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  1. activerun

    List of Trinity Race

    Mizuno MR25 Ultra Marathon 2018 (52.5 km or 5 loops of 10.5 km minimum) is a "Trinity Run" !
  2. activerun

    OSIM Sundown Marathon - 1 June 2019

    Thank You HiVelocity for initiated the first Adidas Sundown Marathon in 2008. As long as I live with LORD's will, I try to complete 100 marathons as achieved by uncle Chan. I am poor so only can run local marathons to achieve this dream that seems possible with more run such as back to back FM in coming 50 hours non stop run. Run Can Not Wait but Sleep Can Wait lah!
  3. activerun

    Marina Run 2019 - 23 Feb (Sat)

    This is one of the persistent "Trinity Run" for 10km, 21km and 30km. Early bird has been extended to 15 January 2019 according to the official facebook ! I'm not sure whether the 10% off the early bird rates Promo code : TPMR18 still valid ? It was valid few days ago. Despite some of the yearly negative feedback such as part of the route were very dim, the "voodoo" purple drink, some route not properly covered and ... it is still one of the favorite Saturday evening race !
  4. This is one of the best marathon route with minimum road closure but not sure how "bad' the development at Changi Coast Road area now... Possible to restage ??? All the way one way from Changi Exhibition Centre, U-Turn at ECP around Fort Road and heading back all the way to finishing line...
  5. With World Class Marathon staging... with full road blocks... All the runners can rest assure and run safe without encountering any kind of vehicles on the race route... But in this year's marathon race route, I personally witnessed the on site traffic controllers stop the runners and let the car crossed over the road... but don't ask me where...
  6. I have one more logical explanation of my encountered. I think instead of entering the Cool Zone, the car was actually reversing or backed off from the Cool Zone@25km after the driver heard the loud shouting, noise and hands waving of the motorists. The car has exited about 4/5 of the Cool Zone and only the car bonnet still in the Cool Zone when I was confronted. With the poor visibility, after entering the Cool Zone and by the time I saw the car (never expected a car was inside the Cool Zone!), I ran as close as to the right wall of the Cool zone to avoid the collision. The car may has exited completely and parked at the center divider by the time the next runner entering the Cool Zone. The stretch of the route was not as crowded since most runners were running "rather fast" at average pace of 6 minutes per km.
  7. So far no, Lady Ice! I just want to share what I have experienced personally during the run something unusual or something need attention in the forum.
  8. When I saw the car picture posted by Kohpapa, I knew it's not real since I knew him very well in 2012... he just want to fool around and have fun... But whatever posted by me regarding the car encountered was real and was not an illusion... My mind was clear and have completed around 30 marathons to date... This year I was quite well prepared and completed my SCSM 2018 full marathon without clamp and without hitting the wall and achieved around top 12% position... I didn't even want to turn around and take note of the car plate... At that moment I just want to complete my marathon in planned time... Only LORD JESUS knows my encountered at Cool Zone@25km...
  9. After came down from the Heart-Break Sheares Ave towards the Republic Ave, at that moment, my thought was not again have to run under the Merdeka Bridge towards the Crawford Street before make a U-Turn backed towards the Raffles Ave... What a BIG RELIEVE once I reached the 40 km mark and saw the U-Turn just ahead...
  10. activerun

    List of Trinity Race

    Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2018 (42.195 km only) is a "Trinity Run" ! Finisher Medal and Finisher Tee (courtesy of AutumnRunner)
  11. When I was running along the stretch of Fullerton Road and Collyer Quay towards Cecil Road and I saw a Tyre lady (not sure was that you ?) was running near the center of the road separator or divider. I was SHOCK when I saw the Tyre lady was not dragging the Tyre but was carrying the tyre on her shoulder and she still managed to response to my greeting !!!
  12. You may download your eCertificate from your result page's MY CERTIFICATE link. Quite surprised after the incident I was greeted with a head-on small saloon car entered into the Cool Zone @ 25km for "car wash???" against the runners flow, immediately I've forgotten about this trembling SHOCK once exited the Haunted Cool Zone and continued my long journey... I really hope the organizer reviews this serious incident...
  13. activerun

    [Medal Hunters United] List of ELM Medal Races

    No ELM medal for SwissĂ´tel Vertical Marathon 2018 organized by pich event management! Lonewolf, you've forgotten to update the ELM medal for SwissĂ´tel Vertical Marathon 2014 on page 1.
  14. This year's marathon medal appears to be "bull cart wheel" because it is BIG, ROUND and HEAVY. (courtesy of http://www.prischew.com) The "Quantity" is yes but not sure about the Quality ! Finally the Finisher T-Shirt is GOOD without the distance printing !
  15. To be more exact, I reached the Cooling Zone@25km at 7:10 am (PEN D runners started 15 minutes later). I was pretty sure the motor cyclists were not the SCSM official without official T-shirt and the small saloon car appeared to be private. The men/women elite have completed their race by then. When I just entered the Marina Barrage bridge around 6:50 am, saw local women elite runners Mok Ying Rong followed with Lim Bao Ying but missed Rachel See (I think she ran ahead of Mok Ying Rong) returning at the opposite return route. Thanks LORD nothing happened to me to live to tell...