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  1. Very expensive for a race with virtually no race support such as water stations and baggage deposit. Guess I'll skip again this year.
  2. He probably means he always hesitates and think here think there whether to 'upgrade' from full marathons to ultras or not. In the end also never right bro Autumn? I still waiting for you to join Craze Ultra...
  3. I am ok with virtual cos the i have some motivation to train. This year's training has been disastrous without having races to keep me disciplined.
  4. With the increasing number of community cases, not likely we will reach Phase 3 soon. Previously the govt said "months". Also not likely other countries will lift travel restrictions on our country anytime soon, in view of the overall number of new cases still persisting every day. I would say travel anytime this year is out of the question. Locally, being able to run in such large groups is a quantum leap from the current "5 in a group" policy. I would say its 99% certain it would be a virtual race.
  5. Yes there were timing mats at the key points as I recall. However, I think people who are minded to cheat probably wouldn’t care about this. As such split timings are not verified at the end point, they would already got their hands on the finisher tees and medals. Very few actually verify online records. Anyway records online probably remain online only for a few years at most. We just have to accept there will always be such people. I’m just a recreational, middle of the pack runner so it doesn’t affect me.
  6. Yes, humidity and temperature plays a big part. Crowd atmosphere too. For those in Singapore, we have acclimatised and dont feel the humidity as much. Someone new will feel the full brunt of our weather. Its actually kinda dangerous. There is a reason why even African runners dont run fast times at SCSM (other than the prize money of course). Conversely, I have run in Japan and every single time, the timing is better than my best in Singapore. I feel less tired after the race too.
  7. I actually witnessed this in one of the local ultra race. This guy whom I passed suddenly turned up resting at a bus stop a few km further. My guess is he took a bus. It was more weird cos it wasn't a serious race and there were no prizes at stake. he could have walked the distance. And of course for SCSM, there is the famous ECP 'turn-arounds' and 'toilet breaks'.
  8. Wow, haven't be in the forum for a while. So many threads to read..... I haven't been running too, probably once a week. Strange that i seem to have some plantar issues even though Ive not been running. Now it has made it even more difficult to restart the engine.
  9. The cancellation is good news for me cos I haven’t be training. At all. Hehe
  10. Sundown probably need to innovate to differentiate themselves from the competition.
  11. Yes uncle. Cross country for me is anti clockwise from the zig zag bridge to IPPT and then chiong back to amenities centre (last time is a car park) via Lornie road. But during training teacher coach make us do 10km loop via northern trail. Sometimes even go further via SICC.
  12. Somehow not completing an entire anti clockwise lap doesn’t seem like a real lap. Perhaps it’s just nostalgia for me. Used to do the same lap since secondary school days. That’s more than 3 decades ago. Running to rangers station and back is like running 200m on a stadium track and u-turn back. Haha.
  13. Uncle I don’t recall leh. Maybe it was before I started running or didn’t participate. However, I do remember at TNF race At Macritchie where there was a thunderstorm immediately after the race started! That race started early in the morning in darkness I recall. Quite epic also. Still have fond memories of that morning.
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