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  1. beast

    CSC Run by the Bay 2018 - 20 Oct (Sat)

    Very interesting changes to this run this year! First of all, an evening run will definitely attract more runners who are not keen to wake up early for a run. Second, runners will be ranked in their 10-year age category bracket, and each will have their own podium trophies, making sure that more runners are recognized for their love for running. Third, the race route is released during registration, which is definitely the right thing to do. While the routes are nothing new, they still manage to inject some creativity into ensuring that there are some fresh elements into it. The only drawback is as per what Lonewolf mentioned, price. No doubt there are more entitlements to justify the increase in price, I would also prefer keeping it more to a no-frills and keeping the registration fees lower. Rather than calling it the real "Sundown" (entire run is not ran in the dark), I would say this is the real "Marina Bay run" (both also start at Gardens By the Bay East) if they are able to provide with better support and logistic management Epic ESR.
  2. Race pack received! Number bib not included in the photo.
  3. Personally don't like having the finishing time so prominent on a shirt haha. Engraving on the medal is more of keeping and tracking how I did over the years. Kinda like an E-cert in a way to me.
  4. Yup it is on site this year. No more mailing of the sticker timing. It is a paid service so there might not be a long queue. But engraving will take time so it is time that you need to spend waiting which you can use to get home earlier.
  5. beast

    Race Against Cancer 2018 - 22 Jul (Sun)

    Yah as long as you are not aiming for PBs, and the total distance of the B2B is not a comfortable distance that you are used to doing, then it shouldn't be an issue. Longest I have done was a 21km + 42Km for one of the Sundown when the HM and FM were on different days. I didn't get a good timing for the HM but got a good one for the FM. I feel less fatigue for the FM and that was mainly because I made sure I had enough after the HM. I didn't plan anything for the day except to get enough rest at home in preparation for the FM, something that I will not do religiously for most of my FMs. So I guess it all depends on how you want to manage it. I believe most of us here will have the common sense of how to do that.
  6. Sorry my bad. I mean we could get a timing by referencing to an app or website after crossing the finish line. But after resting up a while after running the 42KM , getting our baggage, we would still need to focus on finding the timing, pass the timing to the team to engrave, and wait for potentially another 30 mins to get it done. I just think the iTab service is more fuss free - maybe there is feedback that the sticker looks ugly and they prefer details to be really engraved into the medal.
  7. beast

    Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2018

    Same 5 and 10km routes that have been unchanged since the very first edition?
  8. beast

    Marathon Des Sables 2018

    Saw on your fb that you have successfully completed it. Would you be sharing a recap of sorts?
  9. That's a valid point. I was thinking more of the daytime vs night time scenery that runners can get to see along the route, but maybe it doesn't really matter as much....
  10. Not sure how many uses the medal iTab services in the past years (basically just a sticker with the nett time that they will email you after the run to paste onto the medal) , but this year there is no more such service. Instead there will be a medal engraving service done directly on site after the run, and you can specify your name and timing. So how would one know the nett time immediately after the run to give to the vendor to engrave? Hmmm.
  11. beast

    Income Eco Run 2018 - 29 Apr (Sun)

    This is a detailed REPC because there are specific things to report for this REPC. I don't think she will blog about every REPC for every run that she is attending.
  12. I would prefer one day and one night FM bah.... a bit of variety to the otherwise monotonous runs.... I don't think SCMS will start too early otherwise it will be too hot too... it will likely start at 5 or 6pm, with the winners ending at 7 or 8pm, and most runners running most of it in the night as well, making it another "sundown""... If that happens Sundown will lose its uniqueness of a night run.... might as well switch to starting in the early mornings to differentiate itself more...but that's just me...
  13. If SCMS change to an evening run as per their plans next year, then Sundown would no longer be the only "sundown" run. It would be really interesting indeed if Sundown then decide to change to early morning flag offs haha.
  14. beast

    PCCW Global Charity Run 2018 - 27 Jun (Wed)

    5km run with flag off at 7am. Should finish by 7.30am and can make it to work at 8.30am. It will be a bit of a rush but definitely doable if one really wants to do it.
  15. Top of the head for last year: - Baggage (takes more than an hour due to Ironman saving costs and provide little support for it) - Resume of road closures that is not highlighted beforehand, those who did not meet them gets DNF - Insufficient hydration at certain checkpoints - Minimal support from government and public in general And I do not understand why Ironman is saying 21km and 42km routes cannot be separate. It has been done in the past, albeit the fact that USS doesn't seem to be the ideal venue to host a large number of 21km runners.