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  1. In the email they say that they do not lack the resources, they are confident that they will not lose money, and they are not doing it because they can't up the race experience from the last edition, but then at the end they say if they have $40K they will consider doing it. So........................ which is which? I am confused. Do they mean they do not have the cash flow to do it? Anyway with the SG Run 32 and Oxfitt run 2, there is definitely no more room for another 32km run.
  2. I am guessing at least a few pacers from each pace time will turn up... If you are genuinely aiming for sub 5/km you shouldn't join these runs.... fastest pace is also 5:20.....instead make friends with yh90 bro here. Maybe you and his friends can become best run buddies.
  3. I am guessing they will emulate the Newton Run since the race format is so similar. The post run food was never announced as part of the race entitlement for Newton Run, so it is more of a bonus than anything. They may do away with it anytime. So best to assume that there will not be any, but still to keep your fingers crossed.
  4. Fingers crossed that they are bringing the post run food back!
  5. Hmmm doesn't beer dehydrate the body? After an ultra I would reckon that you want to retain as much as your remaining body water level as possible. But I suppose 1 can won't really hurt............
  6. Well, other than the ECP stretch, more than 80% of the the run will be conducted on asphalt road so it will not just be the West Coast Highway. It should cool down after the sunset, so it is just 1 hour in the hot sun compared to 3-5 we had experienced for the morning marathon. I am also a bit disappointed with sticking to the same route last year. Nothing wrong with it, just that I would expect the run to change up a bit by going more into the crowds since its an evening run. Oh well at least there won't be surprises to deal with as we should already know what we are in for.
  7. Bookie, you should too. Share more promos and cheap races to us, and be less critical of others.
  8. I also don't like Soh's public display of his personality, but to a large extent that makes him a more genuine person than many others, as he often doesn't hide his words/feelings. Soh also had a very high chance of defending his 2 time marathon gold medal, and he's not just any small fry that should be easily omitted. The article did mention that there has been numerous disputes between Soh and SNOC, so it should not just be the spat between Ashley which went public. There is definitely more bad blood between Soh and SNOC behind the curtains that led to his omission from the team. EDIT: From ST here is a brief summary of the disagreements between the two parties: August 2017: At the SEA Games, Soh breaches the SNOC Team Membership Agreement by promoting his personal sponsors on social media. He is given a formal warning. Later, he cuts multiple holes in his racing vest, which he wears on his way to his second consecutive gold medal. Singapore Athletics' attire sponsor 2XU terminates its sponsorship SA of four months later. September 2017: A month before he is to receive $10,000 for his gold medal under the SNOC's Multi-Million Dollar Award Programme (MAP), Soh, citing a lack of support, says he does not wish to give 20 per cent to SA - a requirement under the membership agreement he signed with SNOC. He eventually relents. October 2018: Soh disputes fellow marathoner Ashley Liew's account of his act of sportsmanship at the 2015 SEA Games - for which the latter received an international award after being nominated by the SNOC. April 2019: The SNOC serves Soh a legal letter asking him to retract his statements about Liew and the award. Soh does not comply, and SNOC later decides to "reserve its legal rights" as Liew commences his own legal action. June 2019: In a Facebook post, Soh accuses the SNOC of bias in his dispute with Liew. August 2019: Soh's nomination for the 2019 SEA Games in Manila is rejected by the SNOC, which says his conduct falls short of the standards it expects of national athletes.
  9. Guess Pink Apple found their sponsor to reinstate their "Newton Run".
  10. What is more amazing that the fees don't change after 8 years... Still $8......
  11. Interesting... So how will you train for SCMS this year (will it include acclimatization from evening to night weather) and will it be different from the way you train in the previous years? Night weather will get more cooling but at the same time it will be more humid, especially with more active people and activities around I reckon this might be something to think about on managing.
  12. Good to acclimatize, but I am just curious....previously when SCMS flag off was 4.30am, how many actually do wake up and run from 5am onwards to train and acclimatize to the dusk till dawn conditions? I am guessing many don't see a need to, and I am also unsure how many see a need to acclimatize to the 6pm weather this time round. That said, many should be doing it this time round, since it is easier and more motivating to do it than crawling out of the bed at the wee hours.
  13. Going by what you say I think your threshold of cold is quite good so perhaps compression + disposable raincoat for Osaka is good enough.
  14. You check the website everyday? Good date if they are targeting families - most would be out in Nov/Dec, Jan is when they will be back to school and they can look forward to this.
  15. Link to the survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdnRqQGS69L1hlG9cl-PVz2Lu9MN6CWhBNcIzySJLck4ZqeuQ/viewform
  16. Actually both the number of runners for Osaka and Tokyo are equal at 30,000... Tokyo only increased to 32,000 this year.
  17. Both are essentially the same 1 event happening at the same time, just that Epic ESR want to call out the ultra distances separately under another name for don't know what reasons.
  18. Medal design looks good. T-shirt design... Not sure why Batman is associated with Lighting.....
  19. Osaka temp in early Dec should be 10-15? But yah I think the difference wouldn't be that significant. Likely still need to layer. I am not familiar with running gear - Does compression wear provide some protection from the cold?
  20. By now we should have already established that the distance will never be accurate in races like this. Those recording personal PB records should also by now know what to do for such issues. Was asking more about the race experience and logistics....
  21. And we are back up again...... So how's the run guys? Didn't sign up and didn't hear much reviews about it.
  22. Is this your first Japan run? I am very sure you will not regret going for it. For itinerary maybe you can consult the multi-time finishers @AutumnRunner and @trailblazer....
  23. He always hope for this hope for that.... But when the time comes for him to give people hope he doesn't do it......
  24. It is a theme run, and typically the cost is around $65 for 5km.... so this price is actually a bit more "acceptable"" already....
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