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  1. According to the Chinese notice that came out later, they withdrawing that from the Chinese runners as well, and China runners probably need to pay the entry fees like the rest. https://www.marathon.tokyo/en/news/detail/images/0217_relase_runner_ch.pdf
  2. Yah, same here, will incur some cost. But most importantly, I want to keep my slot even though it was my personal decision not to go ahead with the race, therefore still quite happy with the latest development.
  3. https://www.marathon.tokyo/en/news/detail/news_001576.html Official announcement just came, its canceled but all runners can defer their entry to next year, entry fees not refundable though. Woohoo! It's good news for me as I've already decided last week that I wont be making the trip this year.
  4. We just went orange this afternoon, hopefully the organisers of TM2020 will give us the option to defer too. Either that or postpone/defer everyone is the best, since Japan themselves also in pretty dire situation now. Just too risky to travel now.
  5. Latest news for Tokyo marathon https://www.marathon.tokyo/en/news/detail/news_001563.html An entry ban to (1) foreigners who have traveled to Hubei Province in China within 14 days before arriving in Japan, and (2) foreigners who have a Chinese passport issued by Hubei Province. Due to reduction of flights and travel suspension within People's Republic of China, the travel to Japan may be difficult even if the above restriction is not applicable. To avoid further distress for Tokyo Marathon 2020 registered runners who are flying through People's Republic of China, the following measures will be available for those who meet the eligibility. Available Option Residents of People's Republic of China (according to address registered with us by February 1, regardless of nationality), having the difficulty in flying to Japan, or choosing not to travel will have the option to defer their entry to the following year, Tokyo Marathon 2021. In short, people residing in China, HK and Macau are given the option to defer. Unfortunately, we dont have this option and seems like the race will take place as planned. I'm quite undecided if I should travel during this period.
  6. Scrolled through my facebook feed and Sundown posted an ad about 2020 race plus their booth at SCSM race expo, many people left negative comments on the ad and they got badly bashed lolx..
  7. Yes, you're right! Everything was bad. I believe I'm not a fussy participant, especially when the bib was free. But this was really so so so bad. The facebook page itself is flooded with the negative comments and feedback so I'm a bit lazy to list out here haha.. the news report also covered it quite well. Even the GOH Mr Baey Yam Keng fb page was flooded with negative comments from the public. The one and only thing good about the race is the T-shirt and medal design is not too bad, quality of the other additional merchandise like sesame street theme socks and drawstring bag also seemed good. But the cost of the basic package is $40++ for a miserable 5km two loops around the Tampines neighbourhood so I guess that's the least they can do.
  8. I was there, I was one of the unfortunate ones who attended, I didnt sign up for this but my friends were looking for people to take over their bibs as they could not make it. It's really the worst ever race you can ever imagine, I really pitied the kids who were whining under the hot sun and the parents who paid full sum for this event. I think any amateurism school sports meet can be better organised than this. It's worse than the first ever Hello Kitty run a few years ago when everyone was drenched to the skin, I did not attend the YOLO run that made the news a few years ago but I think this should be worse than that fateful YOLO run. The race organizer is HEROES, I'm not sure if they organised any other event here before but avoid them like the plague if you see this name.
  9. I've balloted for the 4th consecutive time and finally got lucky too! So I guess we're both 4th time lucky. I'm so excited and happy as its my first WMM. Happy training!
  10. Did the 8km two weeks ago, I was 10min late and was surprised that the barrage was spookily quiet when I arrived, almost thought I went to the wrong place. Then I realised everyone had flagged off and this is the smallest scale fun run I have ever participated (totally surprised again). I managed to catch up with the main group and overtook the last few walkers/runners, but it didnt look like there were more than a few hundreds participants. I'm not sure if it was due to the haze or the hype of fun runs dying down, participation rate really unlike the Star Wars Run I took part in last year. I remember the organisers were still promoting the race when it was very near the event, so probably signup was low. I was glad that the race was not canceled due to the haze but it was quite unpleasant running in the unhealthy haze range that evening.
  11. I did Osaka past two years and this is my third consecutive Osaka marathon. Beast is right about the temperature, its quite comfortable and I believe its nothing like Tokyo marathon. For the past two years it was late November race (only a week apart from this year's edition) and I ran in short sleeves top plus long compression pants, pretty much the same attire as what I would wear for a local race. Of course, we gotta check the temperature nearer to the date and might have to add on a light jacket if weather is rainy on race day.
  12. Oh yah, you're right, I remember starting off the race with the relay people last year. Hmm.. I saw it in the mailer as something new, I guess its the distance that is new, if I'm not wrong the relay was not 12.8km x 4 last year.
  13. Yeah, agree that it is good they are listening to feedback to push back the start time. I do remember the weather got better when it was nearer to 6pm. Something new this year is the team relay? Think they lost some participants due to asics relay last year so they try to make up for it? And they're also going eco friendly this year. "Join us on this eco-friendly journey and use the reusable cups given out at the finish line for your drinks. Take the extra step and choose the opt out option for your bag and t-shirt/singlet." I've thrown/donated the hydration backpack given last year so I guess I dont mind the eco friendly option.
  14. Bridging shuttle service to and from stadium mrt was quite good last year, queue was long at the end of the race but moving fast.
  15. From the poster lonewolf posted up there, its a sunset race. Guess the timing will be like last year, but agree that it was horribly warm last year when the race started around 5-6pm. It was only slightly cooler after total sunset. Race atmosphere was not too bad last year although the venue was GBTB east.
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