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  1. Finally, uncle completed the series 42K/21K/10K/5K/3K (Family)/1K (Kids) for STGR Marathon Virtual Race. Registrations are FREE during Covid-19 (because Race was cancelled). However, if you do you best and be ranked in the respective Virtual Races, you will still be awarded Prizes as though you were in Run-in Place Races (Real Runs). Well, uncle is happy to say, are ranked to win prizes (wearables and eatables) for all the categories. Best of all with FOC Registrations
  2. thanks @beast, it is about Alipay.. anyway, uncle has renewed passport and will use that to "authentic" with Alipay...once approved, got lobang to get Chinese Yuans to be transfer via card or other means...shall work on this next week... PM uncle for more info...
  3. where uncle heading next...China 2021 Spring/Summer Marathon Series... well, can join uncle there.. Uncle wishes all here, a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021...for 2020 has been a "Covid-19 Pandemic year when all RACES ARE CANCELLED!", uncle remained in "active" Virtual Racing and move forward to 2021...
  4. from dec 1, daily 10km+ till dec 4... 50+km plus 42.1 KM race @ KLSCM 2020 VR on dec 5...100+ km well, it is going to be end of 2020...this virtual run challenge is till next year...so uncle wishes, ALL the Best and have a "Huat" "Huat" year in 2021...
  5. 1) The organizer cut everyone who exceeding 42.2 and beyond to 42.1... maybe 42.175 to be precised... 2) Yes, only less than 5,000 for this one...In fact, uncle believes the Virtual Melbourne Marathon ("shared" Horizon platform like KLSCM 2020 VR) registration is still opened, so you can try provided you are using wearable devices to sync with App.. vs limited on 7,100 for online Kyoto Marathon, with more than 3/4 are reserved for residents of Japan. TATTA app (in Japanese language only) is accessible for Japan Citizens and Residents because ALL can register with the
  6. Completed another Marathon Virtual Race... where is uncle heading next... well, uncle wishes all a happy end of year celebrations...2020 will be remembered as a Covid-19 year when all races are cancelled.. Uncle also says good bye to all, for it has been great year being VR Runner in 2020..both participated in both local and overseas virtual races... moving on to 2021...best wishes to all..
  7. Once completed Marathon Event @KLSCM 2020 VR, updated... uncle has completed the "Huat" "Huat" . "Huat" "Huat" category for the Lunar Run 2021 Virtual Ox Run
  8. yes, uncle completed the Marathon Event with 2 medals by submitting the results...
  9. Registrations for the 2020 Virtual Melbourne Marathon will close at 11:59pm Friday 11 Dec AEDT. Virtual Melbourne Marathon 2020 - https://melbournemarathon.com.au/virtual-melbourne-marathon/ Race Mode Start 00:01 Saturday 5th December (Australian Eastern Daylight Time) AEDT which is 2100 SG/MY Previous Day Friday 4th December. Total Paid - AUD 40.00 (Overseas Participant) with Medal. This one 3km, 5km, 10km, 21.1km and 42.195km event is for "Wearable device syncs with App" only, with no manual upload. Virtual Melbourne Marathon 2020 App Developer is the same as KLSCM 2020
  10. only uncle (42KM) and @prisangel (21KM) participated in this Virtual Edition ... submission using Strava app only....start 7am - 3pm (original Real Run requirement in the past)... interestingly, *Strava Link is required... uncle submitted on Nov 15... Just to share on Strava app...How to spot cheating on Strava... so honorably race means "moving" time is taken as qualifying... still pending, until final ranking and results on Dec 15... uncle was ranked 8th based on "Moving Time" and not "Elapsed Time" in "Top 10 in the 42KM" Cate
  11. Please note the KLSCM VR app will be in transition from Training to Race Mode, from 12.00am to 11.59pm, 4 December 2020 (GMT+8). Race Mode will then be accessible from 12.00am, 5 December 2020 to 11.59pm, 13 December 2020 (GMT+8). Remember to complete your distance and submit your record within the Race Mode period.
  12. uncle is half way to "Huat" "Huat" . "Huat" "Huat"...
  13. thanks @ayukawa22 for the update on the Practice Run Leaderboard...Multiple Submissions...best wishes on your ultra run soon... Registration ends 4pm on Dec 3... The app will be changed to race mode from 5-13 Dec... Multiple running activities or attempts (you can try again, and again) and select whichever fastest for submission uncle shall be on from 5 dec to submit only the fastest [for Medal with Garmin Connect] for Slot 1 (Koh papa). Another fastest [for Fun with strata] uploaded manually for Slot 2 (Papa Koh). Of course, expect Uncle Papa K
  14. uncle uploaded...today... expecting more coming this week...till this Sun (Dec 6)...
