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  1. Don't worry about it...It is widely believed that the hamstrings undergo an eccentric muscle fiber action (they are lengthening while being activated) during the swing phase of high-speed running. Hence, eccentric exercises can be incorporated into your running programs to prevent hamstring injuries and improve sports performance. Eccentric strengthening exercises are what you need, maybe a little too much running (and too fast) may also cause your hamstrings to work too hard (stretch and strain). Have a balance, Strengthening (and Stretching) Exercises for Newbie Runners...
  2. extracted on why marathon drug doping is still a problem...and relevant to consideration of any city in Asia (Outside Japan) with selection criteria to be considered as AbbotWMM series of 7 in 2020... China's national marathon champion and Olympian Wang Jiali was banned for eight years after failing a drugs test, her second violation. BEIJING: Chinese athletes who use performance-enhancing drugs will receive criminal punishments and jail terms from next year, as China cracks down on doping ahead of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, state media reported. China's sports administration and top judicial authority are drafting rules that would apply criminal law to doping cases, official news agency Xinhua said Friday (Dec 28). Citing remarks made at a Friday meeting by Gou Zhongwen, director of China's sports administration, Xinhua said that the new anti-doping punishments will be put into effect "probably in early 2019". "It is our will to show the world we are really serious about anti-doping, and are taking concrete measures on fight against doping," Gou said. China's sports administration told AFP it could not confirm Xinhua's report. Doping scandals have riddled China's international sporting record in the past decade, with some athletes stripped of Olympic gold medals. All medals won by Chinese athletes at major international tournaments in the last two decades of the 20th century are tainted by doping, alleged the whistleblower, Xue Yinxian. This year, China banned several of its own athletes who were found to have used performance-enhancing drugs, as Beijing works to clean up its international sporting reputation. so, Singapore Marathon could still have a chance, Well I certainly hope the govt and Singaporean residents can just Jump In the Fire, One time. Nothing Else Matters. everyone who are participants of any of the AbbotWMM series, must be ready to undertake AbbotWMM Wanda Age Group Qualification which will be implemented from 2019...so get points for Entry Selection for Singapore Marathon 2020...will be the right direction... uncle's summary, Train hard, Train smart with no drug-enhancement, Run 4 hour and below, and the dream of Singapore as one of Series 7 from 2020 shall be positive step...Show you can run (AbbotWMM Wanda Age Group Qualifying) to the govt and Singaporean residents that you can just Jump in the Fire, One time. Nothing Else Matters. .... yoh aunty (Singaporean resident non-Runner Complaint Queen) says one, otherwise, talk so much air for what...all better go sleep on Dec Sunday morning and then dream long long zzzz!ZZZZ! ABUTTHEN...just like Singapore has succeeded in hosting F1 Night Race (exclusive), then why not make Singapore as host AbbotWMM Series 7 for Night Marathon Race (exclusive)...and that will mean Sundown Marathon (F4U) moving towards sanctioned-race for zzzz!ZZZZ! Can Wait, a potential candidate...and Singapore Marathon (Asia Ironman aka Wanda) both vying for Night Marathon Race for AbbotWMM Series 7 somemore ELM medal sweet deal... this will be uncle's Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019 wish....Cheers.
