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  1. Odd. I see 6 hrs from another page. https://www.kl-marathon.com/registration/general-info/rules-regulations/
  2. Well organised race and Better than local
  3. Actually SCKLM 2019 cut off time is 6hrs . Japan marathon Kyoto is also 6hrs. Seoul is 5 hrs. Local marathons are really lenient.
  4. Yeah kohpapa should stay on . We been around for Long in this forum . ?
  5. No more killer slopes at bridge lol
  6. Lol yea man. Convenient reason to push it to road closure issues
  7. Definitely miss the old sundown with "black" elm medals. The new sundown is a total letdown with Organisers after money only. Dun care about race experience and can't even provide the basic hydration needs to runners ESP in this hot / humid weather. Total disgrace to 2nd biggest race in Singapore. Also the delay in flag off , I suspect is late arrival of VIP.
  8. Yah becoz of this stupid mistake , I missed my hydration station. Idiots
  9. Wah chop carrot . $62 ? Did they mix up with full marathon registration fee? Local races are becoming more expensive to join and I dun see improvement in the organisation at all. I gonna skip this.
  10. I still expect bottlenecks and massive congestion at flag off . Perhaps Dark areas and lack of hydration . Typical of scsm unless they give surprises this year ??????? how's the WMM bidding coming along?
  11. Good that this race is not congested . Guess more of the runners were at CSC run ?
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