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  1. Means I should have no problems walking the whole marathon. 😃
  2. wonderfulblevic

    Punggol North LEDM Run 2018

    Hi Joseph, Thanks for monitoring this forum and for replying. No need to apologise. It’s a small matter. I just wanted to confirm cos initially I thought it’s a sticker then when I peeled a bit at the corner, it doesn’t seem to be a sticker. That’s when I thought I had better ask. The goody bag is quite good and value for money. Thank you for making the effort and listening to suggestions and feedback here. I’m personally looking forward to the LED medal.
  3. Sir, truth to be told, I walked most of the time. 😂
  4. Me too. Haven’t been running much for last couple of months due to work and just plain laziness. Hope to squeeze in (and survive) one 30+ km run this weekend.
  5. wonderfulblevic

    Punggol North LEDM Run 2018

    Anyone doing this run? Collected the race pack last weekend. Good goodies including a widget watch (?), towel, race tee, sonic gear pandora lump 2 portable Bluetooth speaker, bottle of water etc. Noticed the race bib has no holes and no safety pins were provided. Can I check with fellow participants or those who participated last year, are we supposed to punch holes and attach with safety pins ourselves? I’m ok either way - just wanna make sure. Thanks.
  6. I ran through the rain! Best moments of the race for me. Really enjoyed it although the clothes and shoes got heavier. Wished it had rained longer.
  7. wonderfulblevic

    Lunar (Pig) Run 2019 - 17 Feb (Sun)

    It’s auspicious sounding numbers
  8. Oh ya hor got pacer... AR conspicuously quiet. Haha. If he do 101km or 100 miles, I volunteer to pace him for 30km.
  9. I read somewhere that stats actually show that ultra runners tend to be older age groups. So you’ll likely be running farther and not shorter. Haha
  10. Enjoyed the event event though I got lost few times hehe. BTW, I heard next year no more craze ultra?!? is it true?
  11. Been so busy at work and unprepared for this. Haha
  12. Worse if legs cramp while trying to run, and the dogs laugh at you. .
  13. Ah yes. I was about to ask this question as well.
  14. wonderfulblevic

    Challenge32 - 11 Nov 18 (Sun)

    Lucky never join
  15. wonderfulblevic

    Home team ns real run - 21st oct 2018