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  1. uncle who had made previous posts on this event, and with the following updates made...


    On 4/17/2021 at 11:02 AM, lonewolf said:

    Yeah. I also think allowing 6 runs is over-generous. A more reasonable number would be 4. But I suppose by allowing up to 6, it is still up to the individual how he want to challenge himself. 

    Pink Apple is just kicking the can down the road. 

    Imagine giving the 10,000+ runners who registered in 2019/2020 a free entry to the next physical run. That's easily a few hundred K of lost revenue (even if only half take up the offer)

    How would they make up for the shortfall? :unknw:Maybe they will charge $50 for a 5K, $75 for 10K and $100 for the HM. :money:


    Kudo credited : International runners from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia will be entitled for free mail delivery service.

    The shortfall There will be those who sign-up for the Virtual Run in 2021 who will get discount for the next physical run...and many new entrants are from both Local and Overseas for the next physical run...

    Yes, Pink Apple has the financial means because they have built up "loyalty" in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

    For those who have signed up, enjoy up to maximum of 6 submissions...initially Virtual Race [1 submission] which has become Virtual Challenge [multiple submissions]...

    submissions start from April 26...according to updates from FB.

    Congratulations on your finisher entitlements and a free entry for the next physical run. 😃

    The next physical run will be a new normal of future races with Covid-19 Safe Event Management. Again when that happens, we still don't know.



  2. Uncle is proud to announce Team sgRunners Excellence Report Card in the Cross-Country Challenge Competition :


    Well done, sgRunnersTeams. You are indeed Singapore Elites. 👏

    Latest: an excellent re-run by @beast for Team sgRunnersUnited....


    We are Top 4 in Singapore/Asia...


    Our results range from 47:17 to 1:03:36...and that makes us one of the strongest contention with the Rest of the World for the Global Best.

    The Global Challenge has been extended to 30 April.

    We hope to be in Global Top 10 with better faster time.

    Uncle would like to take this opportunity to bid all here, as well as members of sgRunners Forum, the very best in your future endeavours.

    Thank you and bye bye. Uncle is leaving to spend more time on personal pursuits of ultra distances events, as well as attending to National call of duty to serve the Singapore Athletics.

  3. it was just commercial...



    because of Ironman suffers losses...offloads by Wanda Sports...as well as Covid-19 Pandemic when many Triathlon events are cancelled...




    It was no surprise...SCSM 2020 Virtual Grand Finale...


    you get such crappy finisher medal...

    It is about time for Singapore Marathons Series...to reflect and consider...to offload Ironman...as Organiser!


  4. On 2/4/2021 at 4:54 AM, kohpapa said:

    how - screen capture visually [HH:MM:SS] on date and time, optional - include "link" of that activity which includes GPS Map and  Hourly Split Time 1-10KM ++.. elevation would mean if you are "cross-country"...expect to be up-and-down... so if uncle has done Hill Run say...ascent from Mount Faber Hill...to NUS Sports Stadium (Lower Kent Ridge Road)...


    of course, you can see at 9KM mark, uncle "running" like carry punctured tyres...because that is at Kent Ridge Hill accent...15degree for at least for 1km...sibei siong...puff puff puff....from Hort Park...entering to Science Park 1...on route to NUS campus...






    Next week I will try a hilly route. Run soon.

    Better time of 1:21:42 (Sep 26, '20) Mt Faber >> Telok Blangah Hill >> Hort Park (Alexandra) >> Kent Ridge Park >> Science Park 1 >> NUH-NUS Lower Kent Road >> NUS Sports Stadium...shall be uncle's return to the hilly route...next week...👌

  5. On 2/19/2021 at 1:27 AM, kohpapa said:

    Italy..HM (to be completed by Feb 28)


    Australia..3 x marathons Challenge


    left with 1. Great Ocean Road Running Festival 23KM...


    Completed with just this submission...


    good enough for both HM and 23KM Virtual Race/Challenge Events...😁

  6. On 2/19/2021 at 12:53 AM, Lady Ice said:

    Be amazing if we stay first!!!