  3. when it comes to matters concerning the future of Singapore Marathon, uncle returns with all and look at the entire issue with a better perspective...and open up with consensus in opinions..for all to voice out... what was communicated in 2017...who is Wanda Group...who is Ironman..who is Asia Ironman...what is WMM....what is AbbottWMM....Series of 6... what was communicated now, where are we? will we be the #7? uncle looks at AbbottWMM Series of 6, and why Wanda partners AbbottWMM, with Ironman as the flagship on Marathon Racing in the Asia (Outside Japan), so Singapore is not the only country yet to be considered...just say only... will AbbottWMM Series of 7 be Singapore... NO 1) lack of government support, because there is no commercial value 2) marathon is mess running, so it is grassroot "community" level, not promoted to "international" status 3) no home grown marathoner who actually reaches "world-class" level, another reason why, running is lacking in "funding" for any international competition, because the qualifying mark by locals are never met... 4) road closures are always a big "complaint", and road close must be opened as soon as possible for the inconvenience caused to social and business reason, and that explains, the cut-off time for last wave, the traffic wardens simply inform the route is closed to runners...traffic rule imposed... 5) marathon is up to 3-4 hours, and that is why the other AbbotWMM has a cut-off time...7 hours for mess running as for now in Singapore...likely this will be further cut-off towards 2020...qualifying mark for 4.5 hours for participants in 2020 and beyond... and likely to be based on Age Group Qualifying next...AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group... 6) the weather is very hot and humid, and world records are difficult to achieve here, so how to attract world-class marathoners (and overseas spectators) to come to Singapore to see a world record shall (or never) be broken... meaning, AbbottWMM can better look somewhere else, maybe China or even in Africa, since weather and the running talents must be abundant in a country of billions, and of course, there are many cities in China and in other Asian countries...with no road closure woes...a city can be closed for a day on marathon day... it doesn't mean Singapore Marathon can never be in the AbbottWMM...it is just like F1 Night Race, an international franchise...just like AbbottWMM under the agreement of SCSM editions with Asia Ironman (Wanda), SCSM is always ready to be in 2020 to be listed in AbbottWMM..THEY are talking about the Elites, and the Participants... and AbbottWMM Series of 7 is Singapore...YES so much is already at stack, the prize money for 2018 is offered to $0.5 million...already Asia Ironman has got good feedback from the ground, especially from both the Elites and the Paricipants (us)...so cannot lose face and say no lah... and now focus on the government...please lah, support lah...AbbottWMM...world class marathon in Singapore...and if you ask many of those, how many actually watch SCSM Marathon "live" TV on Dec 9...some will say, "What is that?"...uncle definitely never ask aunty got watch...for she would always say, "go sleep better on a Sunday...zzzzzIZZZZZ!" ... wake up aunty...support leh...pleeze.. AbbottWMM (Series XIII) Singapore Marathon in 2020? .... uncle surely support
  4. kohpapa

    Where to buy trail shoes

    from North Face Singapore FB:
  5. noted with thanks...Yes, kudo to @h90 with thanks, during the editing, the credit to Mingham was omitted.. the extract was part of the consolidation effort to summarise "what was said, what was felt, what was actually the experience" not expressed in pure words, in this forum thread... for example, what was in the Kid's Dash, there were 2 youth participants, and the person video must be an adult...how much was paid for the capturing the "scsm 2018" in Kid's Dash? another example at 10:00 onwards...uncle highlighted on one volunteer who always said, "Congratulations, Ironman"...and if anyone noticed...this same person repeated for all... Westin Team Runners...credit... for the ending clip...Spiderman Bin It!...must have made @Lady Ice very happy...and what's in the The Westin Booth..."wah makan lah...don't know what"... and @Lady Ice, you were captured while on the run, so uncle could see where were you in part of the FM route...for you wanted to share with uncle your "scsm 2018" FM run experience..thank you for all and uncle experienced it what's "running with tyre"..."everyone must be responsible - remember to bin it!" most of West Coast Highway scenary were captured....from early morning to sun rise...well documented...many here have expressed the beauty...the rising sun from the WCH facing east...while we journey eastwards... and for those who did HM, what was in the FM...yes, there was a clip on those who is finishing till 12:30...the ambulance...for uncle has said...pen G last wave had been cut-off since 10am onwards at certain cut-off checkpoints...and many of those finishing are from Pen B onwards...12:30pm (noon)...even if they log at beyond 7 hours at finishing point...so what cut-off time (COT).. if there is some credit which was left out, uncle apologised (for video)...for every runner in this extract video..there are many thousands that uncle got to give credit..for they had done their PB, hardest, endured, injured, did not make it this time, kena cut-off...all kudos !!! we should also thank the videographers-cum-runners...who have to stabalise the camera when shooting running scene which is not an easy task..steady in breathing...and yet, running breathlessly together...kudo to the owners for the video...for you have completed a scsm2018 worth memory for all to see "ourselves" in the video....@live..and #relive= the moments and memory uncle takes this opportunity to wish all...an early..
  6. wow, everyone happy to see video of actions of SCSM 2018...uncle consolidate for all... highlights of Elites: highlights of Participants Experiences (extracted): hope you see yourself in the magical moments of "scsm 2018" dec 8/9 in the video...meery christmas special 2018 to all...enjooy...
