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  1. This is what will be expected for the new WMM Age Group Qualifier: Fyi to all. Uncles and Aunties run like in their 25ers. This one will be what is in the WMM World Championship. Info: https://www.worldmarathonmajors.com/agwr/how-it-works/ "Even my Grandmother can run faster than you is true." Enjoy.
  2. How does SA selects Regional Best for a Regional Meet? Criteria: Minimum Medal Potential, and Qualifying Mark attained in a sanctioned SA-AAF-IAAF Meet such as Asia Athletics Championship Meet held in April 2019 A prodigy or competitive athlete, coached or otherwise, performance excellence must be "consistent performance" and worthy to represent as Regional Medalist Candidate and Win Medal at Podium (Fair Play and Sportsmanship). Shanti Veronica Pereira, a prodigy and competitive athlele, coached by Margaret Oh (Specialist Coach in Sprints 100m and 200m) are both congratulated for making Singapore proud for 2019 SEA Games Bronze for both 100m and 200m for Woman. If from performance-based and consistency criteria, we shall encourage Michelle Sng, having an exceptional effort of 1.70m in her Finals against the best of Asia at position 10. Can she repeat her first attempt and clearance of 1.83m at 2017 SEA GAMES performance? We are behind you, Michelle, for she has gone through pain, injury, as well.... We wish you all the best for the Nation! 9 Dec, 7:10pm High jump women final
  3. SA: 2019 SEA Games Marathon Selection - Replacement of SohRunFaster "The SEA Game is just another marathon" criteria Who are they in 2019 SEA Games Marathon? 2 months ago based on today's Uncle sharing - Info is extracted from: https://secondwindnation.com/gordon-lim-surprise-sea-games-marathon/ Both Mok and SohRunFaster had consistent performance in 5Km/10Km/21Km/42Km competitions in SA-IAAF/AAF Races including University Youth Meets. There development and progressive programs which enabled the 2 outstanding athletes to be podium and worthy candidates for the Nation's Best and Regional Best shows why. "The SEA Game is just another marathon" selection by SA, had actually derailed from what are the objectives of what the National Sports Body has entrusted to SA, "Where are your Medals to show?". What is your KPI? If likedat, we got hope for anyone here. Wanted: anyone who had been to Berlin Marathon, Boston Marathon, London Marathon, we need to have a replacement National Candidate for SEA Games 2021. Criteria, you must be a worthy Podium candidate. Agreed with @trailblazer (Coach) Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) to develop people with potential to succeed in sports. Ideally, we should start to develop children when they are at young age. However, in Singapore, sporting is ..... For the sake of the Nation, please don't STAD - Short-Term Athlete Development. It has never been the Nation's intention to be bestowed a "Fair Play and Sportsmanship" saga reason and win a dishonourable sensational "S’pore SEA Games men’s marathon gold medal streak broken." Sports build character. Yes, attitude to win and be the best is personal. What is morally wrong, including even if I am given the finisher or podium medal, it is no longer important anymore. What's more it is just sports, and to have used the excuse of "proof me wrong, that I cheated, lied, and based on "factual accounts", even if at disadvantage of 0.5km, or even to disadvantage of a lead of 1km or 2km, a marathoner runner - the sheer perseverance to compete and win the race, no one can describe that feeling..only the best endured wins period. Otherwise, show us evidence of consistency performance, on the field, as well as to show us, "Performing Marathoner" face saving grace? What is your Qualifier-to-Proof. Isn't that the same critieria of 2019 Games Marathon Race? Only the Best represents the Regional Best? SA KPI - 2 Bronze and 0 Goal. The pressure of Gold is now on Michelle Sng for High Jump (Woman). Michelle Sng saga with SA? That one, wait until the event, then we see what's the reaction later on lah... Enjoy 2019 SEA Games (Athletics) with uncle here, exclusively.
  4. Congrats to Veronica Shanti Pereira of Singapore, who clocked 11.66 for 100m for Woman Bronze Medal for SEA Games 2019.
