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  1. If the weather condition is "unfavourable"... then decide... as for uncle, the virtual "hilly run route" will be uncle's choice as challenging cross country alternative based on uneven terrain..and for practice run on 6/2...revisit and repeat with better timing...with faster pace... anyone wants to join uncle for 10KM "Hilly Route - Mount Faber Hill - NUS Sports Stadium"...6/2? since our timeline for selection of Team sgRunnersFinal4 is March 7...best sgRunner timing shall be based primary criteria - Cross Country route only....unlike Roads, fallen rain water is "siphoned" to un
  2. As Team Captain, uncle invite Friends (Members of Teams) by default to RunKeeper. Both Members and uncle can view each other performance with trust and confidence, who are Running or Not....those Not, better practice... Of course, during practice runs...these are unofficial Running records....which if you have decided to become official...just submit result manually by individual member how - screen capture visually [HH:MM:SS] on date and time, optional - include "link" of that activity which includes GPS Map and Hourly Split Time 1-10KM ++.. elevation would mean if you are "cross-c
  3. @Lady Ice, you can choose either Team sgRunnersUnited or Team sgRunnersHi10! Since you are ready to start, uncle shall start-off on 6/2 (Saturday) with Team sgRunnersHi10!..as Team Captain...and you as co-Team Captain...we shall lead the way... You can still complete Team sgRunnersUnited at later date till March 7... For all Team members.. you can start ANYTIME ANYPLACE....no obligations, no commitment for any Meet-ups...Just Do IT! Best wishes, run your best and be ranked for 10KM x 4 relay team : <Asia> <Singapore>. Based on ASICS World Ekiden 2020 Ch
  4. Team sgRunnersFinal4 shall be invitation only with FOC and shall be based only on result of the best member in Team sgRunnersUnited, Team sgRunners2021 and Team sgRunnersHi10! after Virtual Challenge by March 7. All Teams shall attempt to complete their virtual challenge by March 7 in order to be ready for Team sgRunnersFinal4. It is our sincere wish that Team sgRunnersFinal4 shall be the best sgRunners to represent Singapore in 2021.
  5. updates: Dear Team sgRunnersUnited, Team sgRunners2021, Team sgRunnersHi10!, Just to let you know, there currently 24 Entries for this Relay Tournament. We already have 3 Teams and 4 (to be registered in March) from Singapore. Qualify - "Each member of the relay team must be from the same country. Relay teams will be ranked globally, based on your continent/region, and based on your home country." Prepared to be ranked <Asia> <Singapore>.1st, 2nd, 3rd Plus opportunities to Win other prizes (TBA) from sponsors...
  6. Thank you co-Captain @Lady Ice for Team sgRunners2021. Members of the Team have been long-time sgRunners who had been "inactive" due to work and family commitment. They could only be reached via emails and personal chats, as well as, they are all newbies to Virtual Race. Team sgRunnersHi10! - Kohpapa, Lady Ice, <reserve>. We just need 1 member. Since the response has been overwhelming better than expected, we extend invitation to reach out to ALL (including those whom we have PM with no response, or, in case you have changed your mind and decided to join). We shall open (
  7. Being to Chestnut Park...actually that is part of "woodcutters trail"...lots of bikers go there on weekend...it should be accessible from Zhonghua Park...underpass of the expressway... Likely, not many know how to get there... Let's first meet at MacRitchie... next bukit timah hill or dairy farm...and instead to mandai...proceed to Checknut Park from Zhonghua and U turn to bukit timah hill or dairy farm... last meet bukit panjang park to mandai (central catchment reserve) and U turn.. we want to make sure only 10KM...run/hike...just for simply exploring, team bonding..
  8. actually uncle registered this Finish Line Package of 5K, 10K and Half Marathon...Adidas Tees...Medals...in 2020 #FinishStrongChallenge... expecting package to arrive in March for International...started shipment in US... this multi-distance relay is no longer offered in 2021... so uncle is one of BAA 8,000 virtual race "qualifiers".... just need 1 Boston Marathon Virtual Race registration with Medal from BAA will be bearly happy...
  9. It is only for Top 3 Teams...Prizes...basically for local residents in Japan.. unlike THE WORLD ATHLETICS CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIP, BATHURST 21 GLOBAL CHALLENGE (1 FEBRUARY - 21 MARCH 2021)
  10. welcome back, bro, it has been quite a while (year or months) that you have last shared and now created an interesting thread... even if it is forever, then what's next? uncle as Technical Official in SA since Nov has been involved in Competition Races in recent months...250 Limit Per Session.. shall let you know if there will be Real Runs with ActiveSG's Covid-19 protocol.. in some overseas races uncle knows recently, yes, that would mean a booking of slots based on waves...with limit to few hundreds... https://www.therakhalfmarathon.com/entry-fees/
  11. Updates: Good news, you do not need runkeeper app to sync with your race event... you can submit results with manual entry and visual image of your evidence of "how you capture your results"... this shall be the 10KM Relay result "published" for viewing..
