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  1. You really think the government can and will control the number of events happening on 5 Dec evening? They can and will control the number of couples going to hold weddings in town, the performers coming here to put on concerts, the groups that are going to hold events like AFA.....? I don't know what to say if you really think the government is going to do that..... There will still be complaints of course, but it should be less disruptive to the non-runners as it is away from the city area. Otherwise what other alternatives are there? Run from town to Changi and back?
  2. Not possible to have lesser events... how are you going to control so many stakeholders' plans? Change of route is more likely... stretch more to less crowded areas like ECP.... and more media announcements on road closures....
  3. No surprise it is super crowded as the runners will now be using 1 shared lane, and further more it is a weekend with recreational runners... I would have felt demoralized by the change of route...
  4. To clarify, it is no longer a full loop for each lap, but its running from the Amenities Center to the Ranger's station and back? Hope this will not make the trails super crowded.
  5. Besides meeting the cut off time, anyone who is in the top 10 of a IAAF gold race in the open category can also use it as a ticket to the Olympics. That's how Neo Jie Shi qualified for the 2016 Rio Women's marathon race. https://www.tnp.sg/sports/others/singapore-marathoner-neo-jie-shi-makes-olympic-cut Of course the men's competition in any of the IAAF gold race open category is much more competitive, and I don't think even with Soh's standard right now he is able to qualify.
  6. But you yourself already said never for ultras.......... And don't say you didn't say never just that you want to focus on FM PB timings blah blah...... I think its just an excuse... Sorry if I come across as harsh and rude... but please don't try to encourage people to do things that you yourself wouldn't do....not just on this matter but for other things as well (e.g. like joining Marina Run)....
  7. You must be a fast runner.... The water shortage was one of the key issues for slower runners for 4 or 5 editions of the SDM runs that I have participated since its inaugural... There are also smaller scale marathons that you can partake to fulfill your "dream" of running a marathon every quarter... 50 hours non-stop, Bedok Reservoir, run Twilight run, Craze Ultra.....
  8. Not just Epic ESR. A lot of race organizers are now doing flash sales to boost sign ups. Many of my friends signed up for SCSM 2019 due to the $54 FM promo. Loyalty is really worthless these days. If you can afford to wait for the flash sales, you are highly encouraged not to sign up too early. Worst case is to get a bib without your name but the price will still be comparatively cheaper than the so-called loyalty early bird rates.
  9. It is always on the first week of Dec.... technically this year also, coz it crosses over to 1 Dec.... Let's see the situation next year: AFA - Always on the last week of Nov, unless for some reason they shift... Concert - Hard to control as can't foresee which popular artiste or group might come over... Christmas by the bay - This will always be around Nov/Dec period, but from what I see people usually take the train to go Gardens By The Bay... I also think it will not make a difference in the traffic.... unless they cut more of the city and move more KMs to ECP, which will be an easy fix that will please most stakeholders... Also next year Kids Dash will no longer be on a Friday evening.... Can only hope for the best... EDMW seriously? That's one of the worst places to go to for constructive discussions....
  10. You go sign up lah... Doesn't matter the promo will apply to you since you run SCSM....
  11. I only had issues with the "World's Best" and "World's Worst" marathons: 1. It only ranks IAAF certified marathons. 2. Any IAAF marathons with missing data that they are unable to collect are omitted from the list. Hence people who never read the methodology but only the subject header will instinctively jump into conclusion that our evening SCSM is ranking in the top 3 worst marathons. Also, the ranking is based solely on crunching statistical data that is available in an attempt to identify the best conditions to run a marathon. It was never ranked by people who actually run all, or if not most of these marathons. Not sure what to make out of these 2 lists except that Sole deliberately uses the terms "Best" and "Worst" to sensationalize their data findings, where in actual fact SCSM and even SCKLM is not even that badly organized as a whole. Would be more appropriate if they had named their lists as "Most ideal" and "Most challenging", but that wouldn't make their findings grab so much attention as they want to. I can already foresee local media picking this up and the public stirring another round of unhappiness, adding more negativity to the run.
  12. I always thought that if you experience muscle cramps, it can only mean that you did not train enough for the run, and/or your hydration/ food intake strategy is wrong... Things like weather change and testosterone levels should not affect cramps that much?
  13. (2) - Issues with holding at Changi: Less scenic, since there won't be any of the iconic city views for runners to admire in their runs Less vibrant, since other than runners and their families, doubtful that supporters will go all the way there due to inconvenience Roads are small and narrow, can easily cause traffic jams for those driving to the race site and shuttle buses Continue to hold it in the city will likely what they will go after...one quick fix will be to close less roads by running directly to ECP/Changi and then back to city. While it is not so ideal to extend the loopy ECP, this is probably one thing that runners need to compromise.
  14. I think local runners can still train for PB timings.... just need to run more at nights to accustom to the humidity. Didn't know about the bento incident.... wonder if they could have given out to the runners instead.....but understand they might kena complaint if they had tummyache after that.... For bakeries, from what I know there are some who will donate leftover breads that are still consumable to charity. I once worked part time in a F&B outlet.... it was so strict that leftovers must definitely be discarded, not even to the extent of letting others or even staff bring home, for the fear of getting into trouble should anything happen to anyone....."Don't play play with food contamination." the boss would say...
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