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  1. Usually I will not encourage buying medals from Carousell too. But since my assessment of you is that you can complete a 18km easily, just that you missed this run for some reason, and also if your intention is to collect the medal as a set, you can consider buying it for collection purposes.
  2. Why would it be less motivating? If you are after that combination design, you can buy off this year's finisher medal from Carousell and collect the other 2 yourself next year.
  3. First day usually the most crowded......
  4. What makes you think he will sign up for a craze ultra 2 weeks before race day?
  5. The route should be the standard 1 loop around MacRitchie... not sure why it still must be withheld...
  6. Looks like the haze is not as bad anymore and very likely it is still on this weekend. Guide - www.kl-marathon.com/…/09/19/2019-scklm-rgb-final-website.pdf Race pack collection: 26 and 27 September: 11 AM - 8 PM; and 28 September: 10 AM - 6 PM Dewan Tun Razak 4, Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC)
  7. I think the confusion doesn't come from NEA, but from the organizer who initially say that they will be using the PSI index as the gauge to determine if the event will still carry on. But closer to the flag iff, when the PSI is at the unhealthy range, they switch to using the PM 2.5 reading at normal as the gauge to decide that the race will proceed. This has happened to the Yellow Prison Run and now Batman run. Agree that the decision of the organizer to go ahead with the planned run as far as possible, having seen all the efforts of putting the run together not gone to waste. To avoid miscommunication, they should just say they will make the final decision at a pre determined time, without saying what gauge they will use beforehand.
  8. Different people have different opinions. Stay near finish line - walk less after the run. Stay near start line - more control of time in case overslept or other situations. I always choose stay near start line.
  9. Congrats.Faster find and settle hotel by end of this week!
  10. Maybe they should look into solving the challenge of the congested traffic into the start point first........
  11. I don't have an answer to that. You will have to ask IM how they want to position the Singapore WWM run to be. I would think they will likely follow Tokyo marathon where it is still a mass run for the average citizens with a generous 7 hour cut off time.
  12. Well... at least you did go and run it... need not wait for another year to tick it off your list...
  13. They need to hit FM finisher numbers as part of the requirement for WMM status.
  14. Was a little disappointed at this miscommunication. If they had wanted to use the PM 2.5 index instead then they should not have mentioned about following the PSI index in the first place. I was following the PSI index up till 2am and decide not to go when I saw that the index is in the unhealthy zone since 11pm. But I guess I have nobody to blame since I never checked the latest update at 5am. Still glad that the run proceed as scheduled and the 10km runners get to enjoy their run eventually.
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