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  1. **LUNAR RUN 2020 WILL PROCEED AS PER NORMAL** from the official Tampines Central CSC facebook
  2. You may download your eCertificate from the result page! The 10th year finisher tee was given this year instead of finisher medal.
  3. kohpapa, I only trained physically for all Marathons and Ultra Marathons... in this reality world, that's no short cut to complete long distance run likes Marathon in "reasonable" time...it's the same as academic exams, to pass or to get better result, you've to put enough time to study/revise and of course study with "understanding" not "memorizing"... Yes, Sundown Marathon and many other runs did faced water shortage especially for "not so fast" runners...
  4. I am just an average runner Beast. I have participated a number of 50 hours run but I prefer fixed hours instead of flexi hours long distance runs which forced me to be more discipline to complete any runs in shortest time possible within my ability. Just salute you guys that still active in running.
  5. I have been running Sundown Marathon since the 2008 inaugural Adidas Sundown Marathon... Very interesting heartland run...crossed a handful of overhead bridges...started and ended at Changi Village. I thought I can run three full marathons per year (2XU Compression Marathon, Sundown Marathon and SCSM), unfortunately 2XU Compression Marathon was staged once in 2014 and was killed due to one "old" marathoner died incident. I was hoping four SG Marathons are staging per year in quarter basis but my dream was dashed... I'll continue to support the remaining two full marathons.
  6. Starfinder, I hope SCSM has learnt the lesson not to issue any promo that is cheaper than (super) early bird fees!
  7. I try not to bias, all organizers have their strength and weaknesses. The problem is I just love Saturday evening run. Compared with Virtual Run, the "Real Run" organizers are working much harder so I will always support them. Agree with you Beast! It's now a trend.
  8. Angry again! Nowadays, early bird eats the worm wood ! Paid Early Bird fee $61.20 for "loyalist" rate and still more expensive than $78 - 25% = $58.50 .
  9. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2019 (42.195 km only) is a "Trinity Run" !
  10. Lady Ice, don't get me wrong, I wonder why no "tar poh" or man dragging tyre during mega run recent years since "Ah Xiao" era (to date, he is the only one completed the whole full marathon course by dragging the tyre all the way ) and let you "char ball" or lady pull the tyre instead. P.S. Not me "lah", I'll be half dead even if I run the FM with my small 1.5 L Camelbak Hydrobak hydration backpack! I usually run lite without water bottle and mobile phone.
  11. AutumnRunner, this is one of my favorite run (well organized) since Run 350!
  12. You responded my greeting at Fullerton road! Just wonder why no "Ah Siao" tyre man replacement ? I've about 200+ medals including some "podium" medals, almost all are still intact especially ELM medals except a handful of early days Swissotel and Mizuno Run corroded medals! This is related to the medal quality! The organizer replaced the "Cooling Zone" with ice chips may be prompted by my last year's strange encountered (of course no body will believe me except those spectators at the scene). My dry box is for my antique "films" !
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