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  1. akane81

    Osaka Marathon 2018 - 25th November 2018

    Yep, I definitely hope they will change the course and end at city centre, hopefully race pack collection too. It was a pain heading back to my hotel in Namba as I got injured. Didnt do well this time round but I'm glad I completed. The Japanese are very strict in race execution, a lot of runners were blocked from heading to their start pens as they did not make it before 8.45am. I'm not sure if they started right at the back or what, but there were really a whole lot of them as I was standing right at the junction where they tried to run to their blocks from Osaka castle side. Hoards of runners were just strolling along at first, and 5 min before 8.45am, I could see many of them really running and rushing.
  2. akane81

    Osaka Marathon 2018 - 25th November 2018

    Official photos by allsports are ready for viewing https://allsports.jp/event/00595873.html
  3. akane81

    Osaka Marathon 2018 - 25th November 2018

    That is bad news for me, due to work commitments, I only took part these two years when they pushed it to end November. Weather was cooling and good for running as its very late autumn and early winter (about 10+ degrees). Nevertheless, a new course ending at city area is a good change as the last 5 km or so was pretty much ulu land and Intex Osaka is rather out of the way. I also vaguely remember that the race date for the following year was out on race day last year but this year there was only this huge banner mentioning the change in route. So I guess a change in date might really take place.
  4. akane81

    Osaka Marathon 2018 - 25th November 2018

    If its any consolation, tomorrow is a sunny and warm day (though I prefer chilly weather). All the best to everyone for tomorrow's race!
  5. akane81

    Osaka Marathon 2018 - 25th November 2018

    That's really strange, I've declared a slower timing than you like 5 hour but I'm in Pen L. Did you indicate any past races pb timing?
  6. akane81

    Osaka Marathon 2018 - 25th November 2018

    Yeah it should be, dont be surprised at the number of toilets they provide for such major race, but still go early as there will still be a queue and if you missed the timing, you can only start from the last pen. They also have rows of toilets with just urinals for the guys and no doors, i was quite amused when i saw it last year but was too shy to take any pics.
  7. akane81

    Osaka Marathon 2018 - 25th November 2018

    Just received the email too, participants can check your mailbox! We uploaded information on runners’ registration, a participation guide, exchange tickets for the number cards and a health checklist on MyPage of the Osaka Marathon website.
  8. akane81

    CSC Run by the Bay 2018 - 20 Oct (Sat)

    Another plus point for this cheap and good race, FinisherPix is out. This is usually only available with the major races, cant rem if we had it last year.
  9. I think that's the best way to deal with this situation, no point giving out the prize money since cannot determine who really has the most votes (not from the same ip address). If they proceed to announce results based on false votes, then really all the more no integrity for this contest.
  10. akane81

    CSC Run by the Bay 2018 - 20 Oct (Sat)

    Oh yes! I noticed the lack of bins at the water stations too, the funny thing was there was a big signage saying 'binners are winners' but no bins for us to throw the cups, so how to win?
  11. akane81

    CSC Run by the Bay 2018 - 20 Oct (Sat)

    Agree that the heat was killing me and i was perspiring buckets right from the start, it was till the part where we hit the 4km-5km in ECP then it ease up a little and became cooler. Same as Avon, I soooo soooo sooooo much wanted to just get my bag and DNF after the first 8km loop as I really hated the heat. Seems like it was not really necessary to put the runners into different start pen as there were not that many HM runners and there was only one wave, everyone was off right after the horn. I agree that it was well organised and its a new route I've not tried before, especially in the evening hours. Honestly I didnt really like the route especially the loop back to start point and then the 12.8km participants caught up with us eventually. It became crowded and we were running at different pace and some parts were quite narrow, plus there were quite a few points where runners had to stop to let the cars through ( luckily I was only stopped once at GBTB east). There were lots of people at MBS and Fullerton area as it was Saturday evening, it was not pleasant to run through the crowd but there were many volunteer marshals and so many cones along the path to guide the runners, I'm amazed with the number of cones (like 1m apart?) Isotonic drinks at some of the water stations was also not cold enough to feel refreshing. Other than that, all was good. After the race, there was a very long queue for the shuttle bus but it was moving fast and we didnt have to wait long, the buses came pretty fast.
  12. akane81

    Osaka Marathon 2018 - 25th November 2018

    I went last year, details of REPC was only sent out first week of November. So sit back and wait for it.. maybe wait for another two weeks?
  13. akane81

    CSC Run by the Bay 2018 - 20 Oct (Sat)

    I also received email to update estimated finishing time so that they can put runners in the correct start pen.
  14. akane81

    Have you stop participating in the races?

    Havent done any local race this year, only did Star Wars Run as hubby wanted to join in the fun. I ditched SCMS after 2014 and went for overseas events the following year, did 3 in 2015 and 2 last year. Hope to do 1 overseas FM end of this year. I lost the motivation to join local races, I used to do at least 10 or even more years ago. It is a way to get me into training but now that I can do my own training of up to 20km, I just sign up for 21km and above races every now and then. Even so, I feel so lazy nowadays, I find it a hassle to specially go down to town to collect race pack, wake up early and travel to race start point etc.
  15. akane81

    The Goodbye SGRunners forum page thread

    Think we tried moving there when the forum had issues a few years back, but it didnt feel like home so we quickly moved back once this was up and running again. Cant believe it's been almost 7 years since i joined the forum, there's so many valuable information and knowledge that I've gained and friendships forged. I'm so sad that all this will be history soon, i'll feel lost when I need information about upcoming races. Still, many many thanks to the admin TheLonelyRunner for managing this all these years. Hope to see everyone around somewhere.. someday!