  7. wah, when @Lady Ice asks, uncle must respond asap...again 1-sentence post.. "So can ya summarise what would be your top 10 tips to help folk to run better from 40 onwards (to keep focused with the OP's subject)?" Ten Tips for Running Long with Just Five Hours of Running Time a Week...based on what we have discussed so far, and let uncle KISSilly... extracted from https://medium.com/@johnsmart/ten-tips-for-running-long-26-2m-with-just-five-hours-of-running-time-a-week-867a039e6c99 Why and How to be an Endurance Athlete for Life, Without Overtraining Summary: Gently sweating exercise, of 30–60 mins a day, makes your brain work much better and your body live longer. But the longevity dividend may reverse after 60 mins a day, so on average, you likely don’t want more. Running a marathon or more gives Huge Mental Benefits (HMBs). You feel fantastic and grateful for life after finishing something that tough, and everything else you do feels easy, for months afterward. Try it and see! If you want to be able to happily run 1–2 marathons or ultras a year, your whole life long, with just five hours or less of training a week, as I do, you’ll need to get strategic. Here are ten good strategies (tips to help folk to run better from 40 onwards) 1. Minimalist training shoes, and a Barefoot/Pose style. Foot/calf strength! 2. Proper training. Long run, intervals, cross-train, yoga, and stretching. 3. Run/Walk/Run method, and variable rewards. Self-endorphins! 4. Aerobic max heart rate. MAF training gives speed & endurance in life! 5. Hoka Mafates for your long runs. One size too big. Save your toenails! 6. Injinji toe socks and double-layered Wright socks. No blisters! 7. Great shade hat and mesh shirt with ice pockets. Add ice as needed! 8. Hydration backpack. Sips of cold, icy water every 5 mins. Amazing! 9. Intermittent fasting. Lose weight, become a ketoadapted beast! 10. Primal lifestyle and nutritional ketosis. Dump the carbs! let uncle gives all with this inspiration gif ... when you run as @SgRunners...focus on your run.... uncle is OP'ed.... "p.s. I have known different folk who have hit PBs up until they were 50." yes, with an individualised prudent training plan (half yearly - yearly) ...age (need to know what is MAF HR Base), for example item 4. Aerobic max heart rate. MAF training gives speed & endurance...diet (yes, ketoadapted), run techniques (POSE or Chi-Running)..running gear - shoes, socks, hydration backpack for training with proper nutrition and hydration plan (stick to what it always work)...just follow the ten tips (strategies) pointed above...should be good enough to plan for PB (motivation) for any age above 40 for endurance or ultra run... and always remember to stay injury-free....will that be KISSilly enough for all? encourage all to continue to discuss, surely @Lady Ice, coach tbz shall be here... uncle hibernating...so, see you in 2019...bye bye...
  8. ok, coach tbz, thank you for pointing out, and indeed, what uncle had extracted is reference from Phil's Maffetone classic...1999 and Phil's 2010..yes, uncle borrowed from National Library Board (Singapore) for Maffetone's Endurance Training for Triathlon...for different multi-event has a different HR due to element of Bike (stationary support, cadence is on pedaling) and Swim (water has a cooler temperature as compared to ground, and buoyancy in water, cadence is on the strokes)...run (everyone knows...) and now The 180 Review after more than 35 years of success... https://philmaffetone.com/the-180-review/ Eating for 180 success For many people, the missing key to the 180-Formula is the food factor. A great training plan is great only when it’s supported by the biochemical aspects associated with improving metabolism, hormones, brain function. These and other values are most influenced by eating healthy food, which also means avoiding junk food. Without excellent diet, one could never get the most out of the formula, or the body. In order to adjust the fat-burning factor for those not eating well, we’d need a new category: Twenty beats would have to be taken away from the 180-age baseline in order to reduce the heart rate in hopes of burning a bit more fat for fuel, and it still may not be enough. And for those who try the formula without success, it’s the diet that’s usually at fault, not the formula. Even for those who improve using the formula but don’t eat as well, much more improvement could be realized. An addition to minus 5 During the development of the Formula, there were not a lot of overfat people, especially athletes. But this has changed as most of the world is now overfat. In category 2, there are various indications of reduced health and fitness that require one to reduce the 180-age result by 5. One important addition that I want to add to that list is overfat. It’s clear when body fat is excessive — simply use the waist-to-height ratio. Your waist should be less than half your height — if it’s not, subtract 5. Excess body fat poses many possible health and fitness problems, and is often the reason people don’t get faster at the same HR. An addition to minus 10 The fourth category of the 180-Formula is one people want to avoid as it’s indicative of more significant reductions in health. Even when they know that is where they stand, and have to reduce their exercise HR by another 10 beats after subtracting age from 180, people feel it’s undue punishment. But it’s not. It’s about finding the most appropriate, best match, personalized HR that is low-risk while allowing a high-quality