  12. If you interested in Virtual Race with 5K Finisher Medal of B.B.A....125th Anniversary...
  13. Updates: Team sgRunnersUnited - Kohpapa, Lady Ice, Beast, Starfinder Team sgRunners2021 - Kohpapa, Wonderfulblevic, thelonelyrunner, <reserved> @Lady Ice has been actively recruiting for the Team members (especially for sgRunners2021 members who had not been actively in the forum) thank you for your effort, even though you are busy in job in UK, EU and projects in US.... Behind the efforts of recruitments...we have sincerely reached out to both "active" and "inactive" members, including our Founder - thelonelyrunner. no hard feeling, bro, you have bee
  14. Dear Team sgRunnersUnited and Team sgRunners2021, This is follow-up from the initiative from the Team sgRunnersUnited... Suggestion for our first meeting on 7/2 (Sunday) from 730am - 10am @Macritchie Objective: 1) Get-to-know each other 2) Familiarization Hike/Run 3) Ranger Station (3KM) / Tree Top Walk (4KM)..Team can complete and return to Start Point at Paddle Lodge @MacRitchie. Uncle has a personal agenda: gearup for Virtual Race Challenge..."snow"running/hiking.. need to log-in mileage.. uncle shall proceed to Rifle Range Road Trai
  15. uncle shall share a "lobang" for those who wants to be "marathon" ready..and wants to be challenged for "Global Marathon challenge" in 2021... in 2020, AWMM Global Run Club offered Virtual Challenges... and Virtual Race.. Expect that in 2021... there will be Olympic Marathon + 6 WMM events packed from August to November... Virtual Challenges... Virtual Challenge vs Virtual Race - Multiple submissions vs Single submission (within 24-hour with no pause on running app)... Be Prepared, Be Motivated, Be Challenged... Possibly, SCSM 2021 [Fin
  16. So, better be 10KM ready...anytime...anyplace.. Tips - 1) prepare your 10km virtual route 2) practice with runkeeper app. 3) walk/run on the initial stage...to be famailiar with your 10km virtual route...and your runkeeper app... stop - continue - end..however, on race mode, runkeeper is Start and End...shall update you nearer to you "Race" day... 4) plan your break zone...hydration, toilet... 5) uncle chose 0KM Start as Home base, with 3KM, 5KM loop... 6) 2-3 loops route preferred, otherwise if you can tahan 10KM...make sure you mark where you want to hydrate/break 7) 1
  17. Noted with thanks... and what, you also have contacted thelonelyrunner - our sgRunners Founder... great job, @Lady Ice likedat, we may standby for those who yet to respond with Team 3... Team sgRunnersHigh10! - Team Captain (TBA) meanwhile, Team sgRunnersHigh5! remain open for non-competitive consideration... PM @Lady Ice or uncle Thank you. Update: @wonderfulblevic, welcome and you are in Team sgRunners2021.
  18. different strategy from the different regions of the world... that is, hoping on herd immunity via mass infection in mostly Western Countries/Europe...free with no obligation and not mandatory to wear masks... vs Asian countries herd immunity via mass vaccination...and the mandatory to wear masks.... border containment..with the new COVID variant spreads even rapidly...making many parts of the world deciding to close their borders once again...is now the new "normal" in 2021... vaccination...nobody knows yet the side-effects...and will the vaccine be able to handle the new
  19. no worry, Team sgRunners2021 shall be remained opened for Febuary and March... anway, uncle got "special" entitlements surprises from Organizer for early registrations...TBA... for those whom we have privately invited via PM...thank you for NO Reply - means NOT Interested. We also thank you for those Who had Replied. No problem...we understand...no explanation needed... Let's Move On...February 2021 shall arrive with the celebration of Lunar Chinese New Year (OX)... followed by our 2021 Global Relay Race... Of course, Team sgRunners2021 will be a reserved Team for the
  20. uncle just wants "to have fun"...with ALL Bi/Triathletes (multisports), Individuals who are under the All Sports category... according to plan, 10KM, 21KM.... FYI: Tri fitness - tri who fitness to "bike" 40KM is good enough for 10KM in "run"... tomorrow, guess what uncle is going to "blitz"...... rest well everyone...tomorrow is just another "virtual" challenge for uncle to end January 2021... have a great weekend....everybody update: 30 hours to go...Jan 2021 ending... ok...interestingly....looks like Runners/Walkers/Bikers of SCSM V
  21. Team sgRunners2021 (4 x 10KM) has been created. On behalf of Team Captain @Lady Ice, we welcome 2 more Team Members to join us. Uncle shall be co-Captain. PM if you are interested.
  22. maybe "Rachel See" was motivated by uncle... sometimes we chased each other...day and night.... must be wondering...who the hell is kohpapa...who runs sunrise and sundown... maybe got nightmares about uncle even "running" during sleep...stalking....poor "Rachel See"...kena chased by uncle in 2021...for next 5,000KM...
  23. so far, with days counting down to end of January... uncle maintained top 20... in recent days/weeks, uncle seemed to have been trailing/leading "Rachel See" - Singapore Woman Marathoner in action... yap...sometimes we were mere 100 metres from each other...other days - half marathon away...and as of now ... we are mere...less than 15KM...lol... well, ending January tomorrow with days 29, 30 and 31... notice... most of top 20 are already in their 500th km... so, as "Rachel See" and uncle seems to be just positions away...sometimes uncle leads..sometimes "Rac
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