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  1. We just went orange this afternoon, hopefully the organisers of TM2020 will give us the option to defer too. Either that or postpone/defer everyone is the best, since Japan themselves also in pretty dire situation now. Just too risky to travel now.
  2. Latest news for Tokyo marathon https://www.marathon.tokyo/en/news/detail/news_001563.html An entry ban to (1) foreigners who have traveled to Hubei Province in China within 14 days before arriving in Japan, and (2) foreigners who have a Chinese passport issued by Hubei Province. Due to reduction of flights and travel suspension within People's Republic of China, the travel to Japan may be difficult even if the above restriction is not applicable. To avoid further distress for Tokyo Marathon 2020 registered runners who are flying through People's Republic of China, the following measur
  3. Interesting! I'm waiting for the insider news
  4. I've received my Hello Kitty medal after dropping them an email, think it took them a mth but still was nice to get it as I didnt complete the run due to the heavy rain.
  5. Haha... you're really funny. I didnt notice the mistake. Anyway, from the way Joe typed his message here, I guess language is not his strength so give him some leeway lah..
  6. I think Joseph did a great job too! Esp on communications part.. Saw him early this morning once REPC opened..
  7. Yep think the last few msg he left here was telling us how busy he was, probably harder to log in as the race gets closer...
  8. Hmm, what are you guys going to say to him? Give him more feedback and suggestions or just a 'thank you'?
  9. Just like people who complain and still sign up for SCMS and Sundown year after year.. those are the only two FM we have for the whole year, so if you want to do FM its more of no other choices (if you dont want to go overseas for FM). Think people still went for this Marina run as after SCMS 2014, there were no HM for the most part of Dec and Jan. They either go for this race to keep their engine running or to get their engine started.
  10. The reviews still seems bad this year. My friend gave me a surprise when she sent me a groupon for the 21km Marina Run as X'mas present, luckily I told her about the bad reviews in 2014 and decided not to turn up for the race even though it was a gift.
  11. I wasnt there but friend was complaining about long queues retrieving bag from the deposit area after her 10km run.
  12. I wont complain if the change is for the better...
  13. I always buy at Queensway shopping centre (near to Ikea Alexandra outlet), the past season shoes are cheaper there, and I'm sure they have brooks. But not sure if its the cheapest in town though.
  14. None of the forum moderators seem to be actively participating in the forum anymore. I wonder who is administering the sgRunners Facebook page...... Its true that most of the mods are no longer participating in this forum due to changes in individual lives (marriage, kids or no longer participating in events etc). I still view the training section of the forum on a weekly basis actually but most of the inquires are repeated ones where answers can be found just by doing a search in the forum. But if there's a tricky question or findings with new updates in the sciences, I will definately still
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