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  1. I guess I belong to the minority who actually enjoy the evening run more than the morning run. Agree that the weather is humid but feel that it is still manageable, especially with the generous hydration points I didn't really feel dehydrated at all. I remembered Sundown's humidity conditions being worse at the wee hours of the day. Also, I didn't forget the punishing hot sun (especially after 9am onwards during my last stretch of FM) that I always had problems managing in the past editions of SCSM. The humidity is certainly a lesser evil of the 2 to deal with. Fatigue is also a lesser issue as I had enough rest the night before, compared to the day SCSM where I usually don't have much sleep due to adrenaline rush. Judging from the response I hear and read all around, it seems that going back to the day run next year is very likely. Regardless of which edition they move forward from here, these are the major issues which I feel Ironman still need to make efforts to tackle (but doubtful that they will do it): - Communication: Every year there are always complains on the road closures leading to the inconvenience of the vast public who are not race participants. Remember the Chinatown folks that the press reported 2 years ago that the road closures led to their businesses being affected? The issue I feel lies with insufficient communication to the public about the road closures and how they will ultimately be affected. When F1 first started the public was also pissed with how the road closures had inconvenient them, but as the years go by people just get used to it and know what to expect when F1 season comes. More announcements regarding the road closures can be done and further amplified by the media, and done earlier as well. Unfortunately, this is on the race organizer and without government body support this will always remain as an issue. - Transportation: Train services must be available. Singapore is probably the only "major" marathon that doesn't offer train services in countries where train transportation is readily available. Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong....they all have free if not discounted train rides to send runners to and fro to the race site. Ironman really needs to work with SMRT to extend the train services, even at the expense of their profits. - Atmosphere: While we do see some improvements in the provision of entertainment and crowd suppor talong the route, the 2nd part of FM is still pretty much dead with pretty much nothing to motivate the runners. Race village is also a graveyard with only the tiring bodies of runners - a stage with some entertainment will be very much welcomed. If the race village needs time and space to prepare for the next morning's run, there should be - Flag off/ race route: Is Singapore the only The crowd streaming in from 5pm is horrible due to the 21km and 42km runners flagging off at the same time. Thankfully the security checks, baggage deposit and toilets were efficient enough and did not hold up the runners too long. Both the distances should have their own separate flag off times and routes to alleviate the massive jam. Miss the times where each distance had their own starting point and route. Nevertheless, Ironman does really put in efforts every year to try and improve the race experience. This year there is more entertainment along the route, hydration had the Water-Isotonic-Water arrangement which prevents overcrowding of runners trying to get hydration, and better distance markers. Hope they are able to resolve the other pressing issues of the run and make it a run that us runners can be proud of.
  2. For some reason I thought the HM flag off is at 7pm... but no both FM and HM are flagging off together again at 6pm... Going to have massive crowds later again.... Singapore must be the only FM that flag off both FM and HM at the same time, thinking that they can control the mass crowds... Sigh...
  3. Thanks for the info bro. OK with them to slightly increase their fees as they are still the cheapest and no frills HM/FM/Ultra you can find in Singapore.
  4. Another Japan run... bro you sure is rich...... Noticed you tend not to write a lot on your race experience and what happened during the race....maybe your were juggling to focus on getting your PB...but I feel that that is the the most important thing on a race review and should not focus just on pre-run and post run... Anyway its your blog........
  5. Bro....really feeling like beating you sia...haha... I ask you to sign up you said "once beaten , twice shy"....firstly you never ran their 21/30km before so when were you bitten before? (or in your case you said you got beaten... I don't know who but I am glad to know I am not the only one!) , and secondly you said you didn't face any issues with your 10km..... Then you go poison others to sign up, say they might have improved... when you yourself is doubting them and don't want to sign up...
  6. I don't actually remember the route being too poorly lit. Pink Apple has been organizing runs for a long time and if it is just certain parts of the route that needs to be lit up more due to negligence, it should be an easy fix.
  7. Those who remembered are either not signing up anymore, or are the faster runners that never faced those issues, or the most forgiving runners. Not going to give them the benefit of the doubt till I see the improvements myself. If I am signing up FM for sundown, I always make sure I have a backup hydration strategy. I encourage all to do the same too. Infitinus are still competent organizers for HM and below. They will not exit the race organizer scene if there is still profits to be made.
