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  1. My take is Joe is one of the rare race organiser that bothers to solicit feedback from this forum and actively respond to queries and suggestions (the other one I think is the Yellow Ribbon Run). The objective is clearly about community bonding and profit making is probably secondary. Compare this to other mega races like Standard Chartered Marathon, etc where profits is paramount and organisers like pink apple are commercial entities, I don't think the common runner's experience are ever considered (probably only for the elite runners).
  2. Distance is definitely shorter than 10.5/21km. On my polar v800 it measured 9.98km for 10.5km run while my runtastic pro measured only 9.8km. I realised the first km was too short, measured only around 830m, subsequent markers seems to be ok.
  3. Welcome to Singapore, Ben! You are absolutely right but Singaporeans & other residents here are a tough bunch to please or satisfy be it races or food or whatever. Frankly, this being a running forum, one can expect forumers to be more critical, especially on races, setting very high benchmarks. Afterall, we are pampered with some very well-organised races, be it pre-race, actual race to post-race. So, even if a budget race comes along, we still set a minimum standard and expectations. While I agree Joe is trying his best, my worry is that he is likely not a running enthusiast, like many here, hence he may not have all bases covered or done sufficient scenario planning. The way I look at it, he is just "appointed" as committee chairman for this event, he is definitely not a veteran like many forumers here. While some here are providing inputs, much still remains to be seen on actual day, especially on congestion at starting point and other bottleneck points, merging of 10/21km runners, waterpoints, proper signages, medal collection, baggage deposit/collection, wet weather contingencies, etc.
  4. I also realised my XL is alittle tighter than usual. The problem is, as this is a "budget" event, do not expect Compressport to use the same material as their off-the-rack t-shirts which they sell for a premium. QC is definitely less as well. Anyway, this is not my main worry as I never wear event singlets/tees for the actual run, always wear my trusted worn-out, comfy singlets or compression tees. My greater worry is the running experience on actual day, particularly congestion during the 10km flag-off, with potentially thousand over runners starting off, merging with the 21km runners doing their 2nd round. As I have mentioned earlier, most parts of the route, the width is no greater than 3m or about a vehicle lane width. Guess it would be tough going for PB. The other one not addressed is the return loop for 5km run on the kelong bridge, which is quite narrow and the winding, narrow and down slope path after the bridge, leading back to the running path on the waterway. Still waiting for the organisers to explain any mitigating solutions.
  5. Hi Joe, Unsure if you would come into the sgrunner forum before the start of the event.... since the timing of the different categories of runs cannot be changed.... i hope u can consider (or maybe already considered) to have at least a path for the 21km runners to run past the crowd when the 10.5km runners set off.... reason being that given the narrow path of about 3-3.5m... when the 10.5km runners report to the starting pen, they will sure crowd up the entire pathway... and after 1hr (7.30am), many runners are starting their 2nd round and would smack right into the bulk of 10.5km runners... the path is for 21km runners to bypass the crowd.... secondly, i hope there will be a dedicated path on the right of the pathway maybe for the first 1km of the loop to ensure that the 21km runners will not be blocked by the walkers or slower runners of 10.5km runners..... Thanks. Seems like this Joseph MIA for almost a month already...
  6. Looking at the race route, I believe the start and end point are at around the same location, along a narrow path of around 3m wide. For the 10.5km runners, as they line up along the start point at 7.30am, there would also be 21km runners passing by running a second loop, would there be alot of congestion then on such a narrow path? Also, for the 5km run, where the u-turn at kelong bridge, this bridge is very narrow and the winding path connecting it back to the return route is even narrower. I can forsee a very bad bottleneck here too. Just some comments as the waterway is my usual running route.
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