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  1. Race Routes are out 50KM 21KM 10KM
  2. Race pack collection, today! https://www.esprimo.com.sg/StarWarsRunSG/run-entry-pack-collection.php
  3. New information released on website, with backpack, phone armband + finisher photo.
  4. Hi, anyone know if the light side and dark side, is having same route?
  5. official photos out - http://www.marathon-photos.com
  6. Read from ST - " The man collapsed 1km from the finish line while running the half marathon (21km) and was immediately transported to hospital, where he died, said Mr Geoff Meyer, the managing director of race organiser Ironman Asia. "
  7. Disappointed, cant smrt do something ?!
  8. Enjoyed the run! Great weather, but the medal could have been better, same design as last yr's. Btw, photographs from Marathon-Photos are out!
  9. Finisher Tee - Finally a different color
  10. any one seen this? http://www.allsingaporestuff.com/article/dark-secrets-behind-marathon-advertising-industry
  11. Nice infographic shared by SCMS