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  1. Not this time and definitely never again by this organizer. In 2016 I signed up for the first Sarawak Marathon Miri but a few days before the event I received an email notice that the event was being postponed to another date. In it the CEO of the company quoted reasons for the postponement which were utterly rubbish and also contradicted what he said at a press conference a month before. Naturally, the announcement generated several unhappy emails but the CEO's response was total silence. As far as I know, no refunds were made to those who registered for the event. It was too late even to change my flight and hotel booking so I had no choice but to go to Miri anyway. As it happened there was another event held on the same day but late entries were accepted only for the fun run category. So I ran the 5k where met a group of runners from SG in the same boat as myself. From the Facebook page it's obvious the ATA run did not go well to put it mildly.
  2. seniorvet

    Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014

    I see. Hmm. That's a pretty good fueling strategy. Mostly I rely on my own gels (I take about 6 if I'm running a FM and 3 for HM) throughout just in case the gels provided at the race cause problems and don't taste good. For my very first marathon, relying purely on the gel stations for fuel were a mistake... Since the. I've always liked to be more prepared... If I am relying on the gel stations though, I usually just take 1 to 2 gels to last for that actual race. Some runners are so cheapo... Taking so many gels as spares just to save money or something...Unfortunately being cheapo is a common trait - free therefore must take. What's worse is that I often see the gels having been discarded later on.
  3. seniorvet

    Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014

    I wonder if the price of bananas has gone up a lot. I didn't see any at the ECP nor at the Padang. I bought a bunch yesterday and the price don't seem particularly higher even though I can't remember how much it was the last time I bought them. In order to be at the starting line at 5.00am most of us would have to leave our homes between 3.00am and 3.30am. That means a (light) breakfast around 2.30am. Those who complete the marathon in 4 or 5 hours would probably feel hunger pangs towards the end of their run. Quite OK except that there's no food at the the Padang! Imagine how those completing the marathon in 7 or 8 hours felt - not a good experience. In the runners' guide the organiser claimed that 'don't worry' we won't run out of water'. When I reached the 33km water point they were rationing only one cup to each runner because they were stocking out. I don't know if they eventually ran out of water there.
  4. seniorvet

    New Release of Garmin GPS Running Watch: Forerunner 220 & 620

    Especially trading-in of 210 with disintegrated wristband! Even though the wristbands of the 220 and 620 are replaceable, I'm put off Garmin for selling something like the quality of the 210.