workout. This, despite the perceived effort. I must add another common condition to this category — chronic overtraining. These individuals, often athletes who are chronically burned out, those who have had a nervous breakdown or are otherwise chronically stressed, are really seriously unhealthy too. Many athletes are not progressing, continue to have poor performances, various injuries, often because they are chronically overtrained and don’t realize or can’t accept it. extracted as for main consideration on the changes on eating of diets and chronic overtraining, health and fitness for the purpose of discussion training issues and diet relating more from @Lady Ice's "Nutrition is still good to discuss for all ages and have found it affects performance" wah, uncle now got another PhD in Nutrition, Exercise and Stress ... very stressful indeed.... yes, uncle updated...been verified and rightfully corrected by coach tbz...and thank you coach tbz for the best interest of everyone, we now know that Dr. Phil Maffetone has really kept his MAF method contemporary.. uncle always look forward to having intellectual exchanges, and please lah...don't make uncle so stress with ketones and now MAF Method latest...yes, we are getting OVERFAT...minus 5... lastly, as teacher and coach of sports, we must stay relevance to the contemporary sports science/sports nutrition/sports physiology/movement technique etc...we seek to inform, discuss and educate (and be corrected and educated)... besides on-going discussion on the entitlements to the race tangibles (medals, goodies bags, race route etc)...we too enjoy a little valid concerns that we face as we age, adapting to the modern lifestyle and also the environmental preservation (save mother earth) from @Lady Ice...
  9. greetings @Lady Ice, thought u overseas...it's christmas... anything Pose, can ask Guru, coach tbz, otherwise...what is POSE? Barefoot/Pose running style. Running like this takes far less energy than any other style. Each little energy savings adds up to big gains over a long run. Staying in the right poses all the way through really minimizes injury and effort, and as a hidden benefit, it improves your concentration and posture after the run. "Nutrition is still good to discuss for all ages and have found it affects performance. I do wonder as you age, more MCT fat is better than carbs." wah, @Lady Ice, your one question on MCT fat... MCTs refers to medium-chain triglycerides that sit in the middle of the other two types. They are of medium length and made up of 6 to 12 carbon atoms. MCTs are found in coconut oil and are processed by the body in a different way to long-chain fatty acids. Unlike other fats, they go straight from the gut to the liver. From here, they are used as a source of energy or turned into ketones. Ketones are substances produced when the liver breaks down a lot of fat, and they can be used by the brain for energy instead of glucose or sugar. As the calories in MCTs are used straightaway, they are less likely to be stored as fat. This principle is the basis of the ketogenic diet, which many people believe is an effective way to lose weight. aiyo, @Lady Ice, you again make uncle do ketogenic diet, you really never want to let go uncle on this topic...tsk tsk ok lah, let uncle make this KISSilly... the story started with there is movement of diet, exercise and health on Primal Lifestyle and Nutritional Ketosis... The Primal Blueprint...Mark Sisson Primal Endurance...Mark Sisson and Brad Kearn Brad Kearns Primal Endurance podcast dives deeply into the challenges and benefits of nutritional ketosis. He also makes clear that you want to eat between one and two grams of protein per kg of body weight a day, ideally staying at the lower end of this range. That is a lot less protein than the typical Paleo or Primal eater likes to eat. It’s one level of challenge to shift away from most meat eating, to just a little fatty fish every few days. It’s another to get to 150 grams a day of carbs, and yet another to get just 50 grams a day of carbs for three weeks or more at a stretch. I’m still struggling with that challenge, and presently see-saw between Sisson’s 150 gram and Kearn’s 50 gram ideals. But all of these regimes, when combined with IF, will teach your body to eat its own fat in an endurance activity, and give you amazing energy for incredible lengths of time. The Art and Science of Low-Carbohydrate Performance....Phinney and Volek Again, after you’ve been ketoadapted for a few months, you will find you can run for hours, at aerobic max, on just water alone, and feel amazing. Doing that is also really good for your body and brain as well, according to Maffetone, Sisson, Kearns, Volek, Phinney, and others in this space. It’s a sad that there’s very little good fat, or even protein, at the typical aid station on an endurance run. The general running community has been very slow to get this message so far, so you’ll just have to pack in your own good fats (see above) and good protein (like eggs, and tuna, smoked salmon) for your races and training runs, and you’ll have yet another amazing set of rewards to give yourself, any time you choose. "Certainly agree that the MAF method is certainly great for building a strong base." so, @Lady Ice, are you happy, let uncle read all the books, summarise for all and do the answer for you, and now uncle kena keto-crazy-maniac...brain kena fried with ketones... wah, likedat uncle deserves to have PhD (Permanent head Damage) in Nutrition in Endurance Sports...
