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  1. Quote

    Ambassadors will give out finisher medals during specific times, but if you run at a different time we will post your medal to you.

    Oh boy, I sure hope crowds don't form up during these times so that they can get a mass run feel that they sorely missed.

    Also, hiring such ambassadors just to give out finisher medals is not necessary and just add costs to the runners that are not justified. 

    I can already foresee this happening: They have ambassadors on the first day, but due to the crowd forming, they have to cancel ambassadors for the rest of the period. But the costs of hiring those ambassadors already factored in into the fees....

  2. 3 hours ago, ZZIZZ said:

    Looks like the participants need to run at the designated venue, instead of anywhere (as most of the other virtual runs allow that), and the registration price is relatively still not low......... 😨

    Agree on the price being on the steep side... virtual run with medal and shirt costs about $20 usually... design nothing appealing, and don't need a hydration belt also...

    And why is there $6 price difference for running a longer distance? The 12.8km lanyard costs more to make?

  3. Moscow held a half marathon with 10k participants yesterday...



    It just look like any normal mass event run that we are used to seeing before the pandemic. Not sure why for one particular flag off the runners were wearing masks but for most parts of the run many were running without the masks.

    So there, business/running as usual in Russia. 

  4. On 7/30/2020 at 1:03 PM, AutumnRunner said:

    still waiting?? mai lah mai lah... my old legs giving up on me twice during this CB period..... must be telling me something.....🙄

    Thanks for clarifying that you are not considering joining ultras anytime already... and so I guess you no longer have any of your so-called 50-50 mindset of joining... which I am still confused what exactly do you mean.

    Anyhow, never mind explaining that anymore. We are going off track from the discussion of this run already.

  5. 18 hours ago, wonderfulblevic said:

    He probably means he always hesitates and think here think there whether to 'upgrade' from full marathons to ultras or not. In the end also never right bro Autumn?  I still waiting for you to join Craze Ultra...

    Really? I have always thought he was quite adamant about not joining ultras... The only one time he said he will consider joining Craze Ultra and you guys have been at it forever haha....

  6. On 7/27/2020 at 8:58 AM, AutumnRunner said:

    now i read again what i typed and indeed my language doesnt make sense... pardon me....

    what i meant by 50-50 is that I always have a 50-50 mindset to join Ultras as compared to a Marathon race.... hahah

    Uh I still don't understand what is your definition of 50-50 mindset... 

    Isn't it always a 50-50 mindset to join a run? It's either you join or you don't join...there is no 3rd option...

  7. On 7/26/2020 at 4:55 PM, lonewolf said:

    Wah bro beast, your threshold quite low. Coloured medal enough to tempt you for virtual run.

    The Performance Series is also going virtual and even the stellar set of quality ELM medals is not enough to tempt me to sign up.


    Of cos, my aversion  to virtual run is limited only be the fact that I do not have a GPS watch and do not like to run with my handphone. -_-   

    Haha I quite like that event logo so yup I wouldn't mind paying a finisher medal if there is one.

    I have been selectively joining a few virtual runs ever since the CB..... mainly for the design of the finishers (medals and shirts).... obviously it won't replicate the experience of joining a mass event run, but I do it mainly to get myself motivated to go out and do some runs...

    I didn't know the medals for the Performance Series were ELM... I brush it off as the island theme doesn't really appeal me...I will give it a second thought whether to sign up or not... Thanks for the heads up haha... 

    I have gotten used to carrying the handphone when I run so that if I see something scenic I can stop and take photos....I think it is a just a matter of getting used to it...

  8. On 7/23/2020 at 12:23 PM, AutumnRunner said:

    I am 50-50 Ultra and Marathons as i have a few friends who stepped into the Ultra journey and got stuck to it all the way... The way to run Ultra is quite different from Marathon as timing might not be the primary consideration. In Ultra, there is a strong sense of comradery where everyone chat and talks to one another during the pit-stop or even during the run... in Marathons, it is lesser seen, except to your training buddies...

    50-50? The number of times you ran ultras were the same as you ran marathons?

    The memory I had about you was that many people of this forum tried to get you run Craze Ultra but you were like no I want to save my legs to focus on getting PBs for marathons....

  9. On 7/4/2020 at 8:55 AM, lonewolf said:

    Here is an update (of sort) of whether SCSM 2020 will proceed.

    Full Article: https://www.straitstimes.com/sport/coronavirus-status-of-standard-chartered-singapore-marathon-will-be-determined-by-safe

    My feel? If they have not decide by now, the probability of it going ahead is rather slim. 

