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  1. Wow, haven't be in the forum for a while. So many threads to read..... I haven't been running too, probably once a week. Strange that i seem to have some plantar issues even though Ive not been running. Now it has made it even more difficult to restart the engine.
  2. The cancellation is good news for me cos I haven’t be training. At all. Hehe
  3. Sundown probably need to innovate to differentiate themselves from the competition.
  4. Yes uncle. Cross country for me is anti clockwise from the zig zag bridge to IPPT and then chiong back to amenities centre (last time is a car park) via Lornie road. But during training teacher coach make us do 10km loop via northern trail. Sometimes even go further via SICC.
  5. Somehow not completing an entire anti clockwise lap doesn’t seem like a real lap. Perhaps it’s just nostalgia for me. Used to do the same lap since secondary school days. That’s more than 3 decades ago. Running to rangers station and back is like running 200m on a stadium track and u-turn back. Haha.
  6. Uncle I don’t recall leh. Maybe it was before I started running or didn’t participate. However, I do remember at TNF race At Macritchie where there was a thunderstorm immediately after the race started! That race started early in the morning in darkness I recall. Quite epic also. Still have fond memories of that morning.
  7. I also prefer anti clockwise. Get the tough part out of the way first when the legs are still fresh, especially that slope at 2km mark. Also, I find it easier to go down those man made steps near the Venus drive and again near the golf course area, compared to climbing up the steps.
  8. I also remember fondly the year with the Cat 1 thunderstorm. Encountered it at ECP. The wind was blowing sideways and the hydration was half water half rain. After the finish, everyone gathered in a tent. With cramps and all. Ground was all muddy. The giant screen for the movies fell. Epic!
  9. You are right. Given our size, I doubt we will ever have a critical mass to yield 2-3 times the number of full marathoners, unless the majority are made up of tourists. My take is that the TODAY article was coming from the perspective of sheer participant numbers ie the scale of the organizational effort involved. After all, a WMM need not be a “full marathon only” event. Even though the WMMs today are essentially that. But Tokyo always have 1000 10km slots as well. Hence i don’t think it’s a rule that WMMs MUST be “full marathon only” event. Perhaps Singapore is using our limitation as a strength. Having more categories also mean broader appeal to wider range of participants (and tourists). This uniqueness is good from the tourist receipts and money making perspectives for STB and Ironman. You could also argue it is good for the sport - not as elitist as other WMMs. For the purists, a “marathon” is 42.195km. But I recall when I was (very) young, I took part in Singapore marathon 10km category, and the hardcopy certificate stated “Quarter Marathon”. So I guess we can still be part of WMM, cos it is not “World Full Marathon Major” (WFMM”).
  10. Different year, same old mess. No details such as start time or route confirmed when registration opens. Amateurs.
  11. My guess is it’s probably the last 4 numbers (without the alphabet).
  12. He’s stopped talking about qualifying for olympics for some time. He used to be quite adamant that he stood a chance. Given the new qualifying standards, his only realistic chance is to somehow qualify as top ten in certain races.
  13. To qualify for platinum, there needs to be 15,000 finishers. Do we have that many?
  14. i Find the extra distance acceptable. We are always not going to be able to run the exact distance. Due to the wide roads etc, we can’t always run the curves and tangents. Also some amount of weaving between runners. I’ve never had a marathon which my watch measured very near 41.195. Some races it measures almost 43km or more, including other marathon major races.
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