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  1. Have you guys tried the HRM with other running apps on your iPhone or Android? Cos I'm testing with my friend and he's interested to purchase the Garmin HRM to pair with his iPhone/Android and use it with Adidas MiCoach App. I have tried to pair with my Samsung S5 but it doesn't detect the HRM.
  2. Thanks guys! Managed to use the 620 to clock my IPPT run in Maju Camp without GPS.
  3. Going for IPPT soon and would like to know if the timing works fine without GPS and function like a stopwatch?
  4. All the new updates on 620. http://www.dcrainmaker.com/2014/06/autosync-myfitnesspal-support.html
  5. Was at the Garmin Servicing Centre and saw the poster on this promotion. Just wanna share with interested parties Latest Price for PC SHOW 2014 - 05-08 June 2014 @ Expo Hall 5 Booth 5036 Forerunner 620 - $489 instead of $569 Forerunner 220 - $359 instead of $399 Comes with free gift but not sure of the item.
  6. New firmware 2.60 is available now! Changes made from version 2.50 to 2.60: Enable operation of WIFI channels 12 and 13 by region.Corrected WIFI communication errors on certain networks.Corrected issued with GPS failing to update when GPS is disabled.Various minor fixes.
  7. Tested working on a iPhone 4S and Note 3. It does not work for my S2 which is an old phone model.
  8. I see that Garmin Connect Mobile has released a new update which support 220 and 620 with selected Android devices now! Please go try it out
  9. Here is a screenshot of Mapmyrun website when one logs into it through its website (image not embeded in post to prevent image cluttering.Weblink found at https://www.dropbox.com/s/qemlnq3jzky3c3y/Mapmyrun%20Import%20Workout%20Screenshot.jpg From there,you just select the records you want to upload based on dates done. Once done, the run activity will be in Mapmyrun and the source will state it is Garmin For uploading to Nike+,I am not sure but you can give this a try at http://www.awsmithson.com/tcx2nikeplus/ This is excellent information! I have just tried it and it works by syncing Garmin data to Nike+! Thanks for sharing
  10. How did you manage to upload ur Garmin runs to MapMyRun? Can it be uploaded to Nike+ as well?
  11. I have tested and confirmed the pairing of 220 and 620 works for iPhone 4S but not on a Samsung Note 3.
  12. Are you guys able to establish pairing 620 to your Android phones?
  13. Available for Garmin forerunner 620 too! From version 2.30 to latest 2.50 http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=6589 Changes made from version 2.30 to 2.50: Added feature to allow the CONNECT key to wake the device and start a Wi-Fi transfer.Fixed issue where running dynamics data could drop out during an activity.Fixed issue where the reported battery capacity could be inaccurate.Improvements to indoor distance and pace calculations.Fixed issue related to the recovery adviser feature not displaying properly.Improvements to the interaction between foot pod and GPS.Fixed issue with resetting totals not working correctly.Added feature to inform the user when returning to the target range of a workout step.Fixed various issues with smartphone connectivity and the LiveTrack feature.Fixed issue with running workouts contained in triathlon/mixed sport schedules not being retained on the device.Fixed several other minor issues.Updated translations.
  14. From my experience with 610 (not 620) Not sure whether there is a screen protector. But you dont really need one. I've used mine for two years and there's hardly a scratch. but I only used it for running and not for casual wearing Yes. I connect to my iPhone 3-pin adaptor to chardge from normal sockets.Yes. That's what I do after every run. Just rinse it will do.Thanks for the great tips wonderfulblevic.
  15. I have a few questions and hope any of you could help me with it. Is there a screen protector for this 620 watch? The watch is actually charged via USB cable, can I connect this USB cable to a wall adaptor similar to iPhone charger?Will it be ok to wash the entire wash under the tap and dry it?
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