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  1. i Find the extra distance acceptable. We are always not going to be able to run the exact distance. Due to the wide roads etc, we can’t always run the curves and tangents. Also some amount of weaving between runners. I’ve never had a marathon which my watch measured very near 41.195. Some races it measures almost 43km or more, including other marathon major races.
  2. I’m sure the situation will be improved next year. It’s just like first year of F1. Now that the authorities and organizers have ‘apologized’ for it, I’m sure they will put in additional effort to improve things. Stay calm and keep running.
  3. Runners world is an American and European centric magazine. They have very little content on Asia. Which is a pity.
  4. Yes. I quite like the orchard start. First stretch is down slope and can see many people pee into the bushes at the first corner at the istana park.
  5. Which reminds me. I recalled I read somewhere the evening run is supposed to end with fireworks. Where’s the fireworks? Too late and they decided not to have?
  6. My money would be on evening race again. With more fine tuning to traffic arrangements.
  7. “No intention of making any accusation” but in my view he’s implying something though. Otherwise why would he make statement 2 and the comment at the end? Hope and investigation can be carried out so all can be clarified and rectified if need be. Anyway I can’t find the replies you posted to his post anymore. He deleted them? I dont really get this latest episode with the “singapore elites” thing. What’s the issue?
  8. Thanks. Power right? @Lady Ice your ambassador is right there. “If a champion can do it, why not me?”
  9. Yes. You can go facebook rewatch the live screening. Can clearly see she’s holding a cup in her hand.
  10. Garmin 42.69km. GPS went haywire somewhere 7km and 20km mark.
  11. Anyone knows the number of FM runners for each category? Checked the provisional results and they only provided placing but not the total number of participants for each category.
  12. I was afraid of rain and actually brought a Brolly with me in my baggage. If it rains, legs tired wanna run also cannot. Only choice is take out umbrella and slowly walk and look cool. Haha
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