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  1. Bro, you repeat this again...so I will reply the same thing again also...
  2. I think so too. And no details of refunds? What if a participant can't make it on the new date and can't find anyone to take over the bib?
  3. He never says the event will be cancelled... The article says "If tickets have been sold for these events, organisers must demonstrate that satisfactory precautionary measures are in place before they can proceed," It is safe to assume that it is hard to demonstrate satisfactory social distancing in a way and the easier way is to cancel...
  4. It has always been cluttered, even before any runs from 1st half postpone to 2nd half.
  5. Does that mean there are less than 250 signing up for the run?
  6. High chances it will also skip a year. We should know Ironman's decision by end June.
  7. Sundown has had many disastrous editions more than successful ones, last year was one of the more disastrous ones. But poor runners like me got no other choices coz no money to go overseas runs. So support loh... What if they don't refund? LLST coz runners always at mercy of organizers. Tokyo marathons makan entry fees nobody can say anything. Better to end this forum. Kohpapa you too drama lah.
  8. I don't think can be postponed. They need to cordon off the area for the Mandai Project already... Also it is not compulsory for them to cancel it. If they stagger start times well apart from each other, and provide adequate hydration and wet towels, there is still a slight chance it can proceed? Not from MOH, just thinking aloud if these will constitute as "satisfactory precautionary measures".
  9. Why only single out London and Boston? A lot of runners are already affected right now with the cancellation of Tokyo marathon, Nagoya Women's marathon, Seoul marathon... the list goes on. Kenyan runners livelihood are already affected now because of these.... For many runners, running a marathon is leisure but to them they depend on prize money to feed their families... they are more badly hit than others...
  10. The disasterous experience last year is something that cannot be bought with money too lol. While one right cannot address all their wrongs, I have to agree that giving the refund option is a goodwill on their part. I have half expected them to follow what some other runs do and turning this into a virtual run, but glad they didnt.
  11. The first half of the year has always quite bare compared to the packed second half. I raised this interesting observation before but there doesn't seem to be any good explanation other than the fact that it is a mere coincidence. Other than SDM being back to back, the reason why I opted to transfer to next year is because I am doubtful that the COVID-19 situation will be stabilized by end of May. I predict it might still be rampant till at least Q3 of the year, so there might be another messy postpone of date again. Eco Run still has about a month to "wait and see", but I am leaning towards them shifting the date as well Even if the situation has stablized by then, there might be recovery work to do by SAF and hence they won't have the manpower to focus on AHM, something that has not been on their priority list for the last few years.
  12. I remember how this used to be one of the cheapest 10km run many years back. Now it has became one of the most expensive.
  13. Postponement of 2XU Compression Run Singapore 2020 The 2XU Compression Run team and their partner, Pink Apple Pte Ltd, understand that there may be uncertainty in participating in the 2XU Compression Run Singapore 2020 with the current COVID-19 situation. In light of this, 2XU Compression Run Singapore will be postponed from the original date of 5th April 2020 to 31st May 2020.The event will continue to be held at the F1 Pit Building, Singapore. Please also be informed that Race Entry Pack Collection will be shifted from 27th – 29th March 2020 to 15th – 17th May 2020 at Marina Square, Level 2 Central Atrium. This decision was made with careful considerations and assessment of the guidelines from the Ministry of Health with regards to large-scale events. The health and safety of everyone from our participants, to our crew and volunteers is of utmost importance to us. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your kind understanding. We hope that all of us will stand together to stay positive in difficult times. We urge all participants, crew and volunteers to stay vigilant and maintain good personal hygiene. As a token of appreciation, all registered participants before 31st March 2020, 11.59pm (GMT +8) will receive an exclusive 2XU Compression Run Hip Pack. Otherwise, participants may transfer their 2XU Compression Run Singapore 2020 race slot to 2XU Compression Run Malaysia 2020 or 2XU Compression Run Indonesia 2020. Participants may also transfer their race slot to 2XU Compression Run Singapore 2021. Please refer to the terms and conditions below for more details. For latest updates on COVID-19, please visit www.moh.gov.sg For more information on 2XU Compression Run 2020, please visit www.2xurun.com Sincerely, The 2XU Compression Run Team and Pink Apple Pte Ltd [So the decision now is: If you agree to run on 31 May, which is just 1 week after Sundown Marathon, you will receive a Hip Pack. Otherwise you are also free to transfer your race slot. For me, I have chosen to transfer the slot to 2021.]
  14. Yah I should be going for the 25km.
  15. Personally, yes. It is better to be safe than sorry. Runs can always be completed again once this thing is over. That said, understand people are very upset at the cancellations as they have trained hard for the runs.
  16. My personal opinion of the best option is deferment of race slot to next year. Virtual marathon also sounds like a bad idea..... those who needs logistic support must be self sufficient... but I guess its still better than no refunds at all... I see yh90 in the comments... Guess he got a Seoul Marathon slot?
  17. I didn't know he was from RJC... He could have been a high flyer but he stood to his passion as a full time athlete. Props to him for that.
  18. Thanks for the update bro! Now I can mark my calendar.
  19. Thanks Kohpapa. Totally forgotten about the Taxiway at the start/end point. Miss running that route at Changi Exhibition Centre with the different terrains. Hope somebody bring it back someday.
  20. https://www.runnersworld.com/uk/news/a30965124/runners-cancelled-tokyo-marathon/ I don't understand why China runners get to defer their entry slots and need not pay their entry fees again, but the rest of the runners need to?
  21. Appreciate uncle for sharing all the information, but I agree with Lady Ice that such discussion should be highlighted elsewhere in the forum and not pertaining to the run itself...
  22. I remembered we argued about this before but ... what are the four terrains again? I recalled it being only 3: Tarmac (Road), Trail and Sand.
  23. Yup go as per you suggested... Any photos on the rat medal? ELM?
  24. The registration of the run happened during the peak of the Hong Kong strikes... I don't think there are many runners going for the run in the first place...
  25. Exactly. I think the immediate concern of many of the runners is a refund, which is common sense and should not have been overlooked. Just adding a simple liner of saying that the procedures for the refund will be made known together with the new date will prevent many of the people asking about it.
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