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  1. Apology for suddenly departure form last post, and having to come here to share... Soh Rui Yong: What he wants to be and what he aspires to accomplish in 2020. You can take note of what is his aspired Marathon time.. Extracted from Soh Rui Yong FB: (copyright) - for the objective for inspiration to the running community here. Thank you Sasikumar Ramu and CNA938 for getting me on your show for a chat. He asked about my interest in coaching in the future, and this was my answer. The best thing about coaching is the satisfaction you get from helping others fulfill their hopes and dreams. There's simply nothing that beats it, not even your own achievements. Enjoy . Sorry to interrupt you holly jolly mood. End.
  2. Looks like uncle got to return for more dramatic events after 2019 SEA Games for SA: (Info: https://www.straitstimes.com/sport/track-team-rocked-by-coach-ohs-departure) Coach Margaret Oh resigned. "Ashley Liew demands S$120,000 in damages from teammate Soh over ‘false’ claims about sportsmanship act still outstanding." This is with reference on contradiction on SNOC's statement that a "thorough investigation" been done first. But, it was not the case on Ashley Liew case.
  3. From SA FB: Overall we managed to achieve 3 medals, of which 3 are a bronze medal. Results-wise, we achieved 1 PB and 4 SB. Out of the total 28 events the team contested, 12 are debutants athletes. Thank you for all the support! The team will be returning back in Singapore arriving Changi Airport on Scoot flight TR387 2350H, 11th December, Wednesday at Terminal 1. See you all there! End of SEA Games 2019. Thank you for reading.
  4. Now that you are excited about what is ahead of 2020, uncle shall end last post in this forum with this local run video production which have inspired uncle to Run Around Singapore. A trans-Singapore FM route for your consideration. Wishing all, your families, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. End.
  5. my dear @Lady Ice, let uncle explains simply... Abbott World Marathon Majors Wanda The Abbott World Marathon Majors is a series consisting of currently 7 of the largest and most renowned marathons in the world. Wanda Group or Dalian Wanda (Chinese: 大连万达), is a Chinese multinational conglomerate based in Beijing. China's Wanda buys Ironman Triathlon owner for $650 million. Wanda’s business enterprise is to widely market global extreme, endurance sport in the world. Wanda 大连万达 markets and promotes those cities that are in this exclusive club, Abbott World Marathon Majors. Ironman Triathlon is the Event host for SCSM and subsequently an entry candidate in consideration to join Abbott World Marathon Majors. Our Authority seizes the golden opportunity what is about Abbott World Marathon Majors via Ironman (aka Wanda subsidiary) hosting SCSM. IAAF provides the sanctioned Road Race Labels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) Rules and Regulations to any country which want to host must meet the strict selection trial required as entry to the Abbott World Marathon Majors. Invitation to World ranking runners must be regional, not continental only is what the objective of the Platinum Label (new category for those IAAF Road Race Gold Label) starting in 2020. Singapore, being having the financial resources, has the advantage. The disadvantage is the size of participants. In order to increase the size and qualifying runners, she needs to invite regional runners to participate. Expect STB no more Promotion loh (like what @lonewolf said) is to aggressively Promoting the Hub of Marathons of SEA to the World. Mok and Soh had been SEA Marathon Champions. So the Platinum Label which also requires a Race Championship for SEA Best Runners category, fits the IAAF's objective of a regional representation, not continental-based. Soh (or even Mok) can be the Ambassador as well as the Defending Champion of SEA Marathon Contingent. sgRunners, Advisory Running Partner to SCSM-Abbott World Marathon Majors Wanda initiative. We hope that the Authority can take more concerted marketing efforts to inform and promote to the Nation why SCSM entering Abbott World Marathon Majors Wanda is a landmark for Singapore Marathon: * We have the Regional Defending Champions. * We have the Resources. * We have the Venue. * We have the IAAF route (Gold to Platinum Label). * We have the Ironman (Vanda subsidiary) as Host. * We need to have more Participants and Qualified Runners. (Why not race in the Evening?) The only missing stakeholder is the Outcry of the Citizens of the Nation that are not aligned with the Authority and the Running Community on why we want to have Abbott World Marathon Majors Wanda on Saturday Evening (First Sat/Sun of Every December). We must continue to build the "bridge" for better communication, in collaboration with the Authority, looking forward to 2020. Meanwhile, everyone must prepare to chong 4:00:00 - FM (not HM). Some here already are almost there. We are proud of you.