    The logistics required for this race necessitate a longer lead time than other races. So I doubt they can decide at the last minute to proceed. (Unless it's a scaled-down 'elite only' race) 

    I think they are adapting a "wait and see" approach - If the pandemic is not going to come down by the latest date for them to process the necessary logistics (and for government to give the green light), they are just going to convert into a "virtual run".

    Maybe some people in the organizing team has the positive mentality like our Autumn bro, but personally I rather they just make the decision to cancel this year's edition.

  10. 19 hours ago, starfinder said:

    I have 2 more races - Zoo Run and Ground Zero. This year is the last race for Zoo Run and Ground Zero Run doesn't happen every year.

    So if they proceed with the runs, I would go head with them too.

    I could totally understand the disappointment of not having to run at these events. 

    But for the sake of well being of everyone, I hope race organizers don't even think about proceeding with them, even with any promises of the strictest of checks and safety precautions.

    Everyone should take this present situation seriously and now is really not the time to think about organizing or participating in races anymore until the situation dies down. If by any chance any running event is really given the green light to proceed, and a mass outbreak happens during the event, the disastrous consequence to the economy and people's livelihood is unimaginable.

    For the love of God, I hope that doesn't happen just because of a selfish group of people who wants to run.

  11. 22 hours ago, RaijinFJ said:

    Who would have known that the world would have to (temporarily) change so much in just a few months?
    I was actually quite surprised that runners there in SG, well… at least those on this forum, were able to accept it so easily. IIRC, the general consensus here even back in March was that most of you guys had already written off the rest of 2020.

    It wasn’t the same for me though.

    Back in Jan-Feb I was hoping to do SDM in May. Even when the WHO already declared it a pandemic, I was still hoping it would be possible to do a major IAAF marathon in November (and possibly train for a new PR for me), but now that half the year’s almost over, and with the plague worsening and accelerating, I can really see it’s not possible. Conditions in a race event are simply just too dangerous, no matter what precautions they take.

    Not sure how the others are taking it, but It is still the same for me since March - No more joining a mass run till a vaccine is available. Even with 0 cases and strict temperature screening and safety precautions taking place, I will not bother to take the risk. Runs and streaks come and go...I can go without it for 1-2 years...personal health and responsibilities to families should take priority above a PB or finisher medal/shirt.

    I have written off 2020, and likely the first half of 2021 too. 

  12. 23 hours ago, Arvin Tunas said:

    As I wrote, the swab test requirement can only be impose once the testing infrastructure has increased, the pricing should be reduced by then also. We can't use time and cost structure of precovid situation in current environment.  

    Temperature screening is a standard practice by now.


    Swab test is manual right now and test results is not instantaneous. I believe that the time for the testing infrastructure to be improved by leaps and bounds (cut manual testing and have results instantly), a vaccine would have been readily available. 

    I still don't think a mass running event would be held before a vaccine is available, but I am no scientist and maybe a foolproof screening might have been invented before the vaccine, and we can all run safely. 

  13. 14 hours ago, starfinder said:

    Sorry for jumping in, just want to give my 2 cents.

    I think it is good to share ideas and and feedback. Just keep an open mind. In corporate life, sometimes an illogical idea being brought up actually led to a workable suggestion from another.

    Any forums, not just this, needs people like both of you contributing ideas and comments, or else the forum will turn really silent.

    For this CB, I actually did more runs than pre-covid 19. Simply because I am working from home and have more time to do the runs in late afternoon like 5.30 pm, rather than after usual work time beyond 7 pm. And I am doing virtual runs. Somehow feel the need to have a medal after completion. LOL.

    Whatever the case, let us keep the ideas and conversation going.

    Yah I guess I would probably work on the tone of my words. And you are right, some discussion is better than a dead forum.

    Like you, I have been running more around my neighbourhood as well since working from home. And maybe I should try out virtual runs too. But the raining season is here so I guess it will make it harder to run for the next 1 to 2 weeks....

  14. 2 hours ago, Arvin Tunas said:

    As long as there aren't vaccine yet, I can see the Race Organizer making it rapid test or swab test(if by then lab testing capability has increased to cater more testing) compulsory for those entering the race venue. 

    Right now, Singapore can only do swab tests at a rate of 8,000 in a day, with the aim of hoping to reach 40,000 tests per days in a few months.

    There is no way any race organizers would make all their runners to do swab tests. Imagine the time and cost needed to implement this for a race!

    The most they would probably do is to have thermal scanners and disallow runners with very high temperature into the race venue.

