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  1. Last time it's race pack collection. Now it's post race entitlement collection.
  2. I think Arunkumar Satardekar would rather round up his team of fast elite runners than us nobodies...
  3. I was hoping they priced it such that the SCSM finale merchandise is a compulsory base bundle of around $40-50, then each additional challenge finisher medal we can buy for +$10-15, so those who complete more challenges can choose to add and buy more medals. But SCSM organizer already show that they are greedy for money by not putting the finale sale on the VR store...and forcing people to buy and choose only 1 challenge and finisher... Guess I will just go for useless e-badges/ self-actualization up the hierarchy of needs by planning and hoping to complete as many of the challenges as I
  4. Congrats @kohpapa for finishing another WMM... wish I could sign this up earlier...
  5. Actually no, they changed the rules this time. The double up this time round will need to be counted as separate session... https://app.sgmarathonvc.com/en/challenges/details/20-11-scsm-grandefinale-doubleupchallenge "Finish the SCSM Grand Finale VR Double Up Challenge and you will earn the SCSM Grand Finale VR Double Up Challenge digital badge! If you want to earn the VR Half Marathon and VR 10KM badges, you must sign up for those events separately.“
  6. This is pretty complicated... I don't think any foreign runners will be able to do the AR run, or many people owning this ROUVY technology, so it kinda beats the purpose of letting them experiencing the run as if they are running in Singapore.
  7. Actually to get all the 3 virtual road run badges, you need to do 1x21km, 1x10km, and then the double up 21+10. So you can still do a marathon (21+10+10) and then a 21km the next weekend as recovery. I have signed up for all 5 challenges, but I will need to see if I am able to successfully book the ActiveSG venues for me to do the 2 AR runs. Otherwise I plan to complete the other 3 road runs.
  8. This is under the VR store right? https://store.singaporemarathon.com/collections/scsm-vr10 So I am assuming you can use this? https://app.sgmarathonvc.com/en/rewards/available/5f34fe854da9a694cba48bc3
  9. Thanks kohpapa for clarifying.... How do we get the footpads? Buy from somewhere? I guess I will try and book a session from one the ActiveSG centre... wanna try out how it feels like...
  10. This is quite sad... I thought we would be able to use the coins that we have clocked from the weekly challenges to offset part of the cost... but they made a separate store for the entitlements for the finale challenge... Anyway since you are buying the VR medal bundle, don't forget to exchange for the VR store discount with your coins...
  11. I thought you would be interested to try doing the threadmill run with the Augmented Reality....since you enjoyed the guided run with audio... who knows this might become the new normal too....
  12. Signed up and took the last leg. Hope we have 4 more people to join us!
  13. As kohpapa has pointed out, it is costly to do a guided run like this with the need to create a separate app for it. Which is why this run is more expensive than the other virtual runs. And this will not be the new normal because not everyone is OK with the price tag, or want to download 10 different apps for 10 different virtual runs. People rather just run simple.
  14. I think it is possible to export a saved run from other device and import into runkeeper... @kohpapaIf you need a 6th member to round up your team let me know...
  15. Oh ok... I wasn't keeping track of who joined what event, so which events have you signed up this year?
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