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  1. Hack to become killer dogs?
  2. Yah I was only wondering what are the chances of trying to argue that race fees are deemed as a form of deposit, to take advantage of the new law, should we need to sue or force any organizers from refusing to refund our fees from a cancelled race. Realistically if there is no refund, I doubt we can round up most the race participants to petition for the refund. Many will just simply walk away as the race fee is just a small sum of money. If it is remotely possible to petition under the new law, does the new law has power over a force majeure clause in the indemnity form that protects organizers from refunding even under the circumstance of a pandemic? (Note: I don't read all the rules and regulations so I am just assuming that this force majeure clause exists. I also don't think we can boycott any races that does not promise a refund, as this should be something that will protect the interests of the organizer.) Maybe we are just thinking too far ahead.
  3. I am also late for the challenge. Keep up the good work of keeping fit guys!
  4. 2 years ago you announced that the site is on the verge of shutting down, as there were challenges with having to fork out the funds needed to sustain this running forum.. Thankfully, with the help of generous contributions of members here, we managed to raise $720 to keep this forum afloat. Just wanted to know how are things going for you this year? With this pandemic affecting everyone's livelihood, I am sure it has impacted you as well. Please feel free to let us know if you needed help again in the funds to sustain the forum. I, for one, hate to see this forum go and I am sure many feel the same way as well. With a little help from everyone amidst this difficult times, we can unite to keep this place going. Let us know. God bless you and your family.
  5. Nice video! Sorry IT noob here, but what did you use to animate the graphs to move? Sadly, without knowing the complete story, people who are just looking at the video will take it out of context again. Also, how I felt after yesterday's announcement:
  6. Graphs like these are what I call "Shit Stirrers" . Our numbers shot up mainly due to the testing of foreign workers in their dormitories. If we don't test we won't know who is affected and can't contain the virus properly, right? We also don't have higher numbers of cases compared to the other countries, which people might be misled into interpreting as that if they don't understand the graph well.
  7. Sorry Kohpapa I am not following you. As runners, yes we can make a stand by boycotting but like I said, there is no use in boycotting because there will always be people signing up, enough for them to profit and continue with their poorly organized runs. What else do you suggest we do then? Without government intervention, race organizers are not going to take race safety seriously, not at the expense of hurting their profits. For SDM, I opted for a race slot next year so I didn't request for a refund.
  8. 1) why the government, or Singapore Sports Council (aka Sports Singapore) must take the issues seriously, and not merely feedback from you (so many years) and I (barely months in this forum thread), to sia suay them. - Like I said they won't, until somebody important dies or some drastic thing happens. They will only implement something when it is broken. 2) Avoid and boycott them already a legendary member already said and acted so...OMG! so sia suay, no signup. - For everyone that boycott, a new runner will sign up. There is no lack of participants for runs which is why we are always at their mercy.
  9. The government, or Singapore Sports Council in particular, will only pass stricter laws and regulations when there is some big shot who dies as a result of dehydration or safety regulations in these races. Many local race organizers, unfortunately, are not so "socially responsible" for their paying customers and would rather cut cost than giving a safe and good race experience.
  10. All the years of running races tell me not to have any expectations of good race organization, especially locally organized races. Always be prepared and self-sufficient.
  11. I view it as how well you want to argue this. For me I would actually consider our "full registration fee" as "full deposit", because the service that is promised to us was not yet delivered when we make the payment. Hence the payment can be viewed as a as a pledge of contract in the form of deposit, where we pay first and expect the service that we paid for to be delivered later. If we can take it from that perspective, then I believe the new legislation can outlawed the force majeure clause. But of course, I am no lawyer.
  12. Refund is not happening for this run yet as I think they are still trying to make it happen in the 2nd half of the year...
  13. I guess too many ask for refunds and they don't have the manpower to process all of them. With the shutting down of the non-essential companies tomorrow, I suppose the refund would take even much longer.
  14. I had already written the 2020 running calendar off... Even if this blows over sooner than expected, the economy will still time to recover and I don't think taking part in a mass run will be something of a priority to many...
  15. Not having to take part in any race this year should be the least of all concerns... People's livelihood are being severely affected, businesses are shutting down....these are more pressing issues that the society at large needs to address when this thing is over, rather than whether or not a mass run can still be organized.... If die die still need to run a race, you can always do so virtually: https://web.42race.com/events
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