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  1. For those who are still contemplating whether to sign up or not, event entry only registration is still available till 7 October. If you need a finisher souvenir (tee shirt / medal), feel free to write to us to check on the availability. Click HERE to sign up now. PS: Familiarization Run 3 will be happening this Sunday from MR to CP3. Click HERE to find out more.
  2. If you prefer to run in the night & not > 43km, then you can opt for the evening flag off. For Craze Ultra, there's a morning and evening start time for the 43km & 74km categories. Should still be 7pm.
  3. Actually, what you can do is to utilize the special needs bag for CP1 & CP2. Just put maybe a 500ml water bottle of isotonic drink at the 2 CPs, respectively. You probably will use them on the return leg & not the forward leg as the return will be hotter. Fill them up to only 2/3 or 3/4 full & when you are at the CPs, take the bottle with you and get the fantastic volunteers at the CPs to top up your bottle with some ice to chill the drinks.
  4. While attempting 161-km in 32 hrs does not sound so hard in theory (about 5km/hr pace), its totally diff in reality and many learned this the hard way in the first 2 editions of Craze Ultra when the number of finishers (100 miles category) was <25% of those who started. 8 months to prep for a 100-km will be sufficient though. Do consider the 100km first bah. The 100km can be used to qualify to ballot for the Western States 100 miles race too as long as you finish it within 22 hrs (which is still a reasonable goal).
  5. RunningGuild

    Bedok Reservoir Ultramarathon 2018 ( 21 Apr 2018 )

    We had a wet but fun day at Garang & we hope you did too. Next up will be leg 2 of the SG Ultra Series at Bedok. Early Bird rates end in about a month, so sign up now !!!
  6. Date: 21 April 2018 (Saturday) Time: 7am - 7pm Venue: Bedok Reservoir Floating Platform Format: Individual or Team of 2 Website: http://www.bedokultra.com Click HERE to register now !!! * Early Bird ends 14 Feb 2018 * This will be Race 2 of the SG Ultra Series 2018. Join all 4 races and meet the criteria to qualify for a 2XU windbreaker / jacket. Click HERE to find out more about the SG Ultra Series 2018.
  7. RunningGuild

    Garang Warrior Ultra 2018

    Early Bird Registration ends tonight at midnight. & this will be the first event to hit the criteria for the SG Ultra Series 2018. Read HERE for more information.
  8. RunningGuild

    Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon - 2-3 Dec 2017

    While otw to pick up your race pack, why not spend 15 mins to have a look at this video that we made some years back on carbo-loading & planning your race day hydration intake for the annual Standard Chartered Marathon that is still relevant today. In a nutshell, full marathon challengers to take 3 days to load (starting today), half marathon participants to load from Saturday while 10-km runners to only consume a carb-rich bfast b4 your race. Click HERE to watch the video.
  9. RunningGuild

    Garang Warrior Ultra 2018

    Kindly take note that there's a change in the qualifying criteria for the Ultramaniac Award for 2018: 1) Participate in at least 3 of our Ultras in 2018 2) Official finisher of at least 100km in any 1 of our Ultras 3) Official finisher of at least 50km in the other 2 ultras (this is the new criterion).
  10. RunningGuild

    Garang Warrior Ultra 2018

    12 hours to run as many loops of 4km as possible over a combination of trail and road. How Garang will you be?
  11. RunningGuild

    Garang Warrior Ultra 2018

    Date: 13 Jan 2018 Time: 7am - 7pm Venue: MacRitchie Reservoir Format: As many loops of 4km as you like within that 12 hours. You can stop anytime. Terrain: A mixture of trail, footpath & road (See HERE for route map). *Sign up now with a buddy to get $5 off registration fee per pax. Promotion ends 26 Nov* Click HERE for more information. *This is 1 of the 4 ultras that you can use to qualify for the Ultramaniac 2018 Award. Find out more HERE *
  12. Just a heads up, registration for Twilight Ultra Challenge (23-24 Sep) will close this Sunday (20/08). This is also the last event for you to utilize to qualify for the Ultra-maniac Award 2017. To find out more about the award, click HERE. To register for the Twilight Ultra, click HERE.
  13. We have seen the feedbacks on the instant noodles and thus we will be introducing a new flavor and a new brand of noodles at CP5 (coz everything that's salty tastes nice after 50km ).
  14. Thanks a lot guys. The Twilight site's been cranky of late; sometimes its ok, sometimes not.
  15. Would like a little help from you guys. Not related to Craze but can you all try to see if you can access Twilight Ultra's website? Just copy and paste the 2 links below. Thanks a million. www.twilightultrachallenge.com www.twilightultrachallenge.com/Registration.php