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  1. Why no one feedback 4.30am start is way too early? Finish race still dark...no photos Also, no need to sleep already!
  2. kwekjs

    2XU SG-Ultra Marathon (07 Oct - 08 Oct)

    What was the cut off time for Sundown UltraM ?
  3. kwekjs

    2XU SG-Ultra Marathon (07 Oct - 08 Oct)

    Road or trail race also not sure ? This date used to be TNF100 race. Picture showed running into forest ? But 20hrs cut-off time for 100km probably is for road.
  4. kwekjs

    Green Race Forest 60 2017 - 26 Aug 2017

    Route so many arrows here and there. Anyone go for the recce run recently? Any change in the route? SP Rail Corridor -> Turn right to RR Rd ->Pandan trial/durian loop (treacherous in the dark) -> Cross RR Rd to Pipeline trail/ Belukar track-> Turn right after Dairyfarm flyover to ZhenghuaPark trial (straight is still Belukar track) -> All the way past Chestnut Ave / Bt PJ flyover - > Turn right to enter Zhenghua Underpass to turn left towards Gangsa loop/Central Park Connector/T-15 till Mandai -> U-turn all the way to return back to Chestnut Nature park/ Chestnut Ave -> Clockwise loop of Chestnut Nature Park Southern trail-> Return to Zhenghua underpass -> Head towards start of Zhenghuapark (all tarmac surface) before U-turn all the way back-> After cutting across Chestnut Ave to continue on ZhenghuaPark, use Belukar track on the right -> Turn right towards DairyFarm nature park shortly after DF flyover-> DFNP trail -> Rail Corridor back to SP Is this correct according to the route markings ?
  5. Jerry must be crazy, certified nut & super garang to go for the ultimate. Respect!
  6. kwekjs

    Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014

    Still no discount for adidas shoes n apparel although most of us have signed up by now
  7. kwekjs

    Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014

    Route alrdy out as it is exactly same as last yr. No Sports Hub leh! But I believe more will sign up this year due to Adidas.
  8. kwekjs

    Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014

    2500x $65 after scb card discount $55.25. If run out, 4500 available even after card discount $68. Last year loyalty/ early bird paid $65? There was no highlight on the race route....Sports Hub?