  6. Saga 1: The SA's internal carding system - which allocates athletes up to $1,200 per month based on various criteria - had expired month without the necessary follow-up. (info: https://www.straitstimes.com/sport/officials-say-track-body-must-sort-out-disputes) Saga 2: Against paying Singapore Athletics share of award money (info: https://www.straitstimes.com/sport/football/soh-against-paying-sa-share-of-award) Summary: Soh (did not take part), Michelle Sng (did not win a Gold Medal), and Shanti Veronica Pereira ( Collected 2 Bronzes), the 2 Sagas will not affect Shanti Veronica Pereira because she can stay on with the $1,200 monthly allowance, happily with her Coach, and she gets her 2-Bronze Award for her Performance (and surely gladly give 20% to SA). SA will be delighted with the 2-year Excellence Peak Performance Program till 2021. The greatest loser in the Sagas is Soh because he will not have both - $1,200 monthly allowance, and already based on his PB, he could have collect a Gold Medal from 2019 SEA Games with an Award of $10,000. Even if he will be unwilling to share with the 20% to SA. SA only loss "$2,000" but save $1,200 monthly allowance for Soh for the next 2 years (savings of $28,800). SA -+$28,600 vs Soh -$10,000 - $28,800 (2020-2021) As for Michelle, she already said she wants to retire in 2017, but the surprise Gold Medal on that year makes her a defending Champion. Pain, Injury and Tears - for every jump. Plus she has reached beyond 30, and to be family-focused should be her entitlement in life. High Jump has given her a sporting life and to announce her honourable retirement from the call of Nation. It will be expected. SA - which has been controversial from the core. Change the whole SA? How many times have SA changed? Life as Usual. No change is better then to Change. Whatever. Marathon has been a Gold Medal for SEA Games. We will surely make a comeback. Without SA, marathoning is the only key spark in Athletics that even without $1,200 monthly allowance, Mok and Soh can be regional champions. So you know what Mok's Saga with SA, "Uncle, you say lah, the $1,200 monthly allowance, don't have money how to go overseas for marathon qualification mark closer to SEA Games, use personal paylah!" Now, everyone knows what is SAga is about right? "Money Not Enough, how to run overseas Marathon races." "What I win, is all Mine not yours, SA." "SA : gain $28,600 vs Soh minus $10,000 minus $28,800 (2020-2021)" "Ashley Liew demands S$120,000 in damages from teammate Soh over ‘false’ claims about sportsmanship act still outstanding." Uncle wishes SohRunFaster Gets Lots of Money for the year of the Metal Rat (2020). and many Running!
  7. Uncle salutes to Michelle Sng for her best effort for the Nation with this interview of her painful and also exiting moments when she took up High Jump for Woman because of her passion of "why not?" (info: https://mothership.sg/2018/01/michelle-sng/) A prodigy (she says she is not), a performance High Jumper (she says is unexpected), "no pain no gain" and with tears - she had to go through as her journey - making a come-back, an unwilling Champion (humbly just do my best), and she did it for the Nation because there was no representative for the sports she loved and she has passion about it because she participated as a school-girl - just for the sure fun of it. Thank you, Michelle. You are always the most inspired High Jumper (Gold) and aptly the high jump mama...a respect and inspiration for all here. We wish you the best in everything your heart desire. What's next - SA: a SA-ga-ble NSA.
