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  1. Give that Phase 3 would only be end of the year, i think its too late for planning purposes, even if Phase 3 starts in November (and thats a big IF). The number of runners would also far exceed what would be comfortable for the government, who i think would prefer gradual increase in gathering numbers. Therefore, I would bet 100% its a virtual race of sorts, and not a mass race where everyone runs together. At most they have an 'official' route and runners can own time own target.
  2. As i suspected. I have not signed up. Not really interested in these, unless the credits can go towards defraying the cost of the actual race. Will wait for further announcement on the format of the actual race.
  3. Huh so the actual "race" haven't been announced.......Eh if it's still gone be a full FM, have to train one leh. If only the virtual race series is free, means the actual "race" may not be?
  4. A bit like Strava club, no? Anyway, will have to figure out how to fit in the Craze runs with these runs. haha
  5. No offence taken @beast. I paged @AutumnRunner not to tease him further, but to see whether he is interested. The format is not purely an ultra, since it has some flexibility and allows participants to clock the mileage over a few runs. I believe he has done similar races before? This may hence interest him to 'take part' in a 'Craze' event at last. Sorry if I wasn't clear.
  6. Doubt there will be an elite race. Our travel guidelines would not enable these athletes to fly in based on prevailing policies.Probably a virtual race albeit with some 'innovative' elements.
  7. Very expensive for a race with virtually no race support such as water stations and baggage deposit. Guess I'll skip again this year.
  8. He probably means he always hesitates and think here think there whether to 'upgrade' from full marathons to ultras or not. In the end also never right bro Autumn? I still waiting for you to join Craze Ultra...
  9. I am ok with virtual cos the i have some motivation to train. This year's training has been disastrous without having races to keep me disciplined.
  10. With the increasing number of community cases, not likely we will reach Phase 3 soon. Previously the govt said "months". Also not likely other countries will lift travel restrictions on our country anytime soon, in view of the overall number of new cases still persisting every day. I would say travel anytime this year is out of the question. Locally, being able to run in such large groups is a quantum leap from the current "5 in a group" policy. I would say its 99% certain it would be a virtual race.
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