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  1. As long as there is still no vaccine and cure. As long as new clusters can emerge and the infection won't stop. As long as there are waves expected after another one. As long as WHO did not declare we are Covid-19 free... dear @Lady Ice, perhaps we put the all the research of the past, and the fear of the current pandemic aside, otherwise, off-topic discussions, we are not medical experts, nor are we from the WHO, we merely just report...and because the timeline could be months or even years away when recovery can take place... Which phase are we now? How much distance to keep? And how are 'self-isolation' and 'quarantine' different? (info - https://cnalifestyle.channelnewsasia.com/wellness/how-much-distance-should-you-keep-12562110) Uncle ends this here - last post, shared on thoughts on how Covid-19 actually impact races. Yes, future races will definitely not be the same as what they use to be because of Covid-19..."sanatized" with social distancing with responsibility...wondered how that is going to be like? We are "awakened", as a community to stand united... be kinder to mother earth, just like how we had been protected when we once were stuck and we still manage to go through the crisis... and to the fronline - health staff best wishes to all...here at this forum thread..
  2. It’s natural to compare the two outbreaks, keeping in mind just how severe the Spanish flu outbreak was. While Covid-19 could get much worse, if we fail to adequately adopt measures like social distancing, aggressive testing , and quarantining. It is all about social responsibility. Keep us updated on what and how UK handles Covid-19, which is a little different from SG. The role of govts are to care for their people, of course, mindful of how Covid-19 has impact the economy. Here in SG is GDP. When going running, have been taking a 10m distance from people. We don't have issues here, except now we must maintain group of 10 and below, and social distancing at 1m till mid-April Perhaps, we focus on future races with social distancing, how would that impact races - announcement to register (with transparency with if there a Refund in the event of postponement and cancellation for any reason), rpc venue, reporting to pen, is it going to be more wave starts, race routes must cater for social distancing, finishing at ending, "Move on" maintaing social distancing, exit from race site, keep 10 or 50 or 250 always... Definitely, uncle will skip any race this year for reasons that Covid-19 is not free, and understanding pandemic operates in waves, up and down, no idea how many more after the 1st wave - 3 weeks from now. Will there be 2nd or 3rd wave..only the medical experts from WHO can advise us, with the govt implementing advisory and enforcement of rules and laws for non-compliance. Keep strong and "active" running program...whether 7m or 12m or 20m in home or outdoor. The world will not be the same after this pandemic.
  3. Importantly, you must know what you agree when you sign up...and if we were never "awakened" by Covid-19 situation on the issue of Cancel/Postpone or Refund/Bring Forward..we would never know who are the genuine "goodwill" of organizers...if can..in the future, be transparent about T&C.. as Loyalty Runners...we are "awakened"... And will I still sign up if it doesn't change, I would say yes. Your choice, as good as sign up all races, not selectively... but others may re-assess and be selective on their choice of race organizers...because they are not currently given any option (no cancel but postpone. otherwise bring forward or transfer to an overseas race, but NO REFUND)...are you affected by those races currently? OMG! no refund, no sign-up...the same race that was postponed was offered to new participant by March 31..but upon "awakened" by information, said NO. You may want to find out from @wwwlimlim why say no, unlike yours, I would say yes.
  4. Read lah below...use your brain, use your brain... Singapore will jail and fine people who do not keep a 1-meter physical distance in public (info - https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/27/singapore-imposes-jail-and-fines-for-breaches-of-public-social-distancing.html)
  5. thank you dear @RaijinFJ, we took the necessary precaution..SGUnited and we got him...PCK
  6. as a matter of further thoughts on this, yes, a new "sanatized race which is Social Distancing" will have to work out if there have new and upcoming races to be tested...and with that reason, uncle shall skip any mass events (including races)...for the sake of Covid-19 NOT FREE yet.... we have a social distancing in effect...shopping - our favourite pastime... Jail terms, fines for those who breach COVID-19 safe-distancing rules, stay-home notice (info - https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/covid-19-stay-home-notice-safe-distancing-jail-fine-12581510) this will never happen in future race... no need to apologise, because future race must come with a Social Distancing Race Plan - your race routes must be catered for Covid-19 Free requirement...don't blame external consultant for last minute change and impact the race outcome... if this is Covid-19 scenario...what would have happened to them? Irresponsible race organisers...Mother of super-spreaders for event organisers..what will be the best option for them ? Jail them... Yolo Run Race Organisers, are you still around?
