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  1. Well, it is time to move on to SCSM [Grand Finale] from here, shall we? As Team Captain of Teams sgRunner2020, sgRunner and sgRunnersUnited, uncle would bid you goodbye to @beast, @starfinder, @Lady Ice and @AutumnRunner. Thank you for the memories of Once we were sgRunners United. In uncle's 10th year in sgRunners, this shall be the best to be remembered as "We Raced against the Best of SG and The World Elites". Even though this event is Virtual Race, the rules can be made flexible for there is not need to really form a Full Team, whoever can start first, just go ahead.
  2. Sure bro, uncle also will be ending 2020 with Virtual Races with Medals...rest and recover well heading to 2021 [we are still in Covid-19 pandemic]... Now are you convinced, because of Covid-19 in 2020, why everyone has become Virtual Race Runner or Virtual Challenge Runner or *AR (Rouvy) Runner *AR (Rouvy) Run is an alternative to Swim Leg in IM Virtual Race...(Run) - Bike - Run...that is an IM Virtual Race format. Uncle wishes all, the very best to 2020 SCSM [Grand Finale], Happy Thanksgiving Week also. Announcement: This will also be uncle's farewell from this Forum, as
  3. uncle agrees...since joining SCSM Virtual Club, from Week 6 VR6 [mid sept] heading to SCSM [Grand Finale]... Weekday Virtual Challenges (badges), Weekend Virtual Races (races) Of course, a week from after next...uncle heads for another one SC Marathon...Registered 2 FM events with this one...KLSCMarathon... KLSCM 2020 Virtual Run - One Marathon Virtual Run for Fun, the Other Marathon Virtual Run for Medal... anyone wants to join uncle?
  4. dear @Lady Ice, uncle is actually here... https://s.tgr.run/ you can register here... https://runnerreg.com/portal/registration/stgr-marathon-vr https://s8.gifyu.com/images/strava.jpg last sunday, uncle ran Marathon Virtual Race...currently Male 42K Top 10 ... today, uncle ran 1/2 Marathon.. expected to be Male Top 10... so is @pris, Female Top 3... What you need is Strava app...to upload results uncle next will be going for 10K and 5K...RunFaster... and add-on Finisher Wood
  5. Result: Global Top 2000 Elite (8,085 total entries) Congratulations to Team sgRunnersUnited. SG Top 30
  6. aiyo, good morning [SG Time], @AutumnRunner must beat @Lady Ice best PB in 5KM to make Team sgRunnersUnited to become Singapore Top 15 and Global 700 Elite..no wonder RunFastest 4 is so "stressed"... Latest : Singapore Top 30 and Global 1400 Elite...
  7. yes, uncle returns to SA...to serve since after 2015 SEA Games... SOH returns to SA...to race for Singapore since after 2017 SEA Games (missing from 2019 SEA Games) SOH can continue with the following incentives and benefits... of course to don with Under Armour...SA's Apparel Sponsor...when representing Singapore in the World's Sports Events...except non-IAFF (World Athletics) sanctioned events... will this happens again...Under Armour ... .. like with 2XU? well...2021...uncle wishes SOH all the best in his runni
  8. aiya @beast, uncle is not interested in SCSM [Grand Finale] ever since they announced, there is no Virtual Marathon Race category...so disappointed...collect so many e-badges and thousand credits for what... look at 2020 KLSCMarathon...towards the end of the year 2020...a VR Edition...they give you a medal with 42K provided you complete in 1-day. That is uncle's choice of any Virtual Marathon Race. 1-day only just like 2020 London Marathon Virtual Race and other WMM races... if not for the WTHuat delivery fee so steep for overseas addresses...uncle would have pre-Order the medal. B
  9. wah, with Nov and Dec VIrtual Races...so closely... to end 2020...uncle shall complete to fit into the schedule...SCSM [Grand Finale] VR and 2020 KLSCM VR: SCSM Grand Finale VR Double Up Challenge [21K + 10K] on 28 Nov. 2020 KLSCM VR 42K (concurrently with *Lunar Run 2021 Virtual Ox Run 42.2K)...kill 2 birds with 1 Run....on 5 Dec after 12am. another *Lunar Run 2021 Virtual Ox Run 46.88K on Dec 6 to complete Lunar Run 2021 Virtual Ox Run 88.88K 21K+10K+42.2K+46.68K = 120.08K... "Want" "To" _ . _ "Huat" Challenge siong but do'able lah!...
  10. yes, very cruel but true...sgRunnersUnited must beat sgrunner2020 from Top 20.... unbelievable, while uncle was checking STGR Marathon Virtual Race Results...our very own sgRunner @pris was also ranked in 21K Virtual Race.... aiya, no prize money, just having fun getting free race credits... uncle is not a regular here..meaning if as a T8 runner (with TGR accumulative regional competitions)...then... Statistically, Marathon Virtual Race, 9 out of 10 will never complete within 8-hour.