  8. So the top prize of a lucky draw is only a pair of compression tights? Wah lau....
  9. Thanks for helping to create the topic. Good response means people had already forgotten about the disastrous issues this year..... no wonder we are always at the mercy of race organizers... Don't count on the greedy race organizers. Having joined this for so many years it is advisable to always plan for a backup... It took Hivelocity years of horrible organization to get things up to just an acceptable level....Infinitus will be just like them.
  10. Why not take part in 21km or 30km next year... great material for your blog...
  11. Shocked that Sundown got a booth... From their Facebook page no information has been confirmed yet... no dates or start venue whatsover... Like that still dare to collect money from runners first... Price still at $65 for FM... should have lowered prices for all the disastrous issues this year.....
  12. I am also keen to know what is bro lonewolf's dream that made him unable to join this next year... It has always been relatively well organized (not great but also no major hiccups)... the major complaint for this run had always been that it is severely oversubscribed, making the race more crowded than the other HMs and also late flagoffs due to the the large number of waves. Also it has been around for a very long time, making it one of the popular HMs to run. To my understanding many runners join due to the good quality of 2XU apparel, and there were no track records of any major issues with the race organization thus far. Pink Apple had gotten away with charging a premium pricing of this race for many editions, and no surprise that this race will still be $60+ next year. Among the complaints last year: - Sharetransport hiccup (I think some runners bought shuttle bus tickets but not reflected in the app) - Overcrowded (as per the same issue in the previous editions) - Inaccurate distance (vast differences in the distances tracked by different people different GPS app/watches) - The famous results delay due to KPI not paying Pink Apple on time
  13. Great Eastern run should remain as a Women's only run. There are women who only participate in this simply because it is a Women's only run. There has been many races that are open to all already, so let this remain as the prominent Women's only run in Singapore.
  14. Yup SCSM last year was one of the better organized local runs in recent times that I can recall of. The roads were fully closed and hydration was sufficient. If I were to nitpick I would say they could have planned for providing more stuff at support stations (sponges, biscuits etc). Sundown was badly supported this year. At one point only 1 or 2 lanes of the roads were opened for running. Hydration was lacking. I haven't run enough overseas runs to say that local marathons are comparable in terms of price and support, but so far have not encountered any badly supported runs overseas. Most of the runs also feel safe and are fully closed, though I still feel a bit uncomfortable to run in Malaysia due to all the news on safety breaches and runners get run over.
  15. Yeah I will most likely sign up for the Zoo run. Thanks guys.
  16. Any links to see the medals that were given out in the previous years?
  17. Only joined this run once since the price is on the high side (not a fan of repeated visits to the zoo). But since this is the final edition, keen to run it for one last time. The problem is........... it clashes with the Forest Force 50 run that I am also keen to take part....... Sigh.
  18. Not the same analogy leh.... If you buy a condo and you can stay in it immediately, you pay $0.5M for the usage of it for a year. More like you pay 2M in June, your friend pay 1.5M in August, and both of you can only move in to stay on 30 Nov.... of course you will be angry coz you did not get to enjoy any additional benefits more than your friend yet you pay $0.5M more. Not everyone had the luxury and convenience to attend overseas runs. Also, many overseas runs are getting more and more expensive as well, so SG races is not that more ex actually. But agree that for the price you pay for SG races, overseas runs are far more better organized....SG races really don't know how to take care of its participants...
  19. Usually I will not encourage buying medals from Carousell too. But since my assessment of you is that you can complete a 18km easily, just that you missed this run for some reason, and also if your intention is to collect the medal as a set, you can consider buying it for collection purposes.
  20. Why would it be less motivating? If you are after that combination design, you can buy off this year's finisher medal from Carousell and collect the other 2 yourself next year.
  21. First day usually the most crowded......
  22. What makes you think he will sign up for a craze ultra 2 weeks before race day?
  23. The route should be the standard 1 loop around MacRitchie... not sure why it still must be withheld...
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