  7. OMG! no refund, no signup... credit to @wwwlimlim we have rules and regulations..we are bound by a service agreement is to allow disputes...in case of disagreement...have you read them before you sign-up? 2xu compression run..postpone again...redund? Forest Force 50...postpone again...refund? At least local races are postponed or given option to refund or carry forward to next year...mostly local races that have not stated in their service agreement (rules and regulations)... SDSM 2020 was a flat NO, but offer cancellation (100%) and carry forward to next year... Income run 2020 offered cancellation (100%) and stated reason why it will not postpone... Firstly, for not losing Loyalty Runners (customers)...and Simply...there is an exceptional reason - affected by Local Authority on Limited Restrictions during Covid-19 - having the need to do A -Z to ensure...250 and below...to comply Social Distancing marking...in a normal non-Covid-19 race preparation...this requires additional administration...labour and time and more expenses...so best is to cancel or carry forward (postpone) It is about time, OMG! no refund, no signup....must include bad services such as Water Not Enough, Route too narrowed or unsafe to run such as.. That is why, we sounded Boycott or Voice Out what happened in the past expeeriences at the start of Forum thread... to remind runners...bad running experiences come with no refund even if you should also kpkb (complained in local contact "cry papa cry mama - ibu - malay and bu - dlalect means mother") Future race...OMG! no refund, no signup SDSM 2020....well...no comment...please let us know best...Refund $$$ returns to your pocket only for the Covid-19 reason...negatives and bad experiences of past editions shall carry forward to SDSM 2021 not because of you have Refund or Carry Forward...we also want to read your Refund Policy stated as service agreement next time...and if we don't like it...we then decide otherwise.... We need to improve the sub-standards of some ,if not, most of the local event organisers, for we have been "awakened" by Covid-19. We pay expensively (not on how cheap or expensive or even free) and we deserve the best..`…and yet, at the end of the day, it’s just a race, but we will surely KPKB if it is NOT!'...why, because of Covid-19...things must change for the better! otherwise...
  8. glad you are ok..., children safe in Singapore...can share more on what's in UK...thanks...your instagram and blog...updates... this is the only forum thread that is "active"...the rest are cancelled and postponed...no announcement of new races...due to Covid-19...
  9. Coronavirus: 6 parents of international school students test positive; schools switch to remote learning (info extracted - https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/health/coronavirus-three-parents-of-singapore-american-school-studentstest-positive) (extracted info - https://www.sas.edu.sg/covid-19) Singapore reports 73 new COVID-19 cases, new cluster involving PCF Sparkletots centre linked to 18 cases (info - https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/new-covid-19-cases-pcf-sparkletots-fengshan-mar-25-12574708) Closure of schools and workplaces possible if number of Covid-19 cases continues rising: Lawrence Wong (info - https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/government-economy/closure-of-schools-and-workplaces-possible-if-number-of-covid-19-cases-continues) Well, here in Singapore, closure of schools and workplaces mean....our govt is soon have to take tough measures...despite the potential economic consequences....possibly...city-state can be under "lockdown" (like most countries right now)... You are in safe hands and doubt there will be a lock down whereby you cannot go to the park..otherwise, if really "lockdown", and if PCN (Park Connector Network) and NP (National Park) are banned like in Italy...uncle can join you guys with Virtual Marathon or Marathon aka Ultramarathon back & forth on the 12 meter "course" ... Swim...bathtub 2 meter...back & forth....1930 times...Ironman-style Virtual Biking...like this...Tour de Covid-19 World unofficial source: racing together...in the future...may need to be "sanatized" with social distancing soon...
