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  1. beast

    2XU Compression Run 2019 - 07 Apr (Sun)

    Maybe only Autumn bro still harbouring hope bah..... he is always hopeful on a lot things that 99.99% will not happen haha..... Anyway will skip....overcrowded and expensive race ($62 for HM???).... will just join Income Run instead......
  2. http://www.letsrun.com/news/2018/09/greatest-ever-20139-eliud-kipchoge-crushes-world-record-win-2018-berlin-marathon/
  3. beast

    Punggol North LEDM Run 2018

    Joseph, in order not to have your team bombard with similar queries, I would suggest your team put up a disclaimer that a delayed confirmation slip will be sent out. Usually a confirmation slip is to be expected immediately upon sign up, so that the runners know on the spot that their registration has gone through. Also do also let people know that your team is also checking medical histories so as to better help runners cope with the run. I believe a lot of the runs don't use a PAR-Q kind of survey now (and even those who do, most likely don't go through them so thoroughly) so this will be appreciated by the public as well.
  4. beast

    Income Eco Run 2019 - 28 Apr (Sun)

    Cross the bridge when we get there. At least now we get to "save the date".
  5. The only pro of starting at 5pm is the weather is much cooler to run in. Other than that, it is actually more challenging due to: - it has a shorter cut off time (you have 10 hours less to complete the race as you still need to cross the finish line before 3pm) - You will need to fight the Z-monster (those who start at 7am should finish around midnight to wee hours of the days, and can cab back to sleep the entire of next day, whereas those who start at 5pm will end around next day noon or so, and your body biological clock is completely disrupted)
  6. beast

    Challenge32 - 11 Nov 18 (Sun)

    Anyway the Newton Challenge website is still up and running with 2017 info. I have no clue who is running this website but I would like to assume that it is by Pink Apple, so if it is not happening anymore they would have shut down the website. It is anyone's speculation whether that would indicate that there is still a chance that it is still happening.
  7. beast

    Challenge32 - 11 Nov 18 (Sun)

    Newton is sponsoring this Challenge 32 so maybe it boils down to the higher costs they have to put in to be the title sponsor for Newton Challenge. Anyway it is also weird that Pink Apple is not doing the run anymore just because Newton is no longer the title sponsor. Although the number of runners are dwelling each year, there are still many who are taking the run as a SCMS LSD and it has been one of their streak runs since 2010. They should be able to get a new title sponsor and move on. Wonder what happened behind the Pink Apple curtains. Good observation of sports manufacturers not sponsoring any runs anymore. Guess they are not seeing the returns (dwelling number of runners every year) versus their investment. That said, the race quality of many of these sponsored runs are not really good - like Puma Night Run was too overpriced, Solomon X-Trail Run did not live up to name of "Trail" etc. Mover is not saying he is 100% correct. He is just expressing what he feels might be the reason that we are not having a Newton Challenge this year. This is a free and friendly forum, anyone can chip in into a discussion, whether they are right or wrong. Nobody has all the answers. Don't have to keep putting down on what people are saying.
  8. How many 100km runs have you completed before and what is the average timing? I only completed 1 100km run before, almost died. So until you are feeling comfortable with running a 100km, suggest don't try the 100 miles at all.
  9. beast

    2018 - MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50

    IMHO the 21km trail for the run is about the toughness of running a 25km road, factoring the facts that it is running on a different terrain, narrow running paths, and upslopes/ downslopes. If you typically takes 2 hours to finish a 21km road, then you should most likely take about 2 1/2 hours to finish a 21km trail. Also need to be mindful that when running trail it typically has less hydration points, and less obvious signages which will may lead you to running extra distances due to you getting lost.
  10. beast

    Challenge32 - 11 Nov 18 (Sun)

    You are under the misunderstanding that the event is "owned" by Newton so they can pass the Facebook page ownership to whoever is organizing the run. But the truth is it is a run that is "owned" by Pink Apple, and they got got Newton to be the sponsor so as to call it "Newton Challenge"", so what you propose does not make sense. Just take this a new Newton sponsored run called "Challenge 32". No need to argue whether legit or not, or what is going to happen to Pink Apple's "Newton Challenge", focus on this run is happening now and whether should you sign up for this as the last SCMS LSD.
  11. beast

    Challenge32 - 11 Nov 18 (Sun)

    That Facebook page was set up by Pink Apple, who was the organizer for the past editions. Of course the current organizer cannot claim the ownership of the page and update it. If your definition of "legit" is that it must be from the same race organizer, must have big sponsor logo, must have that post run buffet, then yes this is not "legit", because it is not in the same form that everyone is used to seeing it. The situation now is that another race organizer has come along, gotten the blessing of Newton to use its patent trademark brand name and logo, and decided to run its own version of "Newton Challenge". In my opinion you are still running the same 32km supported run, the run is still sponsored by Newton, run is back to ECP where it first started, and at the end of the day you still get your finisher items if you complete the run... since Pink Apple is not stepping out to hold its own "legit" version, then to me this replacement run by default now become the "legit" run. Honestly I don't care about legit or not.....this is the only SCMS LSD available right now... otherwise you can train on your own, or continue to wait for Pink Apple to announce the "legit" version ...
  12. beast

    2018 - MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50

    What category are you joining and what is the average distance you run for road/trail?
  13. The easiest way should be to have more flag off waves. Just caveat that runners should expect a longer period of time to wait in the pen while they flag off the large crowd by more waves and in more intervals. Not sure why it is so difficult to implement.
  14. beast

    Challenge32 - 11 Nov 18 (Sun)

    Why doesn't it look legit? Newton would have sued the runpilgrim if they have used their name and logo without their official endorsement....
  15. Hard-level will involve climbing and going downhill of steep mountains with high elevation, running through dense forestation, getting yourself wet from running cross small streams, getting lost due to poor visibility from fog etc. Of course not in Singapore, but overseas.