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  1. Yah but who knows when will this pandemic ends. Even if we are allowed to organize and partake in mass events sports, that is going to be a year later in 2021 at the earliest. I sure hope people in the team like Ben Swee are doing well enough to continue managing Running Guild by then.
  2. Hope Running Guild is still around after the pandemic. They are one of the badly hit group as they can't hold any events at all, and I don''t see them doing any virtual runs.
  3. Oh boy, I sure hope crowds don't form up during these times so that they can get a mass run feel that they sorely missed. Also, hiring such ambassadors just to give out finisher medals is not necessary and just add costs to the runners that are not justified. I can already foresee this happening: They have ambassadors on the first day, but due to the crowd forming, they have to cancel ambassadors for the rest of the period. But the costs of hiring those ambassadors already factored in into the fees....
  4. Agree on the price being on the steep side... virtual run with medal and shirt costs about $20 usually... design nothing appealing, and don't need a hydration belt also... And why is there $6 price difference for running a longer distance? The 12.8km lanyard costs more to make?
  5. Moscow held a half marathon with 10k participants yesterday... https://www.stabroeknews.com/2020/08/03/sports/runners-told-to-observe-social-distancing-in-moscow-half-marathon/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ydOMBcdUFY It just look like any normal mass event run that we are used to seeing before the pandemic. Not sure why for one particular flag off the runners were wearing masks but for most parts of the run many were running without the masks. So there, business/running as usual in Russia.
  6. Thanks for clarifying that you are not considering joining ultras anytime already... and so I guess you no longer have any of your so-called 50-50 mindset of joining... which I am still confused what exactly do you mean. Anyhow, never mind explaining that anymore. We are going off track from the discussion of this run already.
  7. Really? I have always thought he was quite adamant about not joining ultras... The only one time he said he will consider joining Craze Ultra and you guys have been at it forever haha....
  8. Uh I still don't understand what is your definition of 50-50 mindset... Isn't it always a 50-50 mindset to join a run? It's either you join or you don't join...there is no 3rd option...
  9. Haha I quite like that event logo so yup I wouldn't mind paying a finisher medal if there is one. I have been selectively joining a few virtual runs ever since the CB..... mainly for the design of the finishers (medals and shirts).... obviously it won't replicate the experience of joining a mass event run, but I do it mainly to get myself motivated to go out and do some runs... I didn't know the medals for the Performance Series were ELM... I brush it off as the island theme doesn't really appeal me...I will give it a second thought whether to sign up or not... Thanks for the heads up haha... I have gotten used to carrying the handphone when I run so that if I see something scenic I can stop and take photos....I think it is a just a matter of getting used to it...
  10. 50-50? The number of times you ran ultras were the same as you ran marathons? The memory I had about you was that many people of this forum tried to get you run Craze Ultra but you were like no I want to save my legs to focus on getting PBs for marathons....
  11. Same here. If they made a coloured medal out of that 24th edition event logo I would have signed up.
  12. I think they are adapting a "wait and see" approach - If the pandemic is not going to come down by the latest date for them to process the necessary logistics (and for government to give the green light), they are just going to convert into a "virtual run". Maybe some people in the organizing team has the positive mentality like our Autumn bro, but personally I rather they just make the decision to cancel this year's edition.
  13. I could totally understand the disappointment of not having to run at these events. But for the sake of well being of everyone, I hope race organizers don't even think about proceeding with them, even with any promises of the strictest of checks and safety precautions. Everyone should take this present situation seriously and now is really not the time to think about organizing or participating in races anymore until the situation dies down. If by any chance any running event is really given the green light to proceed, and a mass outbreak happens during the event, the disastrous consequence to the economy and people's livelihood is unimaginable. For the love of God, I hope that doesn't happen just because of a selfish group of people who wants to run.
  14. Not sure how the others are taking it, but It is still the same for me since March - No more joining a mass run till a vaccine is available. Even with 0 cases and strict temperature screening and safety precautions taking place, I will not bother to take the risk. Runs and streaks come and go...I can go without it for 1-2 years...personal health and responsibilities to families should take priority above a PB or finisher medal/shirt. I have written off 2020, and likely the first half of 2021 too.
  15. Swab test is manual right now and test results is not instantaneous. I believe that the time for the testing infrastructure to be improved by leaps and bounds (cut manual testing and have results instantly), a vaccine would have been readily available. I still don't think a mass running event would be held before a vaccine is available, but I am no scientist and maybe a foolproof screening might have been invented before the vaccine, and we can all run safely.
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