  10. Man runs marathon on 7-metre balcony during French lockdown (info - https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/21/man-runs-marathon-on-7-metre-balcony-during-french-lockdown) Months ago, a chinese marathoner did this.. latest... Hey guys (and the lucky folks who can still run outdoors)...yes, we are happy that we in Singapore, we have our PCNs and NPs for walks/jogs/run/bike/swim Enjoy yourself at Changi Beach Park Singapore Yes, it is good to be free here...just sharing!
  11. woops...monkeys do it again...yoh....who type SAA... minus A..loh.. thanks @lonewolf, lockdown from malaysia...monkey associates cannot go home...sad and homesick...missing...Kuala Lumpur Standard Chartered Marathon...why no cancel or postpone notice... abuthen, is there SAA...Singapore Athletic Assoication....thought it had changed to SA - Singapore Athletics... Confirm...legally...SAA...is to be Demanded...not SA... never mind...we know who is demanding who..SRY demands of SAA...$300,000 is at stake... so far SRY $15,000 vs SAA $0, if SRY can win $315,000 vs SAA $0 ...huat ah!
  12. updated - https://www.runsohfast.com/post/letter-of-demand-issued-to-saa-for-breach-of-personal-data-protection-act
  13. This reminded uncle of whatsapps forwarded and shared online in recent days which is actually... Covid-19: The Gospel According to Bill Gates...What is the Corona/Covid-19 Virus Really Teaching us? @Lady Ice, may the "fake" Gospel of Bill Gates comfort you and your loved ones, your working associates and partners in your champion on healing Mother Earth - we can make our world a better place . The longer this goes on, the more time our world has time to heal.
  14. How to Stay Physically and Mentally Healthy While COVID-19 Has You Stuck at Home ( and Social Distancing) (info - https://time.com/5804130/covid-19-social-distancing-wellness/)
  15. I.O.C. and Japan Agree to Postpone Tokyo Olympics...will take place in the Summer of 2021 (info - https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/24/sports/olympics/summer-olympics-postponed-tokyo.html)
  16. Returning Singapore residents from UK, US to serve stay-home notices at hotels (info https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/covid19-returning-singapore-residents-uk-us-shn-hotels-12571490) Young pupils staying with recently returned travellers required to go on leave of absence (info - https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/covid19-coronavirus-measures-preschool-primary-school-moe-msf-12571978)
  17. COVID-19 temporary measures: Gatherings outside of school and work limited to 10 people, entertainment venues to close (info - https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/covid-19-temporary-measures-safe-distancing-groups-venues-closed-12571538) an example of how social and safe distancing at a local place of worship...1 meter away, max 10 pax... Minimising social interactions is our latest social responsibility for the sake of slowing down the spread of virus together, till April 30.
  18. Soh Rui Yong Demands on SAA's breaches of duty in respect of the Confidential Documents and under the PDPA (Personal Data Protection act)...estimate damages in the region of $300,000, excluding legals costs and disbursements....Response within the next seven (7) days by 31st March 2020... Letter of Demand Issued to SAA For Breach of Personal Data Protection Act (info - https://www.runsohfast.com/post/letter-of-demand-issued-to-saa-for-breach-of-personal-data-protection-act)
  19. Tri-Factor SeriesSports promoter in Singapore (info - facebook.com/TRIFACTOR.Series)
  20. no choice, they are stuck with this in their Rules and Regulations for years... maintaining NO REFUND status is going to lose more Loyalty Runners....who says the 2xu compression race is over and out...perseverance...postpone...postpone....