  10. coach tbz, thank you, Maffetone Method which uncle adopted in Triathlon Training, uncle tries to KISSilly... "slow down" to improve running efficiency (i.e. aerobic base) with the use of heart rate monitors and personalised heart rate zones... focus on just the Aerobic System (element 5) to achieve injury-free and efficient exercise.... Maffetone’s 180 Formula, 180 minus your age with a few minor mods, is an evidence-based way to find your heart’s max aerobic rate. Running slow like this will maximize your fat burning, and prevent you from getting into oxygen debt (lactic acidosis), with all the microinjuries, muscle soreness, and reduced desire to run the next day that comes with it. It may seem too slow, but it isn’t. It’s teaching your heart and body how to get more fit and efficient while it burns fat. MAF exercise during your intermittent fasting (IF, which we’ll discuss soon) is an ideal weight loss strategy. If you are more than 30 pounds overweight, you should probably just stick to MAF speed exercise, either powerwalking or on low impact exercise machines, and leave higher speed running out of the picture until your weight comes down. If you have obesity, which the NIH defines as a BMI of 30 and above, the combination of IF and MAF Training (“IFMAFT”) will rapidly bring your weight down and your fitness up, over just a few months, while keeping you injury free the whole time. You’ll feel so good during it that you’ll keep doing IF and MAF for life as well. Someone is going to make billions by turning IFMAFT into a weight loss thing, you watch. If you use MAF speed for your long runs, you’ll get greater heart fitness, endurance, and speed in your non-MAF runs, and in your daily life as well. You may find yourself running more long runs as well, just because MAF runs go at such an easy pace. Once a maximum aerobic heart rate is found, a training range from this heart rate to 10 beats below could be used. For example, if an athlete’s maximum aerobic heart rate is determined to be 155, that person’s aerobic training zone would be 145 to 155 bpm. However, the more training closer to the maximum 155, the quicker an optimal aerobic base will be developed. Key Challenges in Maffetone Method Training : (1) - I move like a snail There are several reasons you can't run fast enough: You're overweight: Weight can have a dramatic impact on speed. The rule of thumb is you loose 2 seconds/mile for every pound you are overweight. Taking the 2 week challenge and drastically reducing your intake of harmful carbs and oils is a start. The majority of your weight loss is from your diet, not exercise, so focus on adopting a high fat low carb diet to drop those extra pounds. Poor Gait: Dr Phil talks a lot about proper gait. Having a poor gait can add 5 to 10 beats to your heart rate, making it tough to maintainnrunning form at your MAF rate. First, take a look at your running posture, try to run more upright if you bend at the waist. Try short runs (50-100 yards) running barefoot on grass to find your true form. To lighten your foot strike, while running, pretend you are running over a bead of burning coals. While you are running slow, spend that time working on improving your cadence. Strive to get close to 180 steps per minute. Work on improving your turnover and neuromuscular system by doing Aerobic intervals. Once or twice a week, find a moderate hill and run down it at your max aerobic heart rate keeping your cadence high. Muscle imbalances: In the old days we talked about the importance of stretching, mostly static stretching. Nowadays, mobility is the focus. If you don't have good range of motion in your hip flexors or you have tight calves, your stride will compromised and your speed will suffer. Spend just 10 minutes every night on muscle maintenance with a foam roller to start working out the kinks and loosing up your fascia. A hidden cause of muscle imbalance is sitting all day. Studies have shown that the positive effects of exercising 30 minutes a day can be erased by sitting at a desk all day. So move! At