nothing new. How about upcycling and creating a stylish necklace
  5. Aiyoh - just say 4 yes.... am part of the team Uncle come and play any time any day
  6. @kohpapa - great work. Have completed my 10km.... though I stopped to talk to a guy who was picking up rubbish. He told me every 2 weeks he goes along his road to pick up nearly 2 black bin bags of rubbish. He thinks more bins are required. I said that it is probably from people tossing things out the car window and that really the producers should be made to pay a return fee for every can/bottle returned.
  7. Hugs @kohpapa - hope to see you out there..... you'll hear me calling everyone to BYOB and Bin your litter during the run or hold it yah!
  8. Agree thank you Uncle @kohpapa And see ya back here when you done with SA
  9. Really enjoyed running with you all even though we are apart @kohpapa @beast @AutumnRunner @starfinder Now to focus on completing the 10K and 21K for SCSM and then will do my own 24 hour marathon for the full marathon
  10. Thank you. Think it is easier to run in the cold than the hot.... now try to catch you
  11. Excellent run all. @AutumnRunner - fantastic performance @kohpapa - when's our next relay
  12. Love the suspense. RunFastest 4 will be great what ever he does. We will be happy that he is able to run for sgRunnersUnited
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