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  1. Yes ! So stressful ! This is my first SG race of the year ^^ Hope to take more peektures Cycle slowly look see also can !Ya, cycle also can. The idea is the race director must have run (or cycle) the route at least once before race day. Because based on what Joe wrote, it seems like only paper planning and looking at maps only. Being there, on the actual ground is crucial.
  2. Wow, sounds like a good plan. I would encourage Joe to go for a run at the intended route once more before race day, just to make sure everything is really in place.
  3. Yes, the Tom Tom takes a while to lock onto the GPS. I've switched to using the Suunto Ambit 2S now, and can definitely see the difference in the time taken to lock on the GPS signal.
  4. I have the Tom Tom strapless HRM for a few months - if you do not intend to run more than 42km, it is good. The Tom Tom died on me after 6.5 hours in my 2 recent races of more than 42km... :-( Sell mine to you, ai mai?
  5. I run a sub-5 marathon, so actually the route change doesn't affect me much.... Maybe I should run faster...
  6. Or probably take short cuts, and end up being faster than the Kenyans...
  7. I actually have a thought - We slammed the organiser every year for having the same route every year, what about the other well known international marathons (Boston, Tokyo, London.. etc)? Do the organisers change the route every few years? What would be the frequency? We do not know enough to judge.... perhaps the folks in this forum who also frequently run marathons overseas can shed some light, and share their knowledge, so that we know what we should be expecting. When we have facts, and know the 'norm', then I think it is fair to comment. Just my opinion....
  8. I've totally forgotten that priority registration starts today! Nevertheless, just tried and was able to sign up by paying $55.25, yeah!
  9. still confusing. So can use ur card to sign up for mine hehehhehCannot wor, they verify the card number too... already try last year but unsuccessful. :-(
  10. It does look confusing at first glance by looking at the chart, but a bit of reading the text and all is clear. For example, I ran last year and have a StanChart card, so I get to sign up on-line on 7 July for $55.25 (after less 15%) if I am one of the first 2,500 persons to register, if I am number 2501, I'll pay $68 (after less 15%), and so on....
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