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  1. Celebrating the coming of 15 years of sgRunners...in 2020... well, it is good for all to know....once sgRunners were Siao Garang Runners...
  2. so 3x better (protection)...reuseable up to 30 times...face mask is here... better protection against bacteria...organic cotton and quick dry fit... at least the mask is can filter more "bad breadth"...great...next time when pool is opened, can swim with it....
  3. Gearing up for S'pore GP with live audience, parties despite uncertainty (info - https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/gearing-up-for-spore-gp-with-live-audience-parties-despite-uncertainty) Meanwhile, SCSM Facebook...
  4. Perfectly clear on this in Sg... Covid-19: Should you be jogging or running with a mask on? Find out here (info - https://indianexpress.com/article/lifestyle/health/jogging-running-surgical-mask-covid19-pandemic-6423602/) High-intensity run includes hilly terrain and that is why uncle should be better to not to wear mask. Only while in city/densely populated zone, and when Pavement is to be shared with Others, then Execise (Brisk Walk) and for the Protection of all, Wear Mask Always. What is the type of Mask best suited for Exercise(Run)?
  5. unofficial and unknown source, so do not be alarmed by what some looked upon when this post-pandemic future (timeline) really will look like...this one looks like the 1918 Pandemic (H1N1 virus), aka, Spanish flu as of today's report: WHO warns of 'second peak' in areas where COVID-19 declining (info - https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/who-warns-second-peak-covid-19-coronavirus-declining-12768450) Is WHO warning us about "Second Wave"?
  6. yes, uncle ran with "cori" masks... reusable doesn't mean it is to be recycled for too many times after wash? Definitely, FOC "cori" issued is not really like the Trademark one...even after several washes...several is not unlimited...consumer one and not medical-related disposal...uncle understands if need to dispose after several washes, then better dispose lah...when, you start to smell funny...and after so many years of your life...finally you discovered your breadth really smell like s***....aiya..kidding with reasons...read on... It is absolutely, quite "unbreathable" for Strenous Exercise (Run) especially if the chosen route is on Pavement (shared with Bikers/Walkers) and not PCN. Stoppages and dodging...good if you need to master "Kung Fu" stunts and steps to avoid close "safe distancing" measures, then you must wear mask always is to protect all on the Pavement with social distancing. Great. Heavy breathing means you actually return the to the Clean Air (particles still stick to your breadth from your mouth) You Breathe Out...hopely you no Eat Mala Spicy Hot Food or Halal Rendang or Japanese Shuhi..before you do Exercise (Run)... Importance on Wearing Mask Always along Pavement is you are always in close contact in a narrow path, unlike PCN where you can practice Safe-Distancing like 2 metres (practice in UK by @Lady Ice), as for Uncle 3 metres. Every breadth you give out, there are lots of Bacteria (unless you are sure positive Virus named "Covid-19 Positive" is tested)...and you know Bad Breadth is caused by Bacteria, and not Covid-19 Postivie right? It is known, Covid-19 infection does let the host has the sensation of there is "no taste" after all...even tasting of lemon or lime is...what is that like nothing one... Well, as uncle has been following strictly on the CB rules, wear Mask only if you are not Exercise (Run) on Not-A-PCN. Respecting the protocol, if forced to take Pavements (Not-A-PCN), then Exercise (Walk) and Wear Mask. Otherwise, Run (Exercise) without Mask. As for your "cori" mask durability question, are you currently Exercise (Run) daily? Then, it all depends on your Diet. Maybe can practice Safe Mouth Hygiene before Run (Exercise)....hopefully not disinfectant..like someone respectfully said as "joke"...that one time activity (distinfectant) makes sure...uplorry for untested Covid-19 virus (negative) looking for a host or someone's life that has nothing to do Covid-19 in the first place..just want to Exercise (Run). Sad. Singaporeans to be given improved reusable masks in third nationwide mask distribution exercise (info - https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/health/singaporeans-to-be-given-improved-reusable-masks-in-third-nationwide-mask) Good news, looks more "cori"ed enough, don't you think so, from tomorrow onwards (26 May) for collection...vending machines. Btw, it is time to dispose that FOC "cori"ed First One, which uncle still have. Yes, only uncle knew how bad breadth uncle had for life. At least uncle has that sensation of "bad" smell, better than no sensation at all...meaning only one thing...Covid-19 kena...aiyo..don't say suay thing...pui pui...aiyo cannot spit...aiyo never wear mask....fine, jail or both. Wishes everyone are staying healthy and safe during this COVID-19 period.