work, get up every 20 minutes and move around. If you can get a standup desk, that can help add movement variety during your day. The same goes for lounging on the couch all day after a hard workout. You're no better off than your couch potato neighbor unless you keep moving during the day. Lack of Strength: As we age, we loose muscle mass. Other than diet, the best anti-aging solution is strength training. For us runners, there are just a couple of simple body weight exercises you can get started with. A few push ups and a couple of minutes in the plank position will build your core. Add some squats and lunges to build up your posterior chain and you'll see improvement in your speed, especially on hills. It's ok to have to walk up hills to keep your heart rate down when you are first starting MAF. I like to start newbie trail runners with a few weekend mountain hikes before running hills. When approaching a hill, shorten your stride and keep your cadence high to lower your heart rate, just like shifting gears on a bike. If you are running too slow on the flats, while addressing the previous issues, raise your heart rate limit up 5 to 10 bpm to be able to run with good form. Try this for 2 weeks, then re-evaluate, and adjust downwards as you improve. It's kind of reverse MAF! *Another alternative is switch to another sport such as cycling or swimming during your initial base building. Doing an alternate exercise for 2 to 4 weeks may get your aerobic metabolism up high enough to allow your to run at your MAF heart rate. (2) "Getting past the mindset that slower is better regardless how long it takes is very challenging!" By adopting a low carb diet and primarily training at a low heart rate, you can switch your metabolism from sugar craving to fat burning and dramatically reduce metabolic stress and inflammation. For some, this can happen very quickly, from 2 to 8 weeks, for others, it may take longer. To persevere, it takes mental toughness: What this means to you, is just as Dr. Phil is against structured training plans, sometimes you need to reevaluate your methods and possibly adjust your MAF heart rate up some to get over a hump, rather than doggingly toughing it out. I'm all in favor of some variation as long as you are sticking to your ultimate goal. This is a life changing transformation, experiment with it, no two runners are alike. (3) Keeping my heart rate low because of my age "I started my MAF journey at the age of 62. Staying under 118 bpm was a non-starter for me. I added 10 bpm so I could continue to run with good form. Now, a year and a half later, I do most of my runs at 116 - 122 bpm with good form." Maintaining good form while running is important. if you adjust your MAF heart rate upwards, it should only take 5 or 10 additional beats to get you moving more efficiently. Concentrate on taking shorter steps, focusing on improving your poor gait as explained above. As you improve your form, lower your training heart rate back to your calculated MAF heart rate. (4) "Not knowing if I will actually be able to run XX min. per mile come race day!" Switching from a life of preparing for races with tempo runs and intervals to just steady running is tough to adjust to. The bottom line, in a normal progression of MAF training, we don't introduce speed work until your progress has plateaued. However, as I mentioned before, once or twice a week you can do aerobic intervals during your base building phase to rebuild those neuromuscular connections and build more speed. But what about an upcoming race? In a normal training cycle, you should have a base building phase followed by mini cycles of intensity, tapering, competition, rest, aerobic rebuilding. I recommend taking the long view, that is, stick with the mini cycles during your competition season, then continue on with your aerobic base period. This can delay your development some, but after a couple of years, you'll be a beast for life! extracted on Aerobic Training for Running for 40s and above...Common Challenges with Mafffetone Method Training...
