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  1. On that note, I do agree that I feel fortunate that our government is able to make swift decisions to procure vaccines and we are now ahead of other countries to get ourselves vaccinated. The frontliners are now getting vaccination first, and I believe a more widespread public education of vaccination should kick in soon to inform the public on the pros and risks so that we can make our own informed decision. Regarding the Olympics on the other thread, I guess Japan is in a difficult position as they have already committed massively (financially especially) on it and this will amass to a
  2. I feel that the 1 month to complete to complete each leg is too generous. I know this is probably more for those who had not been running regularly to encourage them to run more, but just needing to clock 5km a week is a really setting a very low bar. If the event sees good number of sign ups, I hope they will come up with another edition with a tighter requirement. 7km routes are quite eay to carve out. They mention "routes" so I suppose it will be more than one, probably one every region. My guess is possibly one in the city (Maybe The Promontory to Marina Barrage and back) and on
  3. Thanks for sharing! $15 sounds very worth it considering all the stuff you will be getting. Only drawback is you have to visit their stores twice, once to collect your race pack and then your finisher pack after that.
  4. Sounds exactly like SCSM virtual club...
  5. I would be very cautious about those vaccines since they are rushed out and not enough human trial testing so can't foresee what other problems there might be... Anyway most of us would still need to wait for half a year to get our turn at the vaccines.
  6. I just re-read again and noticed that overseas runners will not be getting any entitlement unless they buy the 8000 yen package. I am pretty sure this wasn't stated clearly earlier and I remembered that it clearly stated ALL runners will get the finisher medal, which is why I registered for it because 2000 yen for a medal from Kyoto Marathon still seem worth it. Looks like now I won't be getting the medal. Oh well, just take it that I donated the money for their charity cause. I am not sure about the local options as it is in Japanese, and I am quite upset to go read more about
  7. I had a quick look at Kyoto Marathon... the race fees include shipping of finisher medal to overseas runners so not true that organizers only ship to local address... You can register yourself as a local Japanese runner via runnet.jp and you will receive both the finisher medal and commemorative gift. But given the higher registration fees (3000 yen instead of 2000 yen), and the expensive cost of shipping from Japan to Singapore through a 3rd party, I don't think it is worth the hassle and cost to get the additional commemorative gift, which is just a cloth with the "10" design.
  8. https://www.disney.sg/virtual-marvel/virtualrun/home 25km for $35 for a T-shirt, trophy and drawstring bag. If you register as a team of 3, and has HSBC card, each of you can have the entitlements at a discounted price of $25.50. Sounds good, yes? There is one awful catch though. You have to use the dreaded MOVE app.
  9. Thanks for sharing about the China virtual runs, @kohpapa. I will go explore the options there. By the way, you can explore vpost or ezbuy as an option for shipping from China. They will provide you with a China address to their China warehouse and you can ship to Singapore from there. https://vpost.com/sg/china-shipping-rates/ https://ezbuy.sg/ezShip
  10. I would have imagined it to be a big hassle too. Thanks for trying to make the effort though!
  11. Congrats @kohpapafor finishing your marathon. 1) Shouldn't you be running 42.2km for it to be accepted as a marathon timing? How come only 42.1km? 2) So for the Virtual Melbourne and Kyoto Marathon, must die die use their app to record the timing? Thanks for sharing the existence of these virtual marathons btw.
  12. The app has 2.2/5 stars at the moment. But MOVE app still beats it with 1.8/5 stars... I will be using the GPX uploader for sure.
  13. I went for the 10km AR run yesterday, so just some short notes on the experience: - Registration is pretty simple. You just need to register a Rouvy account online (don't even have to download the app), link it to the Virtual Club and book a slot via ActiveSg (can do this online too). - Upon reaching you will be asked to login to the Rouvy account on their tablet and show them your confirmation of the booking. You will also be given a device to tie to your shoe, and FREE 100+ and mineral water (the staff says you can ask for more water if you need, so I guess its free flow). Also, no
  14. Too bad I have already chosen my collection time in the same morning (you would have finished your HM by then) otherwise I wouldn't mind bringing you the cold towel, chips and bananas you deserve
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