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  1. You signing up bro?
  2. TNF100km cut off is 18 hours. But agree that the picture of a forest might be indicative of a trail run.
  3. How are the 2 related? You should finish your 21km before the majority of the 10km runners return. So you likely won't meet any organizational mess in finisher or food collection.
  4. For those who ran 21km and drove to the race site last year, where did you guys park the car? I am assuming the parking lots at Marina Barrage would have been taken up by the 32km runners by the time 21km reached.
  5. Oh OK... thanks for the heads up... more reason to consider this run more favourably now...
  6. I think there were 2 ladies giving out the medals and tees at each respective counter, but since majority of the runners come back at 25 to 40 mins, there was a queue forming. Not runs related, but I vaguely remembered that an ELM coloured medal was given in the goodie bags during the SEA games closing ceremony in 2015 for the public in attendance...
  7. No details of the running singlet and finisher tee and the pre-registration already asking people to select the size.... Epic ESR is smart in the sense that they go after the target audience that is untapped... Marina Run makes money for them because they know there are runners who will want to try for a PB in a evening setting on a relatively flat path. Won't be surprised if this flags off at night and 50km and 100km running in loops. In the meantime I have no confidence in them to organize a good FM/Ultra... shall wait and see next year...
  8. Pink Apple Facebook and Website not updated with this event yet.
  9. Agree. Thanks bro @lonewolf for helping to set up threads and updating us on the running events we would otherwise not know or late in finding out...
  10. The good thing about this run is that you can stop whenever you want, no fixed distance or number of loops. You can take this as your monthly 40-50km training. But this is running in the night though. You probably need more training running under the hot sun?
  11. Gosh bro, you are still at it after so long? I also think it is irrelevant to suddenly talk about water price when we are all talking about a run. I also don't understand how it is linked to Singapore Kindness. Let's not mention this anymore and get back to talking about runs, ok?
  12. I think you can start a thread in the main local race section once you confirm the next virtual marathon. You will likely find a few people joining you for the run or part thereof...unless of course you prefer running it alone.
  13. Even when the organizers take part in races, it doesn't necessary mean they will do a good job.... just look at Adrian.... Its only 2 days since registration started? I don't think Joe tracks it on a daily basis bah...
  14. I am actually wondering if runners will pack an extra pair of shoes just in case the shoe is spolit during the 7 days? Since the objective is to carry as little load as possible. However, without a shoe in the event of an emergency, it might be tough to carry on the race as well...