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  1. Force of Nature Ultra 2018

    https://www.spacebib.com/events/view/force-of-nature-ultra-2018-341?utm_source=runsociety&utm_medium=rs_calendar_single&utm_campaign=calendar_referral#about_this_race TIME & LOCATION 07 Jul, 2018, Sat, 5:45 am SGT MOE Dairy Farm Outdoor Adventure Learning Centre ABOUT THIS RACE Force Of Nature Ultra is a new trail race with 3 tantalizing and challenging routes for you to choose from. The race starts off at Dairy Farm Nature Park and will finish over at MacRitchie Reservoir. 95% of the routes are on trails with 5% made up of tarmac and asphalt in between, the route will take runners through single track trails, technical trails, cross country trails and park connectors. Main sponsor: The North Face. 12km: Starting off from Dairy Farm Nature Park, the 12km route is designed for the fast and furious types who like to burn up traditional 10km races. The route consists of 95% trails and 5% roads.it has its share of rolling terrain as the route takes you from Dairy Farm over to MacRitchie Reservoir for the finish. Level of difficulty on a scale of 5:1. 23km: Starting off from Dairy Farm Nature Park, the 23km route is designed for the half marathon type of runners who are seeking a higher level of challenges for a change. The route consists of over 90% trails and 10% on tarmac/PCN. It's definitely a challenging route of single track trails, technical trails and cross country trails. This route will also finish over at MacRitchie Reservoir. Level of difficulty on a scale of 5:3. 63km: Starting off from Dairy Farm Nature Park, the 63km is the ultimate trail course in Singapore trail racing. It's a very challenging and pain inducing route designed for the hardcore trail fanatics and ultra trail runners. The route consists of 90% trails,5% tarmac and 5% asphalt with 2 loops of 25km at the Central Catchment Nature Reserve and a final 13km run to MacRitchie Reservoir to conclude the race. It will test your endurance and strength to the limits in a cut off time of 12.5 hours. Level of difficulty on a scale of 5:5.
  2. Last year, i only did 30+km weekly mileage for last 4 weeks before Craze Ultra The longest run was about 60km 5 weeks prior to the race. No wonder I walked most of the time
  3. Last year you said you wanted to focus on PBs first. Not enough PBs yet?
  4. 50 Hrs Non-Stop Run 2018 (28 Apr - 30 Apr)

    30 April is a Monday so have to take leave if intend to run on the 3rd day. Pls note Bedok Ultra (same route) is one week earlier on 21 April, NTUC Eco Run on 29 April. These clashes could be disincentives to sign up, or incentives for B2B enthusiasts like @NoobieRunner
  5. 2XU Compression Run 2018 - 8 Apr (Sun)

    Does this organiser has a habit of last min promo codes that are cheaper than early bird?
  6. King of the Trails - 11 Mar, 1 Jul, 22 Sep, 18 Nov

    if distance not too long, can just bring normal mineral water bottle and hold in hand. Just make sure don't anyhow throw.
  7. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon - 2-3 Dec 2017

    Don't get the choose the photo also. Mine was a lousy photo where I was half hidden behind someone. And it came days later so what's the point. Funny thing is, if you want to preview the video, you must purchase the video first before they send you the preview. It's like shopping blind.
  8. Article: How to Keep Running Better After 40 Years Old

    I like your "Emeritus Senior Masters" haha
  9. Athletics: Singapore Athletics loses apparel sponsor

    It's not an unusual practice. Galen Rupp did it too. You cannot blame any athlete from wanting an extra edge, no matter whether it will actually work or even just a psychological one. I guess a lot depends on what actually transpired. For example, was the sponsor's permission sought and obtained before hand? If not, the sponsor may well be within its contractual rights to feel unhappy esp of for eg, permission was not granted but Soh still went ahead. Anyway it's just pure speculation unless we hear the facts from both sides - which I doubt we will get. Anyway 2XU didn't renew the contract. Not that they terminated it. Even if true, this is only one of the reasons for their decision. ST may have just singled out this reason cos it's more newsworthy. ST is like a tabloid nowadays. From Soh's latest FB postings, can see he's still pretty childish as ever. Pretending to be grateful but openly mocking 2XU with Asics on the same post. And another post showing him as a winner as if to remind everyone who he is, as if the end justifies the means. Spore sports is just too messed up right now. Everyone from associations, coaches, athletes, even supporters sucks. The ecosystem is a sad state of affairs
  10. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon - 2-3 Dec 2017

    Me too. Think they just auto select the first pic they took.
  11. Prosperity Walk 2018 - 25 Feb (Sun)

    I didn't know "taking a walk can enhance your luck"! Then runners must be damn lucky! haha! At $10 per km, must be one of the most expensive walk/run around! I guess participants will all be contributing towards the lucky draw prize.
  12. King of the Trails - 11 Mar, 1 Jul, 22 Sep, 18 Nov

    YACR. No details yet. Keep open mind first.
  13. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon - 2-3 Dec 2017

    Actually I am even more horrified at Ironman's clarification. Regardless whether they are official volunteers or not, they still helped you in your organization of the event, no? What you're saying is that you outsource certain parts of the event to others, you also outsourced your responsibility. No wonder things don't work. I would also be intereste to what what Sports SG has to say. They inked a 10 year agreement with Ironman to organize the marathon. This year it's even the national championship. But they have stayed conspicuously silent. To me, they are also guilty of the same irresponsible outsourcing mindset and shirking their responsibility. Anything go wrong is vendor or partners' fault.
  14. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon - 2-3 Dec 2017

    Wow. Very damning insider report of the chaos and failure in planning and organization.