  7. dear @Lady Ice and @starfinder, Uncle shall exit from this wonderful Covid 19 Challenges thread by end of this Sunday, with a final Exercise (Run) Ultra! Run Around Neighbourhood(s)... If you've following on updates at Covid-19 on Its Impacts on Races...even After June 1, the Preventive Measures for Exercises..still applies..like during CB/LockDown...Phase 1 (a month later), Phase 2 (months later after Phase 1), Phase 3 (still looking for a Vaccine and if not), maybe Phase 4 (even if a Vaccine is found, still if not, to be continued)... So uncle thinks this forum thread shall have a longer lasting impact, specially for those who truely needs it...Keep Fit with Covid-19 Challenges (Home) with option of Exercise (run) alone...more Routes have already been plotted out...where their neighbourhoods runs route... With the latest on Rail Corridor...uncle had every reason Around Community Neighbourhood(s).. Like yesterday, conversation from Rest Stop at Bukit Timah Railway Station...where are you from? "Holland"...and you, Bukit Timah (Hillview)...and uncle, where are you from..yayapapaya..started from Tanjong Pagar...wah, how far is that...10.5KM...abuthen, not really a smooth journey...in-out-in-out-in-out..grandmother story...almost 10 years ago...uncle did run this green corridor...lol Yap, uncle shall be needed more with engagement with Work after June 1...the real Essential stuff which brings real Income...uncertainty remains after June 1 because Covid-19 surely changes what it was used to be the past success, may not apply for the near future..just like Run (Race)...Cancel, Refund, Postpone, Virtual Race. So, just thank you both for being part of the Essential Exercise (Covid-19 Challenges and Run) Team that brought to sgRunners this wonderful experience...looks like you shall be anchoring from then...best wishes....stay healthy stay strong stay fit...
  8. Do's and Don'ts after June 1... (info extracted -https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/restrictions-on-exercise-gatherings-still-in-place-after-june-1)
  9. they can become menace if they continue to invade homes and eat the Kios... uncle actually seen how otters hunt for fish (catfish - their favourite) in canals...they literall rip of their heads and feed them while remaining...with their back and keep afloat...enjoying their feast...
  10. Uncle did a Familiarization 10km Exercise (Run) for this one Silat (Bukit Merah) to Bukit Timah Railway.... Remembering Green Corridor... Rail Corridor (Tanjong Pagar Railway Station to Bukit Timah Railway Station)... Today, uncle's status of rail corridor [south]: Tanjong Pagar to Lower Delta Road Flyover [Green Fences Barricades] - CLOSED..Uncle entered though a lone (secret) opening at Silat behind Blk 138 Bukit Merah...the Red Pavement is wider which can have accommodate 4 person seen at Silat and Continue to direction of Tanjong Pagar Railway Station... Uncle got Exit via a slope up to the Lower Delta Road. Lower Delta Road Flyer to After Bukit Merah Bus Interchange [Green Fences Barricades] - CLOSED Uncle enters Bukit Merah at Henderson into Rail Corridor. At Tanglin Halt [Green Fences Barricades] - CLOSED. Uncle has to Exit - Faith Methodist Church at Commonwealth Road. On the left is One North Business Park. Tanglin Halt to South Bourna Vista is closed for JTC Infrastructure Buildup. Uncle enters North Bourna Vista via underpass which also link to Bourna Vista MRT into Rail Corridor. This one leads to Jelita Cold Storage at Holland Road. [Green Fences Barricades] - CLOSED. Uncle has to exit from behind Jelita Cold Storage to Holland Road. Go along 6th Avenue toward Bukit Timah, enters an entrance "to a park" via private houses at Greenleaf View. Enters the Corridor and Completes at Bukit Timah Railway Stn. Wah, this 10KM journey feels like 12-13KM....because Non-Corridor route means Run on Pavements beside Roads. Red Spicy - Corridor Pavement. Yellow Brown Curry behind [Green Fences Barricades] - CLOSED. Actually, the Pavement towards Bukit Timah Railway Stn is always wet and dirt because there are more Bikers. Families of Bikers gathered to watch "monkeys". Experience vs Past Reflection...no much difference, only this time Pavement is Red. One thing positive, the Corridor is shielded by trees from the morning sun. Don't know for afternoon and evening sun for Run/Bike. Northern Half (Rail Corridor) Bukit Timah - Woodlands...Virtual Run...enjoy... Uploaded by reyskidude (with credit) June 2018...13.5KM.. Total Rail Corridor (south - 10.5KM), (north 13.5KM) = 24KM
