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  1. Garmin fenix 5

    The Fenix 5 GPS accuracy is pretty bad according to fellrnr. http://fellrnr.com/wiki/Best_Running_Watch#GPS_Accuracy Worse than the Fenix 3 that it replaced. Will have to wait and see if the performance improves with firmware updates.
  2. There are running logs that allow you to register the shoes you ran with. It'll automatically tally the mileage and some even tabulate the cost/km if you provide the price of the shoe. The following are running weblogs that can track shoe mileage that I know of. Running Ahead (https://www.runningahead.com) Strava (http://www.strava.com) RunKeeper (http://runkeeper.com/home) -- you need to install the Shoe Tracker web app (http://fitness.queso.com/shoetracker/)