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  1. very busy poking here and there huh. U coming tomorrow or not? LOL. busy working lah... where got time to poke here and there... Cannot confirm coming down tmr...
  2. she is different league...5-6km is just a warm up/down so her actual run only 6-7km.... minus the "warm-up"
  3. Brokie is a Ninja...dun play play, next week she let us smell her smoke....
  4. i was referring to our rabbit "zhi lei"... (boston qualifier)... as for babumouse... he seems to run faster when thomas is not around (i am now eager to see their next IM showdown) as the LS, the lady in bright pink!.... she was at cruising speed ... so this week there were: rabbits, mouse, tig(g)er, shark, etc Only the pest spray was missing ... next week should have cat, dog, chicken... tortise..
  5. Wrong! one in green, one in blue. The pink one cannot make it iceman, Next time u should try to pace the one in green . Spare the auntie zzzz. Auntie faint hearted. Cannot run with u guys like that the whole time u know. lol. One green mouse, one pink rabbit and one blue rabbit... Senza: u hv to standby the ambulance, I worry I run until I vomit by the time I catch up with the green mouse...
  6. the "rabbit" pacer must be running high on caffiene.... LOL
  7. Running for dear life.....can someone have ambulance on standby next week? LOL Not forgetting the water support at the end of the run... Many thanks!!! Had a good pacer tdy..... She is damm good... hahaha
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