  11. KLSCM 2020 Virtual Run... https://www.kl-marathon.com/virtual/race-info/how-to-participate/
  12. Where are we in Top Global 800 Elites and Top 20 SG as Team sgRunner2020... calling RunFastest 4 (for) Team sgRunnersUnited....OTOT....you are the very best...chong ah!
  13. We worried that the you have taken the Cats as pets instead... but, very good 5KM result, we need the best time to "propel" the ranking of the Team sgRunnersUnited. We shall be heading to SCSM [Grand Finale] forum thread soon, join us there, and [Double up! 21KM + 10KM] Challenge...register https://www.sgmarathonvc.com/ with SCSM Virtual Club's sport heroes platform and integrate with Runkeeper...and you are on... show your results here...leaderboard.... cats chasing...zombies chasing...this time they have to be more "endured and fast" to catch up....
  14. @Lady Ice, thank you for completing your race for Team sgRunnersUnited. We are very thrilled by your very best effort (PB)
  15. thank you @beast... yes, uncle sign-up...bib number slot with distance category yet..app not ready... no commitment on merchandize say only medal... S$ x 0.33... what if add t-shirt...not worth it...Delivery fee from facebook... https://t.co/MBMOMqAVEq?amp=1 sometimes, uncle got to use translation from bahasa melayu to english https://www.kl-marathon.com/virtual/faq/general-faq/ Note: Registrations will continue until 3 December, 4pm. There will be no specific cut-off times for each respective
  16. not ended yet....stll got Sotong 1 and RunFastest 4 (for) Team sgRunnersUnited.
  17. AR ones, not interested...if can do VR 10KM and VR21KM again, because last time VR9 [Bonus Up!] even if you do VR9 [9KM] and VR {11KM], they took the timing and updated at VR [Bonus Up!] only... Anyway, good luck to those...93KM.. uncle registered and is ready for 88.88KM... that one at least got Medal, Finisher Tee, Gold Coin of Ox, and Cert.. entitilements cheaper than inflated price of SCSM [Grand Finale] Finisher Bundle Premium...
  18. uncle 6 finished... Global 675 Elite...Singapore Top 20
  19. no worry bro... sotong 1, uncle 6 and runFastest 4 for Team sgRunnersUnited...decided! have a good run and weekend... uncle going to SCSM [Grand Finale]....for a Half Marathon +++ Test Run Week 13
  20. aiya, @beast and uncle know lah...do [Double Up!] in 2-session...Nov Weekend can do'able' lah! and we got date and planned for December 1st weekend...with 88.88KM [1-session] some more uncle "give lobang" to @beast in previous post...uncle thinks you can easily reach beyond 150KM by next week...If uncle worked as hard as you...from 300KM...attempt reaching sebei shiok! Half-Thousand KM chong [21KM + 10KM] + 88.88KM = 119.88KM Challenge [3-session] for we "want" "want" "forever" "dot" "huat" "huat" stretched over 2 weekends... how can we be so stressed when we are mov
  21. Any run is a good run, bro and thanks, we shall be going to SCSM [Grand Finale] and show our results at SCSM [Grand Finale] forum thread. As Team Captain of sgRunner2020, sgRunner and sgRunnersUnited, we say Thank You to @beast and @starfinder for completing their best efforts in 2020 of World's Ekiden Marathon Challenge vs The Rest of the World's Best Elites. Because of Covid-19, when all races are cancelled, we could still race as One United sgRunners, it is really unbelievable many months ago but it is very true, we did it like in place run, remotely, but, remained contactab
  22. watch this video first... also from FB: https://www.facebook.com/Vivian.Balakrishnan.Sg/videos/3717182628301526/ anyone going and test test, but honestly, what is the objective...who actually is doing the run...homebound People with Special Needs...10m apart...with your assistance/integration...or you enjoying you run...10m part from the homebound People with Special Needs who need to integrate with you...
  23. what is an antigen...vs...an antibody In person event to go ahead but an antigen covid test is required..confirmed... Actually, those who opt not to attend in person, shall go for Virtual Edition. Uncle's concern... it is better that there will not be any integration of - homebound People with Special Needs - Outdoor loving people better to be safe...there should not be any Contact at all... It is possible to think of a reason why not to join Run for Inclusion 2020! - Giles (Runninghour Guide)...because of Covid-19...just canc
  24. Latest Races update... *Team sgRunner finally Completed with no DNQ, and was updated on Leaderboard. ** Team sgRunnersUnited updated... @starfinder, your run is qualified and updated in the Leaderboard, congratulations for your effort about 24 hours ago... * Special Credit to @beast for having achieving 2 legs for Team sgRunner with Leg 4 [5KM] and Leg 6 [7.125KM], in spite there was a holding delayed time on uncle's Leg 5 [10KM] (whether DNQ or what-not technical issues). ** Special Credit to @beast for having Practice Run 10KM and Race Run 10KM for Team sgRun
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