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  1. Who want road ID coupon, PM me!

    1. PeaCeFOol


      Road ID coupon! Use this code: ThanksMohammadAmin9394564

  2. Wah nice 84km timing! ^_^

  3. Time to post an intro at the newbies corner! ^_^

  4. Welcome welcome!!! ^_^

  5. No worries, a regular will usually accompany the lastrunner... (Not saying that you'll be one..) :tongue_smilie: When I joined them last time, I'm usually the back of the pack, its still a comfortable pace, so again, no worries!
  6. perhaps .... next time u gotta do more sets of "fun" run ..instead of the normal 4 sets ... Do tempo 4 x 2km? I used to do that regularly sometime early part of this year. It was fun. You keen in doing this? What's the pace for this tempo run? I may want to drop by after school if its manageable. :Tounge:
  7. Sorry, cant shiok together with u guys tonight.. eyes still blurry from the lasik tests..
  8. yes... but this one, you will not want! maybe should let them eat first before telling them what goes inside the food ! Cannot tell them if they like ler... Secret ingredient.. Only we know.. haha.. :Tounge:
  9. Thanks, everyone present for the run last night! It was very fun! :Big Grin: Considering it was my first interval training, I felt the intervals were quite manageable! Good company, chatted till didn't realize time passed by so fast! Hope to see more coming down for the CBD interval runs! :Big Grin:
  10. interval again huh ??? :sweat: think I will think twice ! Alright, with add-ons! See ya'll there! :Big Grin:
  11. :Nail Biting: Caution: Tigger's concept of fun.. :hail:
  12. :Star: Really enjoyed my time running with you all yesterday! :Star: I joined them for the first time yesterday... At the end of the run, Philip told me it was 'orientation pace', since its my first time.. haha.. Quite a tough pace to sustain, especially for someone like me.. you were following my pace :redface: in one thread you both were fighting, now over here you both are so nice to each other! tigger confessed he set the pace.... the opening pace which tiwazz complained too fast. bee thanked tigger for following her ultra slow pace. what's going on now? were there 2 tiggers? one fast fast in front and one slow slow behind? lol.. 2 pacers, one back one front.. (of course, tigger was somehow already at the front by the end of the run!) The Queen & Ronnie led us for the first part of the run.. Too fast too furious, I nearly lost my breath by the time we reached Fort Canning.. :Big Grin:
  13. Thanks Tiwazz and Ronnie.. :Big Grin: Alamak.. just realized start at Tanjong Pagar sia.. haha.. Anyone care to PM me for contact number? And anyone from nearby my workplace running tmr? :tongue_smilie:
  14. Serving my internship in a building beside Funan... by the time I reach home the damn insects are buzzing about in Jurong West Stadium.. May I join u guys in the CBD runs?! :tongue_smilie: But then again, scared I too slow.. :blushing: Wat's the pace/type of run?
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