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  1. This thread has a duplicate which has more replies. Maybe we can remove this?
  2. $40 for a group registration of 4 pax
  3. District Race - 3rd March 2018

    The event organizer is Exceed Sport & Entertainment (http://exceedse.com). Looks like they are based in HK.
  4. District Race - 3rd March 2018

    Haha, for the 1 hour trial race, I did 10k worth of running and just half the check points captured. It's like the Amazing Race, in a shorter time.
  5. District Race - 3rd March 2018

    They had a trial race with Adi Runners last weekend. The experience was rather positive. The app is stable and responsive, for iOS and Android. The challenges are interesting too, making use of Augmented Reality via phone camera through the app, and also completing some physical tasks and/or mental puzzles. Though for a 2 hour race on the actual day, it's advisable to bring along a portable power bank.
  6. Got mine. Focus is ok, but not the one I was hoping for. And it's far from being hi-res.
  7. Marina Run 2018 - 10 Feb (Sat)

    Has to be $5 off Early Bird Pricings. Anyway it's DCSUPER8
  8. I'm curious about the venue and routes across the 4 legs. Will it be 4 routes with no overlap? That will be interesting.
  9. What was the saga ah? Care to refresh the old mind? I recall KOTR was held in a few Asian cities. It was like 16.8km.
  10. Safari Zoo Run 2018 - 27 Jan (Sat)

    I was thinking the same. Budget I guess. Though looking at the standard price of $80 for a 10km run, I would think there should be more perks (the Zoo entry aside).
  11. You mean the FOC random photo SCSM Finisherpix? Doesn't work for me and few of my friends too.
  12. Marina Run 2018 - 10 Feb (Sat)

    The 30km category is the novelty here, not to mention it's an evening/night race. 2017 edition was hampered by rain, hope the next one enjoys better weather.
  13. In one of the emails from the organizer (dated 1 Dec), there's this url which brings you to: https://myfinisherpix.eu/canvas/scsmarathon
  14. The split timings are still available (at least at the time of this post). However, I feel the 22.5km timing mat was placed closer to 22.6km and 40km one closer to 39.8km.