  15. 29 minutes ago, AutumnRunner said:


    Did i say holding a race NOW?? I was saying FUTURE RACES post-covid.... 

    Why would i throw them in without giving much thoughts? Did you even think about it at all? At least give reasons why they are not practical. If you are not contributing, please just don't comment at all. Thank you.

    I noticed that you had been picking on me a lot especially on my comments, please stop all these as we are creating a friendly forum for runners to come in and relax. Not to criticise without valuable feedback. 

    PM me instead and I am sure there are some misunderstanding. Let's keep this forum open to all for the actual topic instead. Thank you.

    Chill bro. I think you are over-sensitive over my comments and certainly I did not mean to make anything come across anything as harsh or rude.

    And I am not interested to resolving this over PM as I do not like to be called out like this and make peace privately.

    First, let's break down my comments, shall we?

    2 hours ago, beast said:

    I don't think holding a race is practical until at least next year when a vaccine is commercialized.

    Imagine the public's uproar and reaction if a mass event is given the green light before a vaccine is available. 

    Some may become the new norm when a mass event can finally take place, like #3 ,4, 5 and maybe 7.

    Some are simply not practical (especially #8 and 9) and it just seems like you threw them in without giving much thoughts to them. 


    I don't think the first 2 lines were criticizing you in any way. If anything, it should be interpreted as me agreeing that no runs will be held until post covid, and not as me criticizing you about suggesting holding runs now, if that was how you looked at them.

    The 3rd line was agreeing with some of your points. I believe I do not need to say things like "great points!" or "well done!", do I?

    Next, elaboration about my 4th line about why some of your points are not practical, since you asked and can't figure out:

    #8 - 1-metre social distance between each runner IN THE starting pen
    Assuming a running event with 5K runners, and to make it simple, let's say we have 10 waves each with 500 runners. 
    To make 1 metre social distancing possible, this means that the pen needs to be 500 metres x 500 metres? Any idea how big the pen needs to be? Give you an idea - A soccer field is 120 metres x 90 metres wide. 

    #9 - More cleaners on-site to clean and sanitise the mobile toilets after every 5 usages.
    I am sure you have been to events where mobile toilets are limited and lines of more than 10 lined up outside each cubicle. You really want cleaners to stop people from using them every 5 usage to clean and sanitise? How long do you think each cleaner needs to take to thoroughly clean and and sanitise the cubicle? 10 minutes? So a line of 10 people will need to wait more than 30 minutes? And why 5 usage and not 1? Is the alternate solution to hire more mobile toilets and cleaners then? How much mobile toilets and cleaners is enough for a run like 2XU vs Standard chartered? And cleaners will have to be activated when the toilets are open till they are locked up. Any idea how much that will cost in manpower hours? I can safely tell you no race organizers will do this unless a law is passed down that mobile toilets need to be cleaned thoroughly, which you can already guess what is the chance of that happening.

    Last but not least, I know I am not the only one who picks on you on this forum (I shall refrain from naming any names, but I am sure you know who else) so please don't only single me out like this. Again, I will not say on behalf of others except myself only, but there are many times that I point out the things you say, be it here or on your blog, not because I enjoy single you out or to cyberbully you, but simply because they just didn't make sense to me or to prevent misinformation on your end to be conveyed to others. I view myself as the "loving critic" but I guess you don't see it that way.

    Since you think I am picking you, I will make it a point to refrain from anything you comment in this forum from now on. Maybe let someone else be your "loving critic" instead.

    Peace out.

  16. I don't think holding a race is practical until at least next year when a vaccine is commercialized.

    Imagine the public's uproar and reaction if a mass event is given the green light before a vaccine is available. 

    Some may become the new norm when a mass event can finally take place, like #3 ,4, 5 and maybe 7.

    Some are simply not practical (especially #8 and 9) and it just seems like you threw them in without giving much thoughts to them. 


  17. 1 hour ago, kohpapa said:

    Covid-19: Virtual 1km run aims to get public to show support for frontliners
    (info - https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/covid-19-virtual-1km-run-aims-get-public-show-support-frontliners)

    I think food/gift donations to frontliners are what they need most. Best if it is monetary or pay raises of course.

    This and other activity like mass singing HOME to show appreciation do nothing to help frontliners really.

  18. On 5/25/2020 at 8:49 PM, Lady Ice said:

    Have tried running with a mask a little, but found it impedes taking in air if doing a hard run.  Have instead been giving people a 10 metre distance as well as running when there are fewer people outside (the dinner or lunch hour).

