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  1. wow...aunty @Lady Ice... sure...just like 2020 London Marathon Virtual Race...replayed...24-hour... 5 dec (sat)..shall start 5am Local Time...complete 42.2km..like normal...since uncle got report to work on 7 dec (monday) 3 miles is about 5KM...which is fine...next 1 KM uncle just pick litter..since Pit Stop (hydration and nutrition) is planned for every 6km...preferred route...PCN along Kallang River...hopefully will see otters feasting on fishes... how about the rest? btw aunty @Lady Ice, interested in this one... reply if you are keen over at the ASICS World E
  2. just to get consensus from all: 1) are you excited, so-so, or disappointed by the SCSM 2020 Grand Finale Week announcement? 2) what have you sign-up for and are you going to pay for the Challenge Bundle? to start off, uncle is very disappointed there is no FM. uncle signs up 21KM + 10KM [SCSM Grand Finale VR Double Up Challenge] just for good Stay Strong, Stay Healthy Fun... Not paying for this one... The Weekly SCSM Virtual Club VR and Challenge Events have kept uncle prepared and ready for any Ultra Distance VR events... uncle going for this one tommo
  3. SCSM VR Competition Race Honorably.... https://oly-one-product.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/SCSM/SCSM+VR+Race+Rules+Final.pdf
  4. In fact if you want a Full Marathon, VR 10, VR 11, VR 12, VR 13 may be FM Combination... VR 10 (this Weekend) longest is 15KM, VR 11 - 13, should be a 10KM, 16 or 17 or 18KM and 21KM.. SCSM VR Collector's Medal Series ($99) looks more attractive than the SCSM Grand Finale VR Single ($60) and Double Up ($65).
  5. No FM! Register at SCSM Virtual Club for 21KM + 10KM [VR Double-UP] Option: Pay $65 for the Double Up Challenge Bundle (Prize) at this link: http://bit.ly/scsm2020raceentitlement
  6. @AutumnRunner, send you PM with code to register. Better with Runkeeper apps...all Run as One..
  7. Announcement... https://www.facebook.com/SGmarathon/videos/standard-chartered-singapore-marathon/1156671361472304/?__so__=permalink&__rv__=related_videos Grand Finale VR and AR Events...27 Nov - 6 Dec... Entitlements: Purchase Merchandise here (gear up) http://bit.ly/scsm2020raceentitlement Make your purchase for Prize (Challenge Bundle)
  8. looking forward to SCSM VR10/VR11/VR12/VR13...Finisher Bundles...
  9. Tune in to SCSM 2020 livestream on Facebook today at 5.10pm ...
  10. thank you @beast what @beast did was simply fill-in Leg 6 (last Leg of the Team - sgRunner2020), after committing to Join Team...search sgRunner2020 both uncle and @beast extend invitation to all.. please note, your info (name registered at runkeeper) shall be made "visible"...at uncle's Race Roster... and uncle's runkeeper app...because your Ekiden race activity becomes also "Friend's" activity.. meaning...uncle has become Event Organizer...working with Participants enrolled as Team members "Friends"...at the Race Roster platform...F
  11. started... best of luck...lottery race entry! https://www.bmw-berlin-marathon.com/en/your-registration/registration/lottery/
  12. Confirmed - 2021 Boston Marathon will not be held in April....
  13. France and Germany...second COVID-19 wave sweeps Europe
  14. this is open to all... better to use runkeeper because registration can be done directly.. PM has been sent... @beast you are invited for sgRunner2020 (Men's)...please respond, register (with runkeeper) and reply when you are done. as Team Captain, uncle shall show your registration as Team Member as well as which Leg Runner will you be in the sgRunner2020. btw, if there should be any lack of interest in participation, we shall cancel and close this forum thread because of Covid-19 Pandemic. thank you.
  15. personal experience... maybe for shorter distance...ok..but for longer distance...not very confident...and already most had commented, "it is not accurate"... uncle has removed .MOVE. app... simply it is not accurate and is not reliable... it is better to take an alternative app as a backup...that means that will "use up more" on your hp battery...but, better to be safe and be assured...the alternative app must always save...all the time... not all apps are accurate, even the commercial ones... (> means faster) Strava > Runkeeper > Adidas Running.... so, you k
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