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  1. You may download your eCertificate from the result page! The 10th year finisher tee was given this year instead of finisher medal.
  2. kohpapa, I only trained physically for all Marathons and Ultra Marathons... in this reality world, that's no short cut to complete long distance run likes Marathon in "reasonable" time...it's the same as academic exams, to pass or to get better result, you've to put enough time to study/revise and of course study with "understanding" not "memorizing"... Yes, Sundown Marathon and many other runs did faced water shortage especially for "not so fast" runners...
  3. I am just an average runner Beast. I have participated a number of 50 hours run but I prefer fixed hours instead of flexi hours long distance runs which forced me to be more discipline to complete any runs in shortest time possible within my ability. Just salute you guys that still active in running.
  4. I have been running Sundown Marathon since the 2008 inaugural Adidas Sundown Marathon... Very interesting heartland run...crossed a handful of overhead bridges...started and ended at Changi Village. I thought I can run three full marathons per year (2XU Compression Marathon, Sundown Marathon and SCSM), unfortunately 2XU Compression Marathon was staged once in 2014 and was killed due to one "old" marathoner died incident. I was hoping four SG Marathons are staging per year in quarter basis but my dream was dashed... I'll continue to support the remaining two full marathons.
  5. Starfinder, I hope SCSM has learnt the lesson not to issue any promo that is cheaper than (super) early bird fees!
  6. I try not to bias, all organizers have their strength and weaknesses. The problem is I just love Saturday evening run. Compared with Virtual Run, the "Real Run" organizers are working much harder so I will always support them. Agree with you Beast! It's now a trend.
  7. Angry again! Nowadays, early bird eats the worm wood ! Paid Early Bird fee $61.20 for "loyalist" rate and still more expensive than $78 - 25% = $58.50 .
  8. AutumnRunner, this is one of my favorite run (well organized) since Run 350!
  9. No time to browse all the posts! It's ok stalky79 !
  10. Missed the registration fees! Paid Full Marathon ($42) price for Half Marathon (21.1Km) race !
  11. Thanks lonewolf! In order to "wash" away runners' bad memory about this year's Super Slow Result Released tussling between "Time Keeper" and Title Sponsor and to win back the "Angry Bird" runners, finally PinkApple organizer or the title sponsor kowtows to the runners with "Trinity Run" incentive.
  12. Lonewolf please don't pressure me (I'm still new runner yet to hit 1000 posts) unlike you guys (including autumnrunner) are "very season" runners ! I think some of the posts indeed get the attention of organizers such as Pocari Sweat Run promised with ELM medal and a true "trinity" run ! oppss... i am not under the seasoned runner as well leh... just that this forum started off my running regime and got me interested in running so I thought i can share running "feelings" with alike runners here and hopefully can input interests into those who want to start running.... Sorry "lah" AutumnRunner,
  13. Hmm, I am not under the bolded category though.... Still a relatively newbie runner compared to many others i've met... despite the post count under my nick... Though that said, I concur with Lonewolf, there are some runners here, very seasoned, but they don't post often, that's what their post counts are still low. Maybe it's because they are too busy running, to come to this forum... Haha... Miss (the title don't know still hold or not ? ) Pris ! You're the most famous blogger as well as top forum contributor of the local running arena ! It will take me years just to read all your blogs ju
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