  15. good for you... uncle will be on Garmin Connect... .MOVE. app aiya...cannot connect with any other apps and yet get 1.8 out of 5 stars...compare apple to orange... uncle has Tested/Verified in past week... Strava shall be uncle's backup App on Phone... Tips for why upload manually from Phone app can be better... if uncle uses Strava...uncle no need to run "too much virtually" unlike if use Garmin Connect... If uncle must run an "honorable" race...be professional...Garmin Connect is the "Real" Run Timing... because it was announced that "Top 5 Runn
  16. uncle has used both .MOVE. app and KLCSM 2020 VR App...these are uncle's assessment: 1) KLSCM 2020 VR App can be connected and syncd with Polar, Fitbit and Garmin. (+) .MOVE. has none of this. (-) 2) KLSCM 2020 VR App even though is not reliable simply just like .MOVE. developed by a local vendor. [even] 3) Hence, even if you do not really need to run with KLSCM 2020 VR App, it is perfectly ok. As long as you have Polar, Fitbit and Garmin watches...you don't really need to run with the Phone. You can sync and upload the data from the smart watches to the KLSCM 2020 VR App.
  17. uncle from corporate...don't understand what you mean by an "illogical idea" we are just reporting what we get from news resources from all over the world..that's all.. if you can, what are your perspectives on the idea...hope yours are not "illogical" or "senseless" that could lead to an otherwise another "illogical" but "senseless" workable suggestion..sounded corporate enough, right? If that is Trump in the corporate, he would say, "son, you are fired.."
  18. uncle fully agree... any running app will do...how to upload manually... GPX Uploader link - https://app.klmarathon.district-technologies.com/ Practice with the KLSCM 2020 VR App...see Leaderboard for confirmation... Must Know - HOW TO PARTICIPATE https://www.kl-marathon.com/virtual/race-info/how-to-participate/ GENERAL FAQ https://www.kl-marathon.com/virtual/faq/general-faq/
  19. yes...because you have already purchased "your entitlement"...same like other Real Races...Qualification..failure to do so, you don't have a Qualifying Certificate...but all your entitlements are yours to keep. Unless you happen to be a podium runner or this Qualification is important for 2021 Qualifying Entry like WWM...yes, failure to meet... uncle took part in this one... you can register free and get an e-badge...otherwise registered with Run for the Medal... Of course, motivation will be higher if you paid for the Medal with Run.. Statistically, almost 2/
  20. humbly, yes and no... uncle's IAAF certification level 1 is a community coaching (National-level), and because uncle is also a Technical Official [IAAF certification level 1] meaning uncle is certified Coaching and Officiating/Umpiring of races sanctioned by Singapore Athletics (which is also an Affiliate of World Athletics) This is just passionate time, not full-time, of course uncle receive allowances for attendance and contribution at SA. Positively, 2021 likely will have more competitions as we officials had recently done 50 persons only in per session (1/2 day) with no spectat
  21. uncle shall be starting collecting "cummulative" mileage in achieving 88.88 KM from Dec 1 (Tuesday)... with the KLSCM 2020 VR Full Marathon this weekend also...should be do"able" be completed by this Sunday... for those who had not signed up...20 December 2020...celebrating CNY 2021 with medal, coin, finisher-tee with a Virtual Challenge.
  22. dear all, it has been quite a very long journey for uncle in SCSM Virtual Club...Challenges [Badges] and VR [Races] add SCSM [Grand Finale] Thank you all for being part of the forum thread. bye
  23. For those who signed up...VR starts from 12am 5/12/20... A Guide and Tips for you... Uncle signed-up 2 FM Slots: 1 for Medal and 1 for Fun (backup and as well as bad weather) shall be using Garmin Connect and sync with the App (done), tested with Practice Run 75KM (done) and on uncle's conclusive assessment: 1) KLSCM VR App is not Accurate and Reliable (especially if the hp battery runs low)...you simply cannot STOP...and meaning...the Time Resumes [by default] 2) Garmin Connect with Garmin Watch is to be the official one for all who want
  24. Hi all, just drop by to share uncle's 1-day conclusion of 2020 SCSM [Grand Finale] for Double Up Challenge. Rain this morning disrupted uncle's first 10KM before 6:30am. So, completed 21.1KM in the afternoon, unusual humid, even though the rain stopped hours later... Heading to KLSCM 2020 next...anyone interested to take part in the Virtual Race from next Saturday after 12am..uncle shall specially be guest there... Bye from this great Forum thread. Wish all who yet to complete any challenges, just do it!
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