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  1. wonderfulblevic

    Sundown Marathon Singapore 2018 - Sat May 19th, 2018

    Wow 10km now 10.7km. For the FM, it seems there is a criss crossing of route at about 8.5km mark. Wonder how they are going to administer this.
  2. wonderfulblevic

    Race Against Cancer 2018 - 22 Jul (Sun)

    I've done two B2B evening/morning half marathon + 10km races where I tried my best for both races. From this limited experience, I found that doing the shorter distance as my first race did not significantly affect my second longer race. However, when I did the HM as my first race, the 10km the following morning was tough.
  3. wonderfulblevic

    Sundown Marathon Singapore 2018 - Sat May 19th, 2018

    Race route not out yet right?
  4. "So we have designed the new course in such a way that the Half and Full Marathoners will run together for the first 21km and then the Half Marathon guys will turn off where the Full Marathon guys will keep going." Does that mean FM will do two loops? "Sometime down the road though, Meyer added that it may be possible for the 21km and the 42km race to be completely separated. He said, “To run the 21km and 42km completely separate means that we have to shut down Singapore for more time. This may happen in the future but that will not happen so soon. We are nowhere near that yet.”" I hope the above average FM runners will not run into the back of the slower HM runners. Last year, the FM and HM route separation only took place from Floating platform area. I had hoped the separation would have taken place earlier, at Sheares bridge. I struggled to zig zag past the HM runners who were walking on Sheares bridge under the hot sun.
  5. wonderfulblevic

    Income Eco Run 2018 - 29 Apr (Sun)

    Haha could be. But this always been my impression. Haven’t taken part in Income run for quite a few years already.
  6. wonderfulblevic

    Income Eco Run 2018 - 29 Apr (Sun)

    Wow I always thought this goodie bag would be filled with goodies since probably sponsored by ntuc fair price. Looks like one advantage of this race is gone.
  7. Looks like it will be the usual route to ECP and back.
  8. They announced starting points but not finishing points? Maybe they are still thinking of sportshub as ending point?
  9. Faster lo. Just handover sealed bag to the volunteer.
  10. As long as don't create jam during REPC.
  11. Why ah? For overseas runners, I understand. Already a practice for other marathons. But for locals?
  12. From the organizers- All participants of SCSM 2017 will be sent personalised VIP registration links with a 10% discount on race entry only applied. The link will expire at the end of the Super Early Bird registration period.
  13. wonderfulblevic

    2XU Compression Run 2018 - 8 Apr (Sun)

    It was an ok race for me. Weather was cooling but I know that’s not what the race organizers can control. Haha. Hydration points were ok but ok but I still feel the tables too short and bins too close to the tables. At one of the tables, I actually blurted out why the cups so little water - waste cups cos some will take a few cups instead of combining water from several cups into one to drink. The volunteer actually apologized to me. I was just nagging and not complaining. I did made it a point to say thanks when I left the table. Distance short. Noticeable throughout. Wasn’t sure that will still continue to be the case so I didn’t push too hard (sometimes on races the distance become too long in last couple of km). Some dark patches esp grass patches very dangerous. There was one after bay east where the waterpoint is on the grass patch itself. I wasn’t going to stop but had to slow down cos I could see what I was stepping on and others were stopping for the waterpoint. I was in 3rd wave. Surprised. Arrived about 4.15 and squeezed in front as much as I can. Thought I was pretty safe for first or second wave. Each wave supposed to be 5 mins intervals as I recall from race guide. Wave 3 started 20 mins after first wave. I didn’t really encounter that many walkers. In fact was pleasantly surprised cos some runners heard my footsteps and intentionally moved left on narrow paths without me having to shout (unlike SCSM). Much appreciated.
  14. My view is that Run society is not necessarily trying to cover up for xchange events. They are the official media partner right? So of course if people paid me, not likely I will bite the hands that fed me. In any case, I’ve always found Run society ‘s articles too marketing and nice. Not very objective. But it’s their right to write this way. And it’s our right to ignore their write-ups (which I do).
  15. It was the same last year wasn’t it? Don’t think it’s new.