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  1. Great Eastern Women's Run 2019 is a "Trinity Run" !
  2. If your hubby is a "fast" runner then by genetically chances, your children will be "speed" runners also!
  3. Coached is very famous in SG. Just to keep fit; I'm happy with my own training. Agree Ms Pris, GEWR should remains as it is. I'm very glad many of you still active in running (not to be confused with ActiveRun) and "talking"/"blogging" especially Ms Pris, AutumnRunner, Lonewolf, Beast, Jerry Lam, sicklycat, BeepBeep (I hope she is well and active), IceLady (i.e. Tyre Lady), Kohpapa ("ya ya papaya" ), wonderfulblevic, kcslchin, yh90 and many more... Ms Pris, time for you to have few children that can accompany you in running... Many SG mothers are "Podiumers" such as Rachel See, Jasmine Goh, Jenny Huang and .... who knows, sooner you may be one of them. Still waiting for the GEWR eCertifcate before it is classified as "Trinity Run".
  4. Agree "lah" beast! In other countries, there're available all Women's buses also. My overall race timing always improved quite a lot in terms of percentile thanks to the ladies contribution... Ya starfinder, women runners' entitlements are always the best ! This is the second time no Safra Bay run (the most secured running event and the first in the World with runners' baggage screening with x-ray machines) !
  5. Ms Pris, really envy you gal have professional coach assisted training! I think I need to work a bit harder with my ad hoc training otherwise will be eating dust soon... BTW a bit sad unable to see the formal glory of the big local F1 coaching team (likes family bonding members)... has trained or generated so many podiumers including the coach himself... Can help to persuade Great Eastern to organize Great Eastern Run 2020 open to all ?
  6. SG Run 2019 and SG Ultra Marathon 2019 are "Trinity Run"!
  7. You may download your SG Run 2019 or SG Ultra Marathon 2019 eCertificate.
  8. The result is out ! 32KM MENS = 378 32KM WOMENS = 62 18KM MENS = 316 18KM WOMENS = 121 10KM WOMENS = 95 10KM WOMENS = 60 Total 1032 runners Hi PinkApple, can issue eCert to make it a "Trinity Run" ?
  9. The two medals have the same defects, inherited from the same master metal mold.
  10. Wow, the ELM medals are very nice! Three reasons hinder me from participating this races: (1) High registration cost (2) The Virtual Run (3) The Finisher Tee Design I may join the race series next year if item 1 and 3 are improved and replaced 2 with "Real"1 Run... 1 Not the HomeTeamNS REALĀ® Run (Regular Exercise, Active Lifestyle is registered ?)
  11. I hope so OKW! In early days just after Y2K (i.e. year 2000 onward), the local event organizers were very well organized and the race event was properly planned! When the race is opened for registration, the race route map is already out with all the details including hydration and energy replenishment points. In the old days, many runners may not want to sign up if the race route was not published before the registration! Nowadays, the world has changed, majority of the race route will not be published until the last minute. It's like the buyer takes risk to buy a car without knowing the specification...
  12. The finishing medal quality is not so good !
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