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  1. Team FatBird's Special Limited Edition Marathon Pace Band.
  2. Hi spidergal69, based on description by DO, you should take a Women M for this piece Spidergal... you are taller ... maybe between M or L.. i am guessing only... i am poor with "figures"! Pls re-check the measures on the size chart,okie.
  3. Senza.. i also want the L2W tee too...
  4. Oh so those guys were with you. Saw them running past and a friend and I were admiring their dedication and humor in wearing the t-shirt Tekko.. the Celebrity Hosts and the L2W contestants are great fun people...
  5. It was an interesting evening at the I-Run @ River Promenade this Thursday as Team FatBird was joined by specially selected contestants of the LOSE TO WIN contest at the I-Run @ RP. The media was on hand to capture the workout and run by these dedicated group of contestants who were on a 3-month fat-to-fab kind of journey in a bid to lose pounds and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  6. It was the day many Operation Sunbird trainees had been waiting for; the kick-off of the 10-week marathon training program they had signed up for to prepare for their SCSM09 conquest. By 7am, 50+ runners had gathered at the FatBird Nest at The PlayGround @ Big Splash, all already armed with their first article on Heart-Rate Training.
  7. Team FatBird celebrated National Day with a record 255 I-Runners @ River Promenade this evening...COUNT ON US SINGAPORE! :cheers:
  8. we will start at 6.50am this Saturday for the final Kingfisher 15km run and Newton Shoe Trial session - Venue: FatBird Nest, The PlayGround @ Big Splash. Please sign up here for the program or shoe trial -> http://www.teamfatbird.com/opskingfisher/t...rainingwk6.html. Thanks, I will try to make it since I dun need to rush home to send my kids to class. i dun need a shoe. :Big Grin: lspua... Great! Come share with us your barefoot running experiences... Cya @ Playground!
  9. Good FR... Running with a Heart! :smilie_daumen1: :hail:
  10. haha... i wonder how young will Ultra Choon look after TNF 100 !!! :Big Grin:
  11. how come only the center is colour? Special Effects lah... hmm... Acidburn asks the sam question!!! :blushing: No very good hor!! :tongue_smilie: Okie... i must experiment more with special effects on picasa... haha...
  12. Running The BAY? FatBirds will show You The WAY!
  13. CPB = Changi Business Park. Team FatBird leads the i-RUN @ CBP every Monday, 6.15pm, The Signature. Join us. Therefore it shld be CBP.. Bro, Thanks for the guidance today...!!! Good 7 km run....nice to see many TFB frenzs again......thanks to Dream n DO for guiding.... WELL DONE TO ALL !!!! KEEP IT UP !!! Cheers, :smilie_daumen1: Mike, glad that U enjoyed the run... Pretty Babe was pacing u and guiding U lah... :smilie_daumen1:
  14. Thanks for the quick upload, official photographer! :Big Grin: No lah... just that i have my LX3 babe with me... :blushing: i know U? Your Pics in the album? Woah ... Do, you bought your LX3 at the PC show ? Sweet stuff ! Brought from MS photo... Great Camera.. but got poor master! Took all at Auto IA mode mainly w/o flash the pics looks Under Exposed, too Dark! :blushing: Need to brush up on my photography skill!!! :tongue_smilie: take time to figure her out ... once you know her , she will be great. the LX3 is highly rated point and shoot cam. comparable to the once fa
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