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  1. Not so far. U-turn point is just about reaching Parkland Green carpark. This is much much shorter than before 2018 where ECP took close to 20km of the route
  2. Yea, I've a good feeling it will be cooling and perhaps some drizzles. The toughest part should be the first few km with high humidity and congestion, rest of the route should be OK. The Sheares Bridge slope is another story... haha.
  3. Cooler, rainy days expected for rest of November: Met Service Let's hope come 30/11 and 1/12, weather continues to be cool without rain during race hours!
  4. Am curious @wonderfulblevic, are you planning to top up your cup from the bottled sources at the water stations, drink and empty the cup and chuck it back into your belt while running?
  5. Considering the difference in the climates, we drink more during race than those in cooler weather. BYOB means carrying more or refilling more times. Those going for target timings will be blogged down by these. Nevertheless, many of us take it for granted that throwing cups freely onto the ground is an entitlement. I don't know about that, but it should be an etiquette to at least throw the cups out of the way of the runners behind. Most runners (myself included) can't think/care when feeling exhausted. As much as I try to dispose cups and whatever waste into the bins, when I am too exha
  6. I am sure the details of the water/aid/replenishment stations will be available in the final event guide. I will need to plan my replenishment strategy based on those details and am confident information will be provided. Whether or not the organizers execute it well, is another matter though.
  7. Would you mind sharing how did you do your HM? Maybe you can describe it as compared to a previous HM race. I'm asking to understand better what could be the limiting factors. E.g. the weather, lack of hydration/replenishment, going too fast, no running buddies...
  8. The haze situation improved these couples of days, hope everyone manage to get some good runs! Long live good air!
  9. I hope if SCSM does get to be one of the WMMs, organizers will at least allocate significant number for local runners without the need to ballot. For sure there will be more overseas runners, especially those chasing to be the 7 stars finishers.
  10. I'm guilty as charged.... For hard and track workout however, I will do at least a basic set of dynamic stretching and warm-up. For longer low intensity run, I'll let first couple KMs be my warm-up and gradually speed up to target pace.
  11. There's still plenty of time for you to recover, most importantly you didn't get injured, I hope. Get well soon and continue your regime
  12. Because you will then buy more mah... haha. Anyway, the frequency of consumption should depend on individual, the level of exertion and several other factors. Should not be a magic range of numbers. On the subject of "Hitting the wall" or "Bonking", I believe many of us mistaken extreme fatigues or cramps as hitting the wall. Bonking's widely accepted definition is "the near-complete depletion of glycogen stored in the muscles and liver". Our brains simply cue us to shutdown and not exert anymore. It's usually quite sudden and one will definitely know it (eventually) when it happens.
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