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  1. Newton Challenge 2017 - 29 Oct (Sun), Marina Barrage

    Actually I've never felt the marina barrage concentric slope is that bad. Going up is of course a bit tougher but there's also the long enjoyable downslope. Or is it just me?
  2. 2XU SG-Ultra Marathon (07 Oct - 08 Oct)

    Hello. Long time no see.
  3. SIA Charity Run 2017 - 08 Oct (Sun)

    Wearing red. Ran beside you for a while along Republic Boulevard. You may not have seen me. I scared you think I am stalking you so went ahead first just before we went down the crawford tunnel. LOL
  4. 2XU SG-Ultra Marathon (07 Oct - 08 Oct)

    Agree with you. Maybe they were "helped" by the smaller number of participants. So the jury is still out.
  5. 2XU SG-Ultra Marathon (07 Oct - 08 Oct)

    Yes, there were many km markers (though I took part in only the 21km category). Direction signs and volunteers were also present with night sticks where necessary to guide. CPs for this category only had isotonic and water and were sufficient.
  6. 2XU SG-Ultra Marathon (07 Oct - 08 Oct)

    Essentially a no-frills event. They didn't even have a formal prize presentation ceremony. I heard an announcement to pick up your trophies if you see your name on the results board. The race village only had a baggage deposit area, some boards displaying race routes, a picture taking corner, row of toilets. That's about it. First time I had a race start at this location and I quite like it. At least rain also no muddy shoes. I think Craze Ultra has some conpetition in road ultras now.
  7. SIA Charity Run 2017 - 08 Oct (Sun)

    Indeed. Threatened to pour heavily midway through the race but was only slight drizzle by the time I finished. Not sure about the 5km category which started later. Saw Pris. She like very intense and keep checking her watch to check heart rate zone. My impression is that the pacers did a good job even pace today - followed one group for a while. Appreciate that the pacers didn't start from the front row. I think they are made up of SIA staff. The shower facility was nice but no water midway through my bath. If all cubicles are showering, some will not have any water or just dribbling water.
  8. 2XU SG-Ultra Marathon (07 Oct - 08 Oct)

    Only a drizzle by the time race started at 6pm for 21km category. Overall, a nice cooling run. Not too crowded even though the 21k merged with the 10k with a few km to go. But not a big issue for me as still have plenty of space.
  9. CSC Run by the Bay 2017 - 01 Oct (Sun)

    Very nice advice - "don't forget to have fun".
  10. SIA Charity Run 2017 - 08 Oct (Sun)

    so far i only remember seeing at Sundown for the previous 2 editions. I find the service quite useful.
  11. CSC Run by the Bay 2017 - 01 Oct (Sun)

    Some of these pacers undergo training wan leh! And usually they run as a group at each timing. How can everyone be wrong pacing. Watches all spoilt? Haha
  12. CSC Run by the Bay 2017 - 01 Oct (Sun)

    Totally agree with you
  13. Sundown Marathon Singapore 2018 - Sat May 19th, 2018

    I will wait for last minute discounts.
  14. CSC Run by the Bay 2017 - 01 Oct (Sun)

    I guess pacers might want to "bank" in time. But as others have mentioned before, doing positive splits will end up killing runners who are following them. I've commented on such pacing strategies previously - even when the pacers say they will do even splits, they still start too fast. SCMS is one example. Hence, I've never followed pacers. Just do own pace and catch up later. But it's easier for me cos I have a gps. watch.
  15. 2XU SG-Ultra Marathon (07 Oct - 08 Oct)

    Wah bro you see me too up. Doing 21km this time.