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  1. R.I.P Olympic Marathon champion Wanjiru dead at 24.

  2. Are we all too concerning about the timing?

  3. Happy International Women's day, to all the women out there :)

  4. 3 more days to NTUC Healthcare OMB Challenge :)

  5. 17 more days for my 1st running event of 2011.

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    2. Runner@SG
    3. shahrilr


      what event is that? :)

    4. DesLiang


      NTUC Health care run.

      10km run + 33storey climbn

  6. Happy new year..keep on Running!

  7. Xmas is on 25th, why not have a 25km run? End of the run for this year,,

    1. Lady Ice

      Lady Ice

      So that we are not "numberist".

      How do you think all the rest of the numbers will feel?

  8. Sundown better provide the right sizing for the finisher tees.. If not there will be a lot of complains again..

  9. Kayano 17 good or not??

  10. After SCMS..it will be my 9th race of 2010.hope to have perfect 10 next year!

    1. Lady Ice

      Lady Ice

      Go for 11 to celebrate 2011

    2. DesLiang


      haha..sound like a great idea")

  11. Special thanks to SMRT for provide Trial Mrt service for HM

    1. dafroggie


      who wants a bus ticket from Sengkanfng?

  12. 1st time running Full Marathon and is at Penang. What a Night!!

    1. SIN_0


      fully agreed, thunder storm run, who needs a wet sponge !

  13. Saucony ProGrid Hurricane 12. Anyone try this shoe?

  14. Haze Haze go away, i wana run!!

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