  5. Thank you trailblazer for your contribution. Trailblazer, Good to hear from you for your busy schedule. From our coaching perspective, training of a prodigy with exceptional qualities or abilities - if "raw" which can be moldered to be a gem. The likelihood of attaining podium standard is easier because their performance is always consistent. If we look at Ashley Liew as a competitive marathoner who in May 2019, "demands S$120,000 in damages from teammate Soh over ‘false’ claims about sportsmanship act". https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/marathoner-liew-demands-s120000-damages-teammate-soh-over-false-claims-about-sportsmanship "Ashley is the first Singaporean to be awarded the Pierre de Coubertin World Fair Play Trophy in the "Act of Fair Play" category. In 2015 SEA Games, during the marathon competition, the lead pack of runners missed a U-turn in the dark about 5.5km into the race and Liew found himself in the lead. But instead of taking advantage, he decided to slow down and wait for the other runners to catch up. With his act of sportsmanship, Ashley reduced his own chances of obtaining a medal position, which was within grasp. If at 5.5km (a mere 500m advantage due to a U-turn error), a winner can only be determined after 42km, and so 42-5.5km (at least 36km) the lead by Soh if could be "narrowed" with consistent performance by Ashley Liew is only through Fair Play and Sportsmanship (only via exceptional qualities or abilities - the will to win based on self which Soh may have remarked) Uncle does not want to get embroiled with SA, SNOC or Soh and Liew as the Defamation is still pending. What if Liew is to run last Friday for SEA Games 2019, and what will be his consistent performance? No one will really knows, because SohRunFaster will surely say, "Show me if you can conduct a Fair Play and Sportsmanship - Run the Race and let the results proof." If Liew should repeat his SEA Games 2015 add the advantage of even 1 min (for the gap of 500m advantage), the result will be the same as Gordon Lim, bottom 3 of the SEA Games 2019. So, why would Liew wants to proof that defamation is about him as a competitive marathoner as at stake? Simply, SohRunFaster can run even faster in 2019, and win a Gold Medal for Singapore, lol. Above is based on uncle's observation as what would be a prodigy vs a competitive challenger in terms of consistent performance. The saga could turn out to be a issue of ego and pride, honesty and integrity, of course, nobody will want to tell SA and SNOC that "are you sure?" challenge from SohRunFaster. As long as SohRunFaster, the outcome of "Fair Play and Sportsmanship" is a re-race period. Perhaps with a disadvantage say 20 mins?
  6. For some who had been actively in running, because it is passion to run. Uncle share with all (and others who are guests of the forum), why it is still good to stay active.. Found an interesting article this morning on why we have pains and we, as from different age-group runners, how we have "coped" with aging natural inflamation and muscle mass loss "better" if we are actively running. Let us here be constructive contributors to those who want to learn to be ACTIVE again. We merely facilitate that transfer knowledge of why we run and understanding to all to "build" the bridge of communication. "Why we run" is not so much about WMM (which some of us agreed is the Event Host and perhaps the Authority has over hyped), but encouraging more ACTIVE reasons to join us (not because evening run is better for more participation), but because we care for an aging population, so everyone can stay ACTIVE SG as a Nation. SCSM:WMM is just a hall mark to say, we can achieve World's Major status, because all of us excel beyond the expectation of not only to stay ACTIVE, but competitively to extend our SCSM:WMM venue for more ACTIVE World, to show to us, after all there are World ACTIVE age-group runners who also can perform as though they are aged 25s. If Communication is properly channeled, why this was not propagated in the first place: First is to point all the fingers, why didn't we? Ironman races (mutli-event) has always format in Age Group categories. Qualifier to proof as Age Group can be considered for the purpose of entry as well as Pen Start. Pick an age group of your choice, take an ACTIVE challenge for the PB, and you can proudly say, I can PB like aged 25? That will be an ACTIVE statement, a goal-setting preposition. You want to START and the rest is the challenge in ACTIVE running (progressive PB) * Warning: Please consult your physician before engaging in any ACTIVE SG especially endurance race like Marathon. We don't encourage "uplorry" events during the Marathon. You know, closures of roads and human jams can make "uplorry" procedure very uncomfortable. We prefer you not to plan "It's The End" finale to be in SCSM:WMM. We call that INACTIVE Irresponsibility.
