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  1. reading 250km Nepal race updates gets me race-itchy. Time for another desert race?

    1. metallilan


      Have you tried running UTMB?

  2. when flying gets in the way of running --> :(

  3. had SO MUCH FUN at the MR ultra today. Petition to keep same route for next year for the awesome camaraderie we had this time round!

  4. carbo-loading like it's the end of the world.

  5. Hunting for new shoes tomorrow!! *excited*

  6. congrats on your completion! that's really awesome!

  7. Hey, thanks so much for the shout out on your status! Really appreciate it and yes will try to take as many photos as I can. :)

  8. Happened to chance upon your profile. Good luck for a good cause!

  9. Good luck with Sahara in Oct. I have done many 42k but never attempted anything beyond 60k.. you got guts & determination Kudos!

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