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  1. Marketing or planning? If marketing then I don't understand why it will take a few years. Planning takes time but also no need that long bah. I doubt it will turn into a night race anytime soon. Logistics are more challenging to manage and so far Ironman have not proven itself to be able to handle them well yet.
  2. At least they tried to change up the route in the past few years. And if running ECP is still not your thing (which is the feedback you gave previously too), then yes go sign up for something else.
  3. I think stalky bro is referring to 2 weeks to race pack collection? 10 Mar is the actual run right?
  4. Force of Nature Ultra 2018

    Hmm both these runs actually happen in July-Sept so maybe you remembered wrongly. Can safely assume no more North Face 100 this year too. Even there is, it has been overshadowed by the sudden emergence of these new trail runs.
  5. Force of Nature Ultra 2018

    Yup you should. But I think after 1-2 years of participating in the non-trail runs you will also comment about the same thing again haha. I think it is good that they kill North Face 100 because they were charging incredibly hefty registration fees in 2015. That made a lot of people stopped participating in the event. Not sure if there were any negative feedback that year though as I did not follow closely to the event anymore. In 2016 they tried to revive it with a more reasonable price (but still rather ex) but I think the damage was already done, plus the more active trail runners have already moved on to running in Malaysia. In any case, there were other similar trail runs like MSIG and The Green Race in place of North Face 100. Perhaps you didn't know about them.
  6. Force of Nature Ultra 2018

    Wow another trail run? With MSIG and The Green Forest potentially making a comeback in July and Sept respectively, plus the 3rd leg of King of the Trails, the June-Sept seems to shape up to be an exciting period for those who like to race the trails. This is good observation. Flag off time is 6.45am as indicated by wonderfulblevic. I am assuming this is for 63km. So the flag off for 23km and 12km should be between 7 to 7.30am. But both Salomon X-Trail Run and Mizuno Wave Run are shorter 10km runs. A good chance that this is from a different organizer. I highly doubt this is from Pink Apple if they are already focused on organizing King of the Trails.
  7. Mizuno Women's Run - 15th April 2018

    Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I think the run will have timing recorded, just that it will not have podium or prizes for top 3 runners. That said, $35 for 2km and $60 for 5km is rather ex for the entitlements. I thought CSC events would be on the cheaper side?
  8. If you are going for completion of your first marathon, sundown might not be a good idea because it is harder to manage the fatigue from the lack of sleep, on top of the hydration and muscle fatigue that you will have to take care of during the run. It might be cooler to run at night, but for me sleep fatigue is much harder to deal with than that of the hot sun.
  9. Snoopy Run Singapore 2018 - 1Jul (Sun)

    Joined this theme run in 2016 and organization went rather well. No major complains. $58 for 5km is definitely pricey but that's the market rate for theme runs I suppose.
  10. Definitely King of Trail. 1) Sat afternoon which means you won't need to sleep early and get up early 2) How often does one get to run in Ubin? The biggest draw back for King of Trail is that you have to put in additional hours for travelling all the way to Changi and also waiting for boats. 2pm is also a very bad time to run.
  11. Bro, he has never completed a marathon before. You want him to jump into a marathon in 3 months and ultra in another 3 months?????????? Suggest you sign up for the other runs like 50 hours nonstop, Twilight or Bedok Reservoir runs then, where the runners run in loops. That way you will still meet your goal is attempting a marathon distance and be motivated by runners running the same loops as you.
  12. Tokyo Marathon 2018 - 25 Feb 2018

    You have done a marathon right? If you have completed one before, and for this one you are there just to run, enjoy and complete, very likely you are able to as the 7 hours cut off is very generous. If you are aiming for a PB, realistically it would be very difficult because of the lack of training.
  13. So fast announce this annual Sausage Run.......
  14. Marina Run 2018 - 10 Feb (Sat)

    To be fair, it is easier to mixed up the 2 draws because both are Australian marathons and the values of the top prizes are very similar. I also cannot recall what is the prize they offered before 31 Dec. I agree so the easiest solution is not to join any paid runs anymore. 30km in Singapore... either run in loops or run part of it at ECP... should have anticipated that during sign up. Not sure why you would still complain that the route is boring...
  15. Yes should be old North Face 25km route that they have organized before.