  21. just extract from your article of interest: well, it is good to let off your reason for why Covid-19 really impact on Racer... And for the non-runners lurking/reading our posts here...actually these are ex-sgRunners who are still faithfully reading this forum, not because of you and I, it was for the reason, they once loved "running" and once they were like us "passionately" about bonding with the running community when during then, there was no social media, but what do you know...forum in place of Whatsapps, FaceBook, Blogs, Instagram....they were very actively...engaging with one another...organising meetups weekly...some almost keeping with one another during UNI time..yes, before married...now with Family, Career, and of course, reading here to find out...how and why, Covid-19 can really impact races and even runners globally. thank you for your sharing on thoughts of John Bingham there were times of "life just gets in the way". And in thie case of this pandemic, life (yours and other's) must take priority. . thank you again..non-runners lurking/reading our posts ...you are not really lurking...but really once you had been actively here, and we just be the voice of once you have been very actively here at sgRunners...
  22. sharing from our Local and SEA Champiom Marathoner, we call him simply SRY...Soh is supposed to coach an infuencer celebrity Novita Lam for her first marathon at Tokyo Marathon 2020... previously on SKY's Training Tips: Improving speed and form of course, the Tokyo Marathon 2020 was cancelled...so 21st March... smile, @RaijinFJ, yes, you should have bought that treadmill...sorry bro...and take care...please continue to share.... btw, the nice lady of course is not in your wish list right on the treadmill? since you are really "sucked" under "house arrest"...and there is no one beside you in the "house arrest"?..
  23. IOC member says 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be postponed because of coronavirus pandemic (info - https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/olympics/2020/03/23/olympics-2020-ioc-member-tokyo-games-postponed-dick-pound-coronavirus/2899848001/) Decision very soon...only from the IOC and Tokyo organizers.... If the decision is to postpone, WMM XIII Series shall be updated as....
  24. UK coronavirus: Boris Johnson announces strict lockdown across country (extract info - https://www.theguardian.com/politics/live/2020/mar/23/uk-coronavirus-live-news-latest-boris-johnson-minister-condemns-people-ignoring-two-metre-distance-rule-in-parks-as-very-selfish) Cannot go out; Work from home; Shopping for basic items only; Use food delivery services; Police to enforce; Stop more than 2 people in gathering in public; One form of exercise a day - for example a run, walk, or cycle - alone or with members of your household; Say No if your friends ask you to meet...
  25. just to bring into this forum thread what @Lady Ice and uncle had discussed as "off-topic" at SDSM 2020... ALL can now discuss here, what every sgRunner and community can do more to be Covid-19 free...implications on FUTURE races... Yes, the realtiy check is OFFICIALLY, all races for the First Half in 2020 have been Postponed and Cancelled...all respecting the lockdown or restrictions imposed by local authority because of Covid-19... uncle shared..still maintaining but not too exhaustive, injury free, but yet active "race-ready" program... Why to Train Like You’ll Be Racing—Even When You Won’t Be (info - https://www.runnersworld.com/training/a31673148/train-like-you-will-race/) of course, uncle is looking forward to SCSM 2020 [yet to be announced]...so all here can be inspired to be "race-ready"... lastly, we wish @Lady Ice, now safe at UK, and will be reunited safely with family (now in SG, safe) soon.. we know you are strong and surely...we are very envy (very jealous also) of your epic shot with this guy...our Singapore and SEA Marathon Champion...wah...Soh Rui Yong... when and until we are "Covid-19 free" or if there is a vaccine for ALL soon, we should expect many "sanitized" actions required of everyone for future races... our lifestyle..how Covid-19 has inflicted such worldwide epidemic...due to our past actions...we are taking a "pause"...reflection...can we do more? Reflections...shared... uncle has adopted Zero Waste for all tees and medals for years...simply if the World can take time to reflect what these "tangibles" are made of...look at the carbon footprints used to make them...and become disposals later....leaving another trails of carbon footprints... Relooked at Bin It During The Run, Keep It Clean For All...BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) or Cupless at races... DIY Trash...Virtual Races...Gaming (Running Race) Playstation... Social Distancing...
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