  8. Why is the Authority (whoever the Stakeholders) are so hype about "Platinum" label aka WMM. Cities/Countries which are ready for "Gold" label upgrading to "Platimum" aka WMM (Selection) Closer to us, Asia: Tokyo Marathon 2020, Major WMM, Host of Olympics 2020 a selected trial for WMM World Championship. Runners can qualify for the 2020 race by nailing the following times, broken down by age group: 18 to 34 years old (3:00 for men, 3:30 for women) 35 to 39 (3:05 for men, 3:35 for women) 1) Marathon: 7 hours; Wheelchair Marathon: 2 hours and 10 minutes.2) 10km Race: 1 hour and 40 minutes; Wheelchair 10km race: 35 minutes.* The time limits are based on the gun time.* The cut-off time will be enforced at each checkpoint due to reasons of traffic control, security, and event operation.* Runners who fail to pass through the checkpoint before the cut-off time will be disqualified from the race. Furthermore, runners who lag excessively behind the cut-off time pace may be stopped to leave the course at anytime. Maximum Paricipation: 37,000 (Marathon - both HM and FM) So wonder why, "Evening Run will actually attract More" Participation and Qualifiers. When we are "selected as trial", hopefully from 2020, 2021 cut-off time naturally will 7 hours or less "to finalise the trial" to entry WMM Collaborative effort of the Authority with the Nation must be part of this effort as shown by the Government of Spain. That will be missing communication in 2019 SCSM. "Simi sai is WMM?" "How would a sai tang run WMM benefit the Public?" "Why the ultra-national level of Road Closure is beyond the F1 Night Race and NDP?" "Who is that Authority that Grant the Permission?" Leave the matter to the Authority to settle to the Public. As a run community which provides the forum is to info, listen, seek levels to fill the gaps of what is and what is not (fake news); Advise to running partners (newbies or those who have passion to run to live ACTIVE and to compete safely that includes injury management issues - "no pain no gain" is never advocated); Advice on "Race Routes" by race organisers (quality vs non-compliance; sanctioned competitive vs recreational/grassroots), example, Sundown Marathon, offered "previous" routes, hydration and nutrition issues, who's who in the race organiser profile; Pricing; Greater Earth Sustainability, Education (Injury Management, Nutrition and Hydration, Running Gears, Training and Race Strategy). Invite previous forummers (founders) who once "created" SgRunner forum from 2005/7 to 2010 to be such active running communities. Notice from "Guest List", they are viewing events as well as chats of the past, which uncle fondly remembered, "Woodcutter Trial Run" was one of the past events which uncle took almost 1/3 of Forum Thread (as usual - silly chat) to explore and hilarious encounters of wild animals and "ghostly" encounters. PM and invite them to share, and just say Hi (1 post). Some of these previous forummers posted like more than 10,000 to 15,000, meaning they had contributed for at least a decade worth of knowledge and experience. Please, join us also. Thank you. Uncle ends with this motivational reason why the Authority wants us to believe in WMM is the better way to upgrade the status of running for passion with this challenge : (marketing hype - of course lah) For those who are able, Go for IT! Yes, bring your national flag along. You deserved it!
  9. Central to the topic of interest: Road Closure and Who is the Authority (Decision)? What is expected in Road Closure for Event? What is important in IAAF Road Race Label Rules for Road Closure. SCSM is driving towards the "Platinum" label as entry for WMM in 2021. fyi, when you sign up for run race, previous experiences of "route" from sgRunners' feedback is important. Running on walking path is never "encouraged", unless this is a recreational run especially at PCN Connectors. Expect that Routes sharing with Bikes and PMDs will have a set of rules from 2020. Yes, Bikers and PMDs can also complain about Runners about their entitlements.
  10. Michelle Sng, 5th Position at 1.75m Jump: Start at 1.65 Cleared. Raise +0.5 at 1.70 Cleared. Raise +0.5 at 1.75 Cleared. Raise +0.3 at 1.78 (Failed with 3 attempts) Women 100 Meter Hurdles (0.838m) Nur Izlyn, Zaini 21 13.92 -0.1 1998 3/8pos, final, bronze Congratulation to Nur Izlyn, Zaini for Bronze Women 100 Meter Hurdles (0.838) As far as uncle knows, there will be no credible Medal athletes for 10 Dec. SA - 3 Medals (Bronze).
  11. Uncle would like to give credit to 2 of our nation's marathoners who did their best in 2019 SEA Games : Alvin Loh Yuting and Gordon Lim Alvin Loh Yuting (info - https://secondwindnation.com/alvin-loh-yu-ting-sea-games-marathon/) Gordon Lim (Info - https://secondwindnation.com/gordon-lim-surprise-sea-games-marathon/) May we be inspired by your determination to do your best. Thank you for representing the Nation.
