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  1. beast

    STGR - Uglow Marathon 15th June 2019

    Value is indeed subjective. It is really up to the individual to think if paying will equate to what he/she will be getting from the product/service. In this case, the organizer has packaged the value of 2 runs into 1, and majority of the runners here will not be able to utilize both the runs because the other one is in HK. To the organizer, they have charged what they believe is reasonable for 2 runs to its paying customers so it is up to the customers to decide if they should take the bait, given that they will only utilize the value of 1. Collectively, there will be a group of people who will think that $80 is not worth what he is getting if he/she had spent it elsewhere. At the same time, there will also be others who believe the value of the 1 run already covers what they are paying (oood race atmosphere, good singlet, good logistics support, free photos etc). Nobody is right or wrong when it comes to paying value for the same item. As long as the individual is happy.
  2. beast

    Standard Chartered KL Marathon (29 Sept 2019)

    I should be going. And I believe there will a handful in this forum also going for it too. Can share the experiences after the run.
  3. beast

    Batman Run Singapore - 21 Sep 2019 (Sat)

    It says run SERIES but only 1 date? No other details other than the date and starting point also.
  4. I still think drastic is too dramatic a word to use haha. I believe most runners would be able to cope with the change. More runners would be trained running in the evening/night instead of the wee hours of the morning. So this should be up many's alleys than not being able to cope with the change at all...
  5. What other overseas run? Then focus on that instead. I wasn't expected you to take part already, but apparently many in this forum still do haha.
  6. I don't think it is "drastic" and ever since Ironman had taken over this is always one of their long term direction they are aiming to go to. You said before that "ample time must be given for runners if they ever were to make such a switch, so that runners can have time to adjust." Well, they have given 2 years liao. Enough time given to runners to adjust so why still "drastic"?
  7. Nah 27km or 45km is too easy for him. Will still consider him making good of his words if he sign up 55km or 72km.
  8. beast

    STGR - Uglow Marathon 15th June 2019

    Looks like they can't decide which is which. https://s.tgr.run/overview/ - It says ROAD here.
  9. This must be a record breaking feat as we already can register for a run that is more than 1 year from now. YES 1 YEAR AHEAD. And the best part is? You can pull out your registration ANYTIME and they will refund you 100% of what you paid! The only catch, besides the deadline of 31 July for registering this to enjoy this offer, is the high registration fees. No early bird, no loyalty rates. It is probably one of the highest fees that I have seen so far for a competitive run, and I already think that despite the good reviews for this year's run that happened just last Sunday, the high costs really do not justify what you will get for the race and entitlements, no matter how good it is. Yes the fees also cover a HK TGR run, but how many of us really do fly out to HK and enjoy the race slot that is included in the race fees? That said, this is actually a good marketing ploy to get more registration fees. I am guessing the average actual cost incurred per runner is likely to be less than half of the fees (Meaning they don't incur more than $30 cost for a 10km run, $40 for a 21km run and $50 for a 42km run. The resources are shared anyway.), so even if you turn up for both the runs, which is not very likely, they will earn profits anyway. Limited S.TGR Marathon RSVP Registration - 20 Jun 2020 RSVP register for S.TGR 2020 now to receive full entitlements and one free entry to any similar distance GreenRace in Hong Kong. This limited offer will expire on 31 July. Reserve your bib now for S.TGR 2020 and receive these benefits: - One Free Entry to any to any similar distance GreenRace in Hong Kong - 100% ‘refundable anytime’ race entry if your SG+HK TGR entries remain unused - Special Edition Sustainably Sourced Finisher Award - Special Edition S.TGR Singlet by Uglow(TM) - GreenRace Speed Cup by Hydrapak(TM) - GreenRace Running Bib/Belt - Free bib transfer/upgrade/downgrades Fine Print - Final S.TGR event date may change and is subject to government and local permit approvals. - 100% refund is available for RSVP Registration only (all other TGR registrations are non-refundable). - Both SG and HK TGR events must remain unused in order to receive any refund. - This limited offer will expire on 31 July. Registration Fees - 10K SG$60 - 21K SG$80 - 42K SG$100
  10. beast

    STGR - Uglow Marathon 15th June 2019

    Yes price is the main thing that deters me from signing up. Is it not meant to be a trail run in the first place? I understand the HK ones they organize are trail runs, but I am not sure if that is the case for Singapore. When I look at their website it says: TGR brings to Singapore a road marathon, half marathon and 10km!
  11. beast

    STGR - Uglow Marathon 15th June 2019

    Heard nothing but good things about the run. For those who have gotten the finisher tee, is the quality as good as the runner singlet? Oh yes the race also promised food and drinks at the end of the race? So was it as good like a spread that we get for Newton Challenge, or its just biscuits/fruits?
  12. https://www.3tenrun.com/ Early Bird is gone but you can still pay $40-$50 if you are OCC/ACC/PAssion/NTUC/Union member, or live at Nee Soon GRC. Still quite reasonable price for a 10km run considering the entitlements the runners are getting. I consider this as one of the must-do-at-least-once route as there isn't much chance for one to run in a golf course, under cooling evening temperature and some rather scenic sights.
  13. Yes it is 27km. Thanks for the correction. September is usually the hottest months for runs. October is only this year I think. I remembered in the past many Septembers has a run on every weekend and still there are clashes. Still don't understand why organizers like to squeeze in September and we are having lull months like June and July when we have only 1 or even 0 runs for the entire month.
  14. Got to know from PrisChew that a new Mini Nutz category is up. 23km run from Macritchie to Checkpoint 1 and back to Macritchie for $40. Congratulations for getting bib #1 lol.
  15. beast

    OSIM Sundown Marathon - 1 June 2019

    Just waiting for a fatal incident to happen before the organizers and government wake up and start imposing stricter rules to enforce there is ample support for these runs. No fatalities to make a big hoo ha, no improvements will be made. But the chances of that is low as its a mass event - if really someone indeed starts to collapse due to dehydration, I am sure the runners around that runner will be ready to action in time to provide whatever water and first aid they have with them.