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  1. This is true for me. Due to work, not been training that much past year. But I could still complete sundown marathon (although slower) with 20+ Km mileage per week. So the body remembers. I have also fine tuned my race and hydration strategies over the years that worked for me.
  2. Thanks bro SG Red Devil and bro lonewolf. I decided to travel light so wasn’t bothered by the lack of Baggage deposit. Was very self conscious on the way home though on the bus and mrt cos was still in my smelly attire. I must say it’s a very well organized community run.
  3. Anyone has any idea whether there will be baggage deposit, and is it compulsory to wear the event tee shirt?
  4. Both ways. Some people park right next to the bus boarding point. Then in return journey, can go straight to car after alighting from shuttle bus.
  5. Wasn't that crowded despite the narrow paths and multi-loops. Disappointed with the Singa medal though. Not even near ELM quality. I ran for the medal...
  6. Just curious, why did you guy speed up over the last 2-3 km? You were on pace before that. Or maybe you guys too fast and nobody following anyway haha
  7. I believe both runs were evening runs before SCSM announced officially that this year will be evening run. But your main point is good - we can use these runs to help acclimatize for SCSM.
  8. Inaccurate meaning the distance is too short or too long? think I saw you at tanjong rhu park connector yesterday evening. you seemed liked just finished your run or something.
  9. Disappointed to learn that the paid shuttle service pick up points are essentially the same as last year. No improvement. You guys just followed a template from last year or something?
  10. Usually there are a few runners in a pacing group. Not unusual to see pacers drop off the group for a variety of reasons eg not feeling well, ran into wall etc. So even if Yu have to drop off the pace, still have other pacers. Don’t think other runners will laugh at you lah. Anyway I’m sure the other members of the pace group will also remind each other to be consistent pace. Nowadays the pacing quite consistent. I recall I used to complain the pacers always start too fast.
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