  11. I shall be focusing on Exercise (Run) LSD as I end my 30-day challenge....coming Sunday after today (Sunday).
  12. Any Event (Run) organized at NP must be approved by NP with MOH preventive measures recommendations. Unless, Ridge Run is "personal" run, coordinated with an app, no gathering for group run. Why not, Virtual Run instead, run near your neighbourhood, hope the apps can track route, distance and time captured.
  13. Latest: Since uncle is regular at NUS-Southern Ridges as Exercise (Run)ner, north of Hort Park is run"able" with Kent Ridge Park and Labrador (closer to NUS). As long as Kent Ridge Car Park remained CLOSED, meaning Car Park A and B, expect not many Exercise (Run)ners will be able to travel there, but had seen more Exercise (Walk/Hike)rs from neighbourhood households of the Pasir Panjang Residences or those who have living residency in Hostels in NUS. Definitely Hort Park will not allowed for any gathering of crowd, don't need to discuss about hosting of any Event (anything including Ridge Run Anniversay). From what uncle knows from the past Ridge Run Event format, South Bourna Vista Road will be part of the more distanced run route, which is running on the Pavement. Already Forest Walk and Canopy Walk are closed, cutting off access from south of Hort Park. Henderson Waves closure cuts off access of Telok Blangah Hill from Mount Faber. August? Already NDP 2020 and Army HM 2020 are cancelled. Now, the lingo in town is can we do this Event (Run) during Phase 1, 2 and 3 after CB extended? Unless there are new NP regulations for Park Users after June 1.... NP website (extract): https://www.nparks.gov.sg/noticeboard remained unchanged from mid April... Nobody actually knows when will any Race (Run) be allowed, maybe after Phase 4? Well, already someone predicted SCSM 2020 (Dec 2020) could be under the same fate....cancel because of Covid 19.
  14. yap...Exercise (Run) Around Your Neighbourhoods and Covid-19 Challenges (Home) Workouts are shared...everyone can participate... looks like today mild sun managed to soak up spicy red and yellow curry patches at the Rail Corridor.. just now completed recce Woodlands to Sungei Kadut is actually follow the Woodlands Ave 3 to Kranji Road-Woodlands Road... Follow the Western Loop Adventure PCNs into the Yew Tee Village... CCK side of Stagmont "crossing" is there...Pang Sua Park Connector..connects PCNs at Bukit Panjang...Zhenghua...Dairy Farm.. catch Bukit Timah Railway Stn along Rifle Range Road from Bukit Timah Hill... South of Bukit Timah Railway Stn to Holland..North Bourna Vista..South Bourna Vista..Tanglin Halt..Alexandra Hospital...Bukit Merah...Silat...oh that familiar Green Corridor route (10.5km) to Tanjong Pagar Railway stn (development-in-progress) Wah...Ultra! Run (Rail Corridor)...24km...should be reasonably ready...from Woodlands...to Silat (Bukit Merah)...
  15. Places where uncle used to run cycle...are run'able'...and that is why...uncle has no problem with routes to Run/Bike Round Singapore... Uncle actually run in action...otherwise...sgRunners forum should be renamed as sgBikers forum...or sgPMDeviceOperators forum...better still just sgGoogleMapRunners.. Maybe that is why uncle plans to MIA from here soon...running is non-essential because Race (Run) events are non-essential because of Covid-19. Ok...back to final preparation for the Rail Corridor Ultra! Run...just need to make another familiarization run from Woodlands to Sungei Kadut (should be that industial zone which is close to Yew Tee)....again, ran there years ago... Awaiting for better weather with kinder strong sun to soak up spicy red and yellow curry patches at the Rail Corridor...
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