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  1. Let's face it....morale of the story : train more and stop blaming others or nature (i.e. weather) for your own failures. If you set out to do a full marathon, then you gotta train hard for it. That's what I have told myself and to do better next year
  2. Hope these rats are reading this and I dare them to "defend" their actions...in this digital era, evidence don't lie
  3. I started in 2009 but ran the HM first...it was FM all the way since 2010 for me and never looked back since
  4. Page is up....just need to refresh your browser if you are still seeing the old holding page
  5. Wonder if the discount for Adidas products still ON?? Seen the there is a promo code "SCM15" on the confirmation slip... Yes, the discount for SCMS participants is still on. No leh...I was at the Suntec adidas outlet last week and was told the 15% discount promo ended since 31 Oct 2014.
  6. Hi Joseph I think it's really nice of you to be interacting with potential runners on this forum. Can really feel the sincerity and will seriously consider this run for that. Personally I prefer tee. It's hard to please everyone. Don't take it too hard! Totally agree....there is no one size that fits every single person out there....bro Joseph, ur efforts will not go unnoticed...let your actions speak for itself
  7. Someone already posted this earlier in this thread that routes will be the same as last year. http://www.marathonsingapore.com/race-routes/ I don't think the page is accessible from the main page yet, which means these are not "official" yet and they only cut and paste from last year's info. Things can still change. High chance it will be similar to this year's Sundown Marathon, whereby it goes up to Sheares Bridge after the ECP stretch
  8. Where did u get the route info? Could not find any link in the website.
  9. Saw that on Facebook too. If I were to take a stab at what that could means, maybe they're going to have on-site race registration cum carnivals at each heartland community. So that means runners can choose to go to the nearest one to sign up for the race on the day itself. But then again, I could be wrong. That's a big and realistic possibility...one of my friends suggested it could be various start points and all run to the same end point...this is certainly and logistically not possible lor
  10. Saw this posted on the SCMS Facebook page....wonder what is it all about Quote: "We're keeping the juicy details quiet until 16 July 2014…but if we could give you ONE hint: SCMS 2014 will bring about the rise of heartland communities. Do you know which community you belong to?"
  11. My gut feel is the route may mirror part of the recent SunDown Full Marathon route, specifically the Sheares Bridge part. The only difference is Sheares Bridge will be in the early (than latter) stages of the route, which will lead to the new Sports Hub naturally.
  12. http://www.marathonsingapore.com/ Slated to take place on 7 December 2014, registration will start on 16 July 2014. Not much info at the moment but last heard that there's a high chance of the end point being at the new Sports Hub, the second event to do so after Sep's Straits Times Run. Wonder if there are more new initiatives (or surprises) from this year's edition?
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