  11. kohpapa

    OSIM Sundown Marathon - 1 June 2019

    infinitus productions (1st half 2019) events...2 in Singapore and 1 in Malaysia... expect ILLUMI Fest Run Singapore 2019 (2nd half 2019)... uncle has once worked with infinitus productions in a multi-event race (less than 500 participants) as a sanctioned duathlon race official... it had been introduced as "they were once from HiVelocity in Sundown Marathon and Aviva Ironman 70.3 Singapore..." saw their team managers...youthful..and energetic... abutthen...if all expect SD 2019 to have a World-class Marathon experience like SCSM 2018 which concluded...uncle would say...next to Improbable, for they have not yet proven to host a 30,000++ endurance race... to uncle, always a well-trained crew is important, and from uncle's experience, a loyalty crew team and a team of dedicated supervisors who are really to train them...I would be hesistate to comment - do you have the manpower to handle a mega-event? unless uncle got free bib again, but doubtful, vendors must have changed...and uncle shall wait out...and let everyone here...decide...skip and miss... another one is always a SD taboo...Sure Rain Almost..because the event is held in the inter-monsoon period and finally...Eid al-Fitr 2019 in Singapore will begin in the evening of Tuesday, 4 June (Hari Raya)...from the past SD Editions, fasting month (Ramadan in 2019 will start on Monday, the 6th of May (6/5/2019) and will continue for 30 days until Tuesday, the 4th of June) will affect participation of locals as well as nearby SEA runners who are muslims...well the plus ++ is there will be plenty of unlimited of hydration for all...
  12. kohpapa

    Plantar Faciitis Advise

    you are welcome, I remembered I must have once talked to you before...like Green Corridor Race or TB Trail Run...never mind... just make sure to apply the KT taping technique...Iike the KT Taping consultant made a red mark on the source of pain..and important is first tape must be able to hold tightly just at your injury trigger point from base of heel, followed by the second tape to hold in place... hope that you can re-look at your Newton Shoes...I am no longer a shoe person...and your run route...hilly or uneven..and since you are officially "injured" meaning there must be healing and recovery on the "Peroneal Tendonitis"...maybe "trigger point" message using tennis ball will do...to stimulate the "bad blood chi flow" like the demo on Plantar Fasciitis treatment with tennis ball roll...instead of base of leg...now side of the leg had bad experiences with Tendonitis (normal wear and tear) and worst is Plantar Fasciitis (aging) because uncle wear shoes...less so with barefoot running...calf strengthening is why you run naturally, not rear-mid-front heel strike with cushioned shoes...for endurance run...and newtons shoes are not your "ordinary shoes"...actually enjooy running...with faster healing and recovery treatment...
  13. kohpapa

    Plantar Faciitis Advise

    I believe @Ender you may have this one.. and hope you can recover from this one peroneal tendonitis...not plantar... treatment of tendons is always long-term, unlike muscle...tissues of tendons must be bathed with bodily fluids (nutrients) for recovery and growth.. can still run, but taping still works when run...shared by one long time uncle's sgRunners bro @Jas007 The demonstration shown for video KT Tape Peroneal Tendonitis
  14. kohpapa

    OSIM Sundown Marathon - 1 June 2019

    uncle returned to this forum thread is not to begrudge on the HiVelocity woes (not financial or otherwise and be OMGs)...but, let those who were once loyal local participants of HiVelocity Sundown Marathons ( @Activerun and many who had been here in this Forum Thread since as sgRunners early as 2004 and before)... yes, we thank you, HiVelocity...for almost all of us who started our Marathons countdown from 0...it was our first FM or first FM (Night only) because they had been with us for 10 years and more, and when suddenly, we now have a new event management team, all here were surprised and stunned...we reminiscent on the good old days ..marathon events were community runs, overhead bridges, housing estates, changi exhibition road (aviation road), changi coast road..and the Medals must be ELM if not, Wait and See...if got Early Birds even cheaper than the first-time offer..and yes, got, pay like $5 lesser with promotion code...of course, uncle ran free bib with sponsor's spot..many times.. so uncle summed up (KISS) with this article, and perhaps some feedback on when sundown marathon (HeVelocity) wanted to spread its wings abroad...there were some issues (heresay) and how HiVelocity is no longer with Sundown Marathon (what happened? remained unclear)...but, again, HiVelocity can always return in the future...but, for many newbies and had joined us...so who is (was) HiVelocity of Sundown Marathon? Extracted on the final year when HiVelocity hosted and organised the Sundown Marathon Edition 2016 (press