  7. Thank you, @starfinder, for you had been asking about alternative Marathon if Sundown Marathon is good also for anything Marathon. We at 2020 Sundown Marathon did say something negative, due to its proven inability to have had an unforgettable having force runners to "drink toilet water", perhaps 2020 Sundown Marathon could be a better choice for Community Run. The timing of start from 10pm, 11:30pm and 12:30pm were never complained by the public and on wee hours of Saturday Night and early Sunday Morning, normal Social Events in the past were never being impacted. Even, in the public outcry in recent days, "Can you runners Choose this timing of start, besides 6pm (peak hour), can you please pick 8pm (F1 Night starts also at this hour), 10pm, 12 midnight, 2am, 4am and 6am. Why can't SCSM must start at 6pm, but why not after 6pm? Now, isn't this build "bridge" of reconciliation. We listen to what is the real issue, but we work with what we can do (last option - we need to revert to Day meaning Sunday), but can we choose 8pm, this is still evening run? right? to minimise disruption. Sundown Marathon does not have any issues, yes, uncle would encourage for those who have no option for an overseas Marathon, then Sundown Marathon is here to stay. Yes, cheap entry at $65 for Marathon, if uncle knows and some more, definitely with the absence of most muslim runners who said, "Why held at Hari Raya Eve?"...well uncle would expect, Drinks and Hydration, Nutrition and otherwise, plus with the negative publicity of "boycott", every participant at upcoming Sundown Marathon, nobody will gate crash with you. You have an open space to run/walk and yes, if you want to play "rat and mouse" like take short-cuts....volunteers tend to zzZZZ...if need information how to play "rat", can contact uncle for tips...haha...uncle will also show how to sleep also and still able to complete the route..
  8. With respective credits (given and noted) to these videos for the purpose on archiving for the running community for information on how to improve for future SCSM races...we thank you for having your wonderful running experiences to be shared here...enjoy 2 versions...local running community: and foreign running community: Yo, hoho, we are heading to the festive season of merry christmas, may joy and peace to all mankind, 2019 has come to a positive ending for SCSM... Let there be a closure and be a lesson learned from one another, communication. There was once when the themes of previous SCSM were for raising funds for charity, cummunity-building and bonding of the North-East-South-West...thought this year will be Community-based running clubs intra competition...but instead this year is for WMM and why evening run will appeal to more participation...so that is reason for road closures...leading to others saying, "What, is that what you runners are running for - entitlement to your mission, and how about our personal entitlement of our own social events..." Uncle is not going to start a debate of whoever start to bicker, will end up, having lengthy discussion of the negative feelings of "who is right to each other entitlement" - every 1st sat or 1st sunday (evening or morning) of december...if can be less disruptive for all concerned, it will be a step towards harmony for all... Running community must justify WMM, because Qualifier to proof is great recognition of runners who deserving to be credited in Hours:Mins:Secs. WMM would also mean Qualifier to proof will later be cut from 7.5, to 7 to 6 to 5 and even 4, which in uncle's opinion if Singapore Marathon is to be a world-class Marathon Event deserving just like F1 Night Race, only for competitive reason, and already some have shown reservation that what happened if local participants not able to meet the minimum qualifier criteria, and for the first time, local cannot even participate in her own Marathon Event. The reality may be the truth. Progressive PB in 5km/10km/21km/42km Wheelchair are there. Choose your events that you can be better to qualify. If you are better to be in HM, then go for all HM, 10km or 5km. If you are youthful enough, then go and coach Kids Dash and be an inspiration for them. Cheer them and build a youthful running community. Upgrade most of the potential local events to IAAF Road Race Label. Already Great Eastern Women's Half Marathon is SA-IAAF Road Race sanctioned. Just up the Label to Gold. Perhaps, it is about time GE Women's Half Marathon can open to non-gender based participants (selective), since SCSM:WMM Qualifier to proof will be easier to verify who can and cannot be selected. Certain run events are meant for Community and Non-competitive, and SCSM once started from the reason for mess running. We call them "grassroot running events". As ambassadors of SCSM:WMM qualifiers, please lah, don't go to these "grassroot running events" and gate crash their events and win at all cost lah. Maybe, run with "one-legged" disadvantage lah, win community top 3 as though you must always be the champions...Give chance lah. not an entitlement for your personal PB. If you want to PB, run SCSM or any sanctioned race. If event is a non-sanctioned unlike SCSM or Great Eastern Women's Run, FB in consideration is always not accurate because the route is never right, and the event participants are never meant to qualify, so minus the element of competition. These event runners just want to have "community run" spirit. So don't push them to say, "Run lah, don't walk lah, keep left if slow lah....by the way, international traffic convention many be different in China (like US and Taiwan) slow is to keep right, so don't complain of your own entitlement. Your PB is affected not why the runners "block" your way, it is because, every runner has their "rights of way", slow or otherwise, the race is not for your SCSM:WMM, it is not a PB event for them, so please lah, don't bark at them, and say, "Don't you know how to run?" "Don't you know what is keep left?". Hope these runners show you middle finger , and we know that is directed to you personally...and you deserve to be one of a kind. Yes, reflect on ourselves, as runners, when we comment what is our interests, isn't we talking about our entitlements. When your point a finger at someone, four fingers curled and point back to you of what you shouldn't do. Let there be peace on Earth....are you doing