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  1. mine also time set right from the box. i dun see any backlight bleeding. so far after 3 runs, no issues of hanging. there is once i try to wake the watch up (from time mode) and it rebooted by itself.
  2. It is exactly becos of touch screen that I chose to go back and get a old fashion button one. Price of cos is another factor. Well after 1 run, everything seems pretty good for me. So far so good. I dun need Vo2 max and ground contact time so the additional of cadence is considered a bonus for me. At a lower price dat is.
  3. Wanted to change the strap for my 610 cos it broke. In the end, changed the strap liao then itchy backside got the 220. Went for a quick run with it. So much better than my touch screen 610. I maybe wrong but accuracy seems better (zoom in to my map and compare). Auto pause & resume seems a little retard, but there is not setting for per second tracking. Now need to get used to buttons instead of keep touching the screen. overall a good investment.
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