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  1. With the mile timing captured, we were able to recommend more specific paces to adopt for 400m and 800m track runs for the runners. After the welcome drink and appetizer, the main menu of 800m sets were served to the delight of the trainees and trainers alike... Read how The Kingfishers Blazed The Tracks...
  2. With the successful completion of major events like the Sundown, KL and Gold Coast marathons in H1 2012, are you lining up the race calendar for the second half of the year? If you have signed up for the Army Half Marathon, we have a couple of remaining slots for the 6-week (10-session) structured half-marathon training program remaining. Wait No More! The 6-Week structured training (10 group training sessions) Operation Kingfisher 2012 Program brings them all together - an integration of the best for 10km and 21km training of speed, track, hills, trails. Running The Bay? Let FatBirds Show You The Way! REGISTER FOR TRAINING HERE!
  3. Team FatBird @ RUN Singapore Catch Team FatBird in RUN Singapore- a print magazine by runners, with runners, for runners. Get your copies of this excellent Resource Guide For Runners fast.
  4. This run was a final trial of sorts for many of the runners as all were aiming to sustain Optimal Pace for about ¾ of the race distances in a night run. The starting paces for all groups were well maintained and with tracking of pace at each km mark, there were regular moderation of the paces to averages close to the optimal targets. Race day lighting and visibility markers were also put to the test – with groups of runners in similar lighting codes, it was pretty visible... Check out the Training Report, Photos & Video HERE!
  5. It was a much anticipated lead-up run for many, and we were not disappointed - what with the showers of blessings and the additional mileage which we managed to hit on target pace. Thanks to all who participated, special mention to the organizers Official Sundown Marathon Singapore, the Sundown Pacers and Ambassadors as well as the solid nutrition support from Maxinutrition Singapore. We all made SUNDOWN EXCELLENCE HAPPEN! Check out the report and Photos HERE!
  6. Photo Credit: Official Sundown Marathon Photography It was a sight to behold – 250 runners descended on to the PlayGround @ Big Splash on Friday evening for the Sundown Marathon 2012 Lead-Up Run. It was gonna be the first and only night lead-up run in the series of 3, and the promise of running into the city lights only served to build up the anticipation of those who had earlier signed up... Check Out The Night's Events and Photos HERE!
  7. It was cool and refreshing along the trails as our large group kept to one side to allow access on the other by oncoming runners. By the time we hit the U-Turn near Lornie Road, most of the runners were already having a good workout from the MR slopes... Check out the day's fun and fotos HERE!
  8. Join Team FatBird this Sunday, 5 Feb for a 10km group run from Novena Velocity to the trails of MacRitchie Reservoir. No fees with post-run drinks and baggage store provided. Event Details and RSVP your attendance HERE!
  9. Operation NightHawk 2012 Registration Opens! Enroll for this 12-week night marathon training program to prepare for Sundown Marathon 2012, and get structured training, apparel, finisher tee, special equipping program, race night hospitality for your journey to Beat The Sunrise. PROGRAMME DETAILS AND REGISTRATION HERE! When Dusk Comes, The NightHawk Emerges!
  10. Signed up and all prepared to do well at the Sundown Marathon 2012? Looking for a tried and tested structured training program to help you Beat The Sunrise? Check Out Operation NightHawk 2012 HERE! Registration Opens in Mid January 2012.
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