something for sustainability for every race...if not yet, then channel into what runner yet to do....Care for Everybody on Running Course. Did we do this in scsm 2019...mmm..not really. Let us not be a Polluter for the running community as well as for the non-running community with our shower of criticism for an event that has disrupted and hurt them unintentionally. Let us remain an open channel of communication (as a community - event host, authority and ourselves) to bridge that one day, everything will be better and improved. Let's doze any fire that may spark another misunderstanding. Sometimes, it is best to Let It Go ("Frozen 1" theme). Well, we have Frozen 2 Some Things Never Change - It may be our passion to run, but we may have overdone to have disrupt others because of our passion to run. Be mindful and consideration for others, that include your family and friends, because when you take away your time to run passionately, they also may also need you to be with them for many reasons - love and bonding. Remember, every action you take, one finger points forward, four fingers curled and point to yourself what you didn't do. This the time and spirit of giving - thanksgiving and christmas and happy new year. SCSM annual event is held whether closer to December on 1st week of December, is always after Thanksgiving which is always the last Thursday of Every November. Some Things Never Change. So be sensitive and considerate to others for other communities, for they start their festive season always before SCSM. They too have the right to celebrate their annual celebrations with their love ones, just like Ours - Some Things Never Change. Let there be Peace and Happiness be with All (Our Families and Friends) here and that include our Partners who are from the non-running community who are also entitled to their social and bonding with their Families and Friends. Let It Go Some Things Never Change.
  9. Congrats to Pereira, Veronica Shanti, 200m Woman (Bronze) at 23.77s Seen Shanti in 2015, She had a gold. Consistent performer, and let's wish she can win a medal for 100 meters. Knew her coach, any raw "gem" when molded to be a champion or medal podium, will always be consistent in performance. Talent is also important for anything sports. That consistent in performance can also be seen in SohRunFaster...
  10. S’pore SEA Games men’s marathon gold medal streak broken. The marathoners came in 7th and 9th place. Singapore long-distance runners Gordon Lim and Loh Yu Ting came in seventh and ninth place on Dec. 6 morning at the Southeast Asian Games marathon event, marking the end of Singapore’s gold medal streak at the men’s marathon event. It was the first time since 2011 that Singapore failed to obtain a gold medal from the event, nor make it to the podium. Marathoner Mok Ying Ren first struck gold in 2013 at the SEA Games, while athlete Soh Rui Yong continued the gold medal streak in 2015 and 2017. Soh, 27, was not selected to be part of the SEA Games 2019 team in August, despite making up 50 per cent of Singapore’s gold medal haul at track and field events in 2017. Uncle was proud to be associate with the SA in 2015, as SEA Games Official, on behalf of Asian Athletics Association. Uncle officiated some of the memories of the best efforts of these athletes (due to home ground advantage), included 28th SEA Games Marathon. "At the 2015 SEA Games in Singapore, Liew suddenly found himself leading the 12-strong field in the men’s marathon by about 50m after his rivals missed a U-turn and took the wrong path. He said then that he slowed down to almost a crawl in order to wait for them to catchup. https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/marathoner-ashley-liews-account-act-sportsmanship-2015-sea-games-untrue-claims-gold "Soh eventually claimed the gold medal in 2hr 34min 56sec, while Thailand’s Srisung Boonthung and Hoang Nguyen Thanh of Vietnam finished second and third respectively. Liew’s actions were widely publicised and earned him kudos from many Singaporeans, including a mention by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the National Day Rally two months later. He was recognised by the SNOC in 2016 with a special award for sportsmanship at the Singapore Sports Awards. In October that year, he was awarded the accolade in the category of “Act of Fair Play” by the International Committee for Fairplay, which recognises acts of fair play by athletes or sports teams. However, Soh alleged that Liew’s account of the race — and his act of sportsmanship — was “untrue” in a Facebook post on Sunday. He made the comment after an Oct 13 post by the International Fair Play Committee on their Facebook page, which called Liew a role model for fair play. He wrote: “I was third place in that race when we took the wrong turn. When we turned around perhaps 50m into the wrong turn, Ashley was already running in the other direction. We took quite a while to catch up to him (at least one to two minutes), he certainly did not stop or slow down to wait for us." Uncle officiated some of the best field events also, included High jump women sensation, Michelle Sng - 2015 SEA Games (Bronze), and later 2017 SEA Games ( historic Gold). Any athlete who wins Gold medal, and to stand on the Podium, emotionally, when the National Anthem is played and everyone stands with attention, it is a proud moment for the Country. Of course, saga of SA and Michelle Sng remained... With Soh out of the 2019 SEA Games, high jumper Michelle Sng is the only defending gold medallist among the athletics squad, who took home eight medals at the last Games (2017). SA, what will be your KIP (we want nothing but Gold Medal) at SEA Games 2019? RunSohFast is definitely a missed "Gold" medalist, based on Soh's PB if show up at SEA Games 2019. Uncle shall update all until of 10 Dec, 2019. Yes, uncle had been with SA for more than 5 years since 2011 - involve in IAAF Level 1 Youth Coach (Athletics) and IAAF Level 1 Technical Official. Aiya, who's who in SA, uncle knows all, saga...Uncle did once talked to Mok Ying Ren (aka Dr Mok, married), he laughed with me that he also got saga with SA (uncle cannot reveal why )...SA is saga-able...uncle also got saga with SA (cannot reveal why also)... RunSohFast....SohRunFaster...SA, you KPI hangs by Sea Games 2019...ahah...how many Medals (minus 1 Gold Medal already)...hopefully not zero!
