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  1. You have not updated your blog for some time. Hope your training is going well.
  2. wah your eyes sharp!
  3. Agree with you. I stopped after they shifted from changi.
  4. Thanks, Pris. I chuckled at this sentence :"attended by members of the media, runners and curious bystanders" Is the official route out yet? ECP and Sports Hub were mentioned. A bit concerned about congestion and loops.
  5. "ground logistics" - errrr isn't that XE is bad at? Anyway, I won't be signing up for this not because of XE, but cos I lost interest in this event since a few years ago.
  6. Some details like start times and location are out. http://www.sgultramarathon.com/faq Looks like it's a road race. Bro Beast is half right so far - it's a night race. And I think he could also be right about running loops!
  7. On bloggers, my view is as long as we know the background behind the review and the blogger, there is room for all kinds of reviews. Personally I appreciate posts by Autumn for his independent reports, and also Pris cos sometimes her blogs provide some useful nuggets of info that I find useful.
  8. Sorry, what does YACR stand for again?
  9. Sigh. Too bad still don't have any near my place. Looks like expensive cab again if I join. I think I'll probably not.
  10. Totally agree
  11. Interesting. It carries the 2XU brand name. 1) Sundown organisers have cited reasons of low take up rate for discontinuing sundown ultra marathon. Now, this race also has 100km and 50 categories. But they added in the HM and 10k to add in the economies of scale. 2) what will happen to the 2XU compression run? Maybe they think they can pull it off without cannibalizing each other. 3) no details yet except for run categories esp cut-off times etc. how to "pre-register" or sign up without such details beforehand? Haha shall wait and see.
  12. Huh? Cannot make a full loop of Macritchie again?
  13. I see the annual poisoning exercise has started.