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  1. Looks like the haze is not as bad anymore and very likely it is still on this weekend. Guide - www.kl-marathon.com/…/09/19/2019-scklm-rgb-final-website.pdf Race pack collection: 26 and 27 September: 11 AM - 8 PM; and 28 September: 10 AM - 6 PM Dewan Tun Razak 4, Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC)
  2. I think the confusion doesn't come from NEA, but from the organizer who initially say that they will be using the PSI index as the gauge to determine if the event will still carry on. But closer to the flag iff, when the PSI is at the unhealthy range, they switch to using the PM 2.5 reading at normal as the gauge to decide that the race will proceed. This has happened to the Yellow Prison Run and now Batman run. Agree that the decision of the organizer to go ahead with the planned run as far as possible, having seen all the efforts of putting the run together not gone to waste. To avoid miscommunication, they should just say they will make the final decision at a pre determined time, without saying what gauge they will use beforehand.
  3. Different people have different opinions. Stay near finish line - walk less after the run. Stay near start line - more control of time in case overslept or other situations. I always choose stay near start line.
  4. Congrats.Faster find and settle hotel by end of this week!
  5. Maybe they should look into solving the challenge of the congested traffic into the start point first........
  6. I don't have an answer to that. You will have to ask IM how they want to position the Singapore WWM run to be. I would think they will likely follow Tokyo marathon where it is still a mass run for the average citizens with a generous 7 hour cut off time.
  7. Well... at least you did go and run it... need not wait for another year to tick it off your list...
  8. They need to hit FM finisher numbers as part of the requirement for WMM status.
  9. Was a little disappointed at this miscommunication. If they had wanted to use the PM 2.5 index instead then they should not have mentioned about following the PSI index in the first place. I was following the PSI index up till 2am and decide not to go when I saw that the index is in the unhealthy zone since 11pm. But I guess I have nobody to blame since I never checked the latest update at 5am. Still glad that the run proceed as scheduled and the 10km runners get to enjoy their run eventually.
  10. Not looking good... 97 as of 10pm and it is in an upward trend... Wont go for just a 5km walk if 10km gets cancelled. Travel 3 hours for a 5km walk doesnt really make much sense.... sign up next year again...
  11. Dear participants of POSB PAssion Run for Kids 2019, we understand your concerns on the haze situation in Singapore. Your well-being is of utmost priority and we are monitoring the situation closely, in accordance with the National Environment Agency (NEA)’s guidelines. We have also prepared contingency plans and safety measures, if conditions worsen. We will provide an update on ourPOSB Facebook page on Sun, 15 Sep at 3.30am if the Adults’ Competitive (10km and 5km) and all Kids’ Competitive Runs, 3.5km Family Walk and Carnival will proceed. Thank you for your understanding.
  12. 2 weeks more and PSI in KL is close to 200 hazardous range. Those who are running, need to hope the condition turns for the better soon.
  13. I also tried the onsite engraving service for SCSM last year. For that, they engrave both the name and time, so the time taken is longer (they have to pull the timing results from the system). I think the time taken is more like 5 mins than 2.5 or 3 mins, and there was a queue ahead of me (despite having around 5 or 6 machines onsite). I waited for 15 mins in total. The discount of runners who would not engrave might be larger, given that the queue might pull people off and it is without timing. I would probably estimate at around 600 medals at 3 mins each.
  14. Depends on what it is. For me, I never regretted not doing 100 miles for Craze Ultra haha.
  15. Usually they will just bark and try to come close to you. But they are unlikely to attack you unless you provoke them. Just run normally. If you meet them heads off just stop and wait for other runners to come along and run together with them.
  16. Agree. Hitting the wall is more psychological for me, and I have learnt to try and tune my mind out of it plus my body is also somewhat conditioned to it. For me I think conditioning through training is the only way to help deal with it.
  17. I am OK with gels, and so far fortunately I haven't consume up to a point where my body is upset with the consumption of it. I just didn't like the taste of them. I once tried consuming up 5 gels for a FM and I was OK, though it didn't net me a PB. I remember when I did the Tokyo Marathon, there were a lot of various food offered by the crowd. My body was OK with the consumption of these food and I managed to get by without needing to consume any gels. I also tried electrolyte patch and it also made me less tired and wanting to consume less gels, though I am not sure if it is psychological.
  18. Frankly, the design of this combination medal set is pretty "generic" - Unlike others where they seem to be more like puzzle pieces, these ST ones can each be their own standalone piece. May be good in a way if anyone is not looking to collect the entire set.
  19. Due to some commitments I wasn't able to attend this. Glad to know that the run turned out well. Will keep this run in my radar next year. So the run wasn't packed or anything like that? How is the hydration support? Great that it is an FOC run and they provide medal and food after the run. Would be nice if they tie in with a charity organization or cause (runners are free to donate any specific amount to it) so that their gesture to gift a free run to the running community gets paid forward for something good.
  20. Ah ok thanks for clarifying. But pushing oneself to run the FM will aggravate the pre heart problem leading to the cardiovascular attack right? Because of the intensity of the heart pumping.... Care to share the training method?
  21. Same here. My weekly mileage decreases with more priorities to commit, now mainly relying on past experiences and conditioning to finish runs. Not a good thing and definitely not a good example to follow. The body conditioning is very important, especially for the constant pumping of blood to the heart. As far as possible maintain constant training and don't allow yourself to fall into the risk of heart attacks - I have to pray very hard before every run that I do I finish in 1 piece. Oops did I just discourage more people to take up FMs............
  22. From HM to FM really requires a leap to mindset, that push of motivation of wanting to do it. Everybody does FM for different motivations and reasons, so it is really up to individual to find that push to do it. After that its more of conditioning. Once you think FM is doable and stat to do more and more FM, your body adjusts to it through training and you will also adapt strategies to know how to finish it. Anyway bro ov3rw3ight I encourage you to try FM again in other cooler countries to have a much better race experience of FM - totally more enjoyable and satisfying.
  23. FM average should be much higher than $60.... I don't remember they were that cheap even for loyalty rates. The money collected from registration fees for all participants should be around $1.5 to 2 million. Plus there's also money/ sponsorship in kind from sponsors as well. The 2 day format has been around for quite some time so I doubt that Ironman will continue using that format if it is making loss that way. They can simply just switch back to a 1 day format. Not only that but they had extended it to 3 days this year even (still not sure why they want to hold the Kids Dash on a separate day this year). I know costs are high, but I am still very unconvinced that the event has been loss making till I see financial documents like what RAC disclosed.
  24. "This year there are races with longer distance. If u dun do, another guy will step in and do." Yes I do think that sounded rather harsh and selfish. Last year Ah siao and his team stepped in and put together a 32km because nobody wanted to, or was able to do it in such a short period of time. It turned out well as far as I can recall on the feedback, given the time taken to organize it the race experience was good and registration fees were also cheap. Naturally runners who had enjoyed it wanted it to be back. This year SG Run included a 32km distance which is a no brainer given that they already had a race on that time and it is just a matter of carving out a different route which uses more or less the same resources.. Pink Apple was also able to bring this 32km back as they managed to get a title sponsor this year. Yes we now have more choices, but while runners are left to decide what to support this year, let's at least not forget the team that stepped in to help the race community last year when there was a demand needed to be fulfilled. I don't think it is a matter of begging - Ah Siao and his team are not a charity organization, they will also need to review and decide if it is worth the efforts to organize it.
  25. Just curious how you know how they made a loss? I would reckon that they would still profit and not yet to the extent of making a loss. If it is unprofitable Ironman wouldn't sign a 10 year deal to organize the event.
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