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  1. Many places along the running route were very dark...luckily i brought blinking lights...
  2. 4 Runners were hit by a car during the run this morning... Very lucky i was 10 mins behind the accident happened... one girl had head injuries. one man had open wound at the leg. one woman was limping. one was sitting on the ground. Everyone seems lost, when it happened... Ambulance took at least 30 mins to arrived. I helped to check the girl having head injuries, blood was found at her ear and nose, back the head, to make sure she is breathing, and able to drink some water. Also i went to console the aunt driver whom was crying so loudly...admitting she did not do it on purpose...i said to her...it is an accident...noone wants it to happened. Hope they can recover soon. The accident could be avoided if more cones or staff help to control the traffic near the ending point... The organiser overlook it by just putting 1 cone in every 20 m...
  3. Bananaman30

    Seri Alam HM

    Anyone is running this race on sat night ? Can help me to get the race pack ? Do pm me...
  4. Bananaman30

    Wanted saf pixel no 4

    thx david, someone has given it to me leow...
  5. Bananaman30

    Wanted saf pixel no 4

    Hi guys, Anyone got used no 4 green digital pixel uniform to give away... Do pm me...thx
  6. Bananaman30

    wts tps 21km slot race 3

    Hi, I have registered for TPS (21 KM race) but will be unable to run. Willing to let go @ S$55 (neg) Running Singlet Size - Men's 2xl Finisher T-shirt - Unisex 2xl Please pm with your phone. Thanks.
  7. Bananaman30

    North East Compressport Run 2015

    Did u guys realised that the same group of foreign runners are going around to different local events to wipe up all the cash prizes ? I managed to speak to one of them...in fact they don't go back to their countries...they travel around south east countries with their manager, stay at budget hotel...this week in Singapore, next week Malaysia, Thailand then Indonesia etc...you will see them in NTuc, 2xu run. They are using running as a source of income for their living...not sure is it right ? They know that winning champions are easily for them. ASEAN runners are no match for them. The top guns go for standard chartered, boston...the lower class go for local events. Do we really need them to raise our running standard? Local runners are complaining with them around, they got no chance to win.. Countries like Thailand, Malaysia are beginning to ban them, or not to give cash as rewards.... Your comments...
  8. Bananaman30

    North East Compressport Run 2015

    Looks like many runners are banging tables to get the tee upsize... the next run ntuc 350 will also be on the chopping board cos they also change the tee to the same sponser Compxxxxx. All sizes by the same manufacturer are 1 size smaller. Now..i am missing the sponser Brooks...their size xxl always fit me. Some of my friends worn the tee for a run today...it is not breathable...the sweat was found trapping inside the body... Anyone had tried it ?
  9. Bananaman30

    North East Compressport Run 2015

    based on the chart..the size xxl should be 23 inch across chest...but when i measured it is only 22 inch...why short change us.
  10. Bananaman30

    Brooks Marina Run 2015

    These are my comments: Instead of doing a good job for doing a running event, the organizer is seem more interested to spend money to create a wayang carnival. Lacking of water, isotonic water (The whole event, I only drank 1 cup of isotonic water), Messy bag deposit. The running route from Marina bay to East coast park, I think National Park has never approve it at all, if u look carefully at the exit from Marina, it was blocked due to construction. The organizer just put the blame on Chingay... Under size singlet and finisher tee only XL, .I usually wear size XXL. I have written to them before the rack pack collection, the organizer do not even bother to reply. In conclusion,my take is the hat is too big for the organizer to wear. KPI please change the event company, you are making the same mistakes just like the one to run the Ultra Biathlon.
  11. Bananaman30

    Brooks Marina Run 2015

    can park motorbike on the road side there ?
  12. Bananaman30

    Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014

    U never believe how damp cheap an adidas finisher/event tee was sold after the marathon in NZ... Only NZ $10.... https://www.aucklandmarathon.co.nz/store/
  13. Bananaman30

    Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014

    WOW...it is a good business opportunity to ask all the buibui and slow runners to sign up with Fatbird to train them...after one year confirm no short cut...hee hee Also will get 2 finisher tees, 1 from Scms, 1 from Fatbird. Ps» i also want to cut down my timing from 6:30h to 5:30h....how?
  14. Bananaman30

    Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014

    One of the ways to stop cheaters... No more issuing finisher tee. You need to pay for it with no DNF or DQtiming only after 3 days at the retail shop at discount price. Keep FM registeration fee low, like $50. Just like Fubon marathon...only event singlet. HM signed up gone before FM. Cut off time 5。5hrs for Fm. No medals, no timing recorded after that...