  12. This is a flashback of 2017: We awaits the verdict for SA after Michelle Sng's Defending her High Jump Gold Medal (Woman) from SEA Games 2017...2 Medals and counting..
  13. This is what will be expected for the new WMM Age Group Qualifier: Fyi to all. Uncles and Aunties run like in their 25ers. This one will be what is in the WMM World Championship. Info: https://www.worldmarathonmajors.com/agwr/how-it-works/ "Even my Grandmother can run faster than you is true." Enjoy.
  14. How does SA selects Regional Best for a Regional Meet? Criteria: Minimum Medal Potential, and Qualifying Mark attained in a sanctioned SA-AAF-IAAF Meet such as Asia Athletics Championship Meet held in April 2019 A prodigy or competitive athlete, coached or otherwise, performance excellence must be "consistent performance" and worthy to represent as Regional Medalist Candidate and Win Medal at Podium (Fair Play and Sportsmanship). Shanti Veronica Pereira, a prodigy and competitive athlele, coached by Margaret Oh (Specialist Coach in Sprints 100m and 200m) are both congratulated for making Singapore proud for 2019 SEA Games Bronze for both 100m and 200m for Woman. If from performance-based and consistency criteria, we shall encourage Michelle Sng, having an exceptional effort of 1.70m in her Finals against the best of Asia at position 10. Can she repeat her first attempt and clearance of 1.83m at 2017 SEA GAMES performance? We are behind you, Michelle, for she has gone through pain, injury, as well.... We wish you all the best for the Nation! 9 Dec, 7:10pm High jump women final
  15. SA: 2019 SEA Games Marathon Selection - Replacement of SohRunFaster "The SEA Game is just another marathon" criteria Who are they in 2019 SEA Games Marathon? 2 months ago based on today's Uncle sharing - Info is extracted from: https://secondwindnation.com/gordon-lim-surprise-sea-games-marathon/ Both Mok and SohRunFaster had consistent performance in 5Km/10Km/21Km/42Km competitions in SA-IAAF/AAF Races including University Youth Meets. There development and progressive programs which enabled the 2 outstanding athletes to be podium and worthy candidates for the Nation's Best and Regional Best shows why. "The SEA Game is just another marathon" selection by SA, had actually derailed from what are the objectives of what the National Sports Body has entrusted to SA, "Where are your Medals to show?". What is your KPI? If likedat, we got hope for anyone here. Wanted: anyone who had been to Berlin Marathon, Boston Marathon, London Marathon, we need to have a replacement National Candidate for SEA Games 2021. Criteria, you must be a worthy Podium candidate. Agreed with @trailblazer (Coach) Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) to develop people with potential to succeed in sports. Ideally, we should start to develop children when they are at young age. However, in Singapore, sporting is ..... For the sake of the Nation, please don't STAD - Short-Term Athlete Development. It has never been the Nation's intention to be bestowed a "Fair Play and Sportsmanship" saga reason and win a dishonourable sensational "S’pore SEA Games men’s marathon gold medal streak broken." Sports build character. Yes, attitude to win and be the best is personal. What is morally wrong, including even if I am given the finisher or podium medal, it is no longer important anymore. What's more it is just sports, and to have used the excuse of "proof me wrong, that I cheated, lied, and based on "factual accounts", even if at disadvantage of 0.5km, or even to disadvantage of a lead of 1km or 2km, a marathoner runner - the sheer perseverance to compete and win the race, no one can describe that feeling..only the best endured wins period. Otherwise, show us evidence of consistency performance, on the field, as well as to show us, "Performing Marathoner" face saving grace? What is your Qualifier-to-Proof. Isn't that the same critieria of 2019 Games Marathon Race? Only the Best represents the Regional Best? SA KPI - 2 Bronze and 0 Goal. The pressure of Gold is now on Michelle Sng for High Jump (Woman). Michelle Sng saga with SA? That one, wait until the event, then we see what's the reaction later on lah... Enjoy 2019 SEA Games (Athletics) with uncle here, exclusively.
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