    Amazingly, @thelonelyrunner has attempted with his latest result submission entries...


    and another 47:47 timing for Team sgRunners2021...progressively into Sub-40 [10KM]. 👏


    We remained Rank #1 and #2 and thelonelyrunner is currently Rank #1 10K Relay Runner in the the Global Challenge for 10KM Relay. Congratulations. 👍

    Team sgRunnersHi10! is presently Sub-4 hour [40KM Relay] 

  7. uncle expects SCSM 2021 shall have Virtual Marathon with almost same price as before with crappy entitlements....with no add-ons option...sponsors' items...inluding tee and others like shoe bags etc..

    and we pay on the expenses for our DIY virtual race nutrition and hydration needs...yes, toilet/washroom needs....of course, now no more embarrassment to "Drink Water from Toilet" because it is FOC option... 😁

    however, uncle notices Virtual Race popular routes are getting more congested due to besides runners, Bikers also shared the same footpaths or even PCNs...uncle also use Cycling path because there are simply too many walkers/runners on Runners' Lanes...

    hence, finding less crowded/congested race routes become a challenge...and "secret" ... 

    coming March '21, uncle has expected at least weekly Virtual Race of 10K, HM and Marathon...

    Japan...10K, 16K, HM and Marathon




    Italy..HM (to be completed by Feb 28)




    Australia..3 x marathons Challenge


    left with 1. Great Ocean Road Running Festival 23KM...

    remembering in 2020...Australia...Completed this one...



    finisher medal was received 2 weeks ago....



    and 10K Relay (on-going)


    new Team sgRunnersFinal4! (4 x 10KM Relay)


    Looking forward to March 2021....not forgettng...SCSM Virtual Club Leaderboard....500KM/month...target...😁

  8. welcome back, AutumnRunner if you want to join us...

    uncle shall start Team sgRunnersFinal4!... are you interested?

    All members of the 2021 Teams are eligible for Trip to Australia if any of the sgRunners Teams are selected...😁.

    The only condition for each member is to run fast fast and run with their best effort.

    We shall open invitation for ALL for the Final time Team sgRunnersFinal4!.

    Don't miss the Opportunity to Run as Team sgRunners Relay Members (10KM)..as a Global Challenge Team..

    PM uncle... by this Sunday (21/2) 😃

    Note: For those whom we have privately "invited" and you have yet replied, you are most welcomed to join us.

  9. On 2/1/2021 at 4:36 AM, kohpapa said:

    uncle shall share a "lobang" for those who wants to be "marathon" ready..and wants to be challenged for "Global Marathon challenge" in 2021...

    in 2020, AWMM Global Run Club offered Virtual Challenges...


    and Virtual Race..


    Expect that in 2021...

    there will be Olympic Marathon + 6 WMM events packed from August to November...


    Virtual Challenges...

    Virtual Challenge vs Virtual Race - Multiple submissions vs Single submission (within 24-hour with no pause on running app)...

    Be Prepared, Be Motivated, Be Challenged...

    Possibly, SCSM 2021 [Final Finale] will offer a Marathon Virtual [Challenge] or Virtual [Race] or Run [Limited to Waves] over the weekend [Dec 3-5]...😀

    Latest from AbbottWMM on Virtual Races...




    what it means to uncle...

    in 2020...uncle was officially ranked "Virtual" Race in Age Group Category...Autumn Marathon 2020 Virtual Race (Single Submission)


    May 2021...uncle registered AbbottWMM Global Marathon 2021 Virtual Race (Single Submission)


    and with the registration of Oct 3, 2021


    and register this one in Nov 7 (scheduled) soon...


    which uncle took part in 2020...


    of course, uncle is always waiting for announcement at BAA Athletes' Village for this one...

    boston virtual marathon

    Looks like Virtual Race Entry for AbbottWMM Age Group Ranking is very likely for the following soon...


    Well, because of Covid-19 Pandemic (2020-2021), Rules of Virtual Races have become the Norm even in AbbottWMM series...😄

  10. Interesting Question: What if Team sgRunners (any of the 3 Teams) qualify or was invited or through lucky draw was picked to go to Australia?

    All members of the 3 Teams will be invited to join, regardless if one of the chosen Team sgRunners was picked by the Organizer.

    So, when you run in this Global Virtual Challenge, just think, if you are competing in Australia virtually now, how would you want to run along side the Rest of the World? Run fast fast lah?


    4 Weeks to go...😀

    Yes, Team sgRunnersFinal4! shall be as a Reserve Team after March 7...Invitations only...


    Lobang: Only for those who have been following uncle in this forum thread...and Dear Team Members:

    ROAD TO TOKYO MARATHON 2021 Virtual 10K.. Registration is FREE




    Registration is till Feb. 15th 5 p.m. 2021 (JST)...TODAY!



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