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  1. wts tps 21km slot race 3

    Hi, I have registered for TPS (21 KM race) but will be unable to run. Willing to let go @ S$55 (neg) Running Singlet Size - Men's 2xl Finisher T-shirt - Unisex 2xl Please pm with your phone. Thanks.
  2. Sundown Marathon Singapore 2017 - 25 Mar 2017

    He need to update his chip number to get the true results...
  3. Income Eco Run (fka Run350) - 30 April 2017

  4. Stand Chart KL Marathon 7 Aug 2016

    those want to buy slot last min.... https://register.kl-marathon.com/scklm16/reg_scklm16/sell_listing
  5. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore - 4 Dec 2016

  6. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore - 4 Dec 2016

    If u want adidas shirt...sign up KL marathon....but all also sold out... However Kl marathon got marktplace..,where u can buy slot officially...
  7. Anyone not able to run ? I just run with your bib and will pass u back everything...
  8. Stand Chart KL Marathon 7 Aug 2016

    take one day leave...and you have a long weekend at KL....
  9. my insider told me...after the race, any friends, media, sponsers can just walk into the office and ask for the finisher tee from the staff that u know. no need to run at all.
  10. no pride...but can show off mah.i always has potential buyers for the tee...especially my size US xL...fyi mine is alrdy sold...
  11. no lah...they will give finisher tee and medal til the last runner or last piece...
  12. Spartan Race Singapore - 15 Nov 2015

    Saw from Facebook....super cock up for the repc.... Too few counters open for runners to collect. even timing chip and bag deposit tag were not issue...u will get it on race day.... I think on the race day it will be massive cock up...runners all queue on to get the chip before race...
  13. I thInk some of them decided to venture out Singapore .... There are quite of number of interesting race during that period... in Taipei, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, China...
  14. Wow finally for those running eKiden...they will not be able to impersonate those who actually did the full one by wearing the same shirt... I hope the organizer could also impose a strict check point rule...for those did not cross the last check point 35km at 7hr...their bib will be crossed and their timing chip removed. They will be escorted onto a bus...