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  1. Congrats on completing 101km! its is not easy. So many long stretches and changes in weather. Yes this year i took part in 55km which starts in the evening.
  2. There's nothing really special with this race. Its well organised but nothing enticing as well.
  3. Good luck to all runners. Looks like will be hot day. Take care and run safe. Enjoy!
  4. “Perhaps we can increase the reach to the masses who are actually running in this race. A lot of runners these days do not just want to do 5km and 10km. Maybe they want to challenge themselves with longer distances. The integration of ex-offenders is all about challenges, so a longer route may be in the cards for future editions.” Wow so the organizers have plans to have a longer distance category in future.
  5. Good call by the organizers. Weather was good. No sun at all. Enjoyed the run. Did notice the entertainment along the route didn’t seem to be as good as previous years where I recall there were drummers. Post race goodies also very basic. The Ben & Jerry ice cream was nice though. P.s. literally stood next to Pris Chew at the start pen. She wore the “wings” on her shoe.
  6. Yes I recall this. I did the same too - stayed in bed.
  7. This is true for me. Due to work, not been training that much past year. But I could still complete sundown marathon (although slower) with 20+ Km mileage per week. So the body remembers. I have also fine tuned my race and hydration strategies over the years that worked for me.
  8. Thanks bro SG Red Devil and bro lonewolf. I decided to travel light so wasn’t bothered by the lack of Baggage deposit. Was very self conscious on the way home though on the bus and mrt cos was still in my smelly attire. I must say it’s a very well organized community run.
  9. Anyone has any idea whether there will be baggage deposit, and is it compulsory to wear the event tee shirt?
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