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  1. If the race pack is useless and expensive , then don't sign up lor . I believe there will be runners continue to sign up cos SG only got 2 FM in a year.... if not go overseas and run . I tell you , some overseas race only got race tee or just bib only, so for SG racepack , I given up liao ! And well done to all finishers
  2. Hehe, shall wait for your running report.
  3. Enjoy the run, everyone Yes, sleep can wait
  4. Forgot which mountain ... Like a ninja , on my way up to Foggy Lantau Peak at nearly 7am .
  5. HAHAHA, @beast , @AutumnRunner.... I think @jerrylam also know about it So how, this year ai mai, autumn ?
  6. Thanks Autumn , Kasyes , Jerry , Beast My next race will be in the mountains again in Nov but shorter distance @AutumnRunner, u still own me CRaze !!!!!! LOL
  7. Completed my first ever 100km trails in 32h32mins . Rank 6 in Sg overall women 100km .. Wow, that was really an awesome experience for me. Braving through strong winds , freezing cold and fog at peaks . Endless climbs, technical climbs .. Two days didn't sleep except for 30mins nap at CP 9. There is no drop bag in the race, which means u need to know what u really need in race. Any additional item is a burden. I am so glad I didn't use my poles even I brought into race. I wanna see if I can survive without using poles and I made it! Most importantly, my knee is ok till now..
  8. Selling off @ $100 The printed words slightly faded ( see pics below) but still in good condition Cash payment Pick up @ Raffles Place 9am - 4pm PM me if keen
  9. Thanks Autumn and Beast... I just recovered from my old knee injury , Now I need to strengthening and light climbing as not to trigger it again.. Pray hard...
  10. Me ! My first 100km trail .... *shivers*
  11. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore - 4 Dec 2016

    I like '' DO NOT FOLLOW WHAT I DID '' referring to the food you had LOL
  12. Vietnam Marathon 2016

    Or just sleep and wake up repeat, haha
  13. Vietnam Marathon 2016

    Yup man, most beautiful mountains I ever seen till date. I felt like top of the world , ahaha Although the 6 hrs bus ride was a pain but the ride from the moment from Sapa Town to Lodge , about 18km, there was a lot to see too Highly recommended race !!
  14. Vietnam Marathon 2016

    I went for the 70km .... came back 16h44m and legs and shoes covered with mud ..... All I can say is WOW, stunning mountains views , the ridges.. plus it was muddy event though we were blessed with good weather. I cant imagine if it rain. Crossing countless of river stream , crossing suspension bridges, balancing myself to walk across the paddy fields , technical climb and down , one part required to use rope to climb up , running through remote villages, nice way to see the tribal people. Awesome experience , I like !! Staying at Topas EcoLodge ( 4 days package ) at 950m high and which was the Start and Finish venue for the event. The whole place is circled by mountains and nothing but mountains, fresh air ! I feel like we were one big family staying at the Lodge Relaxing before the race