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  1. You are right. And a good capture of the distance marker. Well if they indeed took that down, they should have moved the 4km and 8km ones too. But nothing was done. Short of man power? Hmmm...
  2. Yea, very similar to Run Free 2017. If the barrage ramp (aka Marina Mountain) was included, as originally planned, the distance will be very close to 10km. I can only guess some last min decision to alter the route.
  3. As a runner from the local community, I felt oblige to share some info and my own view. The start and end points were different from those described in the race guide and also to the pacers. Both points were originally further away from SAFRA, but on the actual day, they were significantly closer, by a sum of several hundred metres. Some pacers ran the original route and clock exactly 10km. The 4km and 8km markers were spot on too. During the race, these pacers were surprised by the different locations of the start/finish points as well as the sooner than expected left turn to Punggol Promenade. I would say the shortfall was due to a change or deviation from the original route rather than a wrong turn due to lack of marshals. Else the distance would have been closer to 10.5km. Just saying...
  4. Found my result since 730am, tally well with my watch. Waiting for the photos next.
  5. That's what many people said after a torturous run. Most will do it again
  6. Still got slots for 10k, Kids, etc becos of Haze??!!There are various theories about drop in participation, haze likely one of them. Even Ekiden was filled up only few days back, which was unseen of in past few years.
  7. I believe one of the main reasons for the lower/slower participation is the haze. Not only are runners hesitant the race might be cancelled, many couldn't train as per their plans. You can only do treadmill for so long.
  8. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014

    Wow, this thread reached the 100 page milestone!!! I hope those tees in East Timor (etc) are donated and not sold over there.
  9. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014

    Out of curiosity, according to the stats at http://mrnmrsrunthetown.blogspot.sg/2014/12/unofficial-analyzing-scms-14.html 13k pax signed up, 10k pax completed. So how many finisher tees do you guys think the organisers printed? If they don't give to those "re-routed" finishers, the tees will end up where? The charity org?
  10. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014

    Nice shots! Found mine!
  11. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014

    I think some of the culprits are from 10k runners too. And they alrady merged with FM runners at ~39/40km mark.
  12. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014

    Someone was also giving away Apollo Chocolate Cake. I must thank these people, I missed my banana and this is the next best thing. Lucky I had my own water and I was able to gobble and wash it down with water. No joke, I was that hungry!
  13. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014

    No bananas really??? I thought I missed it! I was so hungry and ran out of gel > 32km. This Caucasian runner was asking a volunteer if she has any food. She said no. I told him at 32km mark that bananas should be given at the next 1 or 2 water points and I am also looking fwd to it. Sadly I was wrong... I hope he is OK, he was really bonking then. Anyway I have to slow my pace to take the gel at 36km mark which only kicked into effect at 40km. Was a horrible 33 to 40km for me. I didn't really get bothered by the sun, I was too hungry.. haha... next time, need to plan my refueling strategy better, cannot always depend on organiser's bananas and gels.
  14. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014

    On the FM route map, there's no indication of drink station between 10.5 and 16km. I believe something was wrong to the map and not really 5km+ without water. Anyone has other map version?