  11. Yes, we shall be singing national anthem for start of every SCSM from now onwards. Already started for 2019. New Versions (2) This unique version will bring tears to the community, reflections of how we have come so far, aham, SCSM over the decades, we are joining the WMM, pleeze lah, we must stay harmony as One. Integrate with the SCSM runners lah! This one, is classical, powderful. Hope this will mend "the non-running community" and "the running community" patriots in spirit and harmony. Yes, we shall make SCSM to the top 3 World Best Marathon, not only in Asia, America, USA, Europe and the rest of the World. As a critieria for consideration to be top World Marathon site, we must all qualify as 4:00:00 average as well as not too much traffic congestion with proper planning. Environmental concerns like Sustainability (Carbon footprints) is also a criteria. Yes, notice there is "eatable cup made of corn" mentioned in the Runner's World World's Best Marathons. Maybe medals also can be "made chewable", not need to worry about rust. We are very proud of the achievements so far, so move on 2020 and 2021. We just have to "build" bridges (better communications) and sharing of what others' concerns (yes, respecting others for their issues are like one of us - we are families after all). As a last option, we could revert to Day run and of course, Sunday, and Padang which has always have the biggest venue for all events including NDP. We can start from Multiple Sites - Sentosa, Orchard, F1 Pit, West Coast Highway, ECP, Marina Barrage since we have runner's feedback, why do we have to come together, and jam the route. Everyone will retain their Qualifier to Proof for the rightful Pen Entry. Maybe some here may start from Pen A. Happy holiday season ahead, and may all running to be committed in 2020, stay progressive in your FB and share here. Cheers. End
  12. This is Runnersword World's Best Marathons: https://www.runnersworld.com/races-places/a29429048/worlds-best-marathons/ (Extracted) Yes, there is a Major from WMM in the list: guess who?
  13. Thank you @ZZIZZ for your sharing, and keep up with your progressive PBs in all your runs (preferably evening ones)
  14. Thank you for your sharing, @77james, we weigh both the pros and cons, and we accept and respect others for criticism as well as compliments (mainly from the SCSM runners - unfortunately none from those who know nothing about the WMM). Yes, now we have an honour to be in WWM - SCSM is 3rd World's Worst Marathon. Worst: Let down by the city’s air pollution levels, hot climate, slow average finish time and lack of medical aid along the course. Let's us reflect what's the making of The world’s best marathons (extract from https://thesolesupplier.co.uk/news/up-for-a-challenge-these-are-the-worlds-best-marathon-courses/) Criteria: low starting entry fee favourable altitude (8 metres above sea level) - why the best overall an average temperature of 12.3°C, which according to experts, is only 1.8°C higher than the ideal running temperation of 10.5 °C. a perfect 10 for its number of toilet stations (43) and you have a low risk of getting soaked too an impressive average finish time of 4:00:01, thanks to its favourable environmental conditions
  15. Thumbs up for your "evening run" sharing, @activerun. Uncle miss you this year in this SCSM forum. Last year you seen "a ghostly vehicle" chonging to the hydration tent. This year, the construction site route is brighter. No more tent set up in the middle of the road like last year. No more "Air Con" tent with misty sprays. Use dry cabinet or storage box like those who own cameras for your medals. What happened in SCSM 2016 and 2017...yes, both years FMers started from Orchard and FMers started from Sentosa. Yap no more.
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