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  1. Vietnam Jungle Marathon 2018 April 14 - April 15, 2018

    So this is essentially another run of VMM in the year with slightly different route?
  2. Newton Challenge 2017 - 29 Oct (Sun), Marina Barrage

    The number of runners in the holding pen will stretch from the bridge till the barrage. There will be a much larger number of runners this year due to the 10k runners Has never been a requirement to collect race pack. Worst case I will just show them the confirmation email but never had the need to.
  3. Newton Challenge 2017 - 29 Oct (Sun), Marina Barrage

    Ah OK thanks for clarifying. Then the route is the same then. The different start point won't make a difference lah. They just changed the route last year so likely they would want to continue using it longer before changing it again.
  4. Newton Challenge 2017 - 29 Oct (Sun), Marina Barrage

    Last year only the 32km runners need to do the loop towards MBS and back. This year it seems like everyone needs to do that. So still a change I guess? Haha.
  5. HomeTeamNS Real Run 2017 - 15 Oct (Sun)

    Huh... I am not referring to running at Waterway and Coney Island.... Aren't we discussing about running at CEC earlier on and you mention that a run at CEC is not happening again? I am telling you that there is going to be a run there on 4 Nov which I am considering...
  6. I know its very popular but didn't know they needed balloting till this year........ Thinking of trying the 25km but already had other plans next year...
  7. HomeTeamNS Real Run 2017 - 15 Oct (Sun)

    I didn't know X-change events volunteers are all female...........
  8. HomeTeamNS Real Run 2017 - 15 Oct (Sun)

    The race IS happening again for The Performance Series Leg 3 on 4 Nov. I am considering since it will relive the memories of running at CEC again.... Glad everyone had a good run and it wasn't marred with X-change events poor organization again....
  9. Newton Challenge 2017 - 29 Oct (Sun), Marina Barrage

    Running to and back from ECP confirm won't change. Last year the last 5km for 32km leg they make runners run towards MBS and then loop back. If there is any change they can possibly make runners run the 5km at ECP instead. Other than that, I don't foresee how they will change the route.
  10. 2XU SG-Ultra Marathon (07 Oct - 08 Oct)

    Changi Exhibition Centre after that was not a less logistic nightmare area.... it was worse in some aspects coz of the jams into the centre from the narrow roads...
  11. Newton Challenge 2017 - 29 Oct (Sun), Marina Barrage

    Did you run in 2016? It would be the same route if not 90% similar.
  12. If you are not willing to open yourself up more and gather more public attention for more followers, there is no way any company would want to approach you for anything...then you can't complain you are not getting the perks of a blogger like Pris...
  13. 2XU SG-Ultra Marathon (07 Oct - 08 Oct)

    Ah OK I understand now. I am assuming that they left the water there so that they don't have to transport them back. Still, it is a weird decision and seems not very fair to paid runners. 3. Since the relay has stopped now, would you guys consider stopping the live update service? It is a very good to have but if it means cutting down some costs for the runners, it might be a luxury that runners may potentially do without to save some money. You can do a survey as to if this is something that ultra runners need. 4. Shouldn't there be just 1 bib for the relay runners? During the handover of the legs they should pass that bib over to the other runner as well. That way you need not worry about the team cheaters.
  14. 2XU SG-Ultra Marathon (07 Oct - 08 Oct)

    CPs were unmanned? Means anyone could have helped themselves with the F&B?. Could this be why there were no isotonic drinks at the end for the slower runners? Shouldn't the relay runners only show up at the respective CPs when it is closer to their projected leg time? Why do they need to wait for long hours?
  15. 2XU SG-Ultra Marathon (07 Oct - 08 Oct)

    Guess in this case the volunteers are not experienced not to allow runners to do that. They should do what the craze ultra volunteers do - help the runners to re-fill what they need to minimize wastage. This sounds possible, though they would have more than enough time to get new supplies of isotonic for the ultra runners, if they realise that 10km and 21km used up more than what was planned. But I guess backup plans were never part of their plans.