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  1. Salomon X-Trail Run 2017 - 14 Oct (Sat)

    Yup that is a real trail run too. I didn't remember any official email from North Face. So I was under the impression that it was only speculation that there will be no tnf due to the fact that they are already sponsoring this run.
  2. Salomon X-Trail Run 2017 - 14 Oct (Sat)

    MSIG was closer to North Face than this fake trail run. And North Face was announced rather late last year too, so let's see. But I agree that it is likely not happening this year.
  3. Salomon X-Trail Run 2017 - 14 Oct (Sat)

    I am kinda surprised that this "fake trail run" has been recurring every year lol.
  4. Transformers Run Singapore - 30 Sep 2017

    I don't consider Meiji run to be a theme run because I view it as a run sponsored by a company (albeit not a sports related one), rather than one that has a theme based on an icon and the run is sold based on its popularity.Furthermore it has a 10km competitive category. We can agree to disagree because nobody really defines what a theme run is. And anyway in my opinion the poor organization of that 1 run did not really hurt the impression of what people have of theme runs. If I am not mistaken it had a lower turnout to the other theme runs too. So it doesn't really signify anything...
  5. Transformers Run Singapore - 30 Sep 2017

    I thought the general review for the Star Wars Run is still good? I didn't hear much bad reviews for the other themed runs like Batman V Superman, Snoopy Run or One Piece Runs from last year either. Unless you count Meiji Run as a theme run then yes that was bad. But it is still 1 out of the many. Think the exorbitant price is the main reason for the cancellation.
  6. Shape Run - 13th August 2017

    I also think it is too sweet to be served as isotonic. This should be just a one off thing (anyone know who is the race organizer)? Doubt that it will stay as a choice for isotonic in other runs.
  7. I did nothing really. You completely conquer this 100 miles on your own without any form of assistance from me. Simply impressed by your determination and discipline. Wah... When I completed my 101km I stayed off from any running/jogging/crawling for a month. You are another strong one...
  8. Congrats to bro JerryLam for his completion of 100 miles in under 29 hours...
  9. Someone is waiting in the darkness for another person to join him/her in the darkness? I don't think anyone will be doing that...
  10. Ermm you sure? It would mean at least 5 hours wait
  11. Marathon Des Sables 2018

    Hey bro no updates from you for the past 2 months. Hope you are still actively training for the race!
  12. Isn't most of the runs unsheltered from the sunlight? Don't remember any runs that I have the luxury of running under shelter. And contrary to your memories my memories is that there is a bit of shelter running along the PCN
  13. Transformers Run Singapore - 30 Sep 2017

    It will depend on what race entitlements bah... If it is just a bib and maybe a plushie who would pay $85? It will be like paying $85 to a buffet but no seafood items....
  14. Transformers Run Singapore - 30 Sep 2017

    Now is register interest only. I don't think the take up rate will be high given the super ex price. $65 for a themed run seems like the max price that one would pay.
  15. I need new pair of glasses. Thanks bro!