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  1. Yes nice to meet you. I don't think I can make it for the print because still quite plentiful on my desk to clear. Apologies. But I will do what I promise = minimize the use of plastic cups!! Hope to catch you on the run.
  2. Good idea! Lady Ice. Sorry I will still use those plastic cup but promise don't anyhow waste them by taking multiple cups. Ok? Newbie here. Don't box me. During REPC I will go look for the pledge to sign in support of minimum waste. See whether I can also bring some old medals or not.
  3. It is my wife's first FM in SCMS. I ran with her all the way and as expected got swearing from Fort road onwards...haha!! There was 1 missing gel station, right? I did not banana also... I told my wife "gel station coming soon"...but it never came!! This is serious problem man! Only the one in Marina barrage got gels. Is good because Shotz is my regular brand. Some nice people (volunteers?) were giving out bottled water that was very kind. OK she struggled but we finished all good in one piece She say no more FM for her (again!)
  4. +1 Park near finish point, take MRT to start point
  5. Guys, I just want to say hello since I follow this thread regularly. This is in fact my 1st post here. The funny thing is, my office is 5 mins walking to Maxwell Chambers, but I join i-Run @ UOB Plaza every Tuesday and Thursday simply because of my many running kakis there. Well, I hope I make it to join you guys one day! Hope you all accept slow runner right? Cheers and train safe!
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