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  1. Is there a fb group for sg runners going to Osaka Marathon?
  2. Thanks. I saw many runners previously dump their disposable raincoats at the start. My attire for Tokyo back then was a compression top with one looser dri fit tee, long tights, shorts (loose type), and gloves.
  3. Thanks. I did the Tokyo Marathon in ‘14 and have been to Osaka twice. Nevertheless, always new stuff to discover and do in Japan. will start training and planning for this relatively cold marathon. When I did Tokyo, it was roughly 5-10 degrees with wind chill. Was snowing at one stretch as well. For Osaka, will expect it to be same temperature. Does anyone know if decathalon has good running gear for cold weather?
  4. @beast took the plunge and registered, paid! Now to settle my flights and accom.... and training and makan itinerary etc...
  5. Realized that Osaka marathon happens on same weekend as Singapore marathon - maybe that’s why I don’t hear many Singaporeans go for this, as compared to Tokyo, although Tokyo is one of the majors, hence significantly more Singaporeans.
  6. Thanks @beast and @trailblazer for tips. The direct flights are really ex so I might plan to redeem air miles. I have been to Osaka twice in recent years and I think that if you live near the subway, the traveling to start/finish point should not be an issue. Start time is 9am if I am not wrong so it is comfortable for traveling, similar to Tokyo Marathon which I did a few years ago. Anyone else going for Osaka Marathon in Dec?
  7. Yup I meant more on the financially challenging aspect. Flights cost $700-800 cheapest and accommodation can be saved by staying in airbnb/guest homes but still quite significantly more than non peak. Will plan carefully!
  8. Thanks! If it is too logistically challenging, might have to pass
  9. Got the ballot! First marathon in Japan in 5 years. Any idea why the tickets to Osaka are so expensive during that period? sch hols? Or too early to book? Should wait for promo?
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