    Though do note we might have to get used to running with a mask. Have been attending some seminars with run organisers (NYC, Chicago, Berlin, Singapore, etc) around the world who are toying with the idea to ask people to wear a mask in their events.... I'll try to write  a blog post to update every one of further thoughts.  Interesting that runnersworld have picked that up as well (thanks for the link @RaijinFJ)

    If a run requires mandatory wearing of mask, then I will just sit out till next year after a vaccine has been commericalized and we can all partake in a run without needing to wear one.

  19. On 5/5/2020 at 10:29 AM, kohpapa said:

    Parliament: Proposed laws will protect event deposits from being forfeited, but do not mean immediate refunds, says Shanmugam

    (straits Times reported April 7, 2020)




    we had a previous discussion on this with @beast, @lonewolf...legally, Event Entry Fee is not Event Deposits, and SLA (Service Level Agreement) was never signed, but Races signed up are always Paid In Full without the Participants reading on the Terms & Conditions or Rules & Regulations...have you?

    @SG RED DEVIL had mentioned that in future, need to be ready to read on the R&R before sign-up for any Race...should we be signing on what we agreed first and not signup on what we do not agree like OMG! No refund, no signup?

    Unless, a collective petition by Participants affected by the No Refund is to appeal to the Law Minister, yes, this is still possible because So many things during this COVID-19 period is no longer follow policy. ..why not...collectively say for 10,000 who paid $75 on average...that is almost $3/4 million...being held by race organizer claiming they paid for cancelled expenses and costs to vendors...is there evidence on that payment, how much...there is never transparency in accounting?

    Importantly, we had not been an informed consumer as Participant to Races, and it is time we must be "awakened" because of Covid-19.

    Yah I was only wondering what are the chances of trying to argue that race fees are deemed as a form of deposit, to take advantage of the new law, should we need to sue or force any organizers from refusing to refund our fees from a cancelled race. Realistically if there is no refund, I doubt we can round up most the race participants to petition for the refund. Many will just simply walk away as the race fee is just a small sum of money. 

    If it is remotely possible to petition under the new law, does the new law has power over a force majeure clause in the indemnity form that protects organizers from refunding even under the circumstance of a pandemic? (Note: I don't read all the rules and regulations so I am just assuming that this force majeure clause exists. I also don't think we can boycott any races that does not promise a refund, as this should be something that will protect the interests of the organizer.)

    Maybe we are just thinking too far ahead.

  20. 2 years ago you announced that the site is on the verge of shutting down, as there were challenges with having to fork out the funds needed to sustain this running forum.. Thankfully, with the help of generous contributions of members here, we managed to raise $720 to keep this forum afloat.

    Just wanted to know how are things going for you this year? With this pandemic affecting everyone's livelihood, I am sure it has impacted you as well. 

    Please feel free to let us know if you needed help again in the funds to sustain the forum. I, for one, hate to see this forum go and I am sure many feel the same way as well. With a little help from everyone amidst this difficult times, we can unite to keep this place going.

    Let us know. God bless you and your family.

  21. 37 minutes ago, lonewolf said:

    How about a different kind of race?

    If you have been on YouTube, you would probably have seen one of those bar chart races on a wide range of topics like box office, best selling comics and of cos the current COVID-19 pandemic.

    I was looking for one comparing the number of cases in our region (specifically South East Asia) and could not find one. So I decided to try to make one myself. It was not as hard as I thought and really the hardest part was compiling the data. 

    For good measures, I included Taiwan and Hong Kong - the 2 countries a lot of armchair COVID-19 wizards like to compare our govt's effort with. I thought about including South Korea but decided that their huge number of cases will probably skewed the chart too much. And won't make for an interesting race. 

    So have a look and see how Singapore race ahead of our neighbours in a race no one want to see us winning. (But of cos the number of cases does not tell the complete story as I has attributed to earlier)

    I will probably continue to update the chart monthly until the pandemic run its course. 

    Enjoy the race!

    Nice video! Sorry IT noob here, but what did you use to animate the graphs to move?

    Sadly, without knowing the complete story, people who are just looking at the video will take it out of context again.

    Also, how I felt after yesterday's announcement:


  22. 13 hours ago, kohpapa said:



    Graphs like these are what I call "Shit Stirrers" .

    Our numbers shot up mainly due to the testing of foreign workers in their dormitories. If we don't test we won't know who is affected and can't contain the virus properly, right?

    We also don't have higher numbers of cases compared to the other countries, which people might be misled into interpreting as that if they don't understand the graph well.

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