conference): https://www.straitstimes.com/sport/sundown-marathon-spreads-its-wings extracted major notable statments only: Said Adrian Mok, the managing director of HiVelocity Events, which organises the Sundown Marathon: "We have been planning to go regional for quite some time, and with Sundown celebrating its 10th year, it is timely for us to go abroad to reach out to more people in different countries. "It's the first time a night marathon from Singapore is venturing abroad, and we will mark this milestone with our first overseas launches in Penang and Taipei." The Penang edition of the event on Dec 17 will feature three categories - 5km, 10km and 21.1km. The race will be flagged off at Queensbay Mall in Bayan Lepas. The *Taipei race will be held on Jan 14 (2017) at the Dajia Riverside Park, and participants can choose to run the 5km, 10km, 23km or 42.195km categories. With an estimated 130 running events held locally this year (2016), a statistic obtained from running interest group Run Society, Deloitte South-east Asia's head of sports business service line James Walton is analysing the Sundown Marathon's expansion with interest. Walton believes the Sundown Marathon has two factors in its favour - it offers the full marathon category, and the overnight element of the race. Currently, it is one of two full marathons in Singapore alongside the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore. Said Walton: "The Singapore market is definitely saturated with runs - one of the common complaints is that there are only so many places you can run in Singapore, and it's always the same. "Sundown still has a niche status because of the fact that it has a full marathon, which is not common in Singapore. "Secondly, the idea of wanting to beat the sunrise has also helped in its popularity." But the success of the Sundown Marathon's overseas races, especially in Penang, would ultimately depend on the city as a tourist destination, said Walton. "If there was a brand new race in Singapore, you could easily fill a race because of the large local running scene," he said. "If you hold an international race in somewhere like Penang, it starts from being a tourist experience - so that's about package deals and tying up with hotels to get people to come and take part in the event from around Malaysia and the region." Mok is hoping to build a base of fans based on the popularity of the marathon in Singapore. He said: "The experience that we have with the Singapore event is that we've drawn fans who are very loyal to our event - they want the finisher T-shirt that we design, the medals and our photo booth pictures. "These are the experiences that I want the other countries to feel for themselves, so that we can attract people from those countries and build our fan base from there." *Sundown Marathon Taiwan 2017 (Review and Feedback) : http://www.sgrunners.com/forum/index.php?/topic/22717-sundown-marathon-taipei/ uncle also like @activerun and many others (locals) have similar aspirations... Thank You HiVelocity for initiated the first Adidas Sundown Marathon in 2008. As long as I live with LORD's will, I try to complete 100 marathons as achieved by uncle Chan. Salute to Sundown Marathon (HiVelocity), hope you shall return again as host of any events...it is always full of excellence and hallmarks of good race and experience.. yes, for the FM newbie, sign up for your First FM...like uncle First FM and then First UltraMarathon in the span of 1.5 months in 2011..Medals were ELMs honourable ones...to be treasured as limited and collectors' only... uncle hopes that all who about to consider, or die die must sign up every year, is truly active and loyal SD Marathoners (5k, 10k and HMers also) for it is always full of memories who were there, and about to experience first night race...we had many wonderful tales of how we catch rats (runners( who took short-cut and kena caught in action...and uncle got stories of how, no need to run...just sleep, take car, and go checkpoint...scan..sleep..or ride bike and go checkpoint...scan...also can...team of friends (no need to pay) do Ekiden...also can...
  15. kohpapa

    Plantar Faciitis Advise

    PAINFUL FOOT ARCHES (Extracted from the source for the purpose of sharing with the sgRunners Community for the injury that has affected some who suffered...) https://cnalifestyle.channelnewsasia.com/wellness/blisters-and-other-party-feet-woes-11042800 First, a biology lesson: That band connecting your heel to your forefoot is known as the plantar fascia. And in individuals with flat feet or tight calf muscles (which runners and consistent heel-wearers often have), it frequently gets tightened or inflamed. “Keeping the calf muscles stretched and supple whilst doing regular plantar fascia stretching prevents the underlying tightness of the fascia. In flat-footed individuals, arch support orthotics is also useful,” said Dr Thevendran. enjooy...happy recovery (it is going to be a long and painful journey, adopting a new running lifestyle also...), and you can make it like uncle... @ahxiong