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  1. Inside tips, the playground will be slightly crowded tomorrow :Big Grin:
  2. I did exactly the same 18km route last sun, maybe you can use this as a reference: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/8948529
  3. Ahhh......caught you!!!!.....so you have been idling, or taking short cuts when training @ ECP right? what water cooler? Sorry, the water cooler should be on our right when heading towards Changi Coastal. And as Cookie had mentiond, the water cooler is just beside the small hut, which will be on our right as well. When you see this 2, its time to u-turn for 18km and head back to the playground.
  4. There is a water cooler on the left, once you see it, its time to u-turn.
  5. And Ultra Choon is gonna cheong TNF100 soon :Big Grin:
  6. Need bodyguard a not? :Big Grin:
  7. 84km runners......so we doing 1 loop again this time?
  8. Up to you la :Big Grin: you want how much then how much lor....hahaha.....Maybe 25-30km la.....
  9. Yes, session 12 will be the last one.....I think....
  10. wow....they are super fast runners right?.....I think we will still do the normal 1 Loop starting from B2 -> SD route -> hit all the way to fort road -> NRSCC -> B2
  11. Maybe 55 - 60km......ya man.....wont drink so much this time round haha....
  12. I think I will go for more this time round haha....
  13. haha...BC....your are simply amazing. Running @ Changi Coastal already quite bored.....I wouldn't wanna be more bored by counting the lamp post there haha..... So BC.....whats next?.....counting the number of trees there for our coming Blink Blink Run?....hahaha...
  14. 8th May Friday @ ECP: http://www.sgrunners.com/forum/index.php?s...st